The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 16

Going for the Gold

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 10, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Stupid

    Zack and Cody help Arwin compete in an enigineers' competition, but find out that the Saint Mark engineer is cheating on many of the rounds. So they cheat to help Arwin win. Meanwhile, London opens a fashion boutique, but quits early. This episode didn't make me laugh. I felt condemned to watch this episode.
  • A good Arwin episode!

    Another great Arwin episode. This episode had Irv, a hilarious character. The acting was well done, as was the comedy. The storyline was good and the subplot with London trying to open her fashion shop was good.

    Overall, a good episode. Arwin made me laugh hard a few times.
  • Abysmal

    This, to me, is the worst suite life episode. there just wasn't anything funny, and the plot bored me very much so. basically arwin wants to beat his rival in an engineer contest and zack and cody help him train. but when they discover that his rival is cheating, will they resort to cheating to help arwin? london opens her own store and has maddie work there.

    i really cannot stand this episode, it really just bores me too much. neither plot was that interesting and i did not laugh once. So, my grade ,sadly, is an F. Just terrible
  • This really wasn't a great episode. It was o.k. but not really a favorite of mine and it was actually kind of boring.

    Out of all of the episodes I think that this one was one of the more boring ones. Arwin competes for the golden plunger award and his rival Irv Weldon cheats to try to win. Zack and Cody find this out and they try to prove that Irv is cheating. The episode was o.k. and there were some funny moments but it was boring to me and not a favorite of mine at all. In the end Arwin wins and gets a kiss from Carey. Cool. But still, the episode was boring and I didn't like it very much at all.
  • I didn't like this one...

    Arwin competes in a janitor games in which he competes at the Tipton against other janitors from other hotels. One thing that has been bugging me is: how is there only one hotel janitor when the hotel is so big? That's just unrealistic. Anyways, Zack and Cody help Arwin win and get a kiss from Carey, the plunger girl. Overall, the story was really stupid in this episode. The main rival was a terrible actor and a terrible character. The story was unrealistic and stupid also. Overall, just not a good episode and I hope the Suite Life picks up their act and makes better episodes.
  • great episode

    Arwin is practicing for the annual hotel engineers competition. Arwin's rival from another hotel taunts him promising him that he's going to lose. Arwin tries his best to prepare for this competition but he thinks his rival is so good and he doesn't stand a chance againt him. But he gets an inspiration when he learns that Carey has been hired by the hotel to award the winner with a trophy and give the winner a kiss. London decides to open a boutique store and she hires Maddie to work in her store. This episode is so hilarious, it's a Arwinish episode, everything looks funny around Arwin. I love this episode.
  • arwin has done it agien

    This was the best one with Arwin yet. I though it was so funny when he kissed Carry and he fanted after she said, "Wow, Arwin I kissed you and you didn't fant," then he did fant. Irv was a big threat to Arwin. Then he won because he didn't cheat. That had a real lesson in it. Everybody knows it. Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.
  • Just too funny !!!

    Arwin is in a competition for engineers at the Tipton, Arwin is putting himself down because he knows that Irv Weldon a well known engineer will win because he always does But Zack and Cody know that Irv is cheating but Arwin wont belive them. After a series of tasks Arwin noticeses that Irv is cheating he Finally wins after Irv trips at the finish line. After all Arwin teaches Zack and Cody a valuable lesson : Winners never cheat and, cheaters never win,and Arwin gets a kiss of Plunger girl which turns out to be Carey !! (but will he faint ?? or not ??)

    Meanwhile London opens a boutiqui with her own money and hires Maddie to work for her , but it dosent turn out in the end so Maddie goes back to Candy Counter girl and London's back from entrepeneur to "spoiled little rich girl"
  • Great and Hilarious!

    Going For the Gold is a funny and great episode. It is about the Hotel Engineers competition coming to the Tipton and Arwin is competing in it. If he wins, he will win a trophy and a kiss from the Plunger Girl, Carey. When he finds out who the Plunger Girl is, he wants to win really bad. Zack and Cody help Arwin train and compete. Later on, Arwin wins. Meanwhile, Maddie ends up getting hired by London to work at her new boutique. It was funny when:

    Carey: What times lunch?
    Moseby: 12:30
    Carey: Oh, think I'll have some soup.
    That part was sorta random but funny.
  • Going downhill fast for me:(

    It was a very ugly and hideous episode that makes me ask like what are they giving to the table, what else could they offer it just disappoints me so much like what is happening to this show they did kinda start on the top and progress but as season 2 comes it just goes by the wayside and it is like if they will be like a finalist I would have to say you have to go home, it is like if they would have a 3rd season it has to be great and it should make us say wow cause I won't be expecting another shot for this show it has got to end. I don't mean to offend anybody I have got to be constructive this show did really bad, it is becoming a dreadful show and this episode proved it, it is like that same old story line same old thing going on, what else are they going to offer.

    You march here with your own drum, but sadly the whole engineering thing is just whack and I don't mean to offend but we are here to give critiques in this site, but this show is just playing horrendous and as I see the new shows in Disney it starts to make me feel like I don't wanna watch this anymore. It is just very horrible to see... As much as I don't like Hannah Montana I don't like this too, there is no growth. And I would eliminate this show right now.
  • Lets see whos going to be the best engeneer! Arwin and other hotel engeneers compeet for the golden plunger,and a kiss from the beuitiful Carey Martin taking place at the Tipton. Duiring the competition Arwin phases trouble with the cheeter,Irv Wel

    I love the Suite Life of Zack and Cody I hope u keep doing great and hope to see more fasinating new episodes. I love the Suite Life of Zack and Cody because one of my favorite types of T.V. is comedy. I also like it because of the acting, and the people. It makes me laugh and hey, everybody loves to laugh.
  • Overall a pretty good episode.

    Good episode about bowling and also a reappearance of Mrs. Ilkashecklemeyer or something like that. Pretty funny and good twist with Zack getting grounded and Arwin screaming all over the place. Arwin's slow-motion at the end and flashback were the highlights of the episode. Also the humorous rolls made brought the rating up such as Estabon's backwards roll, Cody's long preparation time and London's awful bowling. This episode is not necessarily a must-watch but it is a watch-it-if-its-on episode. How Zack is a good bowler and Carey is made a team captain is the main story plot. Pretty good episode.
  • Arwin goes on a tournament for engineers. His rival, Irv Weldon, is also on the tournament and the winner gets a kiss from the Plunger Girl, Carey.

    I thought that this episode was funny, like all the other episodes! My favorite part was when Zack and Cody were just finding out that Irv was cheating and Zack says, "We can't let Irv cheat and we definantly can't let him kiss mom!" and then they both flinch. It's also funny when London's first day of business at her botique wasn't very good and London asks Maddie, "What are you doing wrong, Maddie?" and then Maddie looks at her and says, "Working for you!" Or the part when Irv and Arwin are arguing towards the beggining of the episode and they start going "Nn!" "Eh!" an then Zack says, "Will both of you just st!"
  • A good episode . . . but they show this one all the time!!

    Really, I think this was a good episode, but as I said, they show this one like once every week!! Sometimes, I can get tired of this episode. And before I watched this episode, I knew Arwin or Irv would win, but still, if I was Carey, I'd run. Remember, she would have to kiss the winner. Really what I think, Arwin is a geek, and Irv is a fat dirtbag. Oh yeah, plus bald. And what a jerk, cheating. And I think it was wrong he didn't get in trouble, they just let it slide! I would like to see the face on Irv, if he got busted.
  • bad episode

    This episode was not my favorite episode at all! I mean don't get me wrong I like this episode a little because it has Arwin in it. It's about the hotel engineer games and Arwin defeating his enemy Irv! In the 1st challenge they have to pick up their toolboxes and run around an area and back. Arwin wins that challenge. In the 2nd challenge they have to rewire a fan and get it working Arwin would have won but, Irv replaced his fonzerali 22 with a cunningham 200 so Irv wins that challenge In the 3rd challenge they have to get a toilet to flush Irv cheats Awin looses that challenge. In the 4th challenge they put all the challenges together Irv was about to win but, he trips onthe way to the finish line and passes out. So Arwin wins and gets the golden plunger! This episode was not my favorite!
  • Arwin enters the Hotel Engineers Olympics. The boys find out that one of his opponents is cheating. So, they try to help him.

    This episode was extremely funny because Arwin was just going to quit the HEO (Hotel Engineers Olympics) until he found out that the plunger girl would be Carey. This episode was also a good one, because the boys are trying to do the right thing and catch someone cheating. Arwin teaches them a valuable life lesson, "It is better to come in second fairly than to win cheating." That is until he realises that Irv, his rival engineer, is going to win and kiss Carey. At that point he cannot take it. He runs ahead and wins the games. This episode was one of the ones that I don't mind watching several times. I really liked this episode because Arwin was one of the main charectors in it.
  • Arwin tries to win the golden plunger award, the prize being a trophy and, more importantly, a kiss from carey. although I do like Zack and Cody a lot, I have to say that this episode is not up to standard...

    Basically, Arwin and his arch-enemy Irv (notice similarity) are fighting to gain recognistion as the top Hotel Engineer - the Golden Plunger and a kiss from carey.

    The usual jokes are there and they still make me laugh, but some of them are not funny at all. It maybe disputed as to whether this is a bad episode, but i feel it is an episode with no proper ending or beginning. Sections are missing and much of the story is disconnected.

    Irv is never really exposed and kicked out and there doesnt seem to be a justified end. He could have won, but instead of some insightful intrusion by Arwin at the \"nick of the time\" , he falls to - for god\'s sake - a handhold for the stairs.

    the only reason why it is still abv 5 is becoz zack and cody never stinks !
  • Arwin compete's in the "Hotel Engineers" competition, to win a trophey, a kiss from Carey, and to beat his rival Irv. London open's a boutique and hire's Maddie as her cashier.

    I watched this episode on and it was very funny. Arwin is trying to beat his rival Irv in a contest, that includes fixing a toliet, elevator, and an air conditioner. Irv cheats because he wants to beat Arwin again as he has in the past. Zack and Cody cheat for Arwin, but he finds out and stop's them. He win's in the end and gets the kiss from Carey. London opens a shop with a diamond and calls her customers fat. They don't return. She give's up, but later returns, and the business is successful. Very funny episode.
  • this is a good episode

    this episode is good i always have thought arwin was one of the best characters on the show so when he got his own episode it made the series better. but i didnt like how zack and cody kept on running around trying to catch irv cheating. maddie and london's part was no surprise, great and i loved when london kept telling mr. moseby and maddie where she was goind to put the purses. this episode is a great one but i wish they would have cut zack and cody's part out of it and gave them a better plot. that would have made it even better.
  • The rivalry between the Tipton and the St. Mark's continues...

    The main plot of the episode was entertaining enough, as the Tipton hosts a hotel engineers' tournament. Predictably enough, the finalists are the Tipton's Arwin Haukhauser and his archrival, St. Mark's engineer Irv Wheldon. The competition heats up with the Golden Plunger and a kiss from Carrie on the line.

    The subplot kind of drags down the episode. London, desperate to prove to her father that she's not a quitter, decides to open a boutique and hires Maddie to work with her. Sure, it helps convey the entire episode's moral of not giving up, but it just seemed a little boring for my taste.

    Not the series' best episode, but far from the worst.
  • Arwin and Irve compete to win the Golden Plunger and a kiss from the Plunger Girl, a.k.a Carrie (the twins\' mother)

    The message or moral of the story is pretty clear: DON'T CHEAT

    They took approximately 20-25 minutes to tell the audience that, while giving the cheater many advatages and keeping poor Arwin losing. Like all new episodes, this one was pretty exciting until Disney Channel replayed it over and over again, making it seems boring after you've watched it for the 50th time.

    The show has its usual 'funny stuff,' like when Arwin was telling the twins about the cruise with his mother and the tropical storm hitting. Arwin: As her wheelchair rolled off the deck I screamed "Mother! Toss me the house keys!" or something along those lines.

    Overall, the episode was okay. It was nothing too special, but it was bascially like any other Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode.
  • arwin is competting to win the golden plunger and to win a kiss by carrie in a compitition of engernering. Although one of comptitoin is cheating, but in the ens awrin wins!!

    I thought the episode was really good but not my favorite one!and did anyone notice that in the previews it said that the boys were hepling arwin compete in a magnet competition, but really it wasnt?lol im just sayin! and also i dont really like how they are doing carries hair, i mean come on its like sticking out of her hair and well i dont think that it really looks that good. and i like her make up better the way that is was in the suite smell of exces(i think thats how you spell itlol) episode. it makes her look pretty er lol
  • Well the first couple times i saw this it was pretty good, but now it\'s just getting old. I\'ve seen it so many times, i\' have practically memorized it! well hope for better episodes...

    This is an episode with a good plot and ending, but they show it too many times. I wish they would show all of them equally instead of just like five of the same reruns.Some of the ones I wish they would play more often is the one where Cody dresses like a girl for the pageant, or some I have rarely even seen. I hope this series goes for quite a few seasond and is very successful. I enjoy it, my little brother enjoys it, and my best friend does too. Just remember TV people- plz don\'t keep putting the ames ones on over and over1 Luv yall!
  • A very funny episode to the series! Spoiler Alert!

    What I liked about this review:

    The James Bond Illusions
    Arwin trying not to faint. (even though he does after a few seconds)
    The third time Carey has kissed Arwin.
    Irv trying to be smooth with Carey. (even though it didn't work)
    London proved her father wrong by not quiting the boutique.
    The winner of the "geek games", as Carey would say, would get the "Golden Plunger" and a kiss from the Plunger Girl (Carey).

    This episode was hilariously funny! Also, I have it recorded on my DVR, so I am going to watch all the time! Good thing I have satellite and DVR! Done with my review!
  • Cute...

    Definitely liked how Arwin ends up the winner! And the whole business about Carey being the Plunger Girl was funny! It had alot of funny moments throughout the whole thing.
    London opens a boutique-which is very fitting, considering she's a fashion bug, and her comments to her first customers are HILARIOUS! I won't put them here cuz you really have to hear them yourself. However, in the end, Maddie ends up returning to her job as candy counter girl. A must-see episode!
  • This episode was exciting! (Warning: May Contain Spoilers)

    Going For The Gold was exciting, as there was a Maintence Competition at The Tipton. We got to see Arwin battle his St. Mark Hotel Rival, Irv Wheldon. I can't believe Irv cheated, as you would probably expect more from an adult his age so that's why it was great to see Arwin win, as he totally deserved it. I also think there were a lot of Carey/Moseby moments in this episode, which I know a lot of people support! There was also a lot of Carey/Arwin, as Carey did kiss Arwin at the end of the episode, since she had to since she was the "Plunger Girl." Also, in the subplot, London opened her own boutique and learned not to give up on her ideas. She hired Maddie, but then Maddie ended up quiting. So the boutique, I suppose, ended up being a flop. Overall, awesome episode! I reccomend it to any Suite Life Fans!

  • This episode was very good! It was funny, and it taught a lesson.

    This is a great episode of \"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody\"! It has some very funny moments, such as when Arwin had to suck the drain because his plunger broke. I was disgusted, yet I was laughing crazily at the same time. Although some may call the plot \"overused\", I think that it taught a good lesson. People who cheat, lose. Some other funny parts are when Zack hits Arwins head saying, \"Winner! Winner! Winner!\", when Irv said he was going to kiss Carey, she replied, \"I think I just threw up a little bit\", and when Carey kissed Arwin, he paused before he fainted. Overall, I think it was a great episode, and it was very cool watching it online. It was well-written and I think that it was exactly why I watch the series; it\'s funny and it teaches a lesson.
  • I LOVED THIS EPISODE! (Spoilers)

    I love this episode! It's now my favorite! Going for the Gold is simply hilarious. It was exciting and somewhat suspensful as Arwin and Irv competed to win the kiss from the Plunger Girl, AKA Carey! My favorite scene was in the bathroom. I also liked it when Carey and Mr. Moseby were left standing alone right outside the Tipton...a little Coseby right there! Overall, this episode was hilarious. My favorite part was the ending when Irv was running for the finish line and he tripped while trying to get over the railing and he fell! Then, when Arwin came in he's like "What happened?" and then Zack and Cody said it at the same time! I loved this episode. It keeps me laughing the entire time!
  • "Suite Life delivers"

    It was a relief to see a episode centered with Arwin and London, but yet still capture the rest of the characters emotions and ethics. Part of the episode dealing with \\\"never quitting\\\" seemed a little to much like a PSA on PBS, but the comedic element of the twins decision to cheat in order for Arwin to win, delt with yes Morals, but still provided a comedic element and some will funny 1 liners. Over all a great episode, especially with it being out a week early online.
  • This is one of the best episodes Arwin comptetes in the Hotel Engineer contest with his rival the Saint Mark Engineer Irwin. London opens a store in the Tipton and hires Maddie. To Watch this whole epidsode go to

    This was a great epidsode one of the best episodes of Disney Channel and the suitelife. Arwin comptetes in the Hotel Engineer contest with his rival the Saint Mark Engineer Irwin. London opens a store in the Tipton and hires Maddie.
    To Watch this whole epidsode go to was good Arwin finally kisses Carey and gets the trpohy and wins the cup. During the Comptetion the boys see that Irwin cheated so they tell and prove.(they had to fix the toilet and Irwin put how to fix the toilet on the toilet paper in ink) and he flushes the paper so they can\'t see it. When he\'s at the finish line he jumps over a rail and falls. Arwin comes and goes past the finish line and wins the race because Irwin cheated. London calls someone fat in the store so they they have no more customers but then she puts out a blimp to help the store so they made more money with the customers but the blimp cost more then they made so then Maddie quits because London can\'t pay her cause they spent so much money on the blimp.
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