The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 12

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 17, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Tipton treasure

    There is a treasure in the Tipton, but it's just Muriel. That was strange. They spent al the episode looking for it but gained nothing. That hurts the episode quite a bit.
  • Hilarious

    Great episode. Lots of comedy! I loved how the episode showed what each person would do with the money...then'll be the same for her! It was a great episode and I loved how at the end it turned out that Muriel was the treasure all along! Her reaction to that was priceless and her line that followed stole the moment. Also, Arwin believing that his super glue grows hair was a great way to end the episode.
  • Great Mystery

    Zack and Cody find out that there is money hidden somewhere in the hotel, and soon Esteban, London, and Maddie get involved because they want money too. Will any of them find the money in the hotel, or was it a lie and there is in fact no money to be found?

    I liked it, the end was kind of dumb (I don't like sappy love emotion unless i felt it was handled right), but the rest of the episode was a great mystery and i really wanted to find out what would happen. This episode gets an A+ from me
  • This is a very funny episode. In it Zack and Cody find out that gangster Hot Peppers DeLeo has hidden a treasure in the hotel and they almost destroy the hotel to search for it.

    Zack and Cody find out that gangster Hot Peppers DeLeo has hidden a treasure in the hotel and they deside to search the hotel for it. Later they are joined in their search by Maddie, London, Estibon, Muriel, and Arwin. This was one of the reasons why this episode was so good. It had almost all of the best and funniest characters in it and they were all very funny in this episode. They look everywhere for the treasure and almost destroy the hotel while they do this. In the end they find out that the treasure was actually Muriel. One of the funniest and best episodes of the show. I really loved the scenes when all of the characters had fantasies about what they would do with the treasure if they found it. It was all so funny.
  • ok episode...

    The Tipton has treasure buried somewhere in it and the cast splits up together to try to find it. Zack, Cody, London , Maddie, Esteban, the janitor Arwin and some other people were involved. In the end, they found the treasure and it was for Muriel. We learned more about her character in this episode , which was sweet. The story was ok in this episode. It was intersting to see what the characters acted like when greed became involved. London has money and she still wanted the treasure. Anyways, overall, ok episode with an ok story and good character development.
  • great episode

    Zack and Cody destroys an old picture frame, but in the process, they discover an old newspaper hidden in the painting that holds a clue to hidden treasures inside the Tipton hotel. Zack and Cody plan to find the treasure, Maddie and Esteban joins the twins, soon almost all the employees join the hunt. They all go against each other while finding the treasure. A short film shows the cast playing characters in the 50s. Ashley plays a really good young muriel. The writers came up with a really funny episode, I really had a great time watching this, it's so hilarious.
  • Really Great!!

    It`s A Mad, Mad, Mad World is the 12th episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The plot is about Zack and Cody finding out that there is treasure hidden in the Tipton. Zack and Cody tell Maddie, Esteban, London and Muriel. Zck teams up with Maddie, London teams up with Esteban, and Cody goes alone. They all meet up where Cody started off. Muriel, Mr. Moseby, and Carey all go there also. Then Muriel finds money next door. Then the police say that they stole money because it was a bank. They all drop the money and go back to the lobby. Then Muriel remembers that she was the treasure all along. Overall, this episode was funny and a rockin' episode!!
  • A mix of "yay" and "nay"!

    Some of this one was awesome. Ashley Tisdale did a great job imitating Muriel in the 1938 flashback scene...and I thought the humor when everyone was looking for the treasure was also great. But...the kissing in everyone's fantasy got VERY annoying! And it was NASTY how it was indicated that Cody kissed Zack on the lips (if you listen closely, when Cody wakes up holding Zack, Zack says "THAT was on the lips!!") Other than that, this one was pretty good. But it's unfortunate that they had to put in that ridiculous sort of humor just to get a few cheap chuckles.
  • Mainly, everyone searches for a treasure hidden by "Hot peppers" DiLeo.

    After Zack, Cody and Esteban break a picture frame they find a newspaper clipping behind the picture. The clipping says that a treaseure is hidden in the Tipton. Zack and Cody try to keep the clipping a secret, but eventually Maddie, Esteban and London find out. Muriel-who knew "Hot Peppers DiLeo" (who had hidden the treasure) helped all of them find the treasure by telling them that Hot Peppers had told her that the treasure was hidden under the heart. They all check in the honeymoon suite where everything is heartshaped, but to their dismay, they find nothing. Everyone wants to find the treasure really badly because they all dreamed about it and knew what the wanted with the treasure. Everyone splits up in pairs and say that whoever finds the treasure gets to keep it. In the end, Arwin is trying out his super glue; and it explodes a wall. Mr. Moseby, Zack, Cody, Carey, London, Muriel, and Maddie come to see that there was a wad of cash behind the wall. Everyone takes some money. It turns out that they had actually broken into the bank next door. Eventually, Muriel shows everyone a locket that Hot Peppers had given her. She had never been able to open it. Everyone opens the locket. It turned out that Muriel was the treasure all along.
  • Cool episode. Very funny. Mr.Moseby is so funny!

    Zack, Cody and Esteban are playing ball when they hit a picture. They find a newspeaper on the back of the broken picture. They get to know that it's a hidden treasure on the Tipton! Muriel knows about it, so Maddie, Zack, Cody, Esteban and London ask her. She tells them that the treasure lies underneth the heart. They all get fantasies about what their life would be alike if they find the money.(exept London, because she is allready rich...) Arwin tries to get his glue not to explode. He throws the glue at the wall. Nothing happens, but suddenly, it blows a hole in the wall. And the hole is full of money! Mr.Moseby and Carey gets there too. Everybody takes some money, but they don't know that they take money from the United Bank of Boston!
  • The twins discover a newspaper clipping saying that there might be a mobster's treasure in the hotel. So, they decide that, with the help of the staff, they will find it.

    This is a hilarious episode. It is one of my favorites. I loved the fact that there was only one plot. It isn't often that there is only one plot. Also, it was nice seeing them all work togethor for something. After the twins discover the article, Maddie tells them it has a picture of Muriel. So, they go ask Muriel about it. Then Estaban lets them into the Honeymoon suite...because Hot Pepper said that the treasure lies beneath the heart. After they strikeout there, London says that she will help because Hot Pepper stole her great-great grandma's money. In the very end, they discover that the treasure all along was Muriel.

    I also enjoyed this episode, because all the cast got to play someone from the 1920's. Also, they each a daydream sequence. This was funny because they all had a different dream of what they would do if they had the money. Cody would win 3 nobel prizes. Zack would marry Maddie. Maddie would become President. London would...London's life would have been the same. And Estaban would have owned the hotel and had Salsa dancing in the lobby.

    This was one of my favorite episodes. I will watch this episode over and over again.
  • Zack and Cody discover there may be a late mobster's hidden treasure in the hotel so they rope the Tipton employees into helping them search for the missing loot.

    I personally liked this episode a lot! Not only did it involve the entire cast including recurring regulars Esteban, Arwin and Muriel, but it also involved the actors playing various roles, such as flashback scenes in which they were different characters from the 1930s, as well as fantasy scenes in which they got to play alternate versions of themselves. One of the best things about this episode is that it showcased the camaraderie of the cast, who rarely all work together in one storyline, and there was no subplots (or B stories).
  • This is one of my favorite episodes because . . . .

    of all the different people they got to play .Spolier Warning. Zach , Cody, Maddie ,London Estaban and meriale go looking for treasure.While there looking for the tresure they all dream about what they will do with the money if they find it. In the end they all wind up with no money . It turns out there was no money and that meriale was the traesure all along.
  • Zack, Cody and Esteban break a frame. Arwin invents a special glue. Zack and cody find a newspaper on the back of the painting that was in the frame and it talks about a tresure. Everyone tryes to find the money but at the end the tresure is Muriel.

    This episode was a good one. I like how they used the main characters to do the flashback scean. And how Esteban jumps over Cody that was awsome! Ha Ha! I also liked it when Zack says: \\\"I like the way you think sweet thang.\\\" and Cody says: \\\"You like anything she says desprate thang.\\\" that was funny too! well i really liked this episode and it was very injoyable to watch. my favorite character was Hot peppers! I thought it was funny when Muriel says: \\\"does it involve moveing?\\\" then Peppers says \\\"I\\\'ll carry you babe!\\\" This was a very good episode!!!!!
  • After finding a map on the back of a picture, Zack and Cody along with Maddie, London, Muriel, and Esteban all search for buried treasure.

    This could be considered a filler episode, but unlike That's So Raven's 4 season, this show dosen't follow a story. Arwins exploding glue was the funniest thing, expecially at the end when he says, "It grows hair, It grows hair, Mr. Moseby I quit" and runs into the closet where it explodes, he says "Nevermind". All their logics on where the treasure was could of been right, but unlike they thought, the treaure wasn't material, it was Muriel. Then Arwin's glue blows up the wall and the guard says, "If you want money, We'd prefer you'd use a teller" Funny.
  • really really really really really good!

    such a great ep!it's so funny and u can't take ur eyes of the screen even if u've seen it like 4 times already!it's great if you've had a long day and just want some fun tipton style laughs!this episode is almost perfect,nothing is actually wrong with it it's just not my favourite if you know what i mean,it's very close though!it's a really good episode another series classic!this would go on my made-up dvd aswell for sure!my fave part is maddies line to zack when he said he never knew what he saw in made me laugh.the honey moon suite was a good adding to the episode aswell lolz.definetly a to do list add-on for anyone who hasn't seen it!.signed-ms pink.
  • mad mad hotel

    one of the best episodes of season 1 everyone looks for treasure in the hotel but its really a bank thing and it was funny when everytime someone wanted to help, they 'privately talked' but the person still heard anyway this was a mad mad storyline but in a good way
  • This is the best episode. The flashbacks, the dreams, Maddie kissing the brooms. Atuff of a lifetime!!!

    I lvoed the falshebacks. I especially loved the first one where Ashley played Muriel. It\\\'s my favorite episode besides one from Season two Odd Couples. It\\\'s a very original idea with the flashbacks and everything. I just love teh flashback where Maddie ends up kissing the broom while Zack is attacking Arwin\\\'s spider and falling out og the air shaft. It\\\' cracks me up. This is the best episode by far because it never gets old. My favorite line is when Cody looks around the frame him and Zack and Estiabon are standing behind and says. \\\"We\\\'ve been framed.\\\" Love it!!!!!
  • This episode is so funny and silly!

    This episode always makes me laugh even if I've seen it thousands of times. It always makes my family lagh too! This episodes has many dreams in it. Like Zack is married to Maddie, Cody won a noble prize, Maddie is the president, and Estaban is the owner of the hotel.

    I love this episode and it is one of my favorites from season 1! It has so many funny parts to it. Everyone turns against eachother. That makes it more interesting! This episode is great great great great great great great!!!!!! SO GOOD! I love this episode. It just made the suite life better!
  • When Zack, Cody, London, Maddie, and Esteban go searching for a treasure they turn the Tipton upside-down.

    This episode was one of my favorite epoisode of the show. It kept me in suspence not knowing where the treasure was. It was a very good episode and I really enjoyed it. I'm glad I voted for this episode and was shocked when the treasure was just Muriel. Good!!
  • It was fine great funny with all their stupid imaginations but I don't think this is the best!!! I disagree with UlrichndYumiFan!!!

    It was fine great funny with all their stupid imaginations but I don't think this is the best!!! There are a whole lot episodes that are better like Band In Boston that really is a great shot and I liked it well I can say that this episode is funny but not the best!!!
  • THE BEST EPISODE OF SEASON 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This episode has got to be the best of Season 1! It was sooo hilarious and insane! Basically, Zack and Cody find a newspaper dating back about fifty years saying that a man named Hot Peppers left treasure at The Tipton. The word gets out to Maddie, London, Esteban and Muriel. They all join Zack and Cody in search for the treasure. They eventually split up into three groups. London goes with Esteban, Zack goes with Maddie and Cody is all by himself. Muriel, being as lazy as she is, does nothing and just sits in the lobby. They eventually start arguing over why they can't find the treasure and Arwin helps Cody look for the treasure. Arwin tries to make a glue that sticks really well but he can't get it work right and it blows up a wall. There is money in the wall and everyone thinks they have found the treasure but it turns out that it is really the bank's money and they all drop the money. At the end of the episode, it turns out that Muriel was the treasure all along and the gang get all upset. Maddie wanted to be president, Esteban wanted to own the hotel, Cody wanted to win a Nobel Prize and Zack wanted to marry Maddie. So Maddie looks at Zack funny when he gets dissapointed, that was hilarious!!! Overall, awesome episode!!! Definitely the best in Season 1 in my opinion!

  • The Tipton Hotel staff, along with Zack and Cody, search frantically for a long-lost treasure.

    I really enjoyed this episode. As a young gay man I think it was great seeing Zack and Cody kiss, and hold each other romantically i really wish they would do stuff like this more often. As far as for the rest of the show it was pretty good also as the boys and everyone at the hotel were frantically running around trying to find this treasure. I wish Zack wasn't so in love with Maddie, it's so annoying...that's the only reason I gave this a "9" (otherwise it would have received a 10). Overall though I hope that this show continues to do well and keeps making young boys and girls laugh and be able to keep thier dreams that one day they will get the chance to meet Cole and Dylan sprouse. By the way, I can't wait until it comes out on DVD!!
  • Brilliant, Hillarious, Crazy!

    I think this episode is the best episodes of \"The Suite Life\" ever made! I think its especially funny when everyone is argueing and suddenly Arwin shouts \"Dogs have cleaner tongues than people!\" and at that moment he strangely actually looks like a dog! But anyways, this episode is brilliant!
  • Zack and Cody discovered a piece of article from the news which dated back to 1938. It said that there's treasure in the Tipton hotel.

    muriel was lazy when she was young. they younger muriel was acted by maddie and id din't notice it for quite a while. in fact, it was after i noticed that eveybody from muriel's memory was actually acted by the people now as the people whom we normally see in the show. this is a very exciting episode until the last which is the part when the treasure is found.
  • Now I wish I picked this episode to air instead of the other episode.

    Wow! This episode is fairly good, but can get a bit boring at times. It has everything viewers want. It also shows all of the characters and that. Watching Esteban and London "working" together was pretty funny. I think that this episode is one of the greatest episode of season 1.
  • Zack, Cody, London, and the rest of the group look for Hot Pepper's treasure.

    This is by far the funniest episode of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. This episode gives you a taste of what some people will do to get money. Zack, Cody, Maddie, and Esteban destroy the Valentine Suite, Esteban blows up a wall, London and Esteban hide in the dumbwaiter and break it, and everyone is coming up with wild visions of what they'll do with their money. Filled with hundreds of laughs, this is the funniest and best episode of the series!
  • Zack And Cody Find a newspaper clipping that says a Gangster from the 1940s that he has hidden treasure inside the hotel so they look for it.

    While Trowing A Nerf Ball About The Hotel Zack And Cody Find a newspaper clipping that says he hidden Treasure in the hotel zack and cody hunt for the hidden Treasure and find out that muriel is the treasure.

    This is a good episode good storyline very funny.i liked it
  • Of all episodes that have aired, this has to be my favorite.

    When Zack, Cody, and Esteban are throwing a nerf ball and break a very expensive Tipton antique, they find more than what they expected. A newspaper article stating that the Tipton holds a treasure. They start off looking for it but then Maddie wants in. Soon enough London and Esteban join in to find the treasure. It turns into a race that brings everybody against eachother. With more help from Muriel, the twins discover that the treasure isn't exactly the treasure they were looking for. I have to say that this episode was well acted and very good. The jokes were funny also.