The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 6

Forever Plaid

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 20, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Sister Dominick answers her cell phone, if you look closely you can see she answers the cell phone upside-down.

    • Arwin told Zack and Cody to do exactly what he does. He took two steps before the belt fell down then he fell. Zack and Cody just fell without taking any steps.

    • This episode does not have any introductory music.

    • When Arwin runs into the wall carrying bags of plaster, look closely and you can see he actually breaks the wall.

    • Continuity - It has been said London Tipton lives in the Penthouse, but this was not her room.

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits: when Zack and Cody do their handshake (however in the episode it shows Zack first then Cody but is the opposite in the credits), and when Zack and Cody fall when they are copying Arwin (although they fall differently in the actual episode).

    • Maddie and London wear different jumpers.

    • If everyone always tells Maddie that she's poor, how can her parents afford a strict and highly trained private school. (You can tell by Sister Dominick and the school's uniform).

    • Listen closely to the voices beyond the wall which Zack and Cody damage. One can tell the girls' voices on the other side of the wall are by actresses Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song, who usually play Maddie and London in the series, respectively.

    • During the day, in the cafeteria, London has a teal purse with a handle like a chain but when she almost is going to leave English class she has two teal regular handles.

    • Arwin comes running down the hallway carrying a bag of plaster before running into the wall. Upon impact of the "wall", it folds like cardboard and the entire thing falls back for a second before a visible crew member on a ladder pushes the wall back into place.

    • At the end of the episode where Sister Dominick lets London out of detention Maddie also leaves the room, even though she was supposed to be in detention at the time.

    • Zack and Cody start off the episode with name tags on their uniforms, just like Arwin. Towards the end, these tags go away.

    • At the part where Zeke locks Maddie and London out of detention, you can see there isn't a lock on the handle

    • The electric organizer looks almost like Ashley Tisdale's (Maddie's), in High School Musical when she played Sharpay.

    • Minors are required by law to attend school until age 18. London not going to school would have raised flags with truancy.

    • When Bob gives Zack ten bucks to look through the hole, it's really only one dollar.

    • The hole that Zack made doesn't go all the way through the wall. When they make more holes it does, then it doesn't. Also, you can see the rod that poked Bob in the eye when he pulls away.

    • After Arwin left to get more plaster to fix the wall, the yellow hard-hat switches back and forth from being on the chair in the background to the table next to it.

    • At first, Cody's wearing a shirt under his uniform. Then when they get caught, he isn't. Then he is wearing a shirt under his uniform, when Arwin is talking to Mr. Moseby.

    • In the theme song when Zack and Cody are in their uniforms and fall down; they push their belts down and wave their arms when they fall. In the real episode they just fall down.

    • The pens of Cody's pocket start out together, separate, and then go back together.

  • Quotes

    • London: This is where you eat? Where are the tablecloths, the candles, the string quartet?
      Maddie: You had a string quartet at your school?
      London: For breakfast. At lunch, it was the philharmonic.

    • London: Listen, Sister Dominick, it wasn't Maddie's fault. I was the one who escape from detention and make us put on the ugly dresses that you wear. (Sister Dominick give London a mad look) No offense! Maddie did her best to get me back inside so I wouldn't get any more trouble. So, don't blame her, blame me.

    • Sister Dominick: (walk in with Sister Huskonenen and Sister Kim) This is the real Sister Huskonenen nen, nen, nen. And that one is an imposter.
      London: (pretending that she didn't know) Oh, she is. She's the only unique. See ya.
      Sister Dominick: (catches her) Oh.

    • Sister Theresa: Here she is. She made it all the way from Helsinki, oh Hecksinki, Sister Huskonenen.
      London (as Sister Kim): Let's get the show run.
      Sister Catherine: What your favorite thing about Boston?
      London: (in Finnish accent) (translate the question to Maddie)
      Maddie: (as Sister Huskonenen) (in Finnish accent) It's a nice to eat yummy yummy.
      London: (as Sister Kim- translator) Love to kiss boys.

    • Sister Dominick: I'll be back in an hour. No one moves.
      London: Sister, what about we have to go to the bathroom?
      Sister Dominick: Hold it. And remember, (look up the ceiling) he is watching.
      London: (scared and look up the ceiling too).

    • Bob: Hey guys, we've got to get to the park. The ice cream is striking in the tree and ice creams are everywhere.
      Zack: Who's care? I hit the wall and it's raining girls in there.
      Cody: We run driving the mystery that is woman.
      Bob: So you're peeping.
      Cody: For science.
      Bob: I love science. That's my favorite subject.

    • Sister Dominick: You forgot a comma, I give you an egg.

    • Arwin: (walks over to Mr. Moseby and startles him): Waiting for doing sir. Hi Carey!
      Carey: Hi Arwin.
      Arwin: (smile at Carey in a shy look) ha ha ha…
      Mr. Moseby: Where are two boys? They're late.
      Arwin: Please sir, I don't tell you how to run your hotel, you don't tell me how to run my crew. (flicks his finger)
      Zack& Cody: (walk in) Zack and Cody are reporting for doing sir.
      Carey: Oh, don't you look adorable?
      Zack, Cody and Arwin: Thank you.

    • Carey: I thought I taught you to have more respect towards women.
      Zack: You did! But those weekends with dad...
      Carey: Enough!

    • Maddie: Now I'm not even going to get into Big Al's beauty school.
      London: Psst! Not with that hair!

    • Warren: Hey, guys where you have been? I have many time on the ice cream truck hearing that little song. That I can't get it out of my head. (starts to singing Pop Goes the Weasel) Tirititi... Zack: Warren, I know the song. Cody: TARARARARA! Warren: So what you are doing? Zack: Come here, look through the hole. Warren: (looks through the hole) Oh, this is better than ice cream!

    • Maddie: (To Zeke) Open the door!
      Zeke: I'm too big a loser to open the door
      Maddie: That doesn't even make sense
      Zeke: I'm too big a loser to make sense
      Maddie: Oh shut up!
      Zeke: I'm too big a loser to...(Maddie slams the door which scares Zeke and makes him pull down the window cover)

    • Mary: You're supposed to be in detention.
      Maddie: I think I'm going to a much worse place.
      Mary: I'll pray for you.

    • Bob: (on Zack and Cody peeping) Well, I am very disappointed in you two! I'm leaving.
      Carey: Good idea, I'll call your parents. They'll be waiting to ground you.

    • Mr. Moseby: I just got a complaint about peeping toms.
      Zack: I wasn't peeping.
      Cody: No peeping here. (Covering hand on eye)
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, pish-posh! You people were peeping!

    • (Arwin points beside Zack and Cody)
      Arwin: I am very disappointed in you! I can't believe you used my tools for evil! (Crashes into the door)

    • Zack: Times up! Bob: Darn! Well at least I know that the girl likes boys who are honest! Zack: If you ever date her, make sure you tell her that you first spotted her through a hole in the wall! Bob: Maybe I'll leave that out!

    • Maddie: I promise Sister Dominick, Mr. Moseby and God... that I would keep an eye on you! Frankly I don't know who I'm more scared off!

    • Cody: You can keep her, I want the midfielder who's reading. (In a girl voice) Would you read Cody wody a bedtime story? (In a deep voice) I knew she would!

    • Arwin: Okay do everything exactly as I say and do!
      (Arwin tilts his head to the left, and Zack and Cody do the same. Arwin lets go of his belt and falls, Zack and Cody do the same)
      Arwin: Are you mocking me?

    • London: This is just like prison! But the outfits are worse!

    • Mr. Moseby: London, I have a message from your father.
      He is outraged your poor attendance record at school.
      London: How'd he find out?
      Mr. Moseby: He went to your school open house, and they've never heard of you.
      London: (gasp) Daddy went to open house? He does care!
      Mr. Moseby: Well he cares so much that he's having you transferred to "Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow".
      Maddie: That's funny, my school has the same name. What are the odds? (laughs)
      Mr. Moseby: (nods)
      Maddie : (starts crying)
      London : You mean, I have to wear... (holds Maddie up) ...plaid!? Three days a week?!
      Mr. Moseby: School is five days a week.
      London: (gasp) This just gets worse and worse! (starts crying along with Maddie)
      Mr. Moseby: Glad to see you're bonding..

    • Carey: You're gonna write those girls an apology and an essay on why peeping is wrong. 500 words each.
      Zack: 500 words? Couldn't you just ground us?
      Carey: 1,000.
      Zack: 1,000?!
      Carey: 2,000. You wanna go for 3?
      Cody: Quit while we're behind. You don't even know 3,000 words.

    • Corrie: (dancing to Maddie & London's song) I love this one!
      Mary: It's gibberish.
      Corrie: Wait, I thought it was Finnish.

    • Corrie: Look, it's London Tipton!
      London: (disguised as a nun) Shh! I'm undercover.
      Corrie: (gasps) London Tipton is undercover!
      London: London Tipton's going to smack you silly if you don't shut up!

    • Sister Theresa: Anyway, we can't wait until we hear all about our sister convent in Helsinki.
      London: We prefer to call it Hecksinki.

    • Maddie: London, think. The show is in New York, which is over an hour away, even by private jet.
      London: Ah, you forget the time change.
      Maddie: There's no time difference between Boston and New York.
      London: Really? No wonder I'm always late.

    • Zeke: The name is Zeke. First time in detention.
      Maddie: I've never even gotten a "B" before.
      London & Zeke: Me neither.
      Maddie: And now I'm stuck in here with a bunch of losers!
      London: (to Zeke) What are you in for?
      Zeke: (looks at Maddie) I hit a kid who called me a loser.
      Maddie: Sister, save me!

    • (after Maddie accidentally hit Sister Dominick with a paper ball)
      London: Somebody's in trouble.
      Corrie:yeah Somebody's in trouble.
      Sister Dominick: Actually, two somebodies.
      London: Who? Who? The creepy weird girl? (points at Corrie)
      Sister Dominick: No, the spoiled hotel heiress.
      London: (gasps) Is Paris Hilton in this class?
      Sister Dominick: No, I'm talking about you. You and your friend Maddie have just bought yourselves two hours of detention.
      (London gasps)
      Maddie: But I've never gotten detention in my entire life!
      London: Neither have I!
      Maddie: That's because you never go to school!
      London: And now you know why.

    • London: Look, sis, um, can I get that assignment thingy to you another day?
      Sister Dominick: Sure, Lon. Any day in particular you had in mind?
      London: (checks her electronic organizer) Friday won't work because I have yoga, and already on Monday. Can I have my people get back to your people?
      Sister Dominick: (points up) My people are hard to reach. It's a long distance call.

    • Sister Dominick: Ms. Tipton, you have a comment?
      London: Yes. You know, about that assignment thingy?
      Sister Dominick: Yes?
      London: It doesn't work for me.
      Sister Dominick: Oh. Do you have other plans?
      London: As a matter of fact, I do.
      Sister Dominick: Well, what works for you?
      London: (to Maddie) Look how reasonable she is. I don't know why you keep saying these nuns are so mean.
      Maddie: Sister, I never said that. I said how much you... mean to me.
      London: That's not what you said.
      Maddie: Shut up!
      Sister Dominick: We don't say "shut up."
      London: Somebody just did.

    • Corrie: I can't believe London Tipton's in our class!
      London: (to Mary) She scares me.
      Corrie: (gasps) I scare London Tipton!

    • Arwin: All right, let's dig in!
      Cody: Well, you don't have to eat with us, Arwin. It's bad enough you have to spend all day with us.
      Arwin: That's all right. I love spending time with my crew.
      Zack: I just feel bad for my mom, all by herself in a big empty suite, having to eat all alone.
      Arwin: See ya, crew. (leaves)

    • Maddie: (talking in Finland accent) You're a pain in my floogin.
      London: Love you too!

    • Zack: (looking through the hole in the wall) Oh, my gosh! I broke through to the next room! There's a girls' soccer team in there!
      Cody: Maybe we should go next door and say hello!
      Zack: (mockingly) Maybe we should go next door and say hello!
      (Zack continues looking through the hole)
      Cody: Zack, you can't spy on them! It's wrong.
      Zack: Haven't you always wanted to know what a girl really thinks, what they really want, what they really talk about?
      Cody: So, you don't care about what they look like?
      Zack: Only in the interest of science.
      Cody: Well, I do love science. (looks through the hole in the wall)

    • Arwin: All right, guys, in order to properly re-plaster this wall, ironically, we must first make this hole slightly bigger.
      Zack: All right! (hits wall with hammer)
      Arwin: Not that big! We're going to need more plaster. Luckily, Mother got me some for Christmas.
      Cody: What'd she get you for your birthday, grout? (laughs)
      Arwin: No. Spackle.

    • London: Oh, table for two. Something with a view, please.
      Sister Dominick: Certainly. Why don't you sit at table 1. It has a lovely view of table 2.
      London: Oh, I understand. (winks at Maddie; gives Sister Dominick some money)
      Maddie: Sorry, Sister. Please excuse my friend. She's new here and doesn't get it.
      Sister Dominick: Well, I'm making it your responsibility to make sure she does get it. Got it?
      Maddie: Got it! (to London) Got it?
      London: Got it! What'd I get?

    • London: (to Maddie) Thanks to you, Mary Margaret and I can't go to the fashion show. I hate you!
      Mary: You were gonna take me?!
      London: Yeah.
      Mary: (to Maddie) I hate you, too!

    • Zack: Sorry this hole is open for me and my brother only.
      Bob: I've got 10 bucks.
      Zack: Hello brother Bob!

    • Maddie: Hey, guys, I'd like you to meet--
      Corrie: London Tipton! I can't believe London Tipton's in our cafeteria!
      London: Me neither.
      Corrie: I just met London Tipton!
      Mary: I met her months ago. Believe me, the thrill wears off.
      London: Oh, well, then I guess I'm not inviting you to the Bandini Fashion Show today.
      Mary: The thrill is back! Wanna be best friends?
      (London nods)
      London: (gasps) I made a friend at prison!

    • Maddie: So, this is the cafeteria. What do you want for breakfast, London? London?
      London: I look horrible.
      Maddie: We're all wearing the same thing.
      London: You look horrible, too.

    • Arwin: (to Zack & Cody) Crew, ten-hut! (yelling; to Zack) Are you eye-balling me, boy?! Just kidding. I've always wanted to do that. (laughs)

    • London: What are you doing?
      Maddie: Homework.
      London: There was school today? I thought it was a long weekend.
      Maddie: It's Wednesday.
      London: Oh, so it's almost the weekend again. Well, no point in going now.

    • (after they damage a wall)
      Cody: Oh, no. What's Mr. Moseby going to say?
      Mr. Moseby: I don't know. Let's ask him.

    • Cody: You were right. The penthouse does have the best TV in the hotel.
      Zack: And 413 has the best bathroom. You should try it.

  • Notes

    • This is the first time we know of that Maddie gets detention.

    • As of now, four cast members from High School Musical have appeared in the series with Ashley Tisdale.

      1st: Monique Coleman
      2nd: Zac Efron
      3rd: Vanessa Anne Hudgens

      The only ones who have not appeared yet are: Ryne Sanborn, Olesya Rulin, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel, Chris Warren Jr. and Andrew Seeley.

    • This episode was filmed on September 27, 2005.

    • Sister Dominick's cellphone ringtone is Hallelujah.

    • A women's football (soccer) team stays at the hotel.

    • This episode aired in Canada, on Family Channel, on Friday, July 14, 2006.

    • We learn that Maddie never received a B before.

    • The room number for the Penthouse Suite is 3410.

    • Marianne Muellerleile (Sister Dominick) played a nun (Sister Mary Rose) on an episode of Cybill. She is also known for her role as "Gloria" on Life with Bonnie.

    • This is the third appearance of actress Emily Morris in yet another role. Her previous roles on this show were: 1. "Guest with complaint" in The Ghost of 613 2. "Maid for Cody's closet" in Odd Couples and in this episode she played "Soccer Player 2".

    • In "Hotel Hangout," London's father threatened her with parochial school (via Mr. Moseby) if she didn't pass; from this episode on, it finally happens.

    • There seems to be a running gag with the word "Heck".

    • Starting with this episode, London now attends the same school as Maddie.

    • Corrie's name is never mentioned at all in this episode. The only way we know her name is according to the closing credits.

    • When Sister Dominick said spoiled hotel heiress, London asked if Paris Hilton was in the room.

    • The first episode to have religious references, such as saying, "God."

    • In this episode, Zack says, "... and I won't tell you how to boil a pheasant." And Cody responds with, "you don't boil it, you braise it." This is a reference to the episode French 101 when Cody said Zack didn't know the difference between boiled and braised.

    • We learn that Maddie's school is named "Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow."

    • We get to see another sister at Maddie's school other than Sister Mary Fredo.

    • This is the second time we see Maddie's school. The first time we saw it was in "Dad's Back".

    • Gabriel Sunday, who plays Zeke in this episode, was also the voice of Scamp and Lord Corcoran in the episode Crushed.

    • This episode is part of a special countdown thing with other all new Suite Life of Zack and Cody episodes airing that same week.

  • Allusions

    • Maddie and London goes to "Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow", which is also the name of the school Donna Pinciotti goes to in "That '70s Show".

    • The title of the episode is also a famous show in Las Vegas called, Forever Plaid .

    • This is the second time Paris Hilton is mentioned is this show.The other time is in "The Suite Smell of Excess", where she is president.

    • Since Maddie's school is named OLPS (Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow), this is perhaps an idea of the real all-girls catholic school OLP (Our Lady of Peace), which resides in the San Diego area, with the "S" as an exception. Also the inclusion of the same uniform pattern design as well.

    • The Plaids in the 1980's movie, Forever Plaid, were hit by a bus of CATHOLIC school kids. Wouldn't it just be that Maddie goes to a CATHOLIC school.

    • Pop Goes the Weasel: The song that Zack and Cody's friend hums is Pop Goes the Weasel, a popular children's toy, often found in a Jack in the Box.

    • In this episode they mention Paris Hilton. London Tipton is an allusion to Paris Hilton; because London and Paris are both European cities, and the last name Hilton and Tipton are both the names of the hotel chains owned by their parents. They are both (air headed as most people think) and heiresses.

    • Zeke:

      Zeke is the name of one of the kids from High School Musical, a DCOM starring Ashley Tisdale

    • Forever Plaid:

      Forever Plaid is the title of a Broadway musical about a 1960's singing group called "The Plaid's". The Plaid's were on their way to a star making gig when their car was hit by a bus full Catholic school kids & The Plaid's died instantly. Years later, The Plaid's are allowed to Earth for one night to give the performance that they missed out on.