The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 23, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Great way 2 start out the new season!

    Graduation is the first episode of Season 3. I thought it would be like the ending of the Suite Life which shouldn't happen! It was probably one of the funniest episodes so far. Good season opener. Zack's slackness and bad grades lands him in summer school. Im glad it wasn't easy for Zack like in some episodes he goes onto high school withotu summer school. Good thing the writers had common scene. He's pressured into slacking off by his classmates but soon learns school pays off in the long run. This episode made me love Zack even more, his adolence childlike scheming behavior somehow made him more loveable. COdy kept giving Zack sarcastic advice and Zack took it. Soo its not a "Zack against Cody episode." The strange thing was that Zack pulled it off. I couldn't believe he sweet talked that teacher into letting them onstage but clever with the spit balls! Did Cody even think anyone cared about his big lnog speech. If I where there i would beg him to stop. After having along time of doing the "fake act" Zack uses accuses to his parents after he gets a guitar and something I couldn't tell from Mr. Mosbey. Finaly Zack admits his failure to graduate but this part was boring...I think this is a learning experence for everyone that telling the truth the first time is better than doing it later or an adult finding out the second time and the punishment being worse than it would've been if you would've told the truth before.

    Carey looks different I think she looks better than she used to. Barbara was hilarious in this episode! Ha ha she cracked me up! So did London! I liked Maddie and London's plot so much more than Zack/Cody plot. I owdner if teh nun still likes London after she had no summer job but I didn't get teh whole baby barf talk and why was it soo funny. It was hilorious when Maddie was mistaken about Camp Heaven on Earth and the piccy of the camp was taken in 1930's. Poor Maddie, I actually laughted at her expenise. ANd since when did the nun own a camp!? I wasn't , I wondered what was one with each of teh girls. They could have played better pranks on Maddie but I think she could have told if the raccoon was real.I couldn't believe Holly was in this episode but I still didn't like her for buying everyone out. The girl who plays Leah was funny because she always was trying 2 act happy outside of her "bully" cliche. There was this girl who lived with teh wolfs and kept ocmplaining about her life in the cave. I didn't like how the girls treated her. After London's helicopter accident I thoguht she would stay on heaven on earth! But after Maddie found the right 2 stay at the camp. Obviously, London didn't want 2 stick around. But who would!?

    Im looking forward 2 teh new season! :D
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