The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 18

Have A Nice Trip

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 07, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

A hotel guest trips on Zack's skateboard in the lobby. But when the boys find out that's he's lying in order to get free service, they come up with a plan in order to set things straight.

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  • Below average

    A guest trips over Zack's skateboard and injures himself. So the entire Tipton staff bends over to help him out. But Zack and Cody later find out the guy's a faker. It was a poor quality episode. I also noticed London wasn't in it. Releasing the bee to expose the man as a faker was lame. Also, it was pretty obvious at the beginning when he tripped that he was a faker. I didn't like this one.moreless
  • Why such hate? I love it

    I still have no idea why people don't like this episode. It was funny. It was a Disney original plot filled with great moments. Sure, Holly was evil...BUT TO HATE THE EPISODE!?! I love it. Harry was funny too, especially his coning techniques.
  • poor

    zack and cody discover a new guest named harry is a conman, who tricks everyone and gets free service. worse yet, he has taught his daughter his ways. worser yet, mr. moseby does not believe the boys. will they be able to come up with a plan to prove they are right?

    it was not that good. it was kind of bad in some areas. i don't hate it as much as others but i did feel it was generally a bad, weak episode with nothing really that great, maybe a laugh or two, so it gets a low D from memoreless
  • This is one of my least favorite episodes of the series. There aren't too many good things that I can say about this episode.

    Zack leaves his skateboard laying around and a guy falls on it and hurts himself. Because of this Moseby does everything he can to keep the guy from sueing them. He gives him a free room and free food and everything that he wants. In the end it turns out that the guy is faking his injuries and him and his daughter are con artists. Really, there aren't alot of good things that I can say about this episode and I thought that it was strange that London wasn't even in this episode and there was no explanation for this. This episode was one of my least favorites of the series.moreless
  • This is the worst Zack and Cody

    I really hate how the girl is evil. And, the dad lies. Boy I would show cops the clip of this episode and they would get sent to jail! Cody's torchered in this episode like in Drake and Josh where Josh is torchered. And, I can't belive Disney shows this episode all the time. Worst episode ever... Hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it. Plus, Cody codename, Thumb sucker. Now, these had to be diffrent writers because there are way better writers than this. Sigh... I hate this episode... Thus the end of another bad review. Peace out, brother. Bye.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • After Zack and Cody discover that Holly and Harry are con artists, Cody says, "I don't believe it" and Zack replies, "I know, his back is totally fine!" Cody then says, 'Not that, I brought about a dozen boxes of those stupid (whatever they were)."

      From their character points of view, it should've been Zack who said Cody's final line, because he is the dumber of the two.

    • A part of this episode in the opening credits (of Season 3): when the bee lands on Cody's nose.

    • The phone they use doesn't have a camera.

    • One would think that when Harry first injured his back, he would have been taken to the doctors, where it would have proved that he was faking it.

    • After the Swedish bikini convention you see that Cole (Cody) and Dylan (Zack) are wearing totally different clothes in the next scene, where they first enter the room IN THE SAME DAY. You cannot change clothes without going into the hotel room first.

    • We can tell that Cole Sprouse (Cody) is fake crying when the Bee stings him.

    • The bee that stings Cody is a fake bee.

    • When Cody says, "Man, have we gotten bigger or have these vents gotten smaller?" and Zack says "I don't know, but I suggest you get your knee out of my kidney or we're all gonna be sorry," the lines should have been switched because we know that Cody is smarter than Zack.

    • In the beginning of this episode, Zack says that their mom bought their skateboards at a garage sale for a quarter, but in the episode "Kept Man", Cody says that their mom got their skateboards for free at Cheap Charlie's when she bought the mayonnaise that was on sale.

    • When Cody damaged his arm and had that bandage on his head, wouldn't he need his mother to go with him to the doctor? Cause when Carey came in the suite and saw him she said, "Cody what happened to you?" So that means that she didn't go with him to the doctor, because she didn't know what happened to him.

    • When all of the guest were running down the hall and Cody was on the ground you could see that no one touched Cody! So how did he damage his arm and a get a bandage on his head? Actually, you could see a few people touching Cody.

    • Wouldn't Mr. Moseby be kinda mad that Maddie gave away all the candy for free, even if Holly did win the game?

    • The hot rocks that Maddie and Carey seem to disappear, as when Harry gets up the rocks fall onto the bed. However, when Esteban arrives and Mr. Moseby tells him he can take a break, Esteban jumps onto the bed and chills. So, either Esteban was so wiped he completely didn't notice he was laying on hot rocks or they just disappeared.

    • When Harry swats the bee into the vent, and it goes on Cody's nose, one would think he would have seen Cody because most would follow the bee to where it went, to avoid being attacked again.

    • When all the guests were running in the hall, Cody wasn't screaming in pain while on the floor. The next time you see him, his head is bandaged and his arm in a sling.

    • When Holly said" We could play again and you could win it all back". Maddie said " I Don't have any more candy". She should have said "Sure to win all the candy back".

    • During Holly and Maddie's first card game, after Holly has mixed the cards up, Maddie says the red card is the one on the right and gets it correct. However, according to what we saw, the red card should still have been the one on the left.

    • When Harry steps on Zack's skateboard, it is horizontally facing him, meaning that if he stepped on it in real life, he would not trip, he would just step over it.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Zack: Let's call it, Tutoring.
      Cody: Or we can call it, Disobeying mom.

    • Mr. Moseby: Oh. Sir, are you all right? (to Zack) What happened?
      Zack: Why do you always look at me?
      Mr. Moseby: Force of habit. What was it, the rascally elves?

    • Zack: All right, you ready, Red Schnoz?
      Cody: I'm ready, Soon-to-Be Fat Lip.

    • Maddie: (to Zack) Operation: Smoke Out the Rat is go. Cranky Pants is on his way up. Over.
      Zack: Copy that, Candy Girl. Better-Looking Twin out.
      Cody: You know, next time, I'm picking the names.
      Zack: Copy that, Thumb Sucker.

    • Zack: It's time for Operation: Smoke Out the Rat. Are you guys in?
      Cody: I'm in.
      Maddie: Me, too. So what exactly is Operation: Smoke Out the Rat?
      Zack: Beats me. I just come up with the names.

    • Cody: That guy Harry is faking his injury. We saw him dancing in the vent.
      Mr. Moseby: Why was Harry dancing in the vent?
      Cody: He wasn't in the vent. We were in the vent.
      Mr. Moseby: You were dancing in the vent?
      Zack: No, we were spying in the vent!
      Mr. Moseby: So who was dancing?
      Cody: Harry!
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, Harry can't dance! His back is injured!

    • (in the air vents)
      Cody: Man, have we gotten bigger or have these vents gotten smaller?
      Zack: I don't know, but I suggest you get your knee out of my kidney or we're all gonna be sorry.

    • Cody: ...and that's how our shoes got glued to the floor.
      Zack: No wonder you never lie. You stink at it!

    • Zack: I'm telling you, Holly and her dad are up to something. I did not just leave my skateboard lying around. (trips over his rollerskates) My rollerskate. Completely unrelated.

    • Esteban: I had to go all the way to Delaware, but I FINALLY found that pillow you requested!

    • Zack: (about Holly, to Cody) I'm telling you, that little girl is evil. I bet her head spins around.

    • Zack: She's 42 inches of pure evil.

    • Cody: Where would she have learned to con people like that?
      Zack: I'm thinking she was home schooled.

    • Holly: I wish I could play, but I don't have any money.
      Cody: Oh, that's okay, little girl. I'll lend you some money and teach you how to play, too.
      Zack: Please, who's gonna teach you?

    • Zack: Mr. Moseby! We have something to tell you!
      Mr. Moseby: Unless it concerns your enrollment in military school, not interested!

    • Harry: Great job, pumpkin! You're a chip off the old block!

    • Zack: Look, I'm telling you, Mr. Moseby, I did not leave my skateboard there. Do you think I'd forget where I left my own skateboard? (trips over his skateboard) Whoa!
      Mr. Moseby: Found it.

    • Esteban: When will the cookies be here?
      Holly: Three weeks...(Closes door)...from never!

    • Mr. Moseby: Are you sure there's nothing I can do for you?
      Harry: Well, now that you mention it, I'd love a room with a view.
      Mr. Moseby: Done.
      Harry: Ow! I can't make it.
      Mr. Moseby: The room will be free.
      Harry: Now I can make it.

    • Moseby: Did I mention that Esteban is available to you 24/7?
      Esteban: Oh, that's right, I am all yours sir, 24 minutes out of the next seven hours!
      Carey: Yeah you know, that's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
      Esteban: Ay ay ay that's a lot.

    • Holly: Thanks Zack! You're my best friend in the whole world! And don't forget, you owe me 40 bucks.

    • Harry: I'm Harry.
      Carey: I'm Carey.
      Holly: I'm Holly. Sorry to blow the whole rhyme thing.

    • Holly: Hi Zack! Hi kid who looks like Zack!
      Cody: Actually, I prefer Cody.

    • Zack: I'm sure I left my skateboard here somewhere.
      Carey: You guys really need to start keeping better track of your things. I spent good money on your toys.
      Cody: You got our skateboards at a garage sale.
      Zack: For a quarter.
      Carey: Which was a quarter too much, considering you lost it.
      Zack: I didn't lose anything... I think.

    • Maddie: What are you doing?
      Cody: Looking for Zack's skateboard.
      Holly: Daddy, look out!
      (Harry trips on Zack's skateboard)
      Maddie: (Pointing at Harry) Found it!

  • NOTES (28)


    • After Cody's nose gets stung by a bee and turns red, Mr. Moseby refers to him as "Rudolph." This is an allusion to the popular 1949 Christmas song, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

    • Zack: I'm telling you, that girl is evil. I bet her head spins around.

      This is probably a reference to The Exorcist.

    • The original title, Paper Moon, was also the title of a 1973 movie about a father-daughter relationship in which the father was a bible selling con man. Of course, similar to the plot of this episode. It stars real father and daughter Ryan and Tatum O'Neal. Appropriately, in this episode, Harry and Holly's last name is O'Neal.

    • The title is one-half of the phrase, "Have a Nice Trip, See You Next Fall".