The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 5

Grounded on the 23rd Floor

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 08, 2005 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Zack asks for a camera from Maddie, Cody and him dump all of the candy on the counter. But then when she hands them the camera, all of the candy is gone.

    • Goof: At the end of the episode when the twins begin their race back to their room, Cody has a slight lead on Zack, who's on his right just before they collide into the big man. In the closeup shot when they do, they seemed to have suddenly changed positions as Zack is the first to bump into him as he's in front of Cody to his left.

    • London: (To Maddie) When I become the owner of this hotel, you are so fired!!

      In a future episode, London fired Estaban and when he said, "as the bellboy or the nanny?" and London answered, "as the nanny", it implies she already had the power to fire employees, so couldn't she have fired Maddie anyway?

      London hired him as the nanny, so she can fire him from that, and she can have her dad or Moseby fire him as the bellboy.

    • When London tries to lower Zack from the vent into the ballroom, you can clearly see he falls onto a black mat.

    • This is the only episode where Maddie wears a green and gold uniform instead of the blue one.

    • The floor in the Martin's suite is all carpet, but the rest of the episodes have tiles.

    • When London and Zack are finished crawling through the vent, London opens the door thing. Instead of London's magenta sleeve, Maddie's pink sleeve is there instead.

    • When Maddie, Zack, and Cody are crawling in the air vent to get back to the hotel room and they see Mr. Moseby, he is in the same vent London was in when she was crawling to get to the wedding. And you also see that Maddie, Zack, and Cody, are in the vent, going the same way they were when going to the wedding. Wouldn't they be going the other way in the vent?

    • When Maddie and Cody or Zack and London were sneaking through the vent, they were barely able to move with 2 people but then after that when they were sneaking back, 3 people(Cody, Maddie, Zack)were able to fit.

    • When Carey opens the door and the boys tell Mr. Moseby good morning, Zack is on the right, then they show them again and he is on the left.

    • When Zack and Cody are being punished for ordering games, room service, etc. there are scenes where they are wearing a backpack. It shows the backpack then its gone and it appears again.

    • When Cody opens the bathroom door his arm is on the inside the door but when the camera goes to Maddie then goes back to him his hand is outside the door.

    • When London and Zack are crawling in the vent she is on the right((our left))but when they open the vent she is on the left((our right)).

  • Quotes

    • Maddie: OK, I've only babysat you guys for 20 minutes, what do you do now? Rob a casino?
      Zack: Don't have to. We hit the jackpot tonight.
      Mr. Moseby: Busted!
      (Cody, Maddie, and Zack scream real loudly)

    • Zack: Come on J. Lo, move your butt.

    • Carey: Come on guys, this is the best gig we'll ever have, without it, we're broke, with it we're broke. Don't you guys realize what a great opportunity is here for us? We don't have to go out on the road any more, we can all be together.
      Cody: Yeah, I like it better here than at grandma's.
      Zack: Yeah, last time, she dropped her false teeth into my chocolate milk.

    • Carey: I'm sorry, I didn't. I mean they were…
      Mr. Moseby: You know I understand, children sometimes can be a burden.
      Carey: You have kids?
      Mr. Moseby: No...and after seeing yours, not gonna happen.

    • Mr. Moseby: Actually I'm here to discuss your bill.
      Carey: What bill? Room and food are the part of my deal.
      Mr. Moseby: Yes, only you have receipt in your first month allowance.
      Carey: (couldn't breathe when seeing the receipt)
      Cody: Breathe, breathe mom, breathe.
      Carey: Oh my… Mr. Moseby, you can't be serious.
      Mr. Moseby: I am powerless to be otherwise.
      Carey: I don't' know how this happened.

    • Zack: Look out, look out, I can't stop.
      Mr. Moseby: What is going on, if it's not one thing it's …Mama!(a big guy falls on him)
      Carey: Mr. Moseby, are you OK?
      Mr. Moseby: Here in the Tipton it is the guest that matters, not the manager.
      Carey: Look what you guys did? You broke Mr. Moseby. You are so grounded.
      Zack: When you said grounded, does that include the pool, the gym …
      Carey: (interrupts) Our room, on the 23rd floor. Mr. Moseby, I'm sorry, you won't see them down here for a long long time, till they go to college.
      Mr. Moseby: Or prison.

    • Maddie: Hi, Chuck! (Maddie knocks a bunch of candy bars off of the candy counter.)

    • Cody: (Through radio) Bird dog to Maddog, I have located the mezzanine vent. I hope this one works.
      Zack: (Through radio)Good, Bird dog, 'cause Maddog needs to find a fire hydrant fast.

    • Cody: (Via radio after seeing golf ball get to the right vent location) Bingo! We found it Bird dog.
      Moseby: And what have we found?
      Cody: two way?
      Zack: (Via radio to Cody) Get out of there before Lard Butt Moseby sees you.
      Moseby: Can I just...(Takes radio from Cody) Bird dog, this is Lard Butt. You do anything to disrupt this wedding, and it will be the last song your mother ever sings at the Tipton. Over and you're almost out!

    • Waiter: Somebody ordered the "I'm sorry for what I did last night" buffet.
      Carey: Eggs benedict with caviar?!
      Zack: Must be a mistake. We ordered toast and a raisin.

    • Carey: Anything you want you've got it.
      Cody: Get us into the wedding.
      Carey: Except that.

    • Waiter: Oh! My mistake, this was for the other mommy with twins on the twenty-third floor.

    • Zack: I'm gonna take my bath now.
      Cody: And I'm gonna brush my teeth, to prevent dental decay and...(Zack yanks him into the bathroom and closes the door. Then Cody turns on the bathtub faucet) I have one question about this. What if we get caught? Moseby will fire Mom.
      Zack: (Rips off regular clothes to reveal the mini tuxedo he's wearing underneath) Who cares? With 20 grand, we could buy the hotel and then fire Moseby.
      Cody: Good point.
      Zack: Now I need exactly 35 minutes. Get there, get the picture of the kiss, and get back.
      Cody: Right. You wanna synchronize watches.
      Zack: I don't have a watch.
      Cody: Then we won't do that.

    • Zack: (Zack rollerskates out of an elevator) Gangway. Coming through. Watch out!
      Carey: Zack, what are you doing?
      Zack: Winning.
      Cody: (Cody rollerskates out of an elevator) Excuse me. Hi, mom.
      Carey: Cody! Stop. Right now. I hope you don't mind. I have kids. (Turns around to find the guy she was talking to is gone) Hello?

    • Carey: You had your underwear dry-cleaned?
      Zack: Feels good!

    • Maddie: Okay, I've only babysat you guys for 30 minutes, what do you do now? Rob a casino?
      Zack: Don't have to, we hit the jackpot tonight.

    • Maddie: We're too late.
      Cody: Yes!
      (Maddie gives him a look)
      Cody: I mean, darn!

    • Carey: Mr. Moseby! What a surprise!
      Zack & Cody: (In unison) Good morning, Mr. Moseby!
      Carey: What brings you up so early?
      Mr. Moseby: Couldn't sleep. (Looks at twins) Nightmares!

    • Zack: (To Carey) So what you're really saying is that this is all your fault and we're not punished?

    • Zack and Cody: (Singing) We're Rich! We're Rich! We're Rich! We're R...
      Chuck: Not Quite! Not Quite! No one is getting into that wedding without a printed invitation.
      London: Except for me. Little me, back from, Paris.
      Hello, Maddie
      Maddie: Hi, London.
      London: And look, while I was in Europe, you got promoted to candy girl. Brava!
      Zack: How are you gonna get in?
      London: My daddy owns the hotel, duh!
      (Zack and Cody get excited)
      Zack: Can you get us in?
      London: Of course...
      (Zack and Cody get more excited)
      London: But I'm not going to, DUH! I fly solo.
      Maddie: Oh, like the time you let yourself in the rockstar's room with the master key.
      London: Johnny Ripp thought that was endearing. He even wrote me.
      Maddie: That was a restraining order.

    • Maddie: I completely reorganized the candy display. Now tell me, what draws your eye?
      Zack: You do, sweet thang!
      Maddie: Please. Some of this candy is older than you.

    • (When London and Zack are in the air vent)
      London: Man, it stinks in here.
      Zack: Sorry.

    • London: When I inherit this hotel, you are so fired!
      Maddie: Please! You'll be too busy getting facelifts!

    • Maddie: No, dramadary is not a play about milk.

    • Carey: For once, would it just kill you to behave?
      (Zack & Cody grab throats and fall over pretending to die)

    • Zack: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
      Cody: Yeah! What are you thinking?
      Zack: We can get a picture of the kiss and we'll be rich!
      Cody: And we could pay mom back.
      Zack: And we'll be rich!
      Cody: And we won't be burdens anymore.
      Zack: And we'll be rich!
      Cody: And whatever's left, we can give to charity!
      Zack: I swear, we're not related!

    • Maddie: I just wanted to make a little money so a could buy myself a few nice things, because some of us have to work and don't get sent to Paris as a punishment for breaking into Johnny Ripp's dressing room. Man it stinks in here!
      Cody: Sorry.

    • Zack: Cool, I just found five dollars in my pocket.
      Cody: Those are my pants!

    • Zack: (About Maddie) Baby's got it going on! (Making shape of hour glass "body" with his hands)
      Carey: She's got what going where?
      Zack: I don't know what I am saying.

    • Maddie: I thought Zack was taking the bath.
      Cody: Yeah, but he splashed me--NOT NICE Zack!
      Maddie: Let me talk to Zack.
      Cody: OK, you're the babysitter. (Cody goes into the bathroom.) She wants to talk to you Zack. (Takes off sweatshirt and changes voice) OK, Cody. HERE I COME MADDIE! (Maddie makes look as he opens door) Yes? Can you make this fast? There's a draft.
      Maddie: Oh, is that right? Then I'll just talk to Cody.
      Cody: (Pretending to be Zack) You women and your moods! (Maddie gives a shocked look as he shuts the door) She wants to talk to you, Cody. (Changes voice again) OK, Zack. Thank you, Cody. You're welcome, Zack.(Opens door) Cody here.
      Maddie: Your sweatshirt's on backwards. (Puts hood over his face)
      Cody: What's your point?
      Maddie: (Opens the door and slightly slips on floor) Where is he?
      Cody: I'll never rat him out! Not in a million years! Not in a billion years...(Maddie pinches his ear) He's in the air conditioning vent on the way to the wedding to get the picture of the $20,000 kiss. (Maddie tugs on ear dragging him along with her) OWW! OWW! OWW.....

    • Carey: We may live in a palace, but we are not royalty.
      Zack: I think you're a queen Mommy.
      Carey: Aww.. put a sock in it.

    • Zack: See it's right there.
      Cody: I don't see any.
      Zack: It's there. You can totally feel it.
      (Cody pulls at Zack's armpit)
      Zack: Ow! You pulled the skin!
      Cody: That's because there's no hair there...(Cody sniffs his hand)...and apparently no deodorant.
      (Carey comes in)
      Zack and Cody: Mom!
      Carey: Aw, how cute. My boys are turning into little men and checking for armpit hair.
      Zack: You should really knock.
      Cody: Yeah, we don't walk in on you.
      Carey: Actually, you do, and you bring friends.

    • Maddie: (Surprised) Tuck! (Drops candy she is holding)
      (Zack and Cody crawl and begin to pick them up)
      Zack: What does he have that I don't have?
      Cody: Armpit hair.

    • Cody: Roger. I'm sending down the probe.
      Zack: You mean the golf ball?
      Cody: Yes, the golf ball!

    • (After Maddie finds out Zack and Cody's plan to take the celebrity photo)
      Zack: (Talking about Maddie) What is she doing here?!
      Maddie: Saving your butt before I kick it.
      Zack: Is that a threat or a promise?

  • Notes

    • This episode was intended to be the pilot of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. There several details that differ from other episodes, as being a layout for the series:

      *It's explained descriptively that Zack and Cody live in the hotel because their mom works there as a singer.

      *The Martin's suite has a carpeted floor, instead of a tiled. The furniture is different too.

      *Maddie and London act as if they have only known each other for a short time now.

      *When London comes back from Paris, she remarks on how since she had been away, Maddie had been promoted to being the hotel's candy counter girl, meaning Maddie had just started the job.

      *Maddie wears a different uniform, which includes a green vest. Maddie also has darker hair.

      *The vase in the lobby always being saved from falling is emphasized as a series running gag.

    • The German episode title is "Hausarrest im 23. Stock", meaning "House Arrest In The 23rd Floor".

    • We learn that Zack doesn't have a watch.

    • It's obvious that Dylan has freckles in this episode. Cole does too.

    • The episode, "Grounded on the 23rd Floor," was the first episode actually filmed, and is the only episode in which the Sprouse Twins are 11. The rest of Season 1 they're 12, and in Season 2 they're 13.

    • Zack and Cody don't complain that much when they got grounded the second time.

    • First time we see Zack and Cody get grounded.

    • A couple of quotes from this episode were cut, here's one of them from the original taping:

      Carey: Whatever you want, you got it.
      Zack: Get us into the wedding.
      Carey: Except that, you're grounded remember?
      Zack: You meant that?
      Carey: Plus you guys have homework and there is vocabulary test on Monday.
      Cody: We're ready!
      Carey: Okay, what's ethereal?
      Cody: What I had for breakfast?
      Carey: I'm doing the right thing.

    • When Carey sings, it's totally different than how she sings in "Maddie Checks In" and other episodes.

    • The theme song music at the beginning is different in this episode. It's fancy music, instead of fast-paced music.

    • First episode in which the audience says "Ooohh!" when they like someones outfit. It was Carey in this episode.

    • London's best friend's name is Portia Tenebaum.

    • Maddie's hair is brown and longer in this episode.

    • Kim Rhodes is best known for her portrayal of Cindy Harrison on the soap opera Another World a role she played from 1996-1999.

    • This episode was filmed on February 14th, 2004, along with another Disney Channel pilot called Triple Play (about triplets!) which unfortunately didn't make it to Disney.

    • In this episode, we are actually told what floor the twins live in to where in other episodes we are only shown by the elevator numbers going up/down.

  • Allusions

    • The title is a play on Laughter on the 23rd Floor, a play by Neil Simon. However, there don't seem to be similarities in the plots.

    • Johnny Ripp is a play on Johnny Depp.

    • If you look closely on the back of the walkie talkies, there are gold printed Mickey Mouse logos on them, which mean that they are a Disney product.

    • This episode refers to the center fielder of the Boston Red Sox, although he is not the real center fielder in this episode.