The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 9

Lip Syncin' in the Rain

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 12, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Unoriginal and pretty tiring

    Zack and Cody audition in High School Musical for roles, and Cody gets the rle of Troy, and London gets the role of Sharpay, and Maddie is her understudy. I am furious with this show. How unoriginal can it get? And what's with the stupid joke that Maddie looks like Sharpay? The only funny part I remember was the Moseby dancing scene.
  • Not a favorite, except for one or two moments

    Being a die-hard SLOZAC fan, I found this to be a nothing episode. I found two funny scenes in this episode

    1) "Teddy teddy bear, touch the ground. How many girlfriends do I have?" That scene all the way until Cody says 'Give me my basketball...I mean...Pass the rock!"


    2nd) The Moseby dancing scene and when he said "What was that horrible sound" and then when he covered up for it.

    This was, other than that, a NOTHING episode. Just not right, I hated Antonio, he seemed like gay, LITERALLY GAY!

    The final scene was the lamest scene in SLOZAC history
  • Terrible

    One of my least favorites of the series. I just thought everyone was acting weird. I didn't like the character of Antonio. I also found a surprising amount of low laughs, I barely smiled. And there's the error with Maddie being in the school {she should've been at camp}. This episode, in a way, is promoting High School Musical. Oh, and I HATED the joke about Maddie looking like Ashley Tisdale. Like honestly, that's not even a clever gag or joke or anything, anybody could write a line like that. "Yea, sorry, you don't look like Ashley Tisdale." There's like no creativity.

    Overall Grade- D
  • I think this episode was great.

    Maddie,Zack and Cody and London all audition for the school play which Maddie named High School Musical.Meanwhile when Maddie is checking the cast Maddie finds out she didn`t get the part of Sharpay and finds out it was given to London.Maddie complains to the director of the play when he tells Maddie she is too nice for the part of Sharpay.Meanwhile London takes singing lessons from Carey after she finds out she can`t sing.When finally when the final day to reherse the play the director tells Maddie to sing backstage and have London lip sync the song and finally when the day comes for everyone to see it Maddie loses her top and steps out and the play ends up being fantastic.
  • This episode was my least favorite episodes. It was BORING.

    This episode was my least favorite because it wasn't all that funny I just didn't like it that's all. This episode is a parody of High School Musical. London, Maddie and Cody audition for a school play and Cody gets the part of Troy and London gets the part of Sharpay instead of Maddie. Maddie didn't get it all because that she wasn't mean. Zack has to work behind the stage because of detention. You can hear London's fathers voice in this episode. This is my lowest rating for a show or an episode. When I first saw the comercial of this episode I thought it would be interesting.
  • This episode was on before the premiere of High School Musical 2, The Suite Life of Zack And Cody episode was not based on the second movie; it was based on the first movie.

    It was very funny; but very weird when Mr. Moseby was teaching London how to dance. I think it would have been even better if Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and the rest were in the episode; but it would be very weird because ashley tisdale will be playing two different characters. lol if this episode was opening for High School Musical 2, they should have done a song from the second movie; like fabulous or what time is it?

    overall i like the episode and i recommend you to watch it.

    oh yeah; that dude from Ugly Betty was in it to LOL.
  • It was so funny!

    "Lip Synchin' In The Rain" is a HILARIOUS episode. They used High School Musical as their episode topic and I think it was very smart of them to do that. They also used it as a promotional episode for the premiere of "High School Musical 2". It was very funny when London said her character's name, which is Sharpay, to "Sharpie". The writers of this episode were really good. It was kind of unfair for Maddie to be lip-synching in the back but when Antonio was pulled down by the curtain, it was really funny. Maddie and London dancing together was so cool. When Zack and Cody danced with them, I figured out it wasn't cool, but it was AWESOME!
  • well disney put hsm with sutie and they got a mixed prodouct maddie london and cody are gonnig to be in hs plau high school muscial and zack show a side of him that you dont expect well london gets role shapry but maddie wonts and london cant sing so madi

    maddie backstage siings for london. the funny part is when maddie is asking every if she looks like shapry and every says no becasue the actress that plays maddie plays sharpy. cody is the lead troy witch is werid and they is this kid from ugly betty who guest stars and play ryan zack is like the stage manger anther funny part is when london ask carrie do you know anyone who sing and she says that she sings in the lounge everynight and london sasy i thought was karoka and you hoged the mic and mr..mosbey teaches her how to dance. zack show a diffrent side to him he relly wants maddie to be seen and herad so when the boy from ugly betty ouits maddie and london sing together at the end the all sang a song called floss the reason i gave it 8.7 is beacuse it felt like an hsm2 commrical!
  • One of my favorites

    In this episode, the cast of the Suite Life puts on High School Musical. There is also a guest appearance be Mark Indelicato (Justin from Ugly Betty). London gets the role of Sharpay because her dad will put the director's musical "Floss" of Broadway if he gives her the role. But London is a terrible actress, singer, and dancer. So Moseby and Carey give her lessons.
    Meanwhile, Maddie is upset and jealous that she doesn't get to play Sharpay due to her skills, and identical resemblance to Ashley Tisdale. This episode has a lot of comedy, singing, and dancing. Fans of HSM will absolutely LOVE it!
  • High School Musical 1.5

    For their paly they decide to put on High School Musical. When Maddie and London both audition for the role of Sharpay Evans London gets the part because her dad is going to produce a musical by Mr. Baine who is producing their play. When Mr. Baine suggests that London improve her singing and dancing she goes to Carey and Mr. Moseby. The day before the play is about to go live everyone gets upset with London and believe that Maddie should have got the part instead of London. London suggests that Maddie sings for her so that she can impress her dad. This episode was really different that all the other episodes on this show. It could have been better but what saved it from being really bad was when London goes to improve her singing and dancing. That part had me laughing the whole time.
  • it was an opener for high school musical 2

    the school play theme is high school musical and maddie trys out for sharpay saying she looks exactly like ashley tisdale/sharpay and nobody thinks she does but she doesn't get the part even though she had a good audition she looses the part to london because she is mean and sharpay is mean and london cant sing so everybody has a cow cody try for the part of troy and gets it and the director of the play says he looks exactly like him....please no he doesn't well anyway the two are total opposites zack has to work as a backstage crew kid because he was goofing off in another class...big surprise right
    anyway london cant sing so maddie has to be behind the stage singing for her and london has to lip sing which is how the title is lip singin in the rain...singing in the rain was a old movie also
    overall this episode was ok it wasn't my favorite it was kind of annoying to me that they had to take it out of when it was spouse to air to be an opener for high school musical made them be in school then like have a first day...weird
  • The Suite Life and High School Musical together

    This episode was better than I expected it to be. It was very funny. Maddie was kinda annoying in this episode though. Mark Indelicato's character was funny. Two of the reasons why I probably like this episode so much is that I like TSL and HSM, so together is good and I like singing and dancing theme episodes. In this episode Maddie, London, and Cody try out for the school play, High School Musical. Cody auditions for the role of Troy and Maddie and London audition for the role of Sharpay. London wins the part of Sharpay. In the subplot, Carey and Moseby try to help London with her singing and dancing.
  • In this episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, the high school is putting on a production of High School Musical. Cody, London, and Maddie try out, while Zack is on stage crew. London gets the part of Sharpay and Cody gets the part of Troy.

    This episode was one of my favorites it was funny while at the same time classy. I thought it was really funny that Maddie kept telling the director that she looked exactly like Sharpay but he didn't see it, neither did anyone else. I really like how Maddie sang behind the curtain while London pretended to be doing everything. Then at the end of the play Zack shows the whole audience that it was really Maddie who was singing.
    The only complaint i have with this episode is that the Antonio character really annoyed me and i didn't like his singing at all. This episode surely goes on the top ten episode list.
  • It's a HSM episode!

    Lip Syncin' in the Rain is a High School Musical episode of the Suite Life and it was very good! It definitely wasn't my favorite or the best, but it was pretty good. London was soo funny in this episode!! And Maddie was sorta annoying. The guest star Mark whatever, I've never seen him before in my life. And he was so annoying. Maddie keeps telling everyone that people think she looks just like Sharpay, but they all say, I don't see it. And both Maddie and London try out for the part and London got it. Ha ha ha ha!!
  • My favorite episode.

    This episode was funny. I like high school musical and The suite life of Zack and Cody but all of them together gives me two thumbs up! I laughed so hard when Maddie said that she looked like Sharpay and people kept saying "I don't see it" but they both look exactly the same. I'm glad that Maddie gets her chance singing front of people. I'm kinda confused why Maddie would be in a public school since she goes to other school. Cody does look like Zac Efron because of his shaggy hair. I loved this episode, one of the best episode!
  • High School Musical comes to the Tipton.

    High School Musical has come to the Tipton in this episode based off the movie. Maddie and London try out for the play. Maddie wants to be Sharpay....she's says a lot of people say she looks like the girl who plays her....I don't see it. Anyway Mark Indelicato guest stars and trys out for the part of Ryan. Cody gets the role of Troy. I loved this episode and I was glad to see Maddie return although Nia was a great subsitute. London tries to sing but lip syncs Maddie but is revealed in the end. Can't wait for HSM2.
  • A very good idea

    This was a really great episode...and judging by the episode rating...many people agree! I really like High School Musical and The Suite Life, so it was a really good mix. I think the writers came up with a very clever idea on this episode. I like how no one noticed how much Maddie looked like Sharpay even thought both characters are played by Ashley Tisdale. I wish thay showed more of the dance numbers, even though I don't expect to see Zack and Cody dancing much. I also thought it was great how all the characters were involved in the main plot instead of having two or more plots going on! All around, I think it was a really great episode!
  • Maddie, Cody, and London are trying out for the school play High School Musical. Maddie wants to play Sharpay but no one thinks she looks like her and London gets the part because her has connections but she can't sing ends up liping to Maddie singing.

    I think that this episode was done extermally well it was really funny. Having Zack, Cody, Maddie, and London's high school put on High School Musical as their school play was a really good choice since High School Musical is premiering around the same time it aired. This episode had a really good running gag about Maddie thinking that she looks like Ashley Tisdale but no one else thinking that she does and even mentioning Ashley Tisdale is a really good joke in it's own because Ashley Tisdale plays Maddie. This episode may even be the best episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody yet.
  • awesome

    Maddie, London, and Cody are auditioning for the school stage production of High School musical. Maddie is trying to get the part of Sharpay Evans, but London beats her to it because of her dad's connections in the industry. London gets the part for Sharpay put she needs to learn how to dance and how to sing really fast. Carey teaches her how to sing and Mr. Moseby teaches her some dance moves. When it's time for the actual play, London gets problem singing so the director of the play gets Maddie to sing for her. This episode is so hilarious, using the high school musical as a part of the episode is genius. It's a really funny episode.
  • The Suite Life of HSM.

    The plot starts out when Maddie wants to try out for Sharpay, and she says she looks just like her, but people don't see it. Well, that part was funny. I loved this episode, even HSM2 is just 5/4 days away, I'm so excited. Lip Synic' in the Rain talks about London who gets the audition for Sharpay, but Maddie doesn't get the part. But, when everyone convinces that London stinks, to help her out and not get embrassed by her father she gets Maddie to Lip Sync for her. Zack doesn't feel it's fair, so he shows the crowd who really is singing.