The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 4

Heck's Kitchen

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Feb 24, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

A food critic is coming to the Tipton Hotel. Cody ends up having to fulfill the duties of being head chef, after the Tipton's regular chef suddenly quits.

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  • Too fantasy

    A famous critic is coming to the Tipton to try the food. Moseby shows the twins the possibilities of his appearance and they conclude on which picture is really him. But when London criticizes Chef Paolo's food, he quits. So the whole gorup has to replace him. This was fantasy. It takes years of talent and hard work to make the food Cody cooks in this episode. How can he make a 5-star dish for a famous critic?moreless
  • Still great!

    I loved this episode. It was extremely funny seeing the backup crew for Cody! Yes, some say its unrealistic, but who said Cody was as good as Chef Paolo. Besides, its not like the idea of Cody being able to cook just suddenly flew in, it was already there in "Cooking for Romeo and Juliet" when he baked Cookies.

    Anyways, this episode remained great and was nearly as good as the first three episodes of the season. Great acting, great comedy and the right characters were in this episode!moreless
  • Heck's Kitchen was a very good and very funny episode. The chef at the Tipton quits right at the time that a food critic is coming to the Tipton. Moseby panics and hires Cody to take over as the Tiptons chef to cook for the critic.moreless

    After London gets the Tiptons chef angry and makes him quit, Moseby finds out that a food critic is coming to the Tipton. He sees how well Cody can cook so he hires him to cook for the critic. They think that the critic is a big guy dressed as a cowboy. They do everything to try to impress him and everything goes wrong. The staff left with the chef so the new kitchen staff is Zack, Maddie, London, Carey, and Moseby. Cody bosses them around too much and they are about to quit. The whole thing is a total disaster and then it turns out that the cowboy wasn't even the critic. The real critic was some guy who turned out to be a woman desguised as a guy. This was a very good and very funny episode and it is one of my favorites.moreless
  • Oh so... delisios!

    This episode had food and trouble writtin ALL over it! I mean it! Cody likes Chef Palo (sorry if I didn't spell it right) but he quits due to the fact there's the best food critic in Boston. Everyone goed bonkers trying to help the order of it all.

    The characters act like themselves, but in a wacky way. The storyline, is not the best, but I've seen worst. And the humor is just... amazing! But, this would have a ten if it wasen't for:

    1. The storyline, which could have tweeked a little better.

    2. How no one found out the food critic was actually a girl, disguesed as a man.

    But, overally, this episode has about a b. It's awsome in a way, and so funny in a way.moreless
  • unrealistic...

    A kid making a five star dish for a food critic? That is ridiculous. It takes years of work and talent to be able to create the dishes that Cody was making in this episode. No matter how talented he is, there is no way he could do it, especially when they have never shown Cody cooking in the show before. The story in this episode wasn't very interesting. The head chef quit and Cody took his place. Cody bossed everyone around to try to get the food donw right. The critic gave them a second chance. Overall, not a very goot episode.moreless
Jim Jansen

Jim Jansen


Guest Star

Jerry Kernion

Jerry Kernion

Chef Paolo

Guest Star

Curtis Taylor

Curtis Taylor


Guest Star

Patrick Bristow

Patrick Bristow


Recurring Role

Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle


Recurring Role

Adam Tait

Adam Tait

Sous Chef

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • Neither Chef Paolo or Cody (who covers for Paolo after he quits) are seen feeding the restaurant customers other than the critic, however, the place is packed and people everywhere are seen eating.

    • Ivana's treats are called "Le Chien Yum Yum" but London said "Ne" instead of "Le".

    • A part of this episode is in the opening credits (of Season Three): where Maddie is at the Kitchen door (right after knocking down Gary).

    • The kitchen scenes are copied almost entirely from the 3 Stooges 2-reel short "In the Sweet Pie and Pie".

    • Patrick races into the kitchen in a panic because the "critic" has ordered seafood instead of the chicken that Cody's cooking. Patrick grabs Moseby's apron and screams "What should I do? What should I do?" into his face. Moseby turns to Cody in a panic, grabs his apron, and screams "What should he do? What should he do?" into his face, and just as they cut away from the close-up you can see Cole starting to crack up.

    • Ivana's dog treat that Maddie accidentally ate is chocolate, but chocolate is poisonous to dogs.

    • This is the one and only episode so far, that hasn't started out as the outside of the Tipton Hotel.

    • If the food critic was very good at disguises, then why would he use the same disguise twice.

    • You can tell that the salad bowl was spinning by itself when it was going crazy.

    • From the first scene where they show London's dog Ivana, to the second scene at the end where they show her; you can tell that the dog does not look the same, as the dog has different markings and is bigger than the "same" dog before.

    • While Maddie and London were doing the salad toss, more salad seems to fly out of the bowl than the salad that goes into it.

    • When a delivery guy delivers something, usually, he or she would indicate who the package belongs to and what the package is. So then Maddie should have known that the bar was for London's dog.

    • When the squid sprays the ink, it sprayed it from the top of its head, but squids spray it from under their tentacles.

    • You can also tell that the squid that was on Zack was fake, too.

    • You can totally tell that the lobster on Zack was fake.

  • QUOTES (37)

    • Cody: Zack, you're in charge of stuffing the chicken of vegetables.
      Zack: What if she doesn't like them vegetables?
      Cody: She's dead.
      Zack: That'll make it easier!

    • Mr. Moseby: (pointing to cowboy) Do you know who that man is?
      Patrick: No but his belt buckle is huge!

    • Zack: This is delicious!

    • Paolo: I quit again!! Staff! (clangs tongs) We are leaving. Heel.

    • Moseby: London, apologize to Chef Paolo immediately! London: Chef Paolo, I'm sorry you can't cook.

    • Moseby: Bernard Bernaise is here and his meal must be perfect!
      (Paolo grabs Moseby's tie with his tongs)
      Paolo: Are you insinuating that all my meals are not perfect?

    • Moseby: Pssst. Patrick.
      Patrick: You "psst".

    • London: (Cutting Meat)
      You know, this is taking forever!
      Maddie: That's because your cutting with a spoon!
      London: (Holds up spoon)
      Moseby won't let me use knives.
      Moseby: (To Maddie) Don't Ask.

    • Patrick: Hello again! Or should I say Howdy! May I recommend the Chicken Paulo?
      Cowboy: Thanks! I'll have the Seafood Medley.

    • Patrick: (to Moseby) The critic wants to order! What do I do?! What do I do?!
      Mr. Moseby: (turns to Cody) What does he do?! What does he do?!

    • (Cody is tasting a pot Carey is holding)
      Cody: This is terrible!
      Carey: It's dishwater.
      Cody: Needs soap.

    • London: I thought I was being invited to a party.
      Maddie: You are here's your party hat.
      (puts a chef's hat over London's head)
      London: Hey look, I'm a lamp shade.

    • (after the food caught fire) Cody: Oh, no! My poor Seafood Medley! Zack: It's Seafood Deadly now.

    • Cody: Sprinkle. I said sprinkle! You sprinkle too much, woman!
      Carey: You're making me nervous!
      Cody: Chef Paolo says that when you sprinkle, you let it fall like it was the first snowfall of the season. (Cody nods his head)
      Zack: Dude, let her do what she wants! I'm just gonna drown it in syrup anyway!

    • (London has a Elizebethia collar on her head)
      Zack: Hey London, you've got something on your shoulder.
      (London spins around; Maddie, Zack, and Cody laugh)
      Mr. Moseby: Stay.

    • Mr. Moseby: So does that mean you will give us a good review?
      Food Critic: After this terrible service, NO!
      Patrick: It's not my fault no matter what daddy says.

    • Patrick: What are you doing?
      Maddie: Making our famous Tipton salad as we have done thousands of times
      London: We have?
      Maddie: Yes, now London lettuce.
      London: Let us what?
      Maddie: The green stuff

    • Zack: Will you hurry up?
      Cody: Mom said not to run with scissors.
      (Cody walks slowly)
      Zack: Put the scissors down and come on.

    • Zack: Sorry miss. We are looking for a food critic and we thought you were a man.
      Cody: Not that you look like a man!
      Zack: Yeah! In fact, if I were a few years older...(clicks tongue)
      (Lady walks away, disgusted)

    • Cody: London, peel and devein the shrimp.
      London: Right. (pauses) What does that mean?
      Cody: London, tell Maddie to peel and devein the shrimp.

    • Cody: Get back to your posts! I'm not paying you to stand around.
      Maddie: You're not paying us at all. I'm turning in my spatula. (holds up ladle)
      Cody: That's a ladle.
      Maddie: Oh, yeah? Well, let's see if you recognize this. It's me leaving.
      London: Right. And this is me... (to Maddie) What are you doing?
      Maddie: Leaving.
      London: Leaving!

    • Cody: Can't you people do anything right?! Maddie, London, get out there and toss the salad!
      London: At who?

    • Mr. Moseby: Chef Paolo, Bernard Bearnaise is here.
      (everyone gasps)
      Mr. Moseby: And his meal must be perfect.
      (Chef Paolo grabs Mr. Moseby by his tie with his tongs)
      Chef Paolo: Are you insinuating that all of my meals are not perfect?
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, heavens, no. Everyone here thinks you are the finest chef in the world.
      London: Chef Paolo, my dog hates your food.
      Chef Paolo: Let me get this straight. Your flea-bitten mongrel is criticizing my food?
      London: She spit it out like the kibble it is.
      Mr. Moseby: Don't listen to her, she's a dog!
      (London gasps)
      Mr. Moseby: I mean, her dog is a dog! What does she know?!

    • Mr. Moseby: Cody, you hang out in the hotel kitchen a lot, don't you?
      Cody: Yes!
      Mr. Moseby: Well, don't. I just got a tip that the food critic Bernard Bearnaise is coming to the hotel tomorrow. A good review from him will enhance the Tipton's reputation, thus showering me with glory.
      Cody: Don't you mean showering Chef Paolo in glory?
      Mr. Moseby: Him, too.
      Cody: After all, the man's a genius. The things he can do with asparagus. I need a moment.
      Zack: You need a life.

    • Cody: London, get Garry and get Rich.
      London: I'm already rich.
      Cody: Just get the waiters!

    • Mr. Moseby: Patrick, we need to stall for time. Take the salad cart out and make the critic a salad.
      Patrick: I can't.
      Mr. Moseby: Why not?
      Patrick: He scares me!

    • Cody: Zack, go to the tank and get me two lobsters.
      Zack: I'll go grab my bathing suit.
      Cody: Just reach in and grab them.
      Zack: Aw, that's no fun.

    • London: Ew, ew! This is so gross, and it's taking forever!
      Maddie: That's because you're cutting with a spoon.
      London: Moseby won't let me use knives.
      (Maddie looks at Mr. Moseby)
      Mr. Moseby: Don't ask.

    • Patrick: Hello, again. Or should I say howdy. May I recommend the Chicken Paolo.
      Texan: Thanks, I'll have a Seafood Medley.
      Patrick: Excellent choice... although not as good as the Chicken Paolo. Which, by the way, is the specialty of our Chef Paolo.
      Texan: That's just fascinating, but I had chicken for lunch.
      Patrick: But not the Chicken Paolo! Which is so delicious, chickens are lining up at the door just to be made into it.
      Texan: Then why don't you eat it? And bring me my dang Seafood Medley!
      Patrick: One dang Seafood Medley coming up. Please don't hurt me.

    • Cody: Maddie, chop onions. And if you're not crying, you're not trying. London, boil some water.
      London: How do I know when it's boiling?
      Maddie: When you put your hand in and yell "ow!"
      Cody: Carey.
      (Carey stares)
      Cody: Okay, Mom. I'm going to play to your strengths here.
      Carey: You want me to sing?
      Cody: You're in charge of washing dishes.
      Carey: Can I sing while I wash them?
      Cody: Quietly.
      Carey: Okay.
      Zack: What do you want me to do, chief?
      Cody: You're in charge of stuffing the chicken with vegetables.
      Zack: What if she doesn't like vegetables?
      Cody: She's dead.
      Zack: Well, that'll make it easier.

    • (Maddie eating a "candy bar")
      London: Maddie, have Ivana's special treats come in yet for her skin condition?
      Maddie: Oh, you mean her rash? No, they haven't come yet.
      London: Oh, but they're supposed to come in today. They're called "Le Chien Yum Yum."
      (Maddie looks at what she's eating)
      Maddie: Oh, that's not good! Although my skin feels great.
      (London grabs the box of "Yum Yum" and walks away)

    • Carey: I'm not that comfortable with you using my children as spies.
      Mr. Moseby: Are you comfortable with a caviar omelet?
      Carey: (takes plate) Carry on.

    • Maddie: So, what you're saying is, you need someone to spy on all the guests.
      London: Someone sly and crafty.
      Mr. Moseby: Someone who's willing to break all the rules to get what he wants.
      (they all look at Zack & Cody)
      Zack: You know, we don't come cheap.

    • Maddie: You have a secret source?
      Mr. Moseby: At the League of Extraordinary Hotel Managers.

    • Zack: Cody, there's a supermodel checking in! Come on!
      Cody: Uh, I can't. I have a hot duck in the oven.
      Zack: Well, I have a hot blonde in the lobby. Which is more important?

    • Chef Paolo: (to Cody) But still, so much talent in one so young. You remind of, uh... me. Except, uh, shorter, blonder, and not so much good looking.

    • (Squid stuck to Zack's face)
      Zack: Get it off! Get it off! Get it off!
      (Carey gets it off and there are pink circles on his face)
      Zack: Thank goodness it didn't spray me with ink.
      (Squid sprays Carey with ink and gets on Zack's face)
      Carey: Ah it got me in the eye!
      (London, Maddie, Zack and Carey have trouble and chaos with the squid)
      (They throw the squid on the floor and all step on it)
      London, Maddie, Zack, and Carey: WHAT!

  • NOTES (13)


    • Paolo is also a name from "The Lizzie McGuire Movie"; which is also a Disney Movie.

    • The League of Extraordinary Hotel Managers. This is a parody of the comic book team The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    • The episode's name is an allusion to the FOX reality TV show, Hell's Kitchen, where Chef Gordon Ramsey grades average chefs on their cooking methods. Presumably, the writers had to either use the word "heck" instead of 'hell', or they can't use the same title.