The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 14

Kept Man

Aired Friday 7:00 PM May 19, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Messy and disappointing

    A rich boy likes Zack and dislikes Cody. The rich kid entices Zack into friendship by giving him rich clothing and fancy items. Meanwhile, Maddie and London have to take care of a baby for a project. The rich boy plot was awful, but the baby project plot was hilarious, especially when it falls out the window.
  • Below average SLOZAC episode

    An okay episode, but it really frustrated me exactly how much the rich guy hated Cody. I also didn't like Zack much here, but Maddie and London's baby project plot was much better.

    If it weren't for Maddie and London's plot, this episode would be a NOTHING
  • Eh, this was a good enough episode of the Suite life of Zack and Cody.

    Ok, Zack makes a new rich friend, who is mean to Cody and thinks he is a dork. Maddie and London have to do a parenting project for school as partners. I thought this was a good episode of the Suite life of Zack and Cody. It wasn't one of my favorites but the subplot is the reason my score is a 7. Now what I hated about the main plot was that Zack friend Theo was being a jerk and get really irritating of being mean to Cody but it wasn't terrible I mean there were some really funny moments in this episode and I'm glad that Zack came through at the end and ended the friendship with Theo. Probably the most funniest part out of that plot was the very ending when Zack was in his underwear in the loby. (When Zack ended the friendship with Theo he took all his clothes he barrowed and he was wearing them.) Now the subplot was absolutly hilarious! I thought it was interesting how Maddie and London became parents. I think the most laugh lout loud part of the plot and the whole episode was when the baby was crying and Mr. Moesby was beating it up and a women with a real baby sees it and he yells "Let me hold your baby!!" No wait, scratch that the funniest part of the whole episode and the plot would be when Maddie and London through the baby out the window while it was crying and it passed by Zack and Cody's floor and Carrie was drinking coffee and it past their room and Carrie just looks up. Well overall not a big fan of the main plot but the hilarious subplot saved it! 7/10.
  • hilarious

    Zack meets a new rich friend who likes him for how he is but he also hates Cody and doesn't treat him that well. Maddie and London are tasked to do a make believe parenting homework. They have to take home an electronic baby doll that they have to take care just like a real baby. They both realize that they have varying parenting opinions that they end up fighting on how to take care of the plastic baby. This episode revolves around Zack having to hang out with a rich person or his brother Cody. It's a funny episode, every scene looks really funny.
  • I didn't like this episode...

    Zack makes a new rich friend that doesn't like Cody. Zack didn't care throughout the episode that his new friend didn't like Cody because Zack likes money more. But, at the end, Zack did choose Cody over money. Meanwhile, Maddie and London are partners on a baby project. I didn't like any part of this episode. I thought the rich kid story was stupid and unoriginal. I also thought the baby story was unoriginal also. It was also stupid and got pretty boring. Overall, two bad stories placed together, I don't remember any good funny moments, and it just wasn't a good episode.
  • poor

    zack's new friend made me sick... the way he treated cody throughout the episode and zack not doing anything. i mean, zack learns his lesson at the end of the episode, yes, but that doesn't exactly cancel out all the stuff he had done in the episode, at least not to me. the subplot with maddie and london was more interesting though i did not like the ending that much. overall, zack's new rich friend was too mean for me to like it, and the subplot was good but the ending was not, so it gets a D- or so
  • This was a funny episode. Not one of the best but it was pretty funny.

    Zack and Cody meet a rich kid who likes Zack but is mean to Cody. Zack likes hanging out with this kid because of all of the cool things that he does with him and all of the cool stuff that the kid gives him but in the end Zack sees that the kid is just using him and he tells him off and walks out on him. The episode was funny and there were some really good moments in it. It wasn't one of the best but I liked it. It wasn't one of my favorites but it was a pretty good episode.
  • Great Episode and Funny Stuff!

    Kept Man is the 40th episode of TSL aired in the USA. I thought this episode was very good. It was funny. I like the Maddie/London plot better because it was funnier and more interesting. London and Maddie were very funny. Vanessa Hudgens guest stars in this episode. This is her 4th appearance. She is very funny, especially how she is obsessed with London. HaHaHa! LOL! Theo is a terrible actor. I wanted someone else to take his role. I really don't think he is a good actor at all. Besides that, this episode was magnificent and extremely funny! Go Kept Man!
  • Now this is what I call an episode.

    Now this is what I call an episode. It had flare it popped out oh and the actors by the way were great unlike probably the other episodes this one they absolutely nailed it and I am very proud actually despite the fact that a lot of episodes in the second season are quite going down hill.
  • This episode is a great episode and I really love it.

    I think this episode really though me a lot about friendship and how friedship works.This thought me to not leave any one and I also know how upsetting this is and I really think this a a great episoe for people who like watching the Suite Life of Zack & Cody.I really like how Zack and Cody get a new friend but it teaches you how to treat your friends and how not to treat your friends.So I think this is a great episode to watch.I will keep continuing to watch it.
  • Zack meets a rich kid, and becomes friends, but Cody doesn't. Maddie and London try to take care of a baby doll for school.

    This is my favorite episode of the second season. Maddie and London had the funniest plot of the second season, in this episode. Sister Dominick enroles parents. And London and Maddie are picked to be partners. At first Maddie does all the hard stuff, and London does nothing. But after some tough neogotiating and the decision of wheather it was a boy or a girl. The child is hurled out the window. That was the funny scene. They return the child, and receive a C for trying. Corrie and Mary also return. Zack ditches Theo after he belittle's Cody. Excellent.
  • One of my favourite episode!

    I like this episode it teaches you that friendship cant be bought.Well Zack and Cody make a rich but he really mean to cody and gives zack anything he wants.Then he makes fun of cody basketball ability and Tells Zack hes really good.Cody decides to leave to go and work on his speech.Then when zack and Cody are going to see a movie Theo comes in with 2 tickets to a celtics game.He takes Zack and leaves Cody behind sadly working on his speech.When Zack comes back he tells Cody that he cant come to his speech that theo has tickets to a black eyes pead concert.Carey tries to guilt Zack into going to Cody speech instead but it doesnt work.Zack realised what he had to do and decides to go to codys speech.Theo makes Zack give back all the stuff he gave him even the clothes he was wearing!So Zack is left in his boxers and undershirt but at least he did the right thing.This is a very good episode!
  • The first full episode I've seen of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody!

    I've seen my sister watch The Suite Life of Zack and Cody before, and it didn't catch my interest at all. I'm not a big Disney Channel fan at all.

    Today, I sat down and watched my first episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody with my sister. I'll start by saying this, I was surprised. This show isn't half-bad.

    I really like the fact that this show takes place in Boston, because I'm from Boston.

    Anyways, this episode was definately above average. I didn't have very high expectations for this show, but now I've changed my opinion on it.

    I laughed at a couple of scences, especially when the baby spit up his/her "binky".

    At the end of the episode, we all learned that even in tough decisions, you have to do what's right in the end. Zack had gave up his chance to see a Black-Eyed Peas concert, and instead, attended his brother, Cody's speech.
  • This episode had good life lessons.

    Well Zack and Cody meet a snoby rich kid, who gets everything he wants. Theo, the rich kid, decides to have the twins over. While there Theo starts treating Cody differnet than Zack. Theo starts making fun of Cody and Zack goes along with it at first. Maddie and London are paired together to take care of an electronic doll which is supposed to be baby. All London wants to do is buy it clothes, so Maddie is left with the hard work. Eventually, Maddie and London discover just how hard it is to take care of a baby, that is after they accidently throw the baby out the window. Cody in the meantime is working on delivering a speech that he has been practicing for 3 weeks. Zack gets tied up doing things with Theo and tells Cody he can't go to his speech. Zack eventually finds out that Theo is just using him, and Zack leaves with his dignity, in his underwear!
  • This episode gives a good life lesson while it makes you laugh at the same time. This episode stays best for the lesson learned category.

    Zack and Cody make a new friend who treats Cody badly. London and Maddie take care of a baby.

    This episode is genius. It gives enough jokes to keep you laughing and the things Maddie and London do with the baby. (I might add that throwing the baby out the window is funny yet teaches you not to.)

    It was good to see an episode where Cody actually gets the shaft. He is himself and isn't liked for it. Zack though is himself and is recognized for that. I think one thing that caught me on this episode was Theo's room.
  • This is one of the best episodes of the season, second only to \"The Suite Smell of Excess\".

    In this episode, I like the Maddy-London plot better than the Zack-Cody plot. The whole baby simulator thing is hilarious. The funniest part is Esteban baby-sitting with a baby cam. Also when London and Maddy accidentally throw the baby out the window, and onto Esteban's head. But my favorite part was when the baby simulator said "darn nun" (clearly in Maddie's voice) when it lands on the nun's desk.
    All in all, it is one of the best episodes of the season, second only to "The Suite Smell of Excess". I would recommend "Kept Man" to any and every Zack and Cody fan.
  • A funny episode. Yet, I knew it wasn't going to be one of the best. (Explains rating above)

    This episode was funny, sure as heck, all Suite Life episodes are funny! But this episode, to me, lacked a good plot. The plots were a bit boring, but they were still funny. I preferred the Maddie/London plot, as it gave me a lot of laughs. I have to say that the Zack/Cody plot bored me. It was unoriginal. Zack meets a rich kid, he's mean to Cody, Zack starts dressing like the rich kid and acting like him, then, Zack finally decides that Cody is better than the rich kid and abandons him. I'm not saying this was a bad episode, I just thought it could've been better in some parts. Therefore, Kept Man, gets an 8.5/10.

    What was probably the best part of the episode was when Dylan took off his shirt and pants! He had on an undershirt and boxers. Total cuteness! =)

  • Zack and Cody meet a snobby rich kid who likes Zack and treats Cody horribly and Maddie & London have to take care of an electronic baby for Health class.

    Okay so this episode focused primarly on two things: material vs. true caring.

    Most of this theme was centered around Zack and Cody's experience with Theo, the snobby rich kid and it was loosely centered in Maddie & London's scenes with the baby.
    Theo thinks Zack is cool and showers him with gifts and outings, while Cody is called a nerd, dork and gets completely ditched. Maddie takes care of the baby from health class while London buys him clothes and gets him a savings bond (which shows London's irresponsibility and well...stupidity: it is a doll).

    Material vs. Caring

    Theo is worst than London in that his love for material things makes him almost sociopathic, i.e. completely lacking empathy (at least London has shown some compassion towards the other characters). It was painful watching Cody get treated so horribly by Theo, which gave this episode its drama but the scenes with Maddie and London taking care of the baby were slapstick and classic, they will be a great memory of this show (esp. the baby falling out the window). "Darn" is made to stand in for "damn" which is completely prohibited on a kid's show (although Raven says it TWICE)!

    It was great to see the end where everything is finally resolved although Maddie with her "darn" probably gets her in trouble. I can understand Moseby's dislike for that baby doll, in my school: the Health Classes have that exact doll and God, it's annoying as all hell!
  • Very cool....

    I loved this episode! Zack learns that true friendship can't be bought, a lesson that's valuable to everyone. London and Maddie also learn what a big responsibility it is to take care of a baby. There are some REALLY funny moments in this episode, for example, at the end, when Zack tells the rich kid that his friendship is not for sale, the rich kid demands that Zack give back the clothes he gave him. Zack ends up leaving the rich boy's house in nothing but his underwear, proclaiming that he has his "dignity" *HAHA*
    This one is a definite winner!!
  • This was such a cool episod except for that rich kid treating cody differently. The part with london and maddie! That was funny!!!!!!

    This is a cool episode except for that rich kid was a TOTAL jerk for doing that to Cody. So what he may be smart and different, but that doesn\\\'t give him a reason to be mean to Cody. Also for treating him different than Zack that was messed!!! The part with Maddie and London was Hularious!!!!!

    Maddie: Darn nun! I cursed a nun and I don\\\'t care! Darn nun!

    Later on in the episode

    The baby falls apart:
    Baby: (records maddie) Darn nun I cursed a nun and I don't care (Repeats) Darn nun
    Maddie: kid say the darndest things!