The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 21

Let Us Entertain You

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 16, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • The season's best since "Team Tipton"

    Zack and Cody wrangle themselves and their mother a trip aboard the SS Tipton, but do not tell her she has to sing to afford the King Neptune suite. And their mother will not think it's a vacation if she has to sing. Meanwhile, London makes a full-day broadcast on her web show. This was a perfect episode, and this will go into my head as a favorite.
  • A Great episode featuring the "SS Tipton"

    This episode actually made me laugh. I loved it how Zack and Cody managed to trick their mom onto a vacation at the SS Tipton, but they soon get caught. Both plots had purpose and with good intention did they come off successful

    Main plot- I loved the ending when the twins offered to sing for their mum ,saying its the least they could do.

    Sub plot- Was also funny and great to see the recurring characters Norman and Irene part of London's web show.

  • Interesting ending

    Its not exactly the last episode on the show, but it implies the end and the continuation onto the next show that was created for no apparent reason....Personally, I think that starting the new show was just a measure taken because the writers had run out of ways for twin boys to mess around in a they decided to put them on a boat instead....but anyway, this was a good episode....funny though that we never got to see the King Neptune suite, and the special effects being extremely low quality may help to explain why, but the episode was good none the least.
  • The boys are on the musical march!

    When reviewing the Orchestra episode, I made a wish that Zack & Cody get another musical chance. Looks like my wish came true.

    With the exception of Jonas Brothers & Billy Ray Cyrus, Disney Channel mosrly focuses on female vocalists. Looks like the noys are making a comeback & the Sprouse twins could do it!

    They helped their sunburned mother out in a jam by singing. Fine voices, bet it would be better once their voices change.

    Make another prediction; Dylan could take up playing guitar while Cole would be a keyboard master. Deja vu, just like Band In Boston.

    Bravo to the both of you!
  • The boys trick Carey into performing on the S.S. Tipton in order to receive a free vacation.

    Basically the sendoff to the spinoff The Suite Life on Deck. The twins set up a free trip on the S.S. Tipton but what they don't tell Carey is she has to sing in order for the trip to be free. When the you know what hits the fan the threesome are downgraded to a storageroom. Meanwhile the girls and Moseby are trying a telethon to raise money, they raise zip. They decide taking food to the shelter is easier. Carey affects the singing offer but is to sunburned to sing so the boys sing instead. The episode is a great sendoff to a rememorable series.
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