The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 1

Hotel Hangout

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 18, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary


Zack and Cody meet new friends at school, but when the cooler kids want them to be their friends, Zack and Cody ditch their true friends, Max and Tapeworm. When their new "friend" takes advantage of them, and invites everyone he knows to the Tipton, Zack and Cody start getting blamed for the accidents they cause. Meanwhile London helps Maddie ask out Lance while Maddie tutors her.


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  • Disney Channel found a new light

    Identical blonde twins Zack and Cody move into the posh Tipton hotel in Boston, Massachusetts and find friends, but ditch them once cool kids find their home there. Will they find their real friends again? Meanwhile, hotel heiress London is trying to get smart, and candy-counter girl Maddie is trying to ditch a boyfriend. Will both situations be resolved? Interesting pilot! I watched it over and over. It was that good. My grade is an A.moreless
  • Wonderful Pilot to Disney's Finest TV Show

    Zack and Cody, along with their mother Carey Martin start a new life at the Boston Tipton Hotel. However, Zack and Cody feel left out and soon make two new friends named Max and Tapeworm (LOL!?!). However, soon word spreads that they live at the Tipton and a group of cool kids accept Zack and Cody into their group just to use the Tipton Hotel. What will they do about their true friends Max and Tapeworm?

    -In my opinion, this is a great episode and pilot for the successful "Suite Life of Zack and Cody". It started Zack and Cody's era of trouble making at the hotel with the Tipton being overflooded with school students.

    Many SLOZAC's legendary characters such as Estaban, Mr Moseby, Carey and Lance, along with Maddie and London make their debut on the pilot episode!

    However, I must say that Maddie and London's part at times started to get a tad boring, but mainly because Zack and Cody were causing such trouble from the other side!

    Great episode, give it a go!

  • Superb start for the show

    Zack and Cody meet new friends at school, bu when the cooler kids want them to be their friends, Zack and Cody ditch their true friends, Max and Tapeworm. When their new "friend" takes advantage of them, and invites everyone he knows to the Tipton, Zack and Cody start getting blamed for the accidents they cause. Meanwhile London helps Maddie ask out Lance while Maddie tutors her. I thought this was a superb start for the show called "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." It was not my favorite episode though. I took off 5 points because I didn't like that Zack and Cody get blamed when they brought their friends. Other than that, it was excellent. While I enjoyed the episode, I didn't laugh that much but some of the dialog were funny. Overall, a superb start for TSL series (unoffically if you count Grounded on the 23rd Floor as the pilot). 9.5/10moreless
  • The start to one of my favorite disney shows

    Zack and Cody want to make friends at a new school, and it works. But when word gets out about where they live, at the Tipton Hotel, the "cool" kids want to spend time with them there. Zack and Cody neglect their friends Max and Tapeworm. Will they learn their lesson?

    It was kind of weak for a pilot episode of a show, but it was still great nonetheless. It did not do a good job at introducing the characters but it did have a nicep lot, and because of this, the episode gets an A- from me. Just superbmoreless
  • This episode was pretty good. It wasn't my favorite but it was good. The story with Zack and Cody trying to make new friends was good but I wasn't very interested in the Maddie and London story in the episode.moreless

    This is the episode where Zack and Cody first meet Max and Tapeworm. I never really liked Max and Tapeworm but I have to admit that they had some pretty funny moments when they were on the show. I liked this part of the story and it was interesting to see how things turned out in the end with Max, Tapeworm, and The Drew Crew. But the thing that I didn't really like was the story where Maddie tudors London to make her smarter and London tudors Maddie on how to get a date with Lance. I liked Lance but this part of the episode was actually pretty boring. I mostly liked it for the Zack and Cody, Max and Tapeworm and The Drew Crew story in the episode.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (32)

    • In this episode, Mr Moseby refers to Carey as "Ms Martin" however in later episodes of Season 2 he refers to her as "Carey" This clearly suggests that the twins and Carey have only just moved into the Tipton and that is also the reason that Maddie and London don't notice them much.

    • We can tell that the vase at the beginning of the episode is fake. The crew wouldn't risk putting a real vase there.

    • When Zack and Cody are defending Max and Tapeworm, in the background Max's arm positions switch in between shots without any movement.

    • When Esteban throws the jug at the beginning of the episode, a man in a blue shirt is coming in from the door in the hotel. When he catches it, nobody in a blue shirt is close to the door.

    • Tapeworm's hair is brown, but when Zack and Cody ditched Drew, his hair was black. In the following scene and for the rest of the episode, his hair is brown again.

    • Running Gag: Drew says Tapeworm's name wrong every time.

    • The twins Suite number is 2330 on the 23rd floor.

    • We find out the Tipton has a daily four o'clock ice cream.

    • Apparently there is a pool on the roof of the Tipton.

    • Zack and Cody's names were originally supposed to be Dylan and Cole, but were then changed to Zack and Cody. If they were kept to Dylan and Cole, The Suite Life would be one of many Disney shows that use the actors name for the characters i.e. That's So Raven and Hannah Montana. It will also be the same first name and last name they had in the 2003 Movie Just For Kicks. Cole was "Cole Martin" and Dylan was "Dylan Martin".

    • If you look closely, you'll see the actress who usually plays the part of Irene the concierge as a hotel guest wearing a white robe in the jacuzzi, while another actress is playing the part of the concierge.

    • Maddie's character name was originally supposed to be Lena.

    • Usually when they show the Tipton building you can see the reflection of the building that was there before, that shows they used green screen on the building. In real life, this building exists in British Columbia, but it is not called the Tipton. It is actually located in Vancouver, Canada. Its name is Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

    • This goes for all of the episodes. On the closed captions for this show, Zach is spelled "Zach"; but on websites and everywhere else, Zach is spelled Zack.

    • If Esteban was swinging from the chandelier , when he falls wouldn't he land on the vase, not to the side of it? Especially if he was going to hit every time he swung by.

    • Would Esteban really be able to swing that far on the chandelier, especially without falling?

    • Cody says that he can't uncurl his fingers, but when he and Zack jump back into the pool, his hand is uncurled.

    • When Maddie and London are in London's suite, London's shirt is off her shoulder, then when they show them on the couch her shirt is on both shoulders.

    • When Zack, Cody, and Carey are talking about how they are here to stay, in the background Esteban walks past the front door. Then, when Zack knocks over the vase, Esteban is on the landing by the door, and catches it.

    • At the end when Carey was showing Max the dance she learned it shows her on the left and Max on the right. It closes in on Zack and Cody, then when you can see them again Carey is on the right and Max is on the left.

    • When Max dances in the suite, her hat falls off and lands on the floor . But after she starts again when Carey says "Can you show me how to do that?" the hat's gone, but in the next scene it's by the table.

    • When Esteban jumps forward to get the vase before it hits the floor he jumps forward and grabs it on his back. This could only happen if he did a barrel roll in the air or really jumped backward.

    • Satellite dishes can endure more of a hit than a basketball. A satellite dish would never fall that easy. It wasn't Zack or Cody's responsibility, it was the hotel's poor attachment job. If anyone got hurt, they would have had a major lawsuit that the plaintiff would have easily won.

    • When Maddie goes to London's suite after going on the date, her hair styles keep changing between shots. In one shot it is down with a braid on the side and in the next one parts are up on both sides. This happens many times throughout the scene.

    • When the Drew Crew is playing basketball there are people sitting behind them on the chairs, then when they show Zack and Cody after the basketball knocks over the satellite dish, there are no people there anymore.

    • When Zack and Cody go to school, they show them with Max and Tapeworm, and there is a fence behind them with some flyers on it. Then, they show Zack and Cody walk away with Drew and there are a different amount of flyers and they're in different places.

    • Max says "Let's all go in the jacuzzi!" and then they say it's the pool. Is it the pool or jacuzzi?

    • Zack and Cody splash Mr. Moseby and Mr. Moseby has his mouth shut. Then, he spits out water, but no water should have been able to get into his mouth if it was shut throughout the whole scene.

    • When Mr. Moseby tells London that she might have to go to parochial school, she gasps and looks at Maddie's outfit and says, "Where I have to wear...a uniform?!" However, Maddie is wearing her Tipton Hotel uniform that she always wears when she is at work (notice the blue shirt with the "T", the tie and the skirt). It is NOT her school uniform.

    • When Maddie is talking on her cell phone, you can obviously tell that it's a cell phone dummy.

    • If the satellite dish was pushed off just by a basketball, how was it that four people were needed to pull it back up?

    • Maddie types stuff into the cash register and then says "out of ten?, one sixty-two is your change", then, 1.62 appears on the register, but she never entered that the cost was out of ten.

  • QUOTES (34)

    • London: (After Maddie decides she doesn't like Lance because he's obsessed with water) Dump him. Dump him like last month's shoes.
      Maddie: But I don't want to hurt him.
      London: Oh so you're just gonna get married and live pool-side and have a bunch of boring lifeguard babies?

    • Maddie: London, your advice worked.
      London: Well duh. (pauses) What advice?
      Maddie: I got a date with Lance.

    • Carey: Why don't you guys invite some friends over from school?
      Cody: That's a great idea.
      Zack: Too bad we don't have any!

    • Zack: (While pulling the cable line) I told you he was no good.
      Cody: (also pulling the cable line) You said nothing!

    • Zack: His name is Tapeworm, and he's our friend.....and so is the other dweeb.

    • Zack: How many more friends could he have.
      Drew: Yo guys over here.
      (a lot of kids enter the lobby.)

    • Max: Move over make some room.
      Drew: Sorry, the kiddy pool's over there.

    • London: So, what are you gonna wear?
      Maddie: I dunno, jeans.
      London: Why don't you wear a sack over your head that says "Loser"?

    • Cody: Do any of these kids know your name?
      Zack: Of course.
      Achmed: Hey, Jack! Give me a quarter.
      Zack: See? Off by 1 letter.

    • Drew: And hot babes serving ice cream by the pool?
      Cody: Three flavors.
      Zack: And we're talking about the girls.

    • Zack: What kind of name is Tapeworm?
      Max: The kind you get when you can eat 20 hot dogs in 2 minutes.
      Cody: Wow, that beats my record!
      Zack: By 18!

    • London: Good news!
      Maddie: Me too!
      London: Me first! I got a D+ in math!
      Maddie: That's good news?
      London: Yah! Thanks to you I passed! My daddy got me a plasma TV!
      Maddie: Wow! When I get an A+ all I get is an extra slice of pie.
      London: Is that your good news?
      Maddie: No, no, no, no, no. I took your advice and broke up with Lance.
      London: Yay! Now we are both happy.
      Maddie:Yeah! Now you got a Plasma TV and...I don't have a boyfriend.

    • Maddie: Teach me to be mean!
      London: Teach me to be smart!
      Maddie & London: (hugging each other) Help me!

    • Drew: Check it out crew, all this stuff is free!
      Mr. Moseby: Free for our guests who spend two thousand dollars a day.

    • London: Who's there?
      Maddie: No one.
      London: No one who? Is he cute?

    • Carey: (dancing in front of mirror)Uhh--hhhhhhhh No, no no no no no!
      Zack: Mom!
      Carey: Okay!
      Zack: What are you doing?!
      Carey: Apparently I'm embarrassing myself in front of your new friends…you made friends!
      Max: Maybe.

    • Zack: Yo, Drew. What up dawg?
      Drew: Look guys, It's the clones.
      (Laughing and walking away)
      Zack: Did you hear that? Drew just mocked us!
      Cody: Whoo-hoo! (sarcastically) We're in!
      Max: Drew will never accept you guys. Don't beat your head on the wall.
      Tapeworm: Even though it feels good sometimes.

    • Esteban: Ooh! I can hear the ocean. (holding a vase to his ear)
      Cody: Let me hear!
      Zack: I wanna hear!

    • Carey: Come here. You'll make friends soon. (Carey kisses Zack and Cody) We're here to stay now.
      Zack: Not if you use those moves. (Zack does a crazy dance move)

    • Cody: Mom! Why can't you drive us to the playground?
      Carey: Because I have to rehearse new choreography for my next show. Mr. Moseby thinks I need younger moves.
      (Carey does weird dance that she thinks is cool)
      Carey: What do you think?
      Zack: I think you should never do that in public.
      Cody: Or in private.

    • Esteban: He (Mr. Moseby) reminds me of my father; who was also strict, demanding, ruthless, and mean. Oh, I miss my Papa so much.

    • Mr. Moseby: You beat the cash register ... and you read!!! Maddie can be your new tutor. Maddie & London: WHAT!!!! Maddie: There isn't enough money in the world. Mr. Moseby: I'll pay you triple your salary. Maddie: Apparently there is enough.

    • Drew: (after learning that Zack and Cody live at the Tipton hotel) I knew I always liked you two.
      Cody: No you didn't!
      (Zack begin pinching and hitting Cody)

    • Carey: Mr. Moseby, everything with you is like, "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!"
      (satellite falls from the roof)
      Mr. Moseby: Sometimes Chicken Little really knows what he's talking about.

    • Lance: Then, we'll hit the jacuzzi and watch Seabiscuit.
      Maddie: You do know it's about a horse.
      Lance: A seahorse?

    • Zack: I'm sorry. I messed up.
      Cody: Yeah, Zack's right he messed up.
      (Zack gives him a look.)
      Cody: PULL!

    • Zack: Did you hear that?! We're not so lame!

    • Maddie: On our date, all he ever talked about was water! Water this, water that. After talking to him for an hour, I had to go so bad!

    • Ackmed: Hey Zeke, this stupid machine ate my quarter!
      (Cody to Zack)
      Cody: I think your new friend is talking to you, Zeke.

    • Zack: This is the worst punishment we've ever had.
      Cody: I can't uncurl my fingers.
      Carey: Hey Max, I finally got that move.
      Cody: I don't know her.
      Zack: Neither do I.

    • London: (to Maddie) What size are you? 14?
      Maddie: Yes. The same as your I.Q.!

    • Cody: Mom said we're not supposed to get into peer pressure.
      Zack: We're not, we're just doing what everyone else is doing.

    • Max: Moseby you run a good hotel. Mr. Moseby: Thanks son. Max: I'm a girl. Mr. Moseby: Uh-huh.

    • London: When is he (her dad) going to realize that education and me just don't mix?
      Maddie: Education and I.
      London: HELLO! This isn't about you!

  • NOTES (27)

    • Here is a list of opening credits scenes for this season and what episode they happen in:

      Zack and Cody coming out from under the table - To Catch a Thief
      Zack and Cody pointing at each other and saying "the boys" - To Catch a Thief
      when Zack jumps on the couch - Cody Goes To Camp
      where Zack and Cody go down the laundry pipe - Band in Boston
      where Zack and Cody jump on the luggage cart and Cody falls off - N/A
      when the boys are sunbathing on the roof - Hotel Hangout
      where Zack and Cody do their hand gesture - Maddie Checks In
      where London is giving Mr. Moseby some bags while Zack and Cody run past with their arms waving - N/A
      when Zack is in the elevator fixing his tie - A Prom Story
      where Cody is in a suit and cheering - N/A
      them hiding behind the posters - To Catch a Thief
      when Zack falls from the vent - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel
      when Zack and Cody say "Boo" - The Ghost of 613
      where Cody jumps into Maddie's arms - The Ghost of 613
      when London has a crown on her head when watching the competition - The Fairest Of Them All
      London saying "Mommy's home" - To Catch a Thief
      when London is trying to put on the sheet on the bed at Maddie's house - Poor Little Rich Girl
      when Zack puts his arm on Maddie - It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel
      when Maddie walks through the front door with her prom dress on - A Prom Story
      Maddie holding Ivana's paw - To Catch a Thief
      when Maddie is singing in practice - Band in Boston
      when Mr. Moseby takes off his robe - Hotel Inspector
      when Mr. Moseby is at the front desk with the toy - Footloser
      when he walks into the Martin's suite smiling - Hotel Inspector
      when Mr. Moseby gets splashed - Hotel Hangout
      when Carey is backing up going "no no no no no" - Hotel Hangout
      when Carey is holding onto the rope on the wall - Hotel Hangout
      when Carey is in a black dress with her arms out - N/A
      Carey coming out with the green stuff on her face - To Catch a Thief
      Carey hugging the boys - To Catch a Thief
      when Zack pulls Maddie in when he is teaching her slow dancing - A Prom Story
      when Cody spins Zack around and says "Oh Zack" - The Fairest Of Them All

    • The German episode title is "Invasion der Kinder", meaning "Invasion Of The Children".

    • The first appearances of recurring characters: Max, Tapeworm, Esteban, and Lance.

    • This is the first time we see Zack and Cody's school.

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits; when the boys are sunbathing on the roof, when Mr. Moseby gets splashed, when Carey is holding onto the rope on the wall, and when Carey is backing up going "no no no no no".

    • You can tell that Zack and Cody are starting their first day of 7th Grade.

    • The show was originally going to be called just The Suite Life but was later lengthened to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    • The name of the cool group in school is called the Drew Crew.

    • It is revealed that the cost of staying at the Tipton is two thousand dollars each day.

    • In the 2006 Disney DVD, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Taking Over the Tipton", Dylan and Cole Sprouse state that the characters were based on them and that the original names of the characters were Dylan and Cole, but were changed to Zack and Cody, and that the personalities of their characters were also changed.

    • Zack wore Ecko Unltd. shorts in 1 scene. Name brands aren't usually shown.

    • Moseby reveals that London's father will ship her off to a parochial school like Maddie's school if her grades don't pick up which leads to Maddie tutoring her. He lives up to this threat in "Forever Plaid" when he learns how much school London has been skipping. In fact, London DOES end up at Maddie's school.

    • The episode had more than five million viewers.

    • Lance likes chewing spearmint gum.

    • This is the first and last time we ever see or hear about the Drew Crew.

    • Moseby mistakes Max as a boy. This happens later in the episode Band in Boston.

    • Seabiscuit is referenced later in the series as well, in the episode "Free Tippy".

    • This was the first episode to show the twins' school playground.

    • If you look at the name, London Tipton has a few similarities to heiress Paris Hilton.

    • This is the first episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Codywhich premiered on ABC for ABC Kids Saturday Morning on 9/17/05.

    • This was the first episode of the series to air in the USA, but not the pilot. That would be Grounded on the 23rd Floor.

    • This episode played for an entire week after the premiere of the show.

    • You can tell the twins apart by the way they dress. Zack wears the Hawaiian shirts and graphic T-shirts. Cody wears the polo shirts and sweaters.

    • As most of us know, The Tipton is not an actual hotel. They did not even use any exterior shots of any hotel for The Tipton. You can easily tell that the exterior of The Tipton hotel is just a 3-D Design and not a real hotel.

    • Alyson Stoner is from Mike's Super Short Show which airs on Disney Channel during commercials.

    • Alyson Stoner is a real dancer. She's danced in several music videos and during award performances.

    • Disney Channel's next show, The Buzz on Maggie, was shown for the first time at the bottom of the screen during the premiere.


    • Cody and Zack's last name "Martin" is the same as a movie they appeared in Just For Kicks. Cody was Cole Martin and Zack was Dylan Martin.

    • In this episode, Brenda Song wears the same clothes she wore in a scene in Stuck in the Suburbs.

    • Tipton Hotel: Allusion to Hilton Hotel
      London Tipton: Allusion to hotel heiress, Paris Hilton.

    • Carey: Mr. Moseby, every little problem to you is like: The sky is falling! The sky is falling!
      Mr. Moseby: Sometimes Chicken Little knows what he's talking about.

      This dialogue is a reference to the classic children's bedtime folk tale Chicken Little. It could also be a reference to the Disney Movie Chicken Little, however, the Disney Movie Chicken Little was not released until six months after the original airing of this episode.