The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 16

Going for the Gold

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 10, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • During the scene where Irv sneaks into the toilets and puts or draws a cheat sheet on how to put the auto-flusher back together, why didn't he just keep it with him and go into the toilets during the competition with it. How could he have been so sure that he would get that toilet.

    • After Arwin fixes the elevator, when he gets in, it is very easy to see that the elevator he gets in is on the lobby.

    • Before Irv arrives at the elevator, Zack and Cody hide behind the plants, but when he arrives they are clearly not visible at all.

    • It would be easier for Zack and Cody just to get rid of the toilet paper that Irv put instructions on, so he can't cheat, instead of showing the toilet paper to the judges, and even if they had it on it, there was no evidence that Irv would have used it.

    • A part of this episode is in the opening credits (of Season 3): when Zack and Cody pop up from the bathroom stall.

    • We get to see two new parts of the hotel; one of the men's bathrooms, and the room in which London turned into her Boutique.

    • For the first event, it's a race. The rules are to get to the destination and back. When the race starts, the spectators start running after them. However, the spectators run after them, when they should not have to since the contestants have to run back.

    • When Irv fixes the elevator, and he pushes the pad into the wall, you can see a yellow wire sticking out.

    • When Moseby said to Maddie, whatever London wants she gets. He said when she wanted pony lessons, her father bought her a stable. London quotes "It smelled like horsies". Then when she wanted Russian Ballet Lessons, she was bought a Russian Ballet Teacher. Then she says, "The horsies smelled better". Then when London wanted ice skating lessons. Maddie interrupts and says, "Let me guess. He bought you an ice rink." Mr. Moseby says "He bought her Iceland." It's actually Greenland that's cold. Iceland is warm.

    • You can tell the Irv fell by purpose. He could at least act better.

    • Maddie repeats the phrase "nougats and nuts" because she liked the way it sounded the same way Ashley Tisdale repeated her "disco point" saying and did the disco point a few times because she "liked that part" when she was teaching the moves to We're All in This Together in the High School Musical Dance-A-Long.

    • The jumpsuit that Irv wears throughout the engineer games is the same jumpsuit Arwin wore during the commercial in the episode, "Commercial Breaks".

    • When Arwin is talking after he passes the finish line, you could tell that his lips are pink, if Carey has already kissed him. So obviously they did the kissing scene at least twice or more.

    • Apparently, London quits many of her new hobbies.

    • London opens up her own boutique, with a logo that resembles Louis Vuitton's logo.

  • Quotes

    • Arwin: (finishes fixing it) Done!
      Cody: A minute, ten seconds
      Arwin: DAH! I'll never beat Irv. I'm such a loser. (starts hitting his head) LOSER! LOSER! LOSER!

    • Mr Moseby: London, you're going to have to pay for it yourself.
      London: Fine! I'll use the ten dollars grandma gave me for my birthday.
      Mr Moseby: London, ten dollars isn't enough to open up a store.
      London: I know, but the ten dollars was wrapped around a diamond the size of a potato. I'll use my potato diamond to open up my business.

    • Maddie: Mr Moseby, I'll make this quick. I'd like a raise.
      Mr Moseby: I'll make it quicker, NO!
      Maddie: But can't we at least talk about it?
      Mr Moseby: We just did!

    • Zack: That was amazing! How did you hit ten feetthrows in a row?
      Cody: New system. I realized, if I picture myself in a happy place, all the pressure goes away.

    • (fat lady picking up a dress)
      London: Oh this is Not for you!
      Fat Lady: Excuse me?!
      London: See, those dresses are made for women with an hourglass figure. You're shaped like a pumpkin.
      (London turning around to the other lady in the store)
      London: And you're more like a butternut squash.
      (The two women leave after being insulted and Maddie goes after them to apologies for London's behavior)
      Maddie: I happen to love butternut squash. I love all the winter vegetables.

    • Carey: What time's lunch?
      Mr. Moseby: 12:30.
      Carey: Oh. Think I'll have some soup.

    • Moseby: Take it away.
      Carey: I'm not taking anything anywhere.

    • (Arwin comes running through the door and into the lobby)
      Zack: Yo, Arwin, I didn't know you ran.
      Arwin: Yeah, I just ran five miles, I feel great! (Arwin pinches his pressure point and falls)
      Arwin: Who put the floor here?
      Zack: Are you okay?
      Arwin: Yes, mother.

    • Carey>: (Singing) When the toilet won't flush, we'll be there with the snake, right after our mandated union break! If the rooms to hot, or the drains not clear..... Just shout for a Hotel Engineer!

    • Irv: (to Arwin) Maybe you should change your name from Arwin to Arlose!

    • Carey: Which ever one of you wins, will win the golden plunger! (to herself) There's an accomplishment.

    • Carey: Go!
      Irv: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what happened to "On your marks"?
      Carey: Just... go.

    • Irv: (walks over to Carey) The name's Weldon. Irv Weldon. And I like to be Shaken, not stirred.
      Arwin: Oh, that Weldon is as smooth as porcelain.

    • Arwin: A Haukhouser never cheats, except mother on her diets.

    • Zack: Don't worry Arwin. You can beat him.
      Cody: Yeah. Maybe not in a doughnut eating contest.

    • Zack & Cody: He cheated see. (grab toilet out of of the stall and there was nothing on it) Zack: He must of flushed it. Irv: The only thing that got flushed was Arwin's chance of winning. Arwin: He won fair and square, guys. (everybody leaves) Mr. Moseby: (In the stall where the toilet paper was taken out) Is anybody out there, I need some help. (then reaches under the stall door and is inches away from the toilet paper)

    • Arwin: Hello, Wheldon.
      Irv: Hello, Hochauser. I just came by to wish you luck.
      Arwin: Really?
      Irv: No! 'Cause you're a loser.
      Arwin: Am not!
      Irv: Are too!
      Arwin: Not!
      Irv: Too!
      Arwin: N... !
      Irv: T... !
      Zack: Will both of you st... !

    • London: What's going on here? Why are you packing up all the clothes?
      Maddie: Because you quit.
      London: Quit? I don't know the meaning of the word "quit."
      Maddie: Wouldn't it just be easier if you told me the words you do know the meaning of?

    • Cody: Don't worry, Arwin. Victory is in the bag.
      Arwin: What bag? Where? I want that bag!
      Zack: (to Cody) Is it too late to bet on Irv?

    • Mr. Moseby: Well, most things worth getting require hard work. Which is an experience, shall I say, you have been deprived of.
      London: How so?
      Mr. Moseby: Whenever you want something, you just call daddy and he gets it for you.
      London: It's not as easy as it looks. Daddy has a lot of different numbers.

    • London: So, have we sold anything yet?
      Maddie: Yes, 4 items.
      London: Ooh, that's not bad.
      Maddie: Considering we sold them to you, and you used your employer 100% discount on all of them, it ain't good!

    • Zack: You're going to be fine, Arwin. The first event is in 10 minutes.
      Cody: Have you found your happy place to think about?
      Arwin: Well, actually, at first, it was me and mother on a lovely tropical cruise. But then a storm hit, and the waves were huge, and then a wheelchair rolled off the side and I yelled, "Mother, throw me the house keys!"
      Zack: Okay. How about thinking about a nice cookie?
      Arwin: Ooh, that'll work!

    • London: Quitter, quitter! Pants no fitter!
      (Maddie stares at London and then walks out. London looks at a picture of herself.)
      London: You're still my friend right? (London waits a few seconds) I thought so.

    • Maddie: And we're going to be a huge success 'cause we make a great team!
      London: By the way, I can't pay you this week.
      Maddie: See ya!

    • Irv: Get ready for the kiss of a lifetime! (Irv runs over and jumps off the railing. Then, Arwin comes in to the lobby.) Arwin: What happened? Carey: Doesn't matter! Just finish the race!

    • Mr. Moseby: London, how's it going?
      London: It's going to be fabby! I'm going to put purses over here and matching belts over there.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, and do you have a business plan?
      London: Weren't you listening? I'm going to put purses over here and matching belts over there.
      Maddie: No, no, no. He's talking about financial planning. Ordering stock, taking inventory.
      (London stares)
      London: I said I'm putting purses over here and matching belts over there!

    • Zack: Arwin's plunger "broke" and he had to suck out the clog with his mouth.
      Cody: Ok, if Arwin wins that kiss from mom, don't tell her that.

    • London: But why not?
      Mr. Moseby: Well, every time you start a project, you tend to quit.
      London: Name one.
      Mr. Moseby: Well, there was the time you wanted to be an equestrian, so your father bought you a stable full of horses. You walked in, then walked right out.
      London: It smelled like horsies!
      Mr. Moseby: That time you wanted to be a dancer, so he bought you that Russian ballet teacher.
      London: The horsies smelled better!
      Mr. Moseby: There was that time that you wanted to be an ice skater.
      Maddie: Let me guess. He bought you an ice rink.
      Mr. Moseby: He bought her Iceland.

    • London: Maddie, why don't you come work for me?
      Maddie: Sorry London, I already have a job.
      Mr. Moseby: Which you're not doing right now.
      Maddie: Right!
      London: I'll pay you double!
      Maddie: And now I have a new job! Mr. Moseby, I'm sorry. I'm moving onto bigger and better things. I bet you're regretting giving me that raise now!
      Mr. Moseby: (sarcastically) Oh no! Where will I find another teenager looking for a job at a five star hotel!? I know! I'll just yell out the door.

    • (Maddie walks in with a load of boxes stacked over her head)
      Maddie: Can someone maybe give me a hand?
      London: There's no one else in here.

    • Maddie: Mr. Moseby, I know you're a busy man, so I'll make this quick. Can I have a raise?
      Mr. Moseby: I'll make it quicker! No.
      Maddie: Can't we at least talk about it?
      Mr. Moseby: We just did!

    • Arwin: (repeatedly smacks himself in the head) Loser! Loser! Loser!!!
      Zack: You gotta be more positive! Try this! (picks up Arwin's hand and smacks Arwin's head) Winner! Winner! Winner!!!

    • London: Moseby, did Daddy fax you back about me opening my own boutique at the Tipton?
      Moseby: Yes, and I'd say he was less than thrilled.
      London: Are you sure? What exactly did he say? (Moseby holds up a fax reading NO!) I don't understand!
      Maddie: N-O. That spells no.

    • Carey: I'm not coming in there and you can't make me. On your mark, get set, go. (Waves Flag)
      (The contestants run into the stalls)
      Moseby: I wish I could.
      (There is a flush and Irv walks out of the stall)
      Irv: I am flushed with victory
      (Then you hear another flush and Arwin comes out)
      Arwin: Rats. Number two again.

    • London: This store is a total failure. What are you doing wrong Maddie!?
      Maddie: Working for you!

    • (Irv goes in the bathroom and sees if there's anyone there. He goes into the bathroom stall that he's supposed to fix, and does something. He then leaves.)
      Zack: Something stinks!
      (Cody gives him a look)
      Cody: No comment.
      Zack: I wonder what Irv was doing in there?
      (Cody goes in the bathroom stall that Irv went in)
      Cody: Look, Irv put diagrams on the toilet paper!
      Zack: That's silly! Every one knows how to use toilet paper!
      Cody: No, it's a cheat cheat on how to put the autoflush back together. We have to go tell the judges!
      Zack: No, it will just be our word against his!
      Cody: Then we have to catch Irv in the act!
      Zack: You don't mean? (points to bathroom stall)
      Cody: No! Cheating!

    • Carey: I need to practice my song. The Tipton's hosting some kind of Geek Games. (Arwin looks up) They're making me sing and hand out the golden plunger. (Arwin drops his apple)
      Arwin: You're the (stuttering) Plu-, plu- plu plu (Zack hits his shoulder) Plunger Girl?! (Carey nods) Weldon's goin' down!

    • Zack: Wow, Arwin I didn't know you ran.
      Arwin: Yeah, I just ran five miles and I feel great! (falls to the floor) Who put the floor here?

    • Irv: Hey plunger girl, I can't wait for our lips to meet!
      Carey: I just... I... just threw up a little bit.

    • Cody: Don't you call our mom a fair hair beauty.
      Zack: Yea, you should see her in the morning, there ain't nothing beautiful about her!

    • Moseby: What a Hotdog. (watches Irv gloat about his strengths)
      Carey: Well you are what you eat.

    • Zack: That was amazing, how did you hit 10 free throws in a row?
      Cody: New System. I realized if I picture myself in a happy place, all the pressure goes away.
      Zack: Where's your happy place?
      Cody: Can't say, YOU might show up.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Arwin< strong>: Rats, number two again.

      Arwin is talking about coming in second place when he says it, but this is a joke referring to the common usage of "number 1" as liquid waste and "number 2" as solid waste, as they are in the bathroom when Arwin says it.

    • The way that Arwin and Irv greet each other, is an allusion to the way Seinfeld and Newman would greet each on the the show "Seinfeld".

    • During the race, one fan holds up a sign that says "Arwin's Army". This is possibly a reference to the secret society made by Harry and the gang in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, "Dumbledore's Army", or the DA.

    • During the hotel engineer's game, when Arwin loses the air conditioning repair contest to Irv Wheldon, Arwin's comments about the Cunningham 200 on/off switch and the Fonzarelli 22 are references to the 1970's TV series, "Happy Days," which was about life in the 1950s with the Cunningham family and their cool friend, Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli.

    • Cody: Think of a happy place.

      This is what Happy Gilmore does when he is in golf tournaments in the 1996 movie, "Happy Gilmore" starring Adam Sandler.

    • During the scene when Irv Wheldon goes into the bathroom, (suspected of Cheating), The James Bond "theme song" plays.

    • Irv Wheldon makes an allusion towards James Bond, by stating "My name is Wheldon, Irv Wheldon. And I like em' Shaken, not Stirred".

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