The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 38

I Want My Mummy

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 18, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Zack and Cody knock an ancient mummy over the balcony, Zack dresses Cody up to replace him for the exhibit. Esteban is scared of the curse of the mummy, so he and Maddie try to swap the mummy for Maddie's old doll.

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  • Good episode

    London returns from Peru with a mummy which will be shown at the Tipton as a display. But Zack causes the mummy to fall out the hotel, so he replaces it with Cody, so he can find the real one back. Meanwhile, Esteban and Maddie want to return the mummy by trying to replace it also. This was okay. It wasn't perfect, but acceptable.
  • A great episode!

    Main plot- After causing a mummy to fall down the building, Zack decides to cover Cody up and pretend he is the mummy so that Zack can get the real one back and replace the two, however things go wrong.

    Sub plot- Maddie and Estaban, who aren't happy with the mummy at the Tipton, attempt to return it to its rightful place, but take Cody instead!

    Great episode! I loved it. Many funy characters here. Mr Moseby, Estaban, the night manager and Zack.

  • This episode was another favorite of mine. I thought that it was very funny.

    A mummy is brought to the Tipton and Zack and Cody deside to sneak a peek at it. When they do they accidentally knock it out a window. Zack gets Cody to dress up like the mummy and pretend to be the mummy. Zack is going to get the real mummy back and switch it out with Cody but Cody gets taken away before Zack can make the switch. Meanwhile Estabon is afraid of the curse of the mummy. And Maddie wants to return the mummy back to where it belongs and she gets Estabon to help her. They try to sneak the mummy out of the Tipton. They have no idea that the mummy is actually Cody and when the mummy moves and groans it scares Maddie and Estabon and they run for their lives. This was one of the funniest scenes in the series and this is one of the funniest episodes of the series. It is a favorite of mine for sure.moreless
  • great episode

    London arrives at Peru with ancient treasures and a box holding a very old mummy. Zack and Cody goes to the archeologist's room to see the mummy first hand. But they play around the room and they accidentally push the mummy off the balcony. Maddie and Esteban figure out a plan to get the mummy out of the exhibit and give it to people who will take it back to Peru. This episode is so hilarious, it's packed with jokes, every minute had some funny joke in it, it's really hilarious. The writers came up with another funny episode. I really enjoyed this episode.moreless
  • London arrives from Peru with many ancient artifacts which will be displayed in the hotel lounge. One of the treasures, a mummy containing an antique Peruvian queen, is off-limits to Zack and Cody, but the duo accidentally push the queen out of a window.moreless

    This episode was one of the absolute worst ones of the entire series. Not season, series. Overall, this episode was abysmal. One of the worst aspects of this episode was the jokes. For example, London saying to Maddie, "Look what they did to your hair!" It would be surprising if anyone had laughed at that empty joke. Another terrible part of the episode was the insane antics caused by Zack and Cody pushing Queen Kwi Kwi out of the window. Honestly, how silly and pointless can one show get? This episode was a very big letdown to the entire series and it most likely disappointed a lot of the viewing audience. In conclusion, this episode was a very awful episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Zack was carrying a roll with a small amount of toilet paper and he used it to make Cody into a mummy. In the end Cody was covered in 20 times the amount of toilet paper Zack was carrying.

    • In "Scary Movie", Skippy (whose name we didn't know at the time) was the night manager, but he doesn't seem to be it here.

    • Zack starts wrapping Cody in plain white bandages, but when he's done, they are soiled and tattered. Also, Cody's face is painted to match the wraps.

    • This is the second appearance for Mario Muniz as a stunt double for Zack/Cody. The first time was in "Risk It All" for Zack. In this episode it is for Cody.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Skippy:Oh Ok, but I have to come with you.
      Maddie: No you can't.
      Skippy: Why not?
      Esteban: Because, there was emergency we forgot to tell you about.
      Maddie: Yeah
      Skippy: What it is?
      Esteban: Tell him Maddie.
      Maddie: The protestors are tunneling under the ball room as we speak to steal the exhibit.
      Skippy: Ooh, What do I do?
      Esteban: You need to go to the kitchen and get all the pudding you can carry.
      Skippy: Ooh, why.
      Maddie: Yes, why?
      Esteban: So the protestors can't escape out of the hole.
      Skippy: That makes sense.
      Maddie: It does? I mean sure it does. Go and get them.

    • Skippy: Hey, Maddie and Esteban
      Maddie &Esteban: Hey, Skippy.
      Skippy: Oh, I can't let you in, you might be the twins in disguise.
      Maddie: Or we might be Maddie and Esteban are delivering all the stuff that were left in the basement.
      Skippy: Oh, what is it?
      Maddie: It's a…
      Esteban: Ear ring.
      Maddie: It was the ear ring of big ears, period that was right after big noses, just before big feet.

    • Dakota: Perhaps, I should keep our most valuable item, locked in my room.
      Skippy: How good!
      Dakota: (to his screw) Take the Queen. Speaking of which, here, have a Queen Qui Qui hat.
      Skippy: Ooh, cool!
      Mr. Moseby: Thank you. It would go with my stupid T-shirt, which I shouldn't be wearing right now.

    • Esteban: The curse of the nightmare.
      Zack: What curse?
      Esteban: The curse of the Queen Qui Qui. Anyone who disturbs the rest, shall be doom forever.

    • Mr. Moseby: Although I would be away at the wedding this weekend, I assure you, your exhibit will completely safe, I had put my best man in charge. Skippy!
      Skippy: Yes sir?
      Dakota: This is your best man?
      Mr. Moseby: Actually, my best man is getting married, my second best man is out, my third best man is the best man in my first best man's wedding. So, technically, it's my forth best man.
      Skippy: Oh, such, I am flattered.

    • London: That'll be easy, that guy is D.U.M.M--dumb!

    • Skippy: (talking about getting pudding to London) I'll get there and back before you can say butterscotch!(goes off to get pudding, stops, and comes back) But say it real slow!

    • Carey: Lets get these bandages of Cody, You must really got to use the potty. Cody: Not Really, this gauze is really absorbent. Everyone: Ewww... (they all lets go of the bandages)

    • Esteban: Okay, so how is Holly the Dolly going to help us get the mummy back home?
      Maddie: We just have to wrap her up in this, (unrolls a roll of gauze) put her in a crate to get past Skippy, then switch her with the real mummy which we'll bring down here and deliver to Ambassador Pepe. He's going back to Qum Qum for the Iguana festival.
      Esteban: He is? I can't believe I missed it again! I love the Running of the Iguanas!
      Maddie: The Running of the Iguanas?
      Esteban: It used to be the Running of the chameleons, but no one can ever see them.

    • Cody: (While walking into Dakota's room to sneak a peek at the mummy.) Zack...I don't know...
      Zack: Don't worry, Dakota's downstairs dusting his pyramid. Now, c'mon.
      Cody: How did you get that pass key?
      Zack: I just asked Skippy for his. He'll give you anything if you ask for it. I even got his wallet!

    • London: Hi! Bye! Hi! Bye! Don't touch me, I'm priceless! Hi! Bye! Hi! Bye! Hi! Bye! Hi! Buh-bye! Hi! Buh-bye! Hi! Buh-bye!

    • Zack: I just need you help to get me pass Skippy.
      London: That will be easy. That guy is d-u-m-m: Dumb!
      Zack: Yeah, but Moseby gave him a specific instruction not to let me or Cody to the ball room.
      London: Oh, so you need someone who has much power than Moseby.
      Zack: Yeah.
      London: Who you're gonna ask?

    • Zack: There you are.
      London: Oh. What you doing?
      Zack: Look, Cody's imposing in the mummy, I need to get in there and switch him with the real one.
      London: Where's the real one?
      Zack: (Show London the mummy)
      London: Ah... (Zack keeps her be quiet with the mummy's hand)

    • Cody: What are we going to do?
      Zack: Don't worry, I got a plan. (Handle a roll of white bandage)
      Cody: No.
      Zack: You even don't know what I'm thinking.
      Cody: You're thinking you will wrap me with that cloth then put me in the coffin, you go get the real mummy then switch itself later.
      Zack: Okay. You do know what I'm thinking. But I mean I suppose that we have start it because it can better in my plan.
      Cody: No you can't. It can be the terrible plan, can be the worst plan in the history of plan.
      Zack: Okay, then thinking of another plan. And while you're thinking, hold this.

    • Cody: There's she. Zack: Well, that is so cool! Nice to meet you Queen Qui Qui. Cody: (slaps Zack's hand) Don't touch. She might fall to pieces. Zack: Yeah, I do have that effect on women. Cody: Yeah, when you're not wearing deodorant.

    • Esteban: We must return Queen Qui Qui back home before we are cursed.
      Maddie: By the way, what exactly does this curse do to you?
      Esteban: Well, Let's just say that you spend your life in agonizing toil and poverty.
      Maddie: I got that now.
      Esteban: Your skin melts off, your eyes explode, and your hair burst into flames.
      Maddie: Eww! Oh, that would so put a damper on prom!

    • London: Oh, poor Maddie. The evil protects had effected to you, too. Look at what they did with your hair.
      Maddie: They didn't touch my hair.
      London: Oh, never mind.

    • (Demonstrators: Send the mummy home! Send the mummy Home!)
      London: Hey lady, if you want to protest something, you should protest that outfit! It's hideous.

    • Mr. Moseby: While I'm away, I want nothing that happen to this exhibit and by nothing, I mean keep Zack and Cody out.
      Skippy: Don't worry sir. They won't skip by me. I am an impenetrable wall.
      Zack:(walks in) Hey Skippy.
      Cody: (walks in) Yo Skip.
      Skippy: Hey, guys. Oh, aren't they the cutest kid?
      Zack: Show me the mummy.
      Mr. Moseby: I would show you the door. Now, consider this your first and last warning, you've not allowed in this room ever.
      Zack: we just want to take a peek in the mummy.
      Mr. Moseby: There will be no mummy peeking in this room.
      Skippy: That right. 'Cause it's going to be in Dakota Smith's room.
      Mr. Moseby: HMMM...(stares at Skippy)
      Skippy: Oh, I-I-I guess I shouldn't have told them that huh?
      Mr. Moseby: You think?!

    • London: Well, how do you explain the hideous thing that happened to Cody?
      Carey: (walks by and stops) You know, as a mother, there's a few things I don't want to hear. And one of them is "explain the hideous thing that happened to Cody!"
      London: It's simple. He's been cursed. And now he's a dolly mummy. But deep down, he's still your son.
      Carey: (to Zack) The real story is?
      Zack: Well, you wouldn't pay for us to see the real mummy. So we snuck in to see it, but Cody made it fall out the window, so I wrapped him up in gauze, and some men took him away.
      Carey: I like your story better.
      London: Yay, my story! (claps her hands)

    • Zack: What kind of curse turns someone into a doll?
      London: The mummy dolly cursy thingy.

    • (After the men take Cody away)
      Zack: Great. Now I have to pay $32.50 just to see my brother.

    • Cody: Not so tight! I can barely move!
      Zack: You're dead. You're not supposed to move. Now move!
      Cody: Zack, I have a bad feeling about this.
      Zack: Come on. What can go wrong?
      Cody: I have to go potty!
      Zack: I'll be right back. There's nothing to worry about. Now get in the coffin.

    • Maddie: It's just my little Dolly Holly.
      Esteban: They should have called her Scary Mary!

    • (After Cody and London both slap his hand)
      Zack: What is this, slap Zack day?

    • Carey: Good now let's get Cody unwrapped. He probably really has to go.
      Cody: Not anymore! This gauze is really absorbent.

    • Dakota: How did you find out the mummy was a fake?
      Maddie: It's a fake?
      Dakota: No.
      London: Liar liar, cargo pants on fire! This necklace is probably plastic. Here, Maddie, you can have it. (gives it to Maddie)
      Dakota: Actually, the necklace is real emerald.
      London: Thanks for holding it for me, Maddie. (takes the necklace back)

    • Cody: It's just not fair!
      Zack: Moseby won't let us in to see them set up the exhibit 'cause he's afraid we'll break something.
      Carey: Well, you did break the chandelier in the ballroom, and the vent in the lounge, and that statue in the atrium--
      Zack: What's your point?
      Carey: Boys, once the exhibit is open, you can go see it just like everybody else.
      Cody: It costs $32.50 per person.
      Carey: Or you can read all about it in the papers.

    • Esteban: Oh, Miss London, Queen Qui Qui must go home or she will punish us all!
      London: Esteban, stop being ridiculous, and take off that silly hat.
      Esteban: This is my hat of protection. The garlic keeps away the dead.
      London: It does a good job on the living, too.

    • Maddie: How do you know so much about this?
      Esteban: My village lies in the shadow of Queen Qui Qui's pyramid.
      London: But it looked like no one had been near there for 1,000 years.
      Esteban: Right. Because, as I may have mentioned before... IT'S CURSED! Only a complete idiot would go there!!
      (everyone looks at London)

  • NOTES (7)

    • The German episode title is "Der Fluch der Pyramide", meaning "The Curse Of The Pyramid".

    • We learn that Esteban's village was in the shadow of Queen Qui Qui's pyramid. It's also revealed that Esteban's village is somewhere in Peru.

    • We learn that the last Tipton employee who refused to help London Tipton, all that was left of him was his name tag and a tiny pile of pudding when London was done with that employee.

    • Zack said that the mummy exhibit entry fee was $32.50 per person. If both Zack and Cody went to the exhibit the exhibit fee would be 65 dollars. This might be making reference that The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is the fourth Disney channel show to break the 65 episode limit. The first being Honey I Shrunk the Kids the TV Series, the second being That's So Raven, the third being Kim Possible, and this is the fourth.

    • It aired on Disney Channel Asia on the 26th of May.

    • This episode was originally scheduled to air on Friday May 11, but was pushed back a week to be part of Disney Channel's Night of Premieres.

    • This episode's first broadcast was on the Disney Channel in the UK on January 2, 2007. It was followed by airing on February 10, 2007 in Australia and on February 28, 2007 on Family Channel, in Canada.


    • The "Running of the Iguanas" that Esteban mentions is a spoof on the Spanish festival "Running of the Bulls".

    • Zack's line, "Show me the Mummy!" is an allusion to the famous line, "Show Me the Money!" uttered by Cuba Gooding, Jr. in the film, Jerry Maguire.

    • Abbott and Costello

      The scene in which Maddie and Esteban are in the basement with the mummy (which is Cody) is a spoof of a similar scene from Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Esteban calls for Maddie in the same style as Costello and Maddie in turn acts just like Abbott trying to tell him that the artifact [the mummy in this case] is not alive.

      The whole bit with swapping mummies is also like Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy in which Abbott dresses up as the mummy to cause a distraction (as does one of the bad guys). The only difference is that Costello has to prevent the real mummy from being revived (and, failing at that, escaping and/or killing everybody).

    • When Dakota Smith utters the line, "Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!," he is paying homage to The Brady Bunch episode when Jan utters the famous line, "Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!"

    • The character Dakota Smith is an obvious reference to actor Harrison Ford's famous character, Indiana Jones.

    • "I Want My Mummy" is a version of the Scooby Doo movie "I Want My Mummy".

    • Title: "I Want My Mummy"

      In the empty child episode of "Doctor Who", the child says I want my Mummy!