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If you could make your own Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode?

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    If you could make one of your Suite Life of Zack and Cody episodes what would it be? It should show the plot (s), sub-plot (s), name, and movie if it is one. You can also comment on episodes.

    Here are two examples:

    The Suite Life of Max and Tapeworm and the Un-Sweet Life of Zack and Cody: Max and Tapeworm famous after appearing in a TV show. They ask Zack and Cody if they would like to appear on their show, and they say yes. Their mom tells them that they are not allowed to appear on the show, but the script already came of the show out and they had to go on the show. Meanwhile, Mr. Moseby fires Arwin after he makes an invention that gives a customer a broken arm. Also Maddy and London both join a Pie-Throwing Competition.

    Journey to The Moon (movie): Arwin created a space ship for NASA. While Mr. Moseby, Zack, Cody, Maddy, and London were looking in it Esteban clicked a red button by a mistake and sent them to the Moon. On the Moon they figure how to work space suits and eat the little food they have. Meanwhile, a Nasa man comes to the Tipton hotel, just to figure it's not there. The Nasa man, Arwin, and Esteban try to find them.

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    About 5 years ago I made up 2 and half full seasons for fake episode titles and short descriptions. Some of the ones I did were turned into episodes in future episodes such as the one where Esteban pretends to be hotel manager and others that were very common ideas but a lot were never done.

    Season 4:

    Forget Me Not: Zack gets amnesia. London's birth mother visits the hotel.

    Intern for Hire: Corrie becomes an intern under Maddie but hangs with London more. Zack and Cody find a wallet.

    Tickets to the Accident: London twists her ankle in an accident and Mr. Moseby hires Maddie to take care of her. Cody wins tickets to a concert but loses them.

    Find Me If You Can: Todd St. Mark returns to the Tipton but London misses him everywhere she goes. Rebecca returns with a boyfriend.

    Are You the Manager?: Esteban's brother visits the hotel and Esteban pretends to be the hotel manager. Zack and Cody dress alike to fool their friends.

    Blackout: The power goes out and everyone is stuck in a different location in the hotel, some in elevators....

    Deal or No Deal: Carey gets a record deal and must choose between the hotel and the deal. Arwin leaves the Tipton to take care of his sisters kids. (This would have been Arwin's final episode before the his new series "Arwin" which was never done but did feature Selena Gomez.)

    Episodes featured in Season 5:

    Ring Around the Heart: Maddie likes a guy who likes London who likes a guy who likes Maddie. Cody has a crush on his substitute teacher.

    House of Nuns: A bus of nuns breaks down in front of the hotel, they start to take over the Tipton with their rules and redecoration.

    Are You...?: A News Reporter mistakes Maddie for a famous for a famous teen singer/actress so Maddie goes along with it.

    Dress to Dress: Carey has a wardrobe malfunction on stage and is embarrassed. Maddie, London, Corrie and Mary want to buy the same dress at the mall. (London more so because everyone else wants it)

    Episodes featured in Season 6:

    Crazy Credit: Zack gets hooked on a popular candy Twizzles but the hotel runs out of stock. Zack goes crazy and ends up getting a dealer for the candy. Maddie gets a credit card.

    Maid Service: In order to buy new bikes Zack and Cody gets jobs in hotel as bell boys, maids and at the candy counter.

    Blame Game: Brandon and Todd visit and London must choose between them. The twins break something but Bob takes the blame and is unpermited to enter the hotel.

    Play With Fire: Zack steals a watch after his new friends edge him on but Carey is blamed and fired. London's dad wants her to learn to play the piano.

    Eye For an Eye: London needs glasses but she breaks them. She doesn't want the hotel staff to know she needs glasses to she pretends like she doesn't need them. Later she gets contacts. Zack and Cody start a rock, paper, scissors contest.

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    Good ideas, both of you. I need to get back to making episodes of my own from this show.
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