The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 34

Health & Fitness

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 16, 2007 on Disney Channel
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When the Tipton holds Health and Fitness week, everyone begins to examine their eating habits. Cody helps Chef Paolo in an attempt to lower his cholesterol, while Carey begins to limit Zack's sugar intake. Meanwhile, London and Maddie participate in a charity fashion show where they are both criticized about their looks, each taking drastic measures to change. Maddie goes out to eat a lot of food and burps it up really loud.


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  • Health matters

    Zack and Chef Paolo must learn to eat healthier, and London needs to lose weght, and Maddie needs to gain weight. It was funny. Both girls looked alright, as Moseby said. They didn't need to try and change who they were. A good moral taught.
  • LOVE IT!

    Great episode. Both plots were great. Zack is forced to give up all junk food and must swap to a recommended diet which includes no chocolate or sweets. London and Maddie take part in a beauty contest, but Porscha makes fun of both of them and so they try to "regain" their figure.

    Hilarious episode. We finally see more of Chef Paolo as well as London's weird friend, Porscha. Both plots were interesting and served the episode well.

    Many funny moments!moreless
  • health and fitness

    carey makes zack diet because she does not want her son having weight problems as an adult.

    cody attempts to help chef paolo manage his weight.

    london and maddie are criticized about their weights, maddie being "too skinny", and london being "fat." So they try to lose, and gain, weight.

    good episode, i can relate because i too have some weight issues, nothing too bad though, and i thought the overall episode had a good plot, and had some funny lines, and so because of all this, the episode gets what i think is a well deserved A+, truly a great episodemoreless
  • This is another episode that I would call average. It was o.k. but I've seen better.

    Cody tries to help the Tiptons chef learn to eat healthy, Carey tries to help Zack learn to eat healty, Maddie is trying to gain weight, and London is trying to lose weight. Some of the scenes are hilarious. Like when the chef and London try getting their hands on a cake and Cody tries to stop them and he ends up with his face smashed into the cake. Or when Carey and Cody catch the chef, Zack, Maddie, and London raiding the kitchen and the chef sticks his head in a tub of ice cream to hide from them. The episode was funny but not the best. I've seen better but I've also seen worse. This was an average episode. Not bad but not great.moreless
  • funny...

    Sugar cravings! Zack goes crazy and wants sugar while Cody tries to help the chef loose weight. Meanwhile, Maddie and London are either trying to loose weight or gain weight. The idea of this episode was actually funny. I like the idea of the Suite Life playing on the idea of weight and sugar. It's a big issue right now and this episode teaches us to be happy with how we look, but to also be healthy. The thing I didn't like about this episode was when Zack was running around hiding and eating sugar. It was a bit too stupid and ridiculous, in my opinion. Overall, one of the better Suite Life episodes. Oh, I thought the whole thing between Maddie and London was halarious.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Despite London always talking about her best friend Portia Tanenbaum, this is the only instance where we get to see her. She mentioned Portia in "Grounded on the 23rd Floor" and a few episodes since then.

    • It's a violation to be in the kitchen without a chef's hat, but we see in this episode that Chef Paulo is in there without his hat, and Cody who is always hanging out at the hotel kitchen never has a hat on, though he is cooking along with Paulo.

    • A part of this episode was in the opening credits (of Season 3): when Maddie is in the kitchen and places her hand on her hip.

    • When Cody tells Maddie that her hip is bigger and Maddie tells him it is her bus pass that would make no sense, because a bus pass is like a card and would not make her hip appear bigger.

    • After Cody runs around the kitchen and holds up the strainer, the leftover cake on his face disappears. But in the next shot it is back on his nose.

    • It's never revealed where would Carey be sleeping if Chef Paolo was sleeping on the pull-out couch. Usually that would be where Carey would sleep, but you can tell Chef Paolo was on it alone.

    • Zack and Cody wear yet ANOTHER different robe in this episode.

    • This is the second episode where the pull out couch folds up on people. The first time was in "Nurse Zack".

    • Carey: ....Oh that sounds expensive, I better go cut some coupons.

      This is the second time that it is mentioned that Carey uses coupons. The first time was in "Club Twin".

    • This is the second time Cole (Cody) has had cake in his face. The first time was in the previous episode Free Tippy (though in that episode, he dunked his face into the cake on purpose. For this episode, it was an accident).

    • If this were to happen in real life, Maddie and London most likely would have gotten eating disorders.

    • Maddie doesn't appear in this episode without a headband.

  • QUOTES (25)

    • London: I guess Moseby was right after all
      Mr Moseby: (casually walks past saying) He always is!

    • Maddie (burps very loudly): Brrrggghhh.

    • Carey: This cannot go well.

    • Maddie & London: We are poised and energetic and lets get ready to wow the judges!

    • Carey: What happened to you guys you used to be so energetic about this Fashion Show!

    • London: I'm so hungry that I'm dizzy...and I keep smelling hamburgers.
      Maddie: That's me. I'm sweating beef juice.

    • Cody: (Chef Paolo tries to eat the soup) Ah-!(Cody tries the soup instead) Very good!
      Chef Paolo: You sure there's enough butter? Enough cream? I love cream...
      Cody: (Snaps) Snap out of it big guy! I do think it could use a little more parmesan.
      Chef Paolo: You go get it. I don't trust myself alone with the cheese.
      Cody: (Goes and gets the cheese and grater.) What happened to the soup?! (Lifts the pot upside down to see that it is totally empty)
      Chef Paolo: I reduced it...?
      Cody: We're trying to reduce you.

    • London: Francesca, remember that we only criticize people that we pay.
      Francesca: (To London) Alright...your butt is huge. (To Maddie) And, you have chicken legs. (Hands both of them money)
      Francesca: That was the best 50 bucks I ever spent. (Walks away)

    • Carey: I don't know why you're making such a big deal out of this. Lots of kids love eating fruits and vegetables. Why can't you be more like them?
      Zack: I thought you didn't want me to give in to peer pressure.
      Carey: Honey, you have a problem.
      Zack: I do not!
      Carey: I found licorice in your underwear drawer!

    • London: Francesca, could you please stop insulting Maddie? Her life is pathetic enough without you. (Looks at Maddie) Don't say I never defend you.
      Maddie: Can I say you never defend me well?

    • Maddie: Ooh, what do you think of this one? (Holds up a dress)
      Francesca: Oh, it's hideous.
      Carey: I think it's gorgeous.
      Francesca: Thank you, but we really don't need an opinion from the help.
      Carey: I'm not help.
      Francesca: You're telling me. I ordered a mocha frappe 10 minutes ago, and nothing.
      Carey: Oh, I'll give you a frappe!
      London: Okay. Look, Frappe-chesca.

    • Cody: You know, this health questionnaire is really interesting. I'd like to show you, but you might eat it.
      Zack: Not unless it's made of chocolate.

    • Chef Paolo: Hey Zack, have you ever dipped chocolate in gravy? Zack: No... Chef Paolo: Well, you won't be able to say that anymore.

    • Zack: Cake is dessert, pie is dessert, ice cream is dessert. Fruit salad is not dessert, it's not even a salad! What the heck is it!?

    • Cody: (With chocolate sauce all over his face) You two should be ashamed of yourselves!
      Chef Paolo: Cody is right...
      London: Yeah...
      Chef Paolo: (Whispering) Psst, there's still some chocolate left on his face.
      London: Let's lick it off!

    • Maddie: Am I starting to get that full figure look?
      Cody: Well, your right hip looks little bigger.
      Maddie: Ooh (feels her hip) ... Oh, wait that's my bus pass.

    • Cody: Chef Paolo, what's wrong?
      Chef Paolo: It's my blood test, it did not turn out so good!
      Zack: Come on Chef, how bad can your blood be?
      Chef Paolo: They found bacon bits!

    • Carey: Zack do you realize that kids who eat to much sugar increase their risk of getting diabetes?
      Zack: So we'll compromise. I won't put sugar on my cake anymore!

    • London: Come by the ballroom later to pick up the outfits you wanna wear. Get there early because Francesca Grubman will be there!
      Maddie: I thought you couldn't stand her.
      London: (With an angry tone) I can't; she's a horrible person, she's nasty, catty, and rude!
      Maddie: Then why did you invite her?
      London: (With a happy tone) Because she's one of my best friends!

    • London: I'm hosting a junior fashion show at The Tipton to go along with the health and fitness week. We're raising money to get kids free infections!
      Maddie: You mean injections?
      London: Details...

    • Mr. Moseby: I laugh at that needle..! Hah!
      Zack: Well here's your chance. It's right there. (The nurse taps the needle and Mr. Moseby faints)

    • Zack: What's going on?
      Maddie: Cholesterol test...
      Cody: Probably the only test Zack could pass...

    • Zack: (to Cody) I'm pretty sure you're not my mother!

    • Carey: We're changing your diet!
      Zack: What are you, my mother?!

    • London: Hi, Maddie! What are you doing?
      Maddie: Actually I...
      London: Don't care!

  • NOTES (12)


    • When Zack and Chef Paolo sneak into the kitchen in the middle of the night it is reminiscent of John Belushi, as Bluto Blutarski, sneaking in the middle of the night into the Dean's office in "National Lampoon's Animal House".

    • Paolo: It calls to me like a Siren's song.

      This is an allusion to the Greek Mythology book: The Odyssey, where the Sirens sing their songs to lure men to their watery graves.

    • Moseby: Ha! I laugh at that needle!

      This may be an allusion to The Lion King, when Simba says, "I laugh in the face of danger!"

    • Title: Health and Fitness

      There is a magazine that has the same name as this episode.