The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 12

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 17, 2005 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • This is the first time we are given any hints that Estaban may have any sort of relationship with Carey when he is daydreaming.

    • The flower arrangement behind the sofa during Muriel's flashback to the 1930's is the same as the present-day's.

    • When Carey hits the locket with the mallet, it makes a sound as if she was breaking a glass object but the locket was metal. A locket would have never made that loud of a sound.

    • This is the first episode in which we do not see Maddie wearing her Tipton uniform.

    • When the wall blew up to show the Bank of Boston another building could not have been that close.

    • Running Gag: Someone saying "I'm standing right here" after Zack asking why he should include them in the treasure.

    • Running Gag: Cody calling a conference.

    • Cody must have calculated the center of the hotel incorrectly. If the center of the hotel was the drain, then the wall leading to the neighboring building should not have been that close. The hotel must be larger than that, judging by the lobby's size.

    • In Zack's fantasy when Maddie enters, Zack stands up and is holding his controller, but in the next shot the controller is gone and he is holding something else without any movement.

    • It is obvious that Dylan has miscoloured skin towards the left of his chin, but it's not as obvious in other episodes.

    • It is obvious that Dylan (Zack) has freckles in this episodes.

    • When Zack is reading the newspaper to Cody, he puts his head up; but in the next shot, his head is down without any movement.

    • The first time you see the frame after the glue was put on it's smoking, but when Arwin throws it away it's not smoking anymore.

    • When Cody goes to kiss the girl in his dream, the dream is over; but you never see him kiss anyone, but Zack said he got kissed on the lips when Cody doesn't even reach down to kiss Zack or the girl.

    • When the frame fell, it should have fallen apart, but it only fell apart when someone picked it up.

    • When Esteban picked up the frame because Mr. Moseby was coming, it would usually take a while to get it in the perfect spot, but it only took Esteban one second and it's off camera which might of meant that there was a break between the two shots to get it perfect.

    • When Zack throws the ball, he is standing in front of the picture, but when it goes to a close up of the picture, the ball comes through the side.

    • When the painting falls at the start of the episode; in the first shot when you can't see Zack, Cody, or Esteban, just before it changes shot it tips over, but then in the next shot the picture is standing straight against the wall.

    • Goof: In Esteban's fantasy, he dreamt that London would be a bellhop; but just because Esteban would be rich, it doesn't mean that London wouldn't be rich anymore. It's Esteban's dream, so let him imagine what he wants, plus it was supposed to be funny/ironic.

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits: when Zack puts his arm on Maddie (but it was shot from a different angle), and when Zack falls from the vent.

    • This was Ashley Tisdale's (Maddie) favorite episode that she filmed. She liked having to search for the treasure, the costumes, and the wigs for the flashbacks.

    • There is no Nobel Prize for Mathematics. The highest award for a mathematician is the Field's medal. Obviously, there is no Prize for Baking either, but that was just a joke.

    • After Arwin's glue causes an explosion and creates a hole in the wall in the back alley, Mr. Moseby is horrified that there is a hole in his hotel. However, the hole in the wall was actually to the bank next door, not the Tipton itself. Wouldn't Mr. Moseby, being the manager, know which walls belong to the hotel and which don't? Also, the explosion would have had to put a hole in the Tipton before it could go through the bank's wall.

    • When everyone raced in to get the money after the explosion left a hole in the wall, you see that Carey doesn't actually reach in to grab the treasure/money. But later, when the twins and Maddie clear their throat, Carey throws down some stuff.

    • In Esteban's fantasy, all of the uniforms still have T's on them, while the desk is the only thing with an E.

    • When Cody tells Zack he wants to ask mom for his own room, this would actually be impossible because they share a room and Carey (their mom) has to sleep on the pull-out couch in the living room; so it's obvious that there isn't any other room; or else Carey would have that one already. The room next door to the boys room is the bathroom.

    • When Arwin, Zack, and Cody hide behind the couch because the frame exploded, Arwin's glasses are on crooked. However, when they all stand up again, his glasses are back on straight.

    • Throughout Esteban's daydream of owning the hotel after finding the money, his suit keeps changing from having the first button buttoned, and then unbuttoned.

    • Don't you think that the picture won't break that easily? It was only a nerf ball. It is really soft. Not hard like a real football.

    • This episode was part of Disney Channel's "So Hot Summer Click It To Pick It".

  • Quotes

    • Muriel: I should have known there was no treasure. Otherwise, Peppers would have given me something other than this cheap heart shaped locket.
      (Everyone looks up in shock)
      Maddie: "The treasure lies beneath the heart."
      Cody: That must have been the heart Hot Peppers was talking about.
      Zack: You hold her, I'll grab it!
      (Everyone runs to Muriel)
      Muriel: HOLD IT! Here. I could never get the thing open anyway.
      (Carey takes it and and smashes it with a mallet)
      Carey: (reading the note in the locket) "To Muriel, you are my greatest treasure."
      Maddie: Muriel, you were the treasure all along.
      Muriel: Yeah, yeah, that's what all the cheap guys say. When they don't want to spring for the good jewelry.

    • (After an explosion, Moseby came in and stunned)
      Moseby: (hands shaking and mumbles unintelligible words) Huy poingy doi peeky peeky panglo...ooh...mama!

    • Detective ( as Mosbey): Yo gonna fry Pepper...That reminds me, after this we should get some lunch.

    • London: I wonder how my life would be if I found the treasure? (a fantasy ripple starts up, but is interrupted by London) Oh, yeah. It would be the same.

    • Zack: (Seeing Maddie kiss a broom) Yeah, why catch me when you can make out with a broom.

    • Cody: I think we need to cut him in if he knows about the treasure.
      Zack: Why?
      Esteban: Because I can hear everything you are saying.

    • (Muriel coming to the room)
      Muriel: Did you find the treasure yet?
      Cody: Not yet.
      Muriel: Losers!

    • Cody: I expected to win a Nobel prize for in physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. But to win one for baking, well, that just takes the cake!

    • Zack & Cody: (as Pepper's small men) I think we're wearing him down. (Mr. Moseby as Detective hangs on to their hats)
      Detective: Yeah. I'm really exhausted. (lets go of the their hats and they fall foward)

    • London: (After landing in garbage) This is all your fault!
      Esteban: Oh, you're right. It couldn't have been your fault because you didn't do anything. Nada!

    • Arwin: Man, my glue will never work. Huh! It grows hair! It grows hair! I'm rich! (Hands Mr. Moseby toolbelt) I quit! Hahahaha! I'm rich! I'm rich! Hahahaha!
      (Arwin runs into a room and there is a loud explosion.)
      Arwin: Nevermind!

    • (Talking about their being no treasure)
      London: On the bright side, I'm still rich! Yah me!

    • Muriel: I went to see Peppers in prison once, to ask him where the treasure is. And he said "The treasure lies beneath the heart."
      Maddie: What could that mean?
      Mr. Moseby: Esteban, our newly weds are on the way. Takes this Champagne to the Honeymoon Suite.
      Esteban: Oooo! I just love the Honeymoon Suite. Everything is shaped like hearts. Heart-shaped headboards, heart-shaped soap, heart-shaped pillows. Hearts! Hearts! Hearts!
      (Zack, Cody, and Maddie look up in surprise and run after Esteban)
      Muriel: Well, I'm stumped.

    • Muriel: Wait a minute! I just remembered something important about Hot Pepper's.
      Everyone: What?
      Muriel: Ohh. It's gone.

    • (During Muriel's flashback)
      Hot Peppers: Write to me, baby.
      Young Muriel: Yah, yah. If I can find a stamp.

    • London: Brilliant! You keep this up, and I'll trade your key ring in for a sports car, mister.
      Esteban: But then I'll need the key ring.
      Maddie: You guys are going to make a great team. Too bad you're looking in the wrong place. Okay, obviously, the heart refers to the Valentine room, and below that is the lounge.
      Zack: I like the way you think, sweet thang.
      Cody: You like anything she says, desperate thang.
      Zack: Well, I'm going with Candy Girl.
      London: And I'm going with Bell Boy here.
      Cody: Well, wait a minute? Who's going with me?
      Zack: Nobody, Calculator Boy.

    • Esteban: (talking about hidden treasure) I've got it! Beneath the heart is the stomach! And the stomach of the hotel is the kitchen!
      London: Brilliant! You keep this up and I'll trade your key ring in for a sports car, mister.
      Esteban: But then I'll need the key ring...

    • Carey: Have you seen my kids?
      Mr. Moseby: No. Have you seen my employees? Oh, I have a bad feeling about this.
      Carey: Me, too. Let's stay calm. I'm sure my kids are fine and your hotel is still in one piece.
      (There is a loud explosion)
      Carey: Or pieces.

    • Cody: We may have to cut her in.
      Zack: No! She's too rich already.
      Maddie: She's spoiled rotten.
      Esteban: And for Christmas she gave me a lousy key ring.
      London: You know I am standing right here.
      Zack: This conference thing: not working out.

    • Cody: Conference. (Cody, Zack, & Maddie go into a little huddle) Should we count her in?
      Maddie: Well, she is the only one who was actually there.
      Zack: Good point. We can always short her when we split the loot. She's too lazy to count it.
      Muriel: (Overhearing them) You know, I'm still sitting right here.
      Zack: Forget that I said anything. You're in.

    • (In Muriel's flashback to when she was younger and working at the Tipton)
      Detective: You're gonna fry, Peppers.

    • (In Muriel's flashback to when she was younger and working at the Tipton)
      Flossie: (High-pitched voice) Hey, Peppers. Is it hot in here or is it just you? (Giggles)
      (Peppers snaps his fingers for his lackeys to take care of it)

      Lackey: Get your mitts off the boss, floozy.
      Flossie: It's pronounced Flossie. (Lackeys carry Flossie off and drop her) Ooh!

    • (Muriel's flashback to when she was younger and working at the Tipton)
      Hot Peppers: Hey, Muriel. I'm crazy for you, toots.
      Younger Muriel: Get in line pal.
      Hot Peppers: Let's go on the lam together.
      Younger Muriel: Does it involve moving?
      Hot Peppers: I'll carry you, babe.

    • Cody: Conference.
      Zack: She's got a point. We should cut her in.
      Cody: I don't know. She's already 15, and she only works the candy counter. If she was smart, she would have made something of her life by now.
      Maddie: You know, I'm standing right here.
      Cody: Ok, you're in.
      Maddie: Goody.

    • Maddie: Hey, wait a minute, that's a picture of Muriel.
      Cody: How can you tell?
      Maddie: Look at her. She's sitting down with her feet up.

    • Maddie: What money?
      Cody: Uh, it's none of your business. And there's nothing you can say or do to make us tell you.
      Maddie: (Flirtatiously) Zackie?
      Zack: There's money hidden in the hotel.
      Cody: Sucker.
      Zack: So, I'm in love. Sue me.

    • Cody: I've got to ask mom for my own room.

    • Zack: (talking to Maddie) A genius in the kitchen and a tiger in the game room. Baby, you're the greatest. (gives Maddie a kiss on the cheek)

    • Maddie: Zack, honey, time to eat.
      Zack: What's for dinner?
      Maddie: Popcorn and candy.
      Zack: For dessert?
      Maddie: Candy and popcorn.
      Zack: Thanks, sweetie.

    • Zack: What's that?
      Cody: It's a newspaper from 1938. Tipton Treasure?! (reading newspaper) "Gangster's gal tells all."
      (Zack takes newspaper away from Cody)
      Zack: (reading newspaper article) "Big time mobster, Alfonse 'Hot Peppers' Dealio, was caught at the Tipton. As they pulled him away, he swore he'd come back for his treasure."
      Cody: So there's money hidden somewhere in this hotel?
      Zack: It could be millions!

    • (The frame explodes due to Arwin's glue)
      Arwin: (sighs) Works perfectly until I try to stick it to something.
      Zack: Which is kind of the point of glue.

    • Arwin: I can fix this, though, with my new super-strength glue. I call it super-strength glue.
      Mr. Moseby: Catchy. See what you can do.

    • Zack & Cody: Arwin!
      Cody: Arwin can fix it.
      Zack: Arwin can fix anything.
      Arwin: Except a nice quiche. I can't get the cheese to harden quite right.

    • Mr. Moseby: Who's going to pay for this?
      Cody: Do you take game tokens?

    • Zack, Cody, & Esteban: (a painting hanging on the wall suddenly falls onto the floor, after being hit by a football) Aah!
      Cody: Oh, no. It's broken.
      Zack: My half isn't broken.

    • Zack: Dude, that was on the lips!
      Cody: Aah!

    • Security Guard: Hello. Welcome to the United Bank of Boston. You know, if you want to make a withdrawal, we prefer you use a teller.
      Mr. Moseby: I would have, but the lines. (drops money)

    • Arwin: By the way, your brother killed my pet spider!
      Cody: I'm so sorry?
      Arwin: Sorry doesn't buy spider love!!

    • Arwin: Hey it still writes. (tastes ink) No, that's Italian dressing.

    • Esteban: Quick the dumbwaiter.
      London: I don't like to make fun of the help.

    • London: This looking thing isn't that hard. It's actually kind of fun.
      Esteban: Oodles.

    • Maddie: So London, where do you think the center of the hotel is?
      London: Anywhere I am.

    • Mr. Moseby: Old is good.
      Cody: And that's what makes you great.

    • (Zack, Cody, & Esteban put the two halves of the frame together, and make it look like they are the picture as they hear Mr. Moseby coming)
      Zack: Think he noticed?
      Mr. Moseby: He noticed.
      Cody: It wasn't us! We were (looks around him) framed!

    • Cody: Dude, why did you just kiss me?
      Zack: Sorry, daydreaming.

    • Carey: Ahem!
      (Zack and Cody drop money on floor.)
      Zack & Cody: Ahem!
      (Carey drops money on floor.)

    • All: (shouting at each other)

    • Zack: Oh yeah, why catch me when you can make out with a broom!?

    • Zack: (to Maddie) I like the way you think, sweet thang!
      Cody: You like anything she says, desperate thang.

    • Cody: Smoke!
      Arwin: No, thanks. It's a nasty habit.
      Cody: No, the frame is smoking!
      Arwin: That is the silliest thing I ever -- (sees smoking frame) Aah! Aah! Aah! Duck and Cover! (Arwin grabs Zack & Cody and throws them out of harms way, then there is an explosion)

    • (after learning that there is no monetary treasure)
      Esteban: Now I'll never own this hotel.
      Maddie: And I'll never be the President.
      Cody: I'll never win the Nobel Prize.
      Zack: I'll never marry Maddie. (Maddie looks at him funny)
      London: On the bright side, I'm still rich. Yay me!

  • Notes

    • The German episode title is "Das Tipton auf Schatzsuche", meaning "The Tipton On A Treasure Hunt".

    • The newspaper (prop) got signed by the cast and was given away by M Magazine.

    • The opening scene takes 35 seconds.

    • In this episode, we find out that Esteban also has a crush on Carey.

    • The only person they actually showed kissing on the lips was Maddie. The rest was either on the cheek, or the scene ended before they could show it.

    • According to this episode, the Tipton Hotel is apparently right next to the United Bank of Boston.

    • The honeymoon suite is on the 23rd floor.

    • The old newspaper found on the back of the painting was dated as being from 1938.

    • It's revealed that Muriel started working at the Tipton around the late 1930's, basically doing as much work as she does now. Interestingly enough, Estelle Harris, the actress who plays Muriel was born in 1932, which means her character is much older than she is in real life since in the episode Muriel was already grown up in 1938 when Estelle would only be 6 years old.

    • The painting that was broken at the beginning of this episode was never fixed.

    • When Muriel explains her first "meeting" with Hot Peppers, we take a flash back. You'll notice that Esteban is playing Hot Peppers, Zack and Cody are his lackeys, Maddie is a young Muriel (just as moody as the Muriel of today), Carey is a woman named Flossie, Mr. Moseby is the detective and London is her great-great-grandmother at a young age who's just as rich as today's London.

  • Allusions

    • At the end of the episode, Moseby says: "there's a hole in my hotel!" This is a possible allusion to the song "There's a Hole In My Bucket".

    • At the end of Zack's fantasy, he tells Maddie (his fantasy wife), "Baby, you're the greatest!" This is an allusion to the black and white 1950s sitcom, "The Honeymooners," which ended every episode with Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) telling his wife Alice those exact same words.

    • During Muriel's flashback to the 1930s, Mr. Moseby's portrayal of a detective was actually an impersonation of 1930s movie star James Cagney.

    • Zack: So I'm in love. Sue me! This refers to a musical that originated in the fifties, Guys and Dolls. One of the main characters, Nathan Detroit, tries to explain to his fiancée that he loves her by singing 'sue me, sue me, what can you do me, I love you!..."

    • Title: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Hotel
      The episode title 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel' is a play on the title of the 1963 film It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, where the dying words of a thief spark a mad cross-country rush to find some treasure, like how the last words of a thief spark this mad rush to find treasure in the hotel.