The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 16

Going for the Gold

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 10, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Zack and Cody entering the Tipton after playing a basketball game. They talk but are soon "interrupted" by Arwin who is jogging around the lobby wearing sweatbands and a headband. Zack and Cody ask him what he's doing and he tells them that he is going to compete in the Hotel Engineer Olympic Games, which will be held in the hotel. Arwin's main competition is the sly Irv Welden, who is representing the St. Mark Hotel. Irv is a fat guy and thinks he's all that and is unfair. The winner of the games gets a kiss from the Plunger Girl (the woman who hands out the grand prize, the Golden Plunger and kisses the winner), who just happens to be Carey. Arwin gets really excited and is determined to win the games. The first event is the Toolbox Dash, in which the competitors must race to the finish line while carrying a very heavy toolbox. Zack and Cody tell Arwin to think of something nice to help him calm down instead of getting nervous for the race, but Arwin gets lost in an explanation of his "cookie", which is his "happy place". Finally he runs off and ends up winning the first event by a mile. Irv vows to win the competition. Meanwhile, London wants to open up her own store, but Mr. Moseby and Maddie remind her of her bad habit of quitting new hobbies. London wants to go for it, but her father turns her down. Luckily, she uses a diamond the "size of a potato" to get the money for her merchandise. It turns out that her business plan isn't too good. When London begs for Maddie to quit her candy counter job and help her out, she offers her double and Maddie immediately quits. Mr. Moseby seems frustrated by this but thinks he'll get another teenager willing for the job soon. Meanwhile, the next event in the Hotel Engineer Games is to build a small air conditioning unit that works perfectly when you turn it on. Arwin finishes first but Irv commands him to turn it on. Positive that it will work perfectly, Arwin switches it on but it sucks IN instead of blowing out! Irv finishes his quickly and turns it on. It's perfect and Arwin is in second for the second event. While the competitors and others leave the room, Zack and Cody stay behind to inspect. Cody looks at Zack and says, "Don't you think Irv seemed pretty confident that Arwin's wouldn't work?" Arwin had before needed to use a "Fonzerelli 22" for his air conditioner. Zack and Cody find the 22 on Irv's and see the words PROPERTY OF ARWIN HAWKHAUSER labeled onto it. They find out that Irv is cheating and they are destined to catch him in the next event. Meanwhile, things aren't going too well for Maddie and London in London's shop. They've made no money, considering that London bought all 4 items sold that day using her employer 100% discount. Two ladies come in and one, who is overweight, looks at a dress built for someone with a skinny figure. London says that the woman is too fat to wear a dress and both the women leave, much to Maddie's dismay. Meanwhile, Irv sneaks into the men's restroom before the next event, which is a race to fix the plumbing in all the toilets. He switches the regular toilet paper in his set stall to "cheat sheet" toilet paper - with diagrams on it to help him win faster! He sneaks back out of the bathroom after changing the rolls and suddenly, Zack and Cody pop up from the next stall over and they find out what Irv did to cheat. Cody tells Zack that they have to catch him in the act. At the time of the event, Mr. Moseby, who has to go to the bathroom, walks in the restroom and finds to his dismay that the next event must take place there. Cody seems confident that Irv will be caught cheating. The event happens quickly and Irv rushes out first, Arwin in a close second. He is disappointed that he lost again. Zack and Cody try to rat Irv out with the cheating toilet paper, but it's all white -- Irv flushed it down the toilet so that the judges wouldn't disqualify him! Mad that Irv wasn't caught, Zack and Cody are again determined to catch him again. Finally, the two finalists - Arwin and Irv - are about to face off in the final event: a pentathlon. They are to complete five events before the other, and run into the finish line. Zack waits up at the broken elevator stage for Cody and Cody runs up saying that Arwin got through the first two events before Irv, but got caught in the third. Irv stole Arwin's plunger where he had to unclog a sink and Arwin had to suck out the clog with his mouth. Suddenly they hear Irv coming and hide in the fake plants along the wall. Irv immediately repairs the broken elevator and gets in, but before he can go down Zack and Cody break it again to help Arwin. Arwin comes running up and finds out that Zack and Cody are cheating. He clearly states that he'd rather come in second place fairly than win by cheating. With that, he repairs the elevator Irv is in and Irv goes down. Arwin repairs his as fast as possible and goes down in a heartbeat. Irv gets down to the lobby first and puts on a hat and sunglasses so he can "look cool" for his kiss from Carey. He runs along and tries to show off by flipping over the railing, but he falls flat on his face, out! Arwin, at that moment, runs in and sees Irv down on the floor. He pauses, asks, "What happened?" and Carey and the others usher him to the finish line. He wins! Zack and Cody come down and see Irv on the floor, asking "What happened?" in unison. Carey kisses Arwin and hands him the Golden Plunger and to Carey's surprise, he doesn't faint. After a moment, though, he does. In the end, Maddie is packing up in London's shop when London comes in excitedly, telling her not to pack up because she got an ad for her shop to go around on Mr. Tipton's blimp! Suddenly, tons of people rush in to shop in her store and London feels good that she didn't give up her dream this time.