The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 5

Grounded on the 23rd Floor

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 08, 2005 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

After almost breaking a vase, Carey grounds the twins to their suite for a week. To make things worse, the twins take advantage of first class living (caviar, dry cleaning etc.) and Carey is stuck with the bill. Not wanting to be burdens, the twins find a way to get enough money to pay the bill. Zack and Cody are told about a wedding that is going to take place in the Tipton, and a picture of the bride and groom kissing would worth enough money to pay off the bill. So their mom won't get suspicious, they get her a job singing at the reception. That night Maddie babysits the boys. Zack makes Maddie think he is going to take a bath when he is really sneaking into the air vents to get to the wedding. On the way there, he meets London, who is also going to the wedding. Zack gets into the room and gets ready to take the picture. Meanwhile, Maddie discovers what's going on and sneaks into the vents, along with Cody. The problem is they leave the grate open, and a bellboy finds this and calls security. Zack manages to get the picture and gets back into the grate by blackmailing London. Everything seems to go well until Mr. Moesby caught them. Zack and Cody give the camera to Carey, and Carey, in return, grounds the twins for another week.
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