The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 23, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • It seems weird that Zack's parents aren't aware of his grades. Schools typically call parents if their kids are in danger of failing.

    • A part of this episode is in the opening credits: when London is holding up the pictures.

    • When calling Mr. Forgess's cell phone, Zack passes himself off as Officer Lippencollarman. Lippencollarman is the last name of one of the staff of the Tipton Review Board from season one episode "Hotel Inspector".

    • Running Gag: Cody and Barbara always trying to make up, then it leads to trying to beat each other out academically. Finally, Barbara stomps on Cody's foot.

    • Goof: There didn't seem to be that much frosting on the cake that dropped on Zack. But in the next shot when Cody is tasting it, there's frosting all over Zack's face.

    • Kim Rhodes has a new hairstyle (color) in this episode.

    • 5th appearance of Sister Dominic.

    • Running gag: Zack not being able to pronounce summer school and other people having to say it for him.

    • Jaelin Palmer, who plays Leah in this episode, was also in the episode of Hannah Montana called "Schooly Bully", which is another Disney Channel production.

    • 2nd appearance of Holly. Her other appearance was in "Have a Nice Trip".

    • This is Robert Torti's fourth appearance as Kurt Martin. His previous appearances were in Dad's Back, Christmas at the Tipton, and Volley Dad.

  • Quotes

    • Barbara: You know when we get to high school, I'm taking five AP classes!
      Cody: I'm taking six!
      (Barbara stomps on Cody's foot, but this time she shouts in pain)
      Cody: Steel-toe boots! (joyfully dances away)

    • Zack: I promise you I will graduate, once I pass
      Everybody: -mmer School.
      Zack: Yeah that.

    • Maddie: I'm telling you, these girls are vicious monsters.
      (Hears singing voices: "If you happy and you know it clap your hands")
      Maddie: Help me! (Jumps into London's arms)
      (The girls enter the cabin)
      Holly: Hi, I'm Holly (extends her hand)
      London: Hi, I'm London (drops Maddie and shakes hands with Holly)
      Holly: Nice diamond bracelet. Wanna play some cards?
      Maddie: Don't do it! In half an hour, she'll own the hotel. Now let's go!

    • Maddie: What took you so long? Did the storm slow you down?
      London: No, I added an extra 20 minutes to my massage because your call really stressed me out.
      Maddie: I hate you!
      London: I have the helicopter!
      Maddie: Love you. Let's go!

    • Barbara: Cody, I'm sorry I got upset before. After all, I creamed you in the math competition and you didn't get mad.
      Cody: Well, I wouldn't say creamed. But it doesn't matter, because I annihilated you at the spelling bee. And by the way, that's annihilated with 2 Ns and an "h".
      Barbara: Oh, that's spelling bee wasn't fair. Your word was so easy, my dog could have spelled it.
      Cody: Ha! I doubt it. I met your dog, and he's an idiot. (Barbara stomps on his foot) OWWW!

    • London: Hello, oh hey Maddie, how is camp?
      Maddie: Terrible, these girls are savages, come rescue me!
      London: Don't worry, I'll get the Tipton helicopter, I'll be there right away.
      Mr. Moseby: I'm proud of you.
      London: Really?
      Mr. Moseby: Missing a massage to help a friend.
      London: Oh, I forgot about shiatsu. Oh, well, Maddie can wait.

    • London: So Moseby, Which thing do you like better, this sight land with this yacht and this bikini suit, or this sight land with this yacht and this bikini suit?
      Mr. Moseby: Frankly, I don't give a hoot.

    • Carey: So Zack, what were you upset about?
      Zack: Uh...that Dad wasn't gonna be here to see me graduate. But it's all good now! (the cake on the ceiling falls on Zack's face)
      Cody: (tastes it) Mmm, a little too much plaster but not bad.

    • Carey: I'm baking a cake for your graduation party.
      Cody: Is that cake on the ceiling?
      Carey: That was the first try. How is your last day at school?
      Zack: (pretends to move to tear) I don't wanna talk about it.
      Carey: Honey, you're sad to be leaving little school?
      Cody: (sarcastic voice) Well…
      Zack: Would you let me handle this?
      Carey: Sweetie, no matter how bad it is, you can tell me anything, you know that, right?
      Zack: I know mom. Well, the truth is…
      Kurt: (coming the room) Surprise?

    • Maddie: (Startles by Leah) you must be my co-counsel.
      Sister Dominick: Oh, no, that's Leah, she's twelve.
      Maddie: Yeah, she can do whatever she wants.

    • Cody: Now, what you need is tell the truth and promising to do well in summer school.
      Zack: You're right. Honesty is the best policy. Give me that water. (puts water on his cheeks) Mom's a sucker for a sob story. Dead puppy, dead puppy, dead puppy. OK, let's do this.

    • Sister Dominick: Wait until you see your cabin.
      Maddie: (opens the cabin door and it falls down)
      Sister Dominick: Oh, I must get this fixed, (Flick off dusts on the table and it falls down, too) and that.

    • Cody: Whoever gets speech, the winner kisses the loser.
      Barbara: Ok, it's gonna to be you.
      Cody: No, it's gonna to be you.
      Mr. Forgess: OK I found it. And this year valedictorian is Cody Martin.
      Cody: Yes, I knew it. (Prepares for being kiss by Barbara)
      Barbara: (tramples on his feet)
      Cody: Ow, ow
      Zack: Ah, young love.

    • Barbara: Oh Cody, I just know it's going to be you.
      Cody: No, Barbara, you deserve it, you're A+ every subject, including dimples.
      Barbara: (giggles)
      Cody: Oh, there they are.

    • Mr. Forgess: Lady and gentleman at the graduating class, it is my honor to announce this year valedictorian. OK, who took the envelope, anybody?

    • Sister Dominick: Oh, well, I guess I'm stuck with you Maddie. Just take a look at this.
      Maddie: Camping on Earth. Oh my goodness! It's beautiful, is it that a waterfall
      Sister Dominick: Yes, It flows into a sparkling lake.
      Maddie: I've never been that camp, and now I'm gonna get pay to go.
      London: (sucks her forefinger and turns it around)

    • Sister Dominick: Now I come here to talk to you about the camp counselor job for the summer.
      London: Oh, I have a summer job, doing nothing.

    • Leah: (monotone voice) I'm laughing.
      (Other girls gasp)
      Amy: Wow! You talked!
      Leah: I also sing (monotone voice) If you're happy and you know it clap your hands (angrily) I said clap!
      (Maddie and the other girls clap)

    • Barbara: I'm taking 5 AP classes. Cody: I'm taking 6. (Barbara steps on Cody's toes) Barbara: Oww! Cody: Steel-toed boots.

    • Sister Dominic: So...what are we talking about girls?
      London: Fish guts and hairy pimples.
      Sister Dominic: Ohhh, I think I just had a baby barf. (holds stomach)

    • Maddie: Just so you know, I am not going to judge you. In fact, I brought each of you a little gift. (sees that her backpack is missing) Okay, which one of you crooks stole my backpack?

    • (After Mr. Moseby gives the boys their gifts)
      Moseby: And now that you are heading off to high school, I'm sure that you realize that your wild days of shenanigans are behind you.
      Zack: Cody, are you through with your shenanigans?
      Cody: Nope. I think I'm going to "shenan-again". (Laughs)
      Moseby: Just remember, you're that much closer to being tried as adults!

    • Cody: Zack, what are you doing here? This is only for the people who are graduating.
      Zack: Well, I figured if I showed up here a plan would just hit me. BAM! Wait a minute...wait a minute...oh, I got nothing.
      Cody: Well, at least you're not trying to forge a diploma, sneak into graduation and hide from Mom the fact that you're going to summer school for six weeks.
      Zack: Genius!
      Cody: I was being facetious.
      Zack: Huh?
      Cody: (Sarcastically) Hard to believe you're failing English.
      Zack: There's only one problem. There's only enough caps and gowns for the students who are graduating.
      Cody: (Sarcastically) Gee, why don't you steal someone else's?
      (Zack kisses Cody on the head)
      Zack: Again with the genius plans! No wonder they call you the vale...vale...vale-accordion!

    • Cody: You know, Mom's really gonna be mad when she finds out you're not graduating.
      Zack: Well she can't be too mad when she finds out I saved a life.
      Cody: Whose life did you save?
      Zack: (Tries to shove an apple into his mouth) Here, choke on this.

    • London: Maddie, you know what I like about summer vacation? Not being locked up in a stuffy school until noon everyday.
      Maddie: London, some of us actually come back to school after lunch.
      London: And I suppose you go on Fridays, too. (laughs)
      Maddie: Yeah, silly me.

    • London: I'm spending the summer on my yacht. What are you doing?
      Maddie: Working here. Oh, yeah, and when I get home, I get to help mom gut fish and apply pimple cream to my dad's hairy back.
      London: Ooh, I just had a baby barf!

    • Sister Dominick: Yoo-hoo, London! So, what are we girls talking about?
      London: Fish guts and hairy pimples.
      Sister Dominick: Ooh, I just had a baby barf!

    • Mr. Forgess: We have a little problem. You seem to have failed English.
      Zack: Wait, what?
      Mr. Forgess: You won't be graduating with your class.
      Zack: No, no, no, no, no! I need to graduate with my class! If I don't graduate, I'll have to go to su... su... su...
      Mr. Forgess: ...mmer school.
      Zack: Yeah, that's it.

    • Maddie: For our next activity, I was thinking we could do something to make this cabin more attractive.
      Amy: You're leaving?

    • Zack: Except that I didn't graduate, okay! (Everybody gasps) Moseby: There's a shock! (takes back his gift and steps away) Kurt: What are you talking about? Zack: I faked the whole thing. Carey: I don't, I don't understand. I mean you have a diploma...(unrolls fake diploma and sees the truth) This is a picture of a girl wearing a bikini. Kurt: Uh, she's hot! I's the beach...that's why she's wearing a bikini... Carey: Zack, why did you do this? Zack: Because you tried to bake a cake and Dad left his tour, and I didn't want to disappoint you guys again. Kurt: Don't sweat it, dude, it's okay. (Carey smacks him in the gut) OOF!!! I mean, you are so in trouble!

    • Maddie: I hate you.
      London: I have the helicopter.
      Maddie: Love you, lets go.

  • Notes

    • Here is a list of opening credits scenes for this season and what episode they happen in:

      when Zack and Cody point and say "Yeah" - Loosely Ballroom
      when Zack is looking at the "Money Bags" Magazine - Aptitude
      when the bee lands on Cody's nose - Have A Nice Trip
      when Cody is putting on his bike helmet - Moseby's Big Brother
      when Zack and Cody pop up from the bathroom stall - Going For The Gold
      when Zack is dancing in his dream - Aptitude
      when Carey and the twins are on the floor at the very end of their performance - Lost In Translation
      when Cody is warming up for bowling - Bowling
      where Zack pushes Cody into the hallway in a towel - Bowling
      when Cody is wrapped in bubblewrap and falls down the lobby stairs - Scary Movie
      when London is looking in the mirror - That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana
      when London points at herself and says "me" - Summer of our Discontent
      when London is in Cluck Bucket in her purple shirt and turns around - Nugget of History
      when London is holding up the pictures - Graduation
      when Maddie is hanging from the ceiling - Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee
      when Maddie gets squirted with milk by London - Kept Man
      where Maddie is at the Kitchen door (right after knocking down Gary) - Heck's Kitchen
      when Maddie is in the kitchen and places her hand on her hip - Health & Fitness
      when Mr. Moseby is doing his warm up before acting - Back In The Game
      when Mr. Moseby pokes his head around the wall and says "call me coach" - Miniature Golf
      when Mr. Moseby spits out the tea - Ah, Wilderness
      When Mr. Moseby catches the vase - Twins At The Tipton
      when Carey is pretending to lock her mouth shut - Summer of our Discontent
      when Carey is on the couch beside Lance and rocks back and forth - Who's the Boss?
      when Carey gets hit with paint (the first time) - Ah, Wilderness
      where Carey is singing in the red dress - N/A
      when Maddie and London are holding the baby saying "We are" - Kept Man
      when the twins are practicing their rap for Carey's birthday - That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana
      when Zack, Cody, Maddie, and London are linked together walking on the beach - The Suite Life Goes Hollywood (1)

    • The German episode title is "Die Sommerschule", meaning "The Summer School".

    • In the season 3 opening credits they are mixed up clips from season 2 and 3.

    • This episode aired in Canada on Family Channel on Sunday August 5, 2007.

    • Starting in this episode, season three has a continuous plot with Maddie being at camp and Zack going to summer school.

    • Beginning in this episode, Maddie briefly departs the Tipton Hotel to be a camp counselor. All her camp scenes were filmed separately than the rest of the episodes so as to not to interfere with her taping of High School Musical 2.

    • This is the first episode of Season 3 to air in the US.

    • This episode is set to air during the "2007 Disney Channel Games".

  • Allusions

    • The Monkees
      Starting with this episode, the opening credits uses a clip (From The Suite Life Goes Hollywood) featuring Maddie, London, Zack and Cody walking side-by-side just like The Monkees did in their show of the same name that ran from 1966 to 1968.