The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 14

Kept Man

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 19, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Zack makes a new rich friend, who is mean to Cody and thinks he is a dork. Maddie and London have to do a parenting project for school as partners.

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  • Messy and disappointing

    A rich boy likes Zack and dislikes Cody. The rich kid entices Zack into friendship by giving him rich clothing and fancy items. Meanwhile, Maddie and London have to take care of a baby for a project. The rich boy plot was awful, but the baby project plot was hilarious, especially when it falls out the window.
  • Below average SLOZAC episode

    An okay episode, but it really frustrated me exactly how much the rich guy hated Cody. I also didn't like Zack much here, but Maddie and London's baby project plot was much better.

    If it weren't for Maddie and London's plot, this episode would be a NOTHING
  • Eh, this was a good enough episode of the Suite life of Zack and Cody.

    Ok, Zack makes a new rich friend, who is mean to Cody and thinks he is a dork. Maddie and London have to do a parenting project for school as partners. I thought this was a good episode of the Suite life of Zack and Cody. It wasn't one of my favorites but the subplot is the reason my score is a 7. Now what I hated about the main plot was that Zack friend Theo was being a jerk and get really irritating of being mean to Cody but it wasn't terrible I mean there were some really funny moments in this episode and I'm glad that Zack came through at the end and ended the friendship with Theo. Probably the most funniest part out of that plot was the very ending when Zack was in his underwear in the loby. (When Zack ended the friendship with Theo he took all his clothes he barrowed and he was wearing them.) Now the subplot was absolutly hilarious! I thought it was interesting how Maddie and London became parents. I think the most laugh lout loud part of the plot and the whole episode was when the baby was crying and Mr. Moesby was beating it up and a women with a real baby sees it and he yells "Let me hold your baby!!" No wait, scratch that the funniest part of the whole episode and the plot would be when Maddie and London through the baby out the window while it was crying and it passed by Zack and Cody's floor and Carrie was drinking coffee and it past their room and Carrie just looks up. Well overall not a big fan of the main plot but the hilarious subplot saved it! 7/10.moreless
  • hilarious

    Zack meets a new rich friend who likes him for how he is but he also hates Cody and doesn't treat him that well. Maddie and London are tasked to do a make believe parenting homework. They have to take home an electronic baby doll that they have to take care just like a real baby. They both realize that they have varying parenting opinions that they end up fighting on how to take care of the plastic baby. This episode revolves around Zack having to hang out with a rich person or his brother Cody. It's a funny episode, every scene looks really funny.moreless
  • I didn't like this episode...

    Zack makes a new rich friend that doesn't like Cody. Zack didn't care throughout the episode that his new friend didn't like Cody because Zack likes money more. But, at the end, Zack did choose Cody over money. Meanwhile, Maddie and London are partners on a baby project. I didn't like any part of this episode. I thought the rich kid story was stupid and unoriginal. I also thought the baby story was unoriginal also. It was also stupid and got pretty boring. Overall, two bad stories placed together, I don't remember any good funny moments, and it just wasn't a good episode.moreless
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Mike Weinberg

Theo Cavenaugh

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Vanessa Hudgens


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Monique Coleman


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (25)

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits (of Season 3): when Maddie and London are holding the baby saying "We are", and when Maddie gets squirted with milk by London.

    • Maddie doesn't want to name the baby London Jr. because it's a "boy", but London is both a boys' and girls' name.

    • When Zack left Theo's house, he had on socks. When he got to the Tipton, he didn't have them on.

    • Goof: When Maddie dives to catch the baby after it is shot out of the stroller, she ends up catching the baby but after, the baby smacks its head on the floor, but does not seem to be harmed when they stand up.

    • During the middle of the episode when London is feeding the baby, she burps him and all this milk squirts on Maddie's shirt. However, when she wakes up to settle the crying baby, her shirt doesn't show any milk stains.

    • This is the first time when Zack is seen in his underwear, when Cody was in his boxers three times.

    • After Corrie says "Can I have her number?" (referring to Esteban) London is supposed to be answering something quietly. If you watch her lips, you can see she is just humming, not actually saying anything.

    • When Maddie told London that she doesn't help, London said it was because of her manicure; but her nails look perfectly normal.

    • When Mr. Moseby asks Maddie to shut the baby up, London said that he was crying because Maddie was yelling, but she never yelled just before it started crying.

    • When Maddie is holding the baby in the Lobby, it's obvious that there is no simulator under the shirt because there is no bump there, but when they give it back, it is there again.

    • When we first see Maddie she is holding a bit of her hair tight back with a clip, but the second time we see her hair is loose.

    • When Cody said he needed to work on his speech and he couldn't go play outside; Cody is left alone in Theo's room and he couldn't write his speech in there because he wouldn't have been able to know where the paper and pen where located at.

    • When Zack is holding the game box, without even moving he is holding it in a different position.

    • When Theo asks Zack for a soda and he asks where, Theo just said Soda Fountain, and somehow Zack knew to look behind himself even though Theo didn't point anywhere.

    • When Theo asks Cody why he is driving so slow, his reason is he doesn't want to exceed the speed limit but there are no speed limit signs on his track.

    • When Theo, Zack, and Cody start playing with the race car track, Theo is talking to Zack and Theo has the controller, and then all of a sudden without any movement Theo's controller is in Cody's hands.

    • During the first time we see Mary-Margaret, her hair changes position without any movement.

    • When London threw the doll to Maddie, it doesn't have a simulator and somehow starts to cry.

    • In this episode we learn that Carey, Zack, and Cody don't have a car.

    • Zack and Cody got excited about Theo having a car (because they don't have one); but in "Dad's Back", Carey mentions that they left Zack in the parking lot, which means they have a car.

    • At the start of the episode when Theo said he would take Zack and Cody to his house in his limo with a hot tub, Cody says that he calls the hot tub; but he hasn't got any togs or bathers.

    • Mr. Moseby cracks a joke about Theo's mom, but no one laughs once again, this has happened in some other episodes.

    • At the start of the episode, Zack and Cody were complaining about the basketball, but they could have just pumped it up to get it back to normal.

    • The Golden Tongue is a trophy in which people use in speech/language contests. It was used as the trophy in an episode of "All Grown UP" on Nickelodeon, in which Suzi and Kimi are in a language contest.

    • Mary-Margret wanted to name her baby simulator LeBron. LeBron James just happened to be mentioned in High School Musical, in which Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Monique Coleman star in.

  • QUOTES (57)

    • Cody: So you're coming to my speech?
      Zack: Absolutely!
      Carey: So my guilt thing worked?

    • Zack: I'll bring you back a Fergie bobblehead.

    • Theo: I believe the bling-bling is mine-mine.

    • Cody: (coming out of the door) Zack, I brought my vest with the big pockets so we can bring our own popcorn and save (talks slower) money. Oh hi Theo.

    • Theo: Maybe we could play in my full regulation court.
      Zack: You have a basketball court outside your house?
      Theo: Inside. Next to the bowling alley.

    • Cody: I'm nervous mom! What if I get in front of the audience and freeze up?
      Carey: Theres an old trick that always worked for me! Just picture the audience in their underwear!
      (Cody closes his eyes and opens and sees Zack in his underwear)
      Cody: Hey it worked!

    • Esteban: I miss that baby! Although it's crying gave me a little headache! (The baby falls on Esteban's head and he faints)

    • Mr. Moseby: Ladies I am getting all sorts of complaints!
      Maddie: We don't know what to do!
      London: It won't stop crying!
      Mr. Moseby: Fine then I'll tear out it's batteries!
      Maddie: Don't you touch our baby!
      Mr. Moseby: He's a doll!
      London: You bet it is! You won't touch a hair on his wittle head!
      Mr. Moseby: He doesn't have hair on his wittle head!

    • Maddie: You have any suggestions? I mean besides the Swiss Boarding School!

    • London: Maddie! Baby!
      Maddie: London! Your turn!
      London: I'll give you $100 dollars!
      Maddie: I am so tired! No amount of money can get me up!
      London: Uhh a thousand!
      Maddie: Rise and Shine!

    • Carey: He used to shower me with stuff! Rings, bracelets, necklaces, clothes, shoes, Oh there were these pairs of earrings...
      Zack: Mom!
      Carey: Sorry! One day I realized I really didn't like him! What I really like was the stuff he gave me!
      Zack: So you broke up with him?
      Carey: No he dumped me!

    • Carey: You know Materials things never work for you!
      Zack: Works for Theo!

    • Zack: So how's the speech coming?
      Cody: You'll hear it Monday night!
      Zack: Ooohh, is it this Monday?
      Cody: It's always have been! It's been on the fridge for 3 weeks!
      Zack: Well, this Monday Theo has tickets for the Black Peas concert! Oh, he and the Peas go way back. He knew them back when they were the "Pods." But I'll bring you back a Fergie bobble head!
      Cody: Don't bother! Have fun with your new best friend!
      Zack: Aw! Come on, buddy! Don't be like that! Cody! Foam finger? (Cody closes the door and the finger gets smashed and Zack takes out his hand and looks at it) ....Ow?

    • London: Fine! After we get an A in this assignment! I want a divorce!
      Maddie: Fine!
      London: Fine!

    • Maddie: I had it! You have the parenting skills of a toaster!

    • Esteban: Oh don't you like your bottle? Look Nanny Esteban likes it! (Drinks the bottle and spits it out)

    • Zack: I'm going to see Killer Koala with Cody!
      Theo: Saw it! It was framed by the platypus!

    • Cody: I'll go grab my defense sign! It's a capital D and a picket fence!

    • Zack: Hey Cody! Wanna go see a movie? Killer Koala opened downtown!
      Cody: I don't know. I really got to work on my speech! It's really important! First prize gets the Golden Tongue!

    • London: Time to go shopping for London Jr.!
      Maddie: We are not calling him London Jr.!
      London: Why?
      Maddie: Because he's a boy!
      London: How do you know?
      Maddie: Because I'm the one who's been changing his diapers!

    • Zack: Come on! We're talking about cute furry woodland creatures wrecking havoc on unsuspected victims! Cody: Okay, I guess a break is not bad! I'll get my turtle neck sweater so I can hide my eyes in the scary parts!

    • Cody: You two go get exercise! I'll be flexing the old coconut!

    • Cody: Do you have passion fruit tea?
      Theo: No! And I don't have rice cakes, either!

    • Theo: Hey Zack could you grab me a soda?
      Zack: Sure! Where?
      Theo: Soda Fountain!
      Zack: Oh my! He has a soda fountain in his room!

    • Theo: Great game, Zack! You're an awesome player!
      Zack: Thanks!
      Cody: Well, I would have done better, but my gel insoles were leaking!

    • Theo: Need anything else?
      Cody: Yea! A basketball that you drop and it bounces back!

    • Cody: Man this basketball is cheap! Ain't coming back!
      Zack: What do you expect! Mom got it free when she bought the family size cheese at Cheap Charlie's!
      Cody: Yea! I guess I shouldn't complain! We wouldn't of gotten the skateboards if it wasn't for that sale on mayonnaise!

    • London: Esteban, you're fired!
      Esteban: As the nanny or as the bellboy?
      London: As the nanny.
      Mr. Moseby: But the day is still young!

    • London: Are you okay?
      Maddie: Thanks, I'm fine.
      London: Not you. The hair to the Tipton fortune.
      Maddie: It's "heir." And he's fine, no thanks to you!

    • London: (carrying the baby simulator) It's so cute. Wow, I'm starting to feel motherly maternal-type feelings.
      (baby simulator starts crying)
      London: It wants you. (throws baby simulator to Maddie)

    • Theo: They're floor seats.
      Zack: You mean so close, they'll probably sweat on us?
      Theo: Maybe if we're lucky, bleed on us!

    • (The doll breaks apart when Sister Dominick gets it)
      Doll: (recording of Maddie) Darn nun! There! I cursed a nun, and I don't care! Darn nun! Darn nun! Darn nun! (it keeps repeating "Darn nun")
      (Maddie hits the doll with the ruler)
      Maddie: Kids, they say the darndest things.

    • Zack: You know, the Peas don't go on until 9:00. So I was thinking on the way there, maybe could we stop by my school and hear Cody's speech?
      Theo: Yeah, then we can go to the park and watch grass die.
      Zack: Look, I know it doesn't sound exciting. But he is my brother, and it means a lot to him.
      Theo: Who cares about Cody? You're hanging out with me now. Here. (Theo hands Zack a recorder) Put this under your shirt. I wanna tape the concert.
      Zack: Isn't that illegal?
      Theo: That's why it's under your shirt.
      Zack: You know, I don't think I wanna go anywhere with you!
      Theo: Fine. Why don't you go hang out with your lame brother?
      Zack: Hey, my brother may be lame, and a geek, and a weanie, and he flosses between every bite, and...what were talking about again? Oh, yeah. Theo, you can't insult my brother! And you can't buy my friendship!
      Theo: What're you saying?
      Zack: I'm saying we're through.

    • (Zack is in the lobby in his boxers and undershirt)
      Zack: I've learned two things today. One, can't buy friendship; and two, city bus drivers take pity on you when you're half naked.

    • Zack: So, I can go to the concert?
      Carey: If you think that's the right thing to do.
      Zack: So, I can go to the concert?
      Carey: If you really want to.
      Zack: So, I can go to the concert?
      Carey: If you can live with yourself.
      Zack: I can.
      Carey: Okay.
      Zack: I'm going.
      Carey: Then go.
      Zack: All right. (starts leaving)
      Carey: But while you're going you just... you think about... you're disappointing your...
      (Zack is gone)
      Carey: I have got to get better at this guilt thing!

    • Mr. Moseby: Esteban, please bring over that suitcase.
      Esteban: But I'm with child.
      Mr. Moseby: Get over here with that suitcase if you want to be with paycheck!

    • Maddie: (to London) Esteban is our nanny? The man's best friend is poultry!

    • London: I know it's a little big, but I figure he'll grow into it.
      Maddie: Okay, two things. One, he's a doll; he's not growing into anything. Two, where is he?!
      London: Calm down. He's fine, he's with the nanny.
      Maddie: Nanny? You left our baby with a nanny?
      London: What? I had 22 nannies and I turned out just fine.

    • Maddie: I'm sorry, Cody. It's just that I'm exhausted. I was up all night taking care of the baby.
      Cody: What baby? I didn't even know you got married.
      Maddie: Please, Cody. I'm only 16, and I've never even kissed a boy.
      Cody: Oh, please. Save it for the nuns.

    • Cody: Want my defense sign?
      Theo: That's okay. I've already got my "I'm a dork" t-shirt in the car.

    • Mr. Moseby: Ladies, why do you have a crying a baby in my lobby?
      Maddie: It's not a baby, it's our homework assignment.
      Mr. Moseby: Is there any way you can get your homework assignment to shut up?
      Maddie: We're trying.
      London: He's crying because Maddie woke him up by yelling!
      Maddie: Maybe he's crying because you refuse to feed, change, or touch him!
      London: Hello? Manicure.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, just give me that. How do you turn the thing off? (starts hitting the baby doll against a chair; a woman passes by with a real baby and sees him) Oh, no, no, no, no. He's not a real baby! No, no. Trust me, I love children. Let me hold your baby! (runs after the woman)

    • Carey: Hey Cody! How's the speech coming?
      Cody: Great! I've got 3 metaphors, two analogies and a simile!
      Carey: I'd love to hear it! You know I'm a sucker for a good simile!

    • Maddie: Don't you think we should be dividing up the responsibilities?
      London: We are. You take care of him and I buy him stuff. Yay, London Jr.!
      Maddie: That's not his name!

    • (London and Maddie's baby is crying)
      London: Why is he crying now?!
      Maddie: Well, he probably has gas. Babies need to be burped to get the air out. You have to lightly tap him on his back.
      London: Oh.
      (London lightly taps him on the back and milk sprays all over Maddie's shirt)
      London: Hey! He stopped crying! I did it! Yay me!
      Maddie: Remind me to ask you not to change his diaper.

    • Esteban: Oh, I know all about being a parent. I remember when Dudley took his first steps.
      London: Dudley's your pet chicken.
      Esteban: And I remember his first words, too. (clucks like a chicken)
      Maddie: What a smart chicken.
      Esteban: I know, isn't he?

    • Maddie: Sister Dominick had to pair me with you. Darn nun! There, I said it. I cursed a nun and I don't care. Darn nun!

    • London: Ok, the bottle and the milk are heated up. Now can I feed him?
      Maddie: No! First you have to test it on skin.
      London: Oh.
      (London sprays the milk all over Maddie's face)
      London: Is it ok?
      Maddie: It's fine... just feed him!

    • Theo: Cody, why are you driving so slow?
      Cody: Well, I don't want to exceed the speed limit.
      Theo: Yeah, you wouldn't want to do that in a toy race car. You might get stopped by a toy cop.
      Zack: (laughs) Toy cop. Man, that's classic.

    • Zack: Cool, slot cars.
      Cody: Wow, these trees are so life-like. Are those Douglas Fir?
      Theo: No, they're even more rare. They're plastic.

    • Cody: So how was the game? Zack: Eh, nothing special. Cody: Really? Cause I listened to the game on the radio and the Celtics won on a 65 foot shot in double overtime! Zack: Oh, ho hum!

    • Corrie: London, I named my son after you.
      Mary-Margaret: For the last time, his name is Lebron!
      Corrie: And London, you're the godmother!
      London: Ooh!
      (London starts clapping)
      Maddie: Godmother? Please she can't even take care of her own child. She left it with a nanny.
      Corrie: Oh is she good? Can I have her number?
      Maddie: I can't believe this!

    • Sister Dominick: Now, each of you will be paired with a partner.
      Corrie: Ooh, can I have London?!
      London: Ooh, no!

    • Sister Dominick: This weekend, each of you will be taking care of one of these.
      Mary-Margaret: We have to take care of a doll?
      Sister Dominick: Oh, not a doll. This is a high-tech baby simulator. It must be fed, changed, and nurtured; just like the real baby. And if you don't, it will cry and I will know.
      London: You mean... ? (looks upwards and points)
      Sister Dominick: No, dear. There's a recorder inside.

    • Zack: You have a car?!
      Theo: Well, if you consider a stretch limo with a hot tub, and a big screen TV a car, then yeah.
      Zack: Dude, where have you been all my life?!
      Cody: Hot tub, called it!

    • Zack: Hey, Mr. Moseby, think you can open the ice cream bar a bit early today?
      Mr. Moseby: Absolutely not. There is no...
      Theo: I could go for an ice cream.
      Mr. Moseby: Consider it open!

    • Theo: Moseby.
      Mr. Moseby: Young Mr. Cavenaugh. Haven't seen you in quite a while.
      Theo: Where's my mom?
      Mr. Moseby: Your mother's charity luncheon is still in session. They're debating the health benefits of green tea versus chamomile. Hope things don't come to a boil. (laughs; Theo stares) Never mind.

    • Maddie: I deal with babies all the time. Hello A!
      (Maddie high-fives Mary-Margaret)
      Sister Dominick: London, you will be partners with Maddie.
      Maddie: Goodbye A!

  • NOTES (16)


    • London: Yay London Jr. (claps)

      This is an allusion to what London says to herself,

      London: Yay me!! (claps)

    • When Esteban accidentally knocked London and Maddie's baby-simulator out of his stroller, Maddie dove to catch it. Maddie's dive took place in slow-motion accompanied by a springing noise. This was an allusion to the popular 1970s TV series, The Six-Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, in which the bionic man and bionic woman's super strengths were shown in slow motion, accompanied by a springing noise.

    • Maddie: Kids say the darndest things!

      Kids Say the Darndest Things, is an old Bill Cosby TV show.

    • Zack mentions that Theo will be bringing them to a Black Eyed Peas concert, and that he would bring back a Fergie bobblehead. The Black Eyed Peas is an actual Rap/Hip Hop group, and one of the member's names is Fergie.

    • This is possibly an allusion to the VH1 show, Kept, in which Jerry Hall tried to find the perfect "Kept" man.