The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 5

Grounded on the 23rd Floor

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 08, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Perfect

    This episode is perfect. Zack and Cody try to get a picture of a wedding held at the Tipton to earn money to pay their mother for the previous damages they caused. Zack gets the picture. I don't know if anyone noticed, but Maddie's uniform is yellow and green and not blue, but that doesn't bother me. Grade: A+.
  • The real pilot to SLOZAC and amongst the best episodes I've seen yet!

    Though 'Hotel Hangout' aired first, this was the first produced episode of the series but its airing became delayed. Anyways, this is right up there amongst the best Suite Life episodes (Yes, I mean Deck and Zack and Cody) I just love this episode. Everything about it was awesome!

    Some of the best scenes in this episode are that guy falling on Moseby, Zack and Cody choking themselves when Carey says "Would it kill you to behave?", The bathroom scenes, Mr Moseby at the Suite and much more.

  • First produced episode of the show


    Plot in this episodeWhen the twins get grounded for running around in the hotel, they try to take a picture of a $20,000 kiss so that they will no longer be considered burdens. I thought it was a superb episode of TSLoZ&C. Zack and Cody running around the hotel was funny. The man felling down on Mr. Moseby (while the vase almost broke) was super hilarious. Zack and Cody falling down was funny. The part where the twins were doing the armpit hair was kinda funny. Zack saying something about Maddie was funny. The man coming to the room was hilarious when he brings the breakfast. The twins bringing Maddie candies was hilarious. Cody accidentaly putting the water up was funny. Zack taking a photo of the wedding was funny. It was kinda predictable that the twins got caught by Mr. Moseby. The ending was really funny. My score was lower because it was boring in the middle act. Overall, a superb episode. 9/10

  • Grounded On The 23rd Floor was the first episode of the series even though Hotel Hangout was the first episode aired.

    This episode was very good but it was missing characters like Estabon and Arwin. It had a character named Tuck instead. He was never seen again after this episode. I didn't like Tuck anyway but still, the episode was very funny. It was the first time that we saw Zack and Cody crawling around in the air ducts and also it was the first and I think only time that we saw Maddie and London crawling around in them. Zack and Cody trying to sneak into a wedding to get a picture of a celebrity couple was a very funny story and it was a very good episode. It might have been better with Estibon instead of Tuck but still it was a good episode.
  • This is the pilot episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Zack and Cody try to raise a 20,000 dollar kiss.

    Zack and Codys mother tells them that they are living like burdens so Zack and Cody try to get the 20,000 dollar kiss of a celebrity couple. Zack and Cody get grounded on the 23 floor of the Tipton hotel. Maddie comes to babysit Zack and Cody when they make a plan to sneak out of the room. Zack crawls into the vent to get the kiss. Zack gets the pisture of the kiss. Maddie finds out that Zack is missing and Cody tells her where he is. Carey there mother finds out about all this and punishes them even longer and told them that we aren't burdens.
  • Zack and Cody get grounded for spending to much money. Carey says that they are running out of money they try to find a plan. They then over hear somebody talking about getting 1,000,000. So they decide to stick a plan. Maddie and London join them.

    Funny episode for a pilot. It's kind of strange because all the sets that they use for this episode are totally different than all the other episodes. A funny running gag in this episode was that Zack farting in the vent and London saying that it stinks on there and then Zack says sorry and then London looks disgusted. Same thing happens with Maddie and Cody. We also figure out that Maddie has to jobs, not just working at the candy counter but baby-sitting Zack and Cody when Carey is singing down in the lounge, but in this case Carey was singing at a wedding.
  • Hotel Hangout

    When the twins get grounded for running around in the hotel and geting room service their mom decides to ground them. In order to make ends meet because of the bills they have run up they decide to take a picture of a celeberty couples first kiss after they get married. The kiss is worth $20,000. They try to take the picture so that they will no longer be considered burdens and pay back the money they owe the hotel. Their mom says to them that they are not burdens and that they dont have to make the money. This was a really funny episode and was a good episode to start the series even though it is not the actual pilot episode.
  • While I understand why Disney chose "Hotel Hangout" to air first, I have to say that this original pilot was 20x better. I still love this episode everytime I see it.

    There are so many great moments in this episode. Just going through the quotes section on this webpage cracks me up. The newer episodes just don't have what this episodes and others in this season have.

    One of the best moments was when Cody was pretending to be Cody and Zack in the bath. It was too funny. And there were just so many classic jokes in this episodes (Maddie telling London that he piece of paper from Johnny Ripp was a restraining order, Zack asking Maddie if kicking his butt was a threat or a promise, etc.)

    This episode was great because the laughs were universal, and even parents could laugh at the jokes. Now, in the third season, they've seemed to take that away. The show is still funny, but it will never live up to these original episodes.
  • I loved it!

    Cody and Zack find out that there is a wedding in the Tipton and whoever can get a picture of the kiss gets $20,000. They are determined to get that picture because Carey tells them that they are poor and Mr. Moseby says they are burdens. Maddie babysits Zack and Cody while Carey sings at the wedding. Zack sneaks off to take the picture while Cody tries to keep Maddie from noticing. London tries to sneak into the wedding also.

    This was a great episode! I couldn't believe how young Dylan and Cole after watching this again. I liked the plot and it was funny! I give this episode a 10!
  • really funny

    Zack and Cody get themselves grounded after they cause a lot of trouble around the Tipton. Carey tells Zack and Cody that they have to stay inside their room for weeks under the care of Maddie. Carey finds herself owing the hotel a lot of money after Zack and Cody ordered expensive menu from the room service. Desperate to help their mom pay up their debt, an opportunity falls in their lap that allows them to do that. A celebrity is getting married at the hotel. Zack and Cody sneaks into the hotel to take pictures of the wedding kiss, this episode is so funny.
  • Pretty good, for a pilot.

    Grounded on the 23rd Floor was the first episode filmed. It is about Zack and Cody getting grounded for running around the hotel. Then they sneak in the vents to take a picture of a $20,000 kiss so that they won`t be burdens. Carey is very angry at them. Zack and Cody lie and say that they snuck in the vent to hear her sing. Most of the cast in this episode looks different now because this was the first episode filmed. Most of the Tipton staff in this episode aren`t working there in the newer episodes. Overall this episode was pretty good for a pilot.
  • We meet all the main characters.Zack & Cody don't want to be burdens so the scheme to earn $20,000. London tries to sneak into a wedding. Hilarious, and touching at the same time.

    This was the original first episode filmed and the best yet [I'm writing this after episode 57 Club Twin]. I can't believe this is ranked third from the bottom! Way below Forever Plaid which stunk!!
    All the main characters are introduced here.The twins are still 10 years old in this episode only. It is extremely funny, the scene with the talkies had me rolling on the floor and the bath schene was great. The air vent schenes were there for the younger kids.The boys show their mischievious side but also that they care about mom [they don't want to be burdens]. Maddie shows her intelligence and London shows herself to be the superficial, selfish air-head she will always be.Mr Mosby is somewhat aloof; he doesn't like Carey and the boys yet because he doesn't really know them. Carey shows herself to be a young mother who is still learning the job of raising two boys;she realizes she scolded them too harshly.
  • This Episode Is GREAT!!!

    This is a really good episode. It isn't that funny, but it is entertaining. The twins get a baby sitter and still manage to get a picture of twenty thousand dollar kiss. This episode has some funny parts like Cody confusing Maddie so she thinks he is Zack and when Maddie makes him tell her where Zack really is by pulling his ear and then pulling him along with her. This is probably one of the first episodes to reveal Zack's crush on Maddie. Another entertaining part was when Zack talked about his grandmoher dropping her teeth into his chocolate milk. Overall, this is a good episode.
  • this episode was originaly the pilot episdoe,because it was the first episode that ever aired in the u.s. but later they changed the pilot to "Hotel Hangout"

    This episode is funny because there is a wedding at the hotel for two famous celebrities,and Zack and cody try to det into the wedding even though they are grounded for rollerblading in the lobby a few days before.Their mom gets an offer to sing at the wedding,so she has Maddie babysit the twins.But Zack and Cody find out that the person who takes a picture of the bride and groom's first kiss would get $20,000.So Zack and Cody devise a plan to crawl through the vents to the wedding room and take the picture,but they get caught by Mr. Moseby.This is my favorite episode!
  • this episode it awesome!

    this episode is about when zack and cody sneak out of the hotelroom when maddie is babysitting to take a picture of a famous couple for 20,ooo dolloars for anyone who gets a picture of the kiss but if you get caught you can get thrown in jail . So zack sneaks out through the vent and crawls hisay through into the wedding room and takes the kiss . meanwhile maddie finds out that zacks missing and gets cody to tell her where he is . When he does tell her they go through the vent and get zack out of there but mr . moesby sees them and gets them in trouble .
  • Grounded on the 23rd Floor

    This is one of my favorite episodes in season one of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Zack and Cody want to help there mom and get some money, when they hear that who ever gets the picture of the first kiss at the celebrity wedding wins a big cash prize, so zack and cody decided they try and take the picture. I love when Cody is in the bathroom covering for his brother, and he was going in and out of the bathroom pretending to be himself and Zack. Thats probably the coolest part about being a twin!
  • This episode was about Zack and Cody both are grounded, and feels like they are hoolans in the hotel so they try to make it up by getting the $20,000 kiss.

    This episode isn't one of the best and funny ones they have gave out, but it was great. Both Zack and Cody are equily funny in this episode, rather than more Zack and his slow and random moments. Also, London cannot go to the wedding because of Maddie's sweet plan that happened before this episode. Also, this episode was really intresting because London was also sneaky with Zack and Cody, and most of the time she thinks of something simple other than something complex like what mostly Zack thinks of. Overall, this episode was fine rather than great like the other ones.
  • Season One wasn't so hot, was it?

    I haven't seen too many "great" episodes from Season One! A few of them were good, but the really really really cool ones are 99% in Season Two. This one had a nice moral (like all of the shows), and that was tenderly portrayed at the end by Carey. But...
    That business about the boys when they're crawling thru the a/c vent and they both fart (Oh THAT'S clever writing for ya...!)...was that supposed to be funny?! Did they have to like, bribe the studio audience to laugh? Cuz lemme tell isn't funny! I know they coulda thought up something better.
    This one DID have some funny parts to it, such as Cody having to change his clothes back and forth to make Maddie think that he's Zack, but generally, it's only an episode to watch if there's nothing better on.
  • When Carey finds a bill for the twins expenses, she has to pay it back. A celebrity couple is visiting the hotel and there wedding photo of the kiss is worth $20,000. Now Zack has to get the picture. The only problem is he\'s grounded.

    This episode is another filler episodes. It is funny and Maddie gets her first babysitting job. She later goes looking for the twins in the air ducts. And London has to sneak in the same way. Zack evenually get\'s the picture but learns it\'s wrong to but in on other people\'s private business. Of course I assume they use the picture to pay the debt. But who knows. Grounded on the 23rd Floor was a really good episode. Ilsa was funny in this episode as them all. I\'m trying to get 100 words. 5 more. This was a good episode.
  • good.funny.

    this episode is about middle on my season one favourite's not the worst of season not the best.above's cleverly plotted with the whole star wedding kiss picture thing but think that it could have had more in the episode like something else to happen like maybe them getting stuck in the airvent or something like that what they could have made a to be continued episode out's definetly one of the funnier ones favourite part was when cody was pretending to be zac in the bathroom and he was talking to himself i mean literally who wouldn't love doing that?!anyway this episode is all up pretty cool.
  • Yeah, this episode was definitely the pilot episode because Zack and Cody's hair is extremely short and it is this was in ONLY this episode. In the other episodes, their hair is short, but not very short like in this episode. It is a very funny episode!

    I love this episode! It's so cute and their hair is so short! They're so cute in it! I love all the parts where they were in the bathroom, it was so funny! I think that Disney Channel should air a lot more season one episodes than they do now because they replay the season two episodes WAY too much. It's better for the reviewers when they don't get tired out of The Suite Life, but I still like the season two episodes, I would just like to see more of the season one episodes...we can see how much the characters have grown, especially Dylan and Cole Sprouse.
  • Wow, this is like the best pilot episode of all pilot episodes!

    This is the pilot episode. Yes, I know "Hotel Hangout" aired first, but that's the way Disney is. They delay episodes. For example, Phil of the Future, the "Future Tutor" episode was the pilot episode, but they aired "Your Cheatin' Heart" first. But it's so easy to find out this was the pilot episode because it was Zack and Cody's first babysitter(Maddie)and Zack's first crush(Maddie).
  • Not a bad episode, it was pretty good!

    This was a pretty good episode! Zack and Cody try to take a picture of a couple that are getting married when they are about to kiss. The kiss picture is worth 20,000 dollars and they want to repay their mom because they think they are going broke. They devise a plan to get into the wedding and take the picture but when London can't even get in, how will the twins manage to get in?? Eventually, they get the picture taken and they give it to their mom and they apoligize for spending a lot of their mom's money. Carey apoligizies for making the twins think they are going broke. All's well that end's well! Pretty good episode if you ask me!

  • It's weird how this is the first episode but wasn't aired first.

    I liked this episode but it's weird how this is the first episode but wasn't aired first.

    It was kind of funny but not as funny as some of the other episodes. It was also weird how Maddie's hair was way different than all the other episodes.

    I liked Cody in this episode because he was kind of the funniest.
  • Zack and Cody try to get a $20,000 picture after they spend a lot of money on room service.

    This episode was funny and the best pilot episode I've seen. I like the part when Zack falls on his head at the wedding and this was the episode I laughed the most at. I hope that you like it as much as me or maybe even like it better than me. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you about watching the pilot episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
  • Hmmm... What is so good? This episode! It is a keeper episode. A great start.

    When I watched this episode, I thought "Hey, this looks good." But some jokes were bad, and the entire episode was trying to make you laugh, because this is a pilot and was meant to impress. But it sure impressed me. This episode is a freat start to the series.
  • For the first time they failed on their first trial passing is six and you know this was the first episode and this was the most boring! It's like no adventure after all! I know you'll disagree with me but technically like what they say first will be the

    For the first time they failed on their first trial passing is six and you know this was the first episode and this was the most boring! It's like no adventure after all! I know you'll disagree with me but technically like what they say first will be the last! And last will be the first!
  • I feel sorry for the show. For me, a very mediocre start.

    This was a bad episode for me, sorry TSL fans but I just didn't like the first impression of this episode.

    I didn't find the humor and the laughing track as interesting as the sneak peek of this episode. The only funny thing in the episode was London. Without her, the episode will be a disaster for me. The acting here wasn't that great.

    Anyway, back to the story, Zack and Cody need to get the $20000 photo to pay back their mom. I was also laughing at the scenes with the air-conditioned vent and the scene when Cody was in the bathroom.

    Overall, a mediocre start, but the show is lucky I gave it a second chance.
  • This is the first pilot episode and it is good.

    This is the first pilot episode. It is way better than the second one. The get grounded on the 23rd floor just like the tittle of the episode says. A wedding is happening with some famous people and Zak and Cody heard that if someone takes a picture of the kiss it would be worth like $20,000. To get it they have to sneak in. They get caught by Mr.mosbey and then their mom grounds them. This is a great episode. You should watch it.
  • This is the pilot episode, which introduces all of the characters.

    This is the pilot episode of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. This is one of the most funny episode of the series, where you meet each one of the characters and learn a lot about their personalities. There are many laughs throughout the episode, but the story line is what really pulls the entire episode together. Another important aspect of this episode is the morals, which are to not invade people's privacy and to not be burdens.
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