The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 9

Lip Syncin' in the Rain

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 12, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Maddie and London both audition for the role of Sharpay Evans in a school stage production of "High School Musical". Carey and Mr. Moseby try and help improve London's singing and dancing.

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  • Unoriginal and pretty tiring

    Zack and Cody audition in High School Musical for roles, and Cody gets the rle of Troy, and London gets the role of Sharpay, and Maddie is her understudy. I am furious with this show. How unoriginal can it get? And what's with the stupid joke that Maddie looks like Sharpay? The only funny part I remember was the Moseby dancing scene.
  • Not a favorite, except for one or two moments

    Being a die-hard SLOZAC fan, I found this to be a nothing episode. I found two funny scenes in this episode

    1) "Teddy teddy bear, touch the ground. How many girlfriends do I have?" That scene all the way until Cody says 'Give me my basketball...I mean...Pass the rock!"


    2nd) The Moseby dancing scene and when he said "What was that horrible sound" and then when he covered up for it.

    This was, other than that, a NOTHING episode. Just not right, I hated Antonio, he seemed like gay, LITERALLY GAY!

    The final scene was the lamest scene in SLOZAC historymoreless
  • Terrible

    One of my least favorites of the series. I just thought everyone was acting weird. I didn't like the character of Antonio. I also found a surprising amount of low laughs, I barely smiled. And there's the error with Maddie being in the school {she should've been at camp}. This episode, in a way, is promoting High School Musical. Oh, and I HATED the joke about Maddie looking like Ashley Tisdale. Like honestly, that's not even a clever gag or joke or anything, anybody could write a line like that. "Yea, sorry, you don't look like Ashley Tisdale." There's like no creativity.

    Overall Grade- Dmoreless
  • I think this episode was great.

    Maddie,Zack and Cody and London all audition for the school play which Maddie named High School Musical.Meanwhile when Maddie is checking the cast Maddie finds out she didn`t get the part of Sharpay and finds out it was given to London.Maddie complains to the director of the play when he tells Maddie she is too nice for the part of Sharpay.Meanwhile London takes singing lessons from Carey after she finds out she can`t sing.When finally when the final day to reherse the play the director tells Maddie to sing backstage and have London lip sync the song and finally when the day comes for everyone to see it Maddie loses her top and steps out and the play ends up being fantastic.moreless
  • This episode was my least favorite episodes. It was BORING.

    This episode was my least favorite because it wasn't all that funny I just didn't like it that's all. This episode is a parody of High School Musical. London, Maddie and Cody audition for a school play and Cody gets the part of Troy and London gets the part of Sharpay instead of Maddie. Maddie didn't get it all because that she wasn't mean. Zack has to work behind the stage because of detention. You can hear London's fathers voice in this episode. This is my lowest rating for a show or an episode. When I first saw the comercial of this episode I thought it would be interesting.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Maddie originally attended "Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow", but in this episode she goes to Zack, Cody & London's school.

    • Cody doesn't seem to understand that he has a main role in the play.

    • Goofs: The captioning for this episode has an alternate lyric for London's song. When she sings, "and deserves the opposite of hate which is love," the close-captioning for the hearing-impaired instead reads "and deserves a great big cake with flit and flounce." This is probably an alternate lyric altered for the episode.

    • Goof: In the beginning Maddie was wearing a wig. Her hair was longer, and she didn't have any brown roots.

    • During the song "Floss," which the cast sings together at the end, the cast leaves 2 by 2. This is the opposite of the song at the end of HSM "We're All In This Together" when the cast joins 2 by 2.

    • In many places throughout the episode, it is very obvious that the character of Antonio is lip syncing.

    • London thinks that T is her favorite vowel. This would mean that there were 6 vowels.

    • At the part when Antonio leaves the stage during the performance, when Maddie says 'caliente' that part would have already passed.

    • At the end of the episode, the cast is performing "Floss" on stage. The cast eventually all run off, leaving nothing but the empty curtain. This could have been added, considering the episode aired right before High School Musical 2, and the "stage" may be alluding to High School Musical 2's "stage".

    • Ashley Tisdale does end up singing "Bop to the Top", which that is one of the numbers she sings in High School Musical.

    • Most likely, Disney told the producers to make a show with the High School Musical theme late in the season, considering the fact that production code episode number is 18, when the one aired before it is 8.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • London: Wow Maddie you really are nice. No wonder you didn't get the part of Sharpay!

    • Mr. Baine: Great, Great job, London. Ah, but even greater, you may want to consider singing lesson.
      London: Well, if you think it help my …
      Mr. Baine: (interrupts) And dancing lesson

    • Mr. Moseby: London, shall we get this dancing lesson started, I want you to get your moneys worth.
      Carey: How much is she paying you?
      Mr. Moseby: Three diamonds an hour.
      Carey:I'm only getting two. I got robbed.

    • Carey: Here, sing it. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do.
      London: How am I support to remember all of that?
      Carey: Well, uh, you could try thinking of things that remind you to know. (Whistles) Do!
      London: That's easy, Do means money.
      Carey: Okay, let's keep going. Re, Mi.
      London: Yay, me! (claps her hands)
      Carey: Fa, So.
      London: If something "far", I say "so", 'cuz I have a private jet.
      Carey: La.
      London: Law is something you can break when you're rich!
      Carey: Ti.
      London: My favorite vowel!
      Carey: Do!
      London: Yay, more money!
      Carey: Okay, let's put it all together now
      London: Do, yay me, far so la ti do!! (screams so loudly a glass breaks) Mazel Tov!

    • London: Maddie, did you see, I'm great.
      Maddie: Great? The only reason why you got that part was because your father bought it for you.
      London: I can't believe it.
      Maddie: Yeah well, it's a true.
      London: Then so sweet of him, I have to go thank him.

    • Mr. Bain: OK. London, Antonio, Bop to the Top please.
      London: Top of what?
      Antonio: That means the beginning of the song, amateur.
      London: (gasps) Mr. Bain, Antonio called me a bad word!
      Mr. Bain: I'm sure he did, sweet heart. And music!

    • Maddie: Mr. Baine, sorry to bother you, but I was just wondering why I didn't get the part of Sharpay.
      Mr. Baine: Um, look Maddie, you're great singer but you're just too nice to play the role of Sharpay. I mean, she's got to be really mean.
      Maddie: I can be mean. Sometimes when I give sandwiches to the poor, I don't cut off the crusts.
      Mr. Baine: Ooh, you are motorcycle- gang material.

    • Maddie: I can't believe I'm an understudy. It's insulting. I might as well be a lousy stage hand. (Zack's staring at her) No offense.
      Zack: None taken. I think this whole thing is lame.
      Maddie: I just don't understand why London got my part. I can sing, I can dance, I can act.
      Zack: Can you work a power-painter?

    • Maddie: The audition results are on the school website. I can't look! Cody you do it!
      Cody: Yes, fantastic!
      Maddie: I'm Sharpay?
      Cody: No, I got the part of Troy!
      Maddie: Oh, who cares? (Pushes him out of the way). Yes, I'm Sharpay's understudy! Understudy!? I can't believe it, I wanted this part more than anything. How can I not get it?
      London: (walks in) Hey guys, great news! I'm playing Sharpy!
      Maddie: (Correcting London)Sharpay! She got my part and she can't even pronounce the name.
      London: Who cares what her name is? I'm just happy to be in Musical High School.
      Maddie: (getting crazy) Ahh!

    • Cody: Zack? What are you doing here? I thought you didn't like theater.
      Zack: Well, you see I bet Bob my golf ball could break a blackboard...
      Cody: And?
      Zack: I won! So for my detention I had to work back stage or clean toilets. (hesitates) I flipped a coin.

    • Maddie: I never got a lead role when I went to Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow. Every single Christmas, I was the wise man who brought myrrh! Zack: What is myrrh anyway? Maddie: I don't even know, okay? The point is, I want to get a part where I don't have to wear a beard.

    • Cody: What role you hoping to get?
      Maddie: Sharpay. You know, a lot of people tell me I look just like the girl who plays her.
      Cody: Really? I don't see it.
      Maddie: Well, she has people who help her look better.

    • Maddie: Guys, guess what? I just found out what our school play is going to be: High School Musical!
      (Nobody knows that play)
      Cody: Well, it's no "Agamemnon," but it's bouncy.

    • Carey: You don't go out for the theater. You "audition."
      Zack: "Go out", "audition", what difference does it make? No one ever picks him anyways.
      Carey: I think he's got a great shot. Acting runs in the family. I mean, did I tell you that one time I got ten curtain calls?
      Cody & Zack: (bored) Yeah, yeah, yeah. A hundred times.

    • Maddie: Everyone says I look exactly like Sharpay.
      Mr. Baine: Really? I don't see it.

    • Cody: I thought for my audition I'd do a song by Gillbert and Sullivan. Mr. Baine: Do you know any songs from this century?... Or the previous one? Cody: Nooooo. Drama Teacher: Then sing! Cody: When I was a lad, I served a term as office boy to an attorney firm, I cleaned the windows and I mopped the floors, I polished the handle on the big front door. Mr. Baine That was very interesting (gets cut off by Cody) Cody: I... polished that handle so carefully and now I am the ruler of the queen's navy. (Salutes)

    • Cody: Mom, I'm a method actor, and since I'm playing a jock, I decided to live the role, 24/7.
      Zack: And even that isn't going to be enough time.
      Cody: Not true! I think I'm getting athlete's foot.
      Zack: Well, so far, that's the only athletic thing about you.
      Cody: I've been practicing, and I'm starting to look like a real b-baller! (starts bouncing the ball) Ice cream, ice cream, cherry on top, how many girlfriends do I got?
      Zack: (takes the ball away) Well if you keep that up: none! (walks away)
      Cody: My ball, my ball...I mean, (hardens his voice)Give me back the rock!
      Carey: That was very believable, honey.

    • Mr. Moseby: What is that terrible noise?
      London: That's me singing.
      Mr. Moseby: Not that one, I meant the other noise that drowned out your wonderful singing.
      Carey: Nice save.

    • Carey: Now, Learning how to sing a song is easy if you can handle a scale.
      London: No problem, You just step on it then subtract five pounds.

    • London: Carey, My drama teacher thinks I could need a tinsy winsy bit of help with my singing. Carey: Ohh I'll be happy to help. London: Thanks, do you know any good singers? Carey: London, I happen to be a professional singer, I sing at the lounge every night. London: I thought that was karaoke and you hogged the mic.

    • Cody: (after the director faints) We don't have and smelling salts?
      Zack: Actually I have an old gym sock in my locker.
      Mr. Baine: (wakes up) I'm alright.

    • London: If I am as bad as they say then....
      Antonio: Oh! You are! What you do is a capital crime in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

    • Zack: So, Maddie, what part are you trying out for?
      Maddie: Hello?! Sharpay! People say I look just like her!
      Zack: Really? I don't see it.

    • Mr. Baine: (to Cody) You know, you like a little like Zac Efron.
      Maddie: And I don't look like Ashley Tisdale?! You people are crazy!

    • (Cody is bouncing a basketball in the room)
      Carey: Guys, I've told you, no playing basketball inside.
      Cody: I'm not. I'm rehearsing!
      Carey: Okay, no rehearsing basketball inside.

    • Mr. Baine: Okay, Maddie, are you ready to "Bop to the Top" 'cause "We're all in This Together".
      Maddie: Okay, you're pushing it to the limit.

  • NOTES (18)

    • The German episode title is "Musical-Fieber", meaning "Musical Fever".

    • It's not revealed as to why Maddie is now in public school rather than still attending Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow. If that school just didn't have high school level classes, then her friends Corrie and Mary-Margaret seen in previous episodes should be with her.

    • This episode first aired in the UK on the 6th of March, 2008.

    • For London's audition she sings "London Tipton's Really Great" and later on in the episode 'Tiptonline' that becomes her webcast's theme song.

    • 3rd time Cody sings in the 3rd season
      1. in Sleepover Suite
      2. in The Arwin that came to dinner

    • Maddie mentions Ashley Tisdale, and she is Ashley Tisdale in real life.

    • The only song from the musical that was sung was 'Bop To The Top' although 'Getcha Head In The Game' and 'What I've Been Looking For' were mentioned.

    • This episode was confirmed to be the 18th episode of Season 3, but was changed the last minute to promote High School Musical 2.

    • This episode contains many spoilers because of the episode break in production order. Maddie, London, Zack, and Cody should still be on summer vacation, Maddie should still be working as a camp counselor, and London and Maddie are in a public school. It's revealed the next episode that London got expelled from Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow and thus now attends public school.

    • This is a second time a song from a Gilbert and Sullivan play is used. The first time was in the episode "Lost In Translation" when Carey and the twins performed "Three Little Maids" which is from the play The Mikado.

    • The song that Cody uses for his audition is called "Sir Joseph Porter's Song" ("When I was a Lad I served a Term") from H. M. S. Pinafore, or, The Lass that Loved a Sailor (1878) which was a comic opera written by the team of Gilbert and Sullivan.

    • Mark Indelicato (from Ugly Betty) guest stars in this episode as Tony (or Antonio).

    • 5th appearance of Emily Morris, who does multiple characters on the show.

    • Mr. Tipton is now voiced by two different actors, Jeff Bennett and Adam Tait.

    • "Push it to the Limit", sung by Corbin Bleu is also mentioned in this episode.

    • Running Gag: Maddie says she looks like Sharpay but no one claims they see it. Ashley Tisdale plays the role of Sharpay in the movie "High School Musical", and the role of Maddie.

    • Ashley Tisdale auditioning in this episode might be related to the fact that she plays Sharpay Evans in the movie High School Musical.

    • Working Title: High School Musical.


    • When London says: Yay! I got the part of Sharpie!!! Sharpie is a permanent marker, which London got mixed up with Sharpay. London could have also mispronounced "Shar-Pei," a breed of dog

    • Zack being a stagehand for detention is similar to High School Musical, in which Troy, Chad, and other students got the same kind of punishment for breaking the rules.

    • Part of a Jewish Wedding

      When London cracks the glass while singing, she says "Mazel Tov!" This is an allusion to a Jewish wedding ceremony, where first, the bride and groom's mothers break a glass and then the groom steps on a glass later on in the ceremony (under the alter). This is done in remembrance of the destruction of the Jewish Temple.

    • Gilbert and Sullivan:
      Gilbert and Sullivan refers to the Victorian era partnership of librettist W. S. Gilbert (1836–1911) and composer Arthur Sullivan (1842–1900). Together, they wrote fourteen comic operas between 1871 and 1896, of which H.M.S. Pinafore, The Pirates of Penzance, and The Mikado are among the best known.

    • Mr. Blaine: Okay, Maddie, are you ready to "Bop to the Top" 'cause "We're all in This Together".
      Maddie: Okay, you are pushing it to the limit.

      "Bop to the Top" and "We're all in this Together" are both songs from High School Musical. "Push it to the Limit" is sung by Corbin Bleu, who also plays Chad in High School Musical.

    • The title, "Lip Syncin' in the Rain", is a reference to Singing in the Rain, the 1952 movie, and features a similar lip-synching story arc to the movie, complete with identical stage positioning and curtain-opening "reveal" of the true vocalist in the final scene.

    • This episode has a production of the play High School Musical which is one of the most popular Disney Channel Original Movies yet, which Ashley Tisdale (Maddie) stars in.