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The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 22

Kisses & Basketball

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 01, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Max kisses Zack after winning a basketball game, which causes tension on the team. Meanwhile, Maddie helps London with her shopping problem.

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  • Hilarious

    Max kisses Zack when they win a basketball game, and so they go out together, but Zack angers Max and she dumps him. Will they mend their friendship? Meanwhile, Maddie helps London cut down on shopping, but later finds out it's because her father never spends time with her. How touching. Both stories were interesting. I liked this one a lot. The funniest part is when Zack and Max shoot spitballs at the maitre'd.

    Grade: A.moreless
  • Great episode!

    Brilliant episode yet again! Zack's plot had some funny moments, mainly by Arwin and his "obsession for cake!". However, London's plot easily overwhelms Zack's one. It was great, had comedy, had emotion and had some memorable moments. Its also the first time, if I'm right, that we see London's closet!

  • I wasn't really happy with this episode. It was funny but not as funny as most of the rest of the episodes of the series.

    London has a bad shopping habit and Maddie tries to break her of it. I didn't like this part of the episode very much. The other part was about Max kissing Zack and Zack going out on a date with her. He didn't really want to but he did it to take one for the team. When Max finds out about this she gets mad at him but they make up and agree to still be friends. I didn't really like this episode very much. It had some funny moments in it but I just didn't like it as much as I liked most of the other episodes. To me it just didn't seem as funny as most of the other episodes.moreless
  • The beginning or end of Zack & Max?

    This was one of the greater episodes of Season 1 of the Suite Life of Zack & Cody. The first few episodes of the show were great. Then they had a little era between then and now with episodes like Footloser, the Prince and the Plunger, Grounded on the 23rd Floor, where my interest sank. But now for this episode and the past 3-5, the Suite Life of Zack & Cody is back up and running!

    The acting was good. I liked the whole Zack & Max plot. It was kinda weird though seeing the excitement going that far with Max pulling Zack's face over, and kissing him without realizing what she was doing. "You had a bug on your face, and I killed it... with my lips!"

    Wow, what an excuse. Probably the best excuse on television today. But somehow everyone else didn't fall for it. I wonder why. Hmmm...

    The championship game, of course, was won on a last second shot from either Zack or Max. Can't remember. And low scoring! Only thirty points, I think, for each team. Wow. We needed more offense!

    And just face it. No one can make a basket with having a basketball bounce off his or her head into the goal for "nothing but net" Thats just so unrealistic.

    If we were being realistic here, they wouldn't of won the game. Yeah. Think about that.moreless
  • great episode

    After winning a basketball game Max gets too excited and she kissed Zack. London receives a message from her dad telling her to cut her personal spending since she's buying a whole lot of stuff all the time. Maddie helps out deal with her spending addiction. Zack gets a little embarrassed with Max kissing him and everyone else around him makes fun of him. I really loved this episode, there's so much funny stuff in it. The writers came up with a really funny episode, I was cracking up all the way. We see another side of Max, it's really funny.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (19)

    • A part of this episode is in the opening credits (of Season 2), where London grabs Maddies legs saying "help me!".

    • When Max finds out that Zack only went out with her as a pity date, she shoves ice cream into his face and a lot of ice cream went onto Zack's suit, but when Max leaves his face is nearly clean and the ice cream on his suit just disappears completely. Zack did not wipe it off.

    • You can tell that when Arwin says "Kick some--" and Carey clears her throat, that Arwin is waiting for her to do the line, because he pauses.

    • When Maddie and London are in London's closet and they are sitting down, London is only wearing one earring.

    • If you look closely, you notice that the people at the opening scene are sitting at the same exact place at the end wearing the same exact clothes. Also, if you are playing basketball, you would be pretty sweaty near the end, but everyone looked dry.

    • Arwin almost said the word a**. Cody does the same thing, but then gets interupted in another episode.

    • Carey and Arwin kiss in this episode and then Arwin faints, which also tends to happen in other episodes.

    • Max and Zack call each other dude.

    • When Zack and Max kissed in this episode, Alyson (Max) and Cole were going out in real life.

    • In this episode we find out that Maddie has asthma, because she has an inhaler.

    • This episode is one of the featured episodes on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Taking Over the Tipton DVD.

    • When Maddie runs away from London, she doesn't take a jacket with her. She never even came into the closet with a jacket, but when she goes by London outside the store, Maddie is wearing a pink jacket.

    • London said that she didn't spend anything in a whole day and had no money on her, but when she is sitting on the steps in front of the store, she has a cup that she was drinking out of. She would've obviously had to spent money to get the cup and drink.

    • When Patrick has the spitball in his mouth he was supposed to be choking, but the spitball is at the top of his tongue.

    • When Maddie is taking London's credit cards away, Ivana can still be seen sitting on the floor with the miniature shopping bag next to her. But once Maddie is done taking all of London's credit cards, Ivana is no longer there.

    • When Max walks into the gym during the championship game; during the game you can see that she has earrings on, but it is a rule in basketball that you are not allowed to wear any kind of jewelry during any kind of sports game since you could hurt someone.

    • While Zack and Max are talking and Max leaves to go to the girls shower, three of their teammates are sitting on the bench. However, when Max returns for her bag that she forgot, the three teammates are gone.

    • The purple outfit on the mannequin in London's closet that she claims she only bought so someone else couldn't is the same one she wore in "Big Hair & Baseball."

    • When Arwin knocks over the water jug at the basketball game it should be filled with water but instead is just filled with ice.

  • QUOTES (37)

    • Maddie: Open up. I know they're people in there! Don't act like you can't hear me! Open up!

    • Arwin: Now you two cogs fix it. You have 30 seconds. 30, 29- (interrupted by Zack)
      Zack: Arwin?

    • London: That would explain the 33 ponies I bought when daddy missed my 10th birthday.
      Maddie: 33.
      London: Need a pony.
      Maddie: No.

    • Arwin: Let's go out there and kick some... ( Carey Interrupts )
      Carey: Ahem!!
      Arwin:... Fun!!

    • Patrick: The special today is chicken fingers. It comes with your choice of fries and an ice cream sunday in the shape of a clown.
      Max: Is it modeled after you?

    • Cody & Tapeworm: Look, if we want to win, then you and Max have to get along. You need to ask her out.
      Zack: No!!
      Cody: Sometimes you have to take one for the team.
      Zack: Can't I just let her keep hitting me in the gut with the ball.

    • London: {{looking at her outfits}} Hate it, Hate it, Hate it more. What was I thinking?
      Maddie: London?
      London: {{calls to Maddie}} I'm in here
      Maddie: (runs in London's closet) Shut up! This is your closet?
      London: Well, part of it. This is just my spring clothes.
      Maddie: (echoing) This place is huge! (echoing stops) You called me ten times, what's the emergency?
      London: I need my credit cards.
      Maddie: The whole point of my keeping your credit cards is so you don't use them.
      London: Yeah, I know. That's not working for me. See, I'm going to a party tomorrow night, and I've got nothing to wear!
      Maddie: (shows London an outfit) What about this? It's brand new.
      London: Oh, that hideous thing? I just bought that so someone else couldn't.
      Maddie: London, you've got a real problem.

    • (After winning the basketball match)
      (Zack and Max touch each others hands while taking a cake)
      Zack: I'm not hungry.
      Max: Yeah, me neither.
      Carey: What's goin' on with them?
      Arwin: Isn't it obvious? (whispers) They're not hungry!
      Cody: I'll tell you what really happened. Zack kissed a girl! Zack kissed a girl!
      The Team: Zack kissed a girl! Zack kissed a girl!
      Carey: Okay stop.
      Arwin: Zack kissed a girl! He kissed a girl, a female, a female.

    • Patrick: So she'll be wearing shorts and carrying a basketball?
      Zack: Probably.
      (Max comes in with a beautiful dress)
      Zack Or not...
      Patrick: Take this from somebody that cares about you, she is so out of your league!

    • (Max holding up her hand)
      Cody: Hi, Max!
      Max: No, that means run play five!
      Cody: Oh, that's the one where you fake it to me and give it to Tapeworm.
      Max: Okay, play three.

    • Cody and Tapeworm: Zack kissed a girl! Zack kissed a girl!
      Carey: You guys are so immature.
      Arwin: A girl! A girl! He kissed a girl, a female! A female!
      (everyone stares at Arwin)
      (Arwin tries to lean on the table but accidently sticks his hand in a cake)
      Arwin: Cake makes me crazy.
      (He eats it with his hands)

    • Zack: I'm sorry about what happened at dinner.
      Max: You mean how you pretended to like me. I mean like me, like me, just so I would play well?
      Zack: I wasn't pretending! Well at first I was but then I saw how pretty you looked and all the fun we had and I realized I do like you... like you, like you.
      Max: Well now I don't like you, or like you, like you.
      Zack: At all?
      Max: Well, I did. But the like you, liking you made me not like you.

    • (Max comes back and Zack, Cody and Tapeworm stare at her)
      Max: I forgot my bag.
      Cody: Ask her out now!
      Zack: What do I say?
      Tapeworm: Tell her she smells nice.
      (Cody pushes Zack to Max)
      Zack: You smell nice. What are you wearing?
      Max: Sweat. I haven't even showered yet, sicko!

    • (Zack, Max and Cody were practicing for the game)
      (Max passes the ball to Cody)
      Cody: I got it!
      (Cody hits the wall and falls down)
      Arwin: Great job, Cody! Way not to break anything! I hope. Because I haven't filled out those forms yet.

    • Max: You weren't looking.
      Zack: Yes I was! So pass me the ball!
      (Max shoves the ball in Zack's gut)
      Max: Happy now?
      (Zack drops the ball)
      Zack: As a clam.
      Tapeworm: If you guys don't pull it together, we don't have a chance of winning the championship. And do you know what that means?
      Arwin: We get the little trophies?

    • Max: I'm going to the shower, the girl's shower. Because I'm a girl! (Max leaves the gym)
      Zack: What's her problem?
      Tapeworm: You said she wasn't a girl. Girl's don't like that.
      Cody: You think?!

    • Arwin: I know, I need you to go out for your brother. You can't possibly play any worse than he is.
      (Cody throws his towel to the floor)
      Cody: Just watch me!
      (Cody was about to go in the game but Carey stops him)
      Carey: What's the matter honey? Gotta go potty?
      Cody: Mom. I'm going in the game!
      Carey: I get to wash two uniforms tonight! Smile!
      (Carey takes Cody's picture)

    • Arwin: Cody, I need you to check in.
      Cody: Check in where?
      Arwin: In the game!
      Cody: I can't go out there! They're playing!

    • Zack: Can't we just talk?
      Max: No.
      (Max leaves)
      Cody: I think you should focus less on talking and more on playing. I haven't spent three month's getting butt blisters just to watch us lose!

    • Cody: We did it! We did it!
      (Max kisses Zack)
      Cody: Oooh you did it.

    • London: I have nothing to wear.
      Maddie: (walks to a mannequin with clothes on it) What about this? It's brand new.
      London: Oh that hideous thing? I just bought that so someone else couldn't.

    • Arwin: Okay, we're only down by 5, and we haven't been playing our best.
      Max: Zack.
      Arwin: Now I don't want to single anybody out.
      Max: Zack.
      Arwin: But we got to get our heads in the game.
      Max: Right, Zack?

    • Arwin: Where's Max?
      Cody: She and Zack had a fight, and no one's seen her since.
      Arwin: Oh. Well, that's okay. That's okay. One person does not make a team. Huh. You guys have worked long and hard. I know you can pick up the slack and win this game, huh?
      Max: Hey, guys.
      Arwin: Oh, thank goodness you're here! We couldn't have done it without you! (starts crying)

    • Maddie: (breathing heavily) London, I've been looking all over for you. Give me my purse!
      London: I am not giving you back my credit cards.
      Maddie: I don't care about your credit cards! Give me my inhaler!

    • Patrick: Tonight's special is chicken fingers. They come with curly fries and a free ice cream shaped like a clown.
      Max: Is it modeled after you?
      Patrick: (to Zack) Oh, she's lovely.

    • London: (about her credit cards; to Maddie) Take care of my babies. They like to be taken out twice a day.

    • Maddie: You are so busted!
      London: Well, it's just there are so many beautiful things out there to buy. How can you possibly resist them?
      Maddie: I have no money.
      London: Well, some of us aren't that lucky.

    • Cody: Zack kissed a girl! Zack kissed a girl!
      Zack: It wasn't a girl! It was Max! And I didn't kiss her, she kissed me!
      Max: It wasn't a kiss! You had a big bug on your mouth, and I killed it... with my lips.

    • Arwin: This cake is excellent, Carey. You're a great cook.
      Carey: Actually, I bought it.
      Arwin: You're a great buyer of cakes.

    • Maddie: Oh, please, you couldn't go an hour without shopping.
      London: I can so! I can do anything. After all, I am the daughter Adamant Tipton.
      Maddie: Wilfred.
      London: Whatever.

    • Mr. Moseby: Speaking of all day shopping, I just received a fax from your father. He feels that you're spending too much money.
      London: Oh, that's ridiculous. I'm saving him money. Ivana's contact lenses, second pair free.
      Mr. Moseby: London, I'm afraid your father is adamant.
      London: I thought his name was Wilfred.

    • Maddie: London, didn't you just go shopping this morning?
      London: Yeah, but that stuff is so out of date. It's so... 11am.

    • Cody: What do you want me to do, coach?
      Arwin: What have you been doing so far?
      Cody: Sitting on the bench.
      Arwin: Keep it up! Because if you go away, I'll be lonely.

    • Tapeworm: We need a sure fire play or we're going to lose.
      Arwin: Okay, I got it. I drew this up while you guys were... running around.
      Zack: Arwin, what is that?
      Arwin: Sorry, that's my game of Hangman. Aardvark! (writes it down) Beat the noose again! Hehe.
      Max: Why don't we just set up the pick and roll from the high post? Zack rolls to the basket, kisses it off the glass, and we win.
      Arwin: Great! Let's tell the coach!
      Zack: You are the coach.
      Arwin: Right. Why am I here again?
      Zack: Because we needed a grown-up, and you're the closest thing we could find.
      Arwin: Gotcha!

    • London: That would explain the 33 ponies I bought when daddy missed my birthday.
      Maddie: 33?
      London: Do you need a pony?
      Maddie: No I'm good.

    • (London walking and humming)
      Maddie: London, where have you been?
      London: Nowhere.
      Maddie: Really?
      London: Really.
      Maddie: Because you seem to be coming from somewhere.
      (London starts running)
      Maddie: (While catching London holding a flashlight in her face) Like the store maybe?
      London: Look, I was just out for a stroll, getting some fresh air, enjoying nature. After all, the best things in life are free.
      Maddie: Spread 'em toots.
      (putts London against the elevator and checks her)
      Maddie: Hmm, you're clean.
      London: Told ya.
      (The elevator opens, and London falls).

    • Carey: (about Zack) That's my son!
      Cody: Ahem!
      Carey: And that's my other son! He's great in math!
      Cody: Thank you.

  • NOTES (21)


    • If you look closely; you'll see that one of London's card is a parody of the master card. It is called, "The Super Card".

    • Maddie: (after stepping into London's closet) SHUT UP!

      Reference to The Princess Diaries, where Mia or Lilly would say "Shut up!" after discovering something shocking.

    • "Kisses and Basketball"
      This title is an allusion to the title of a movie called "Love and Basketball."