The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 3

Maddie Checks In

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 25, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When a rich, cute guy stays at the Tipton, Zack and Cody help Maddie impress him by making him think she's rich.

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  • Could do a bit better

    Maddie trying to act rich? Oh, come on. Why does she want to lie? She's pure-hearted and sweet. Why would she fake? Why were the twins encouraging that? And why were Jason's parents so mean? Questionable episode. My grade for this one is a B-.
  • Awesome Episode!

    This was a memorable episode.

    -Mr. Moseby receives a fax from Mr. Tipton making sure she doesn't attend parties at late by herself without any friends. So she takes Maddie on her date, only for London's date's friend to also like Maddie. She likes him two and everything goes PERFECT, except that he thinks Maddie is rich. Maddie eventually says she is, due to London asking her to do so, and everything goes to plan. Eventually, the guy decides to stay back because he likes Maddie and the lie starts unfolding. Will Zack and Cody help Maddie with her problem?

    -This episode had some great moments, especially the Amptutator and Cody scene, as well as the Amputator's Imperial suite being destroyed. Another famous scene was Maddie and Carey singing whilst looking at Cody!

    Watch this episode definitely!moreless
  • Superb episode

    When a rich, cute guy stays at the Tipton, Zack and Cody help Maddie impress him by making him think she's rich. This episode was superb. It was excellent for most of the parts. Funny moments include Zack calling Maddie sweet thing (for the first time and the gag is always funny), the shot of a magazine, Cody saying "long" a bunch of times, Carey looking at Cody while singing, the guy at the room breaking, things, and some of the lines. My only problem was near the end that Maddie lied about being rich. Also, the ending is super rushed. Overall, a superb episode. 9.5/10moreless
  • I Didn't Like it a Whole Lot

    A rich guy visiting the Tipton thinks Maddie is rich and she goes along with it because she likes the guy. But when the truth is out, will the guy still like Maddie?

    It was alright, I kind of consider it weak though. It wasn't really that funny and I did not like the plot a lot, Maddie to me seemed a little out of character, what with lying and pretending to be something she is not. The overall episode just did not do a lot for me, I am afraid. But some parts were good, so it gets a B-moreless
  • In this episode Maddie tries to impress a rich guy by pretending that she is rich. A really good episode with some really funny moments.

    The funniest moments in this episode were when the wrestler comes to the hotel and Zack and Cody find out that he is going to be staying in the same suite that Maddie is using to impress the rich guy. Zack messes up the room so that when the poor wrestler gets in there everything falls apart on him. From getting blasted by water from the sink, to having a table collapse on him to having the lights go out the whole thing was just so funny. And it had a happy ending when Maddie realized that the rich guy liked her just for who she was and she didn't even have to go through all of this to impress him. A great episode with a pretty cool lesson in it too.moreless
Julia Duffy

Julia Duffy

Martha Harrington

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Daniel Booko

Daniel Booko


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Lee Reherman

Lee Reherman

Celebrity Wrestler

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Adrian R'Mante

Adrian R'Mante


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • This is the first time you see that Zack has a crush on Maddie and is also the first time he uses his famous line "sweet thang".

    • Maddie walks out the door when she's taking the boys to the park, Cody shuts the door behind him. Then when it shows them in the hall, the door is wide open.

    • Lee Reherman, who portrays The Amputator, may be better known as Hawk from American Gladiators. He also played Carl the security guard (Maisha's Bodygaurd) in the episode called "Spa Day Afternoon" on That's So Raven.

    • At the end of this episode Zack and Cody have the wrestler in "sleeper hold" or something like that. And in the movie Big Daddy, Sonny (Adam Sandler), teaches the "sleeper hold" to Julian (Dylan and Cole).

    • When the twins are watching the candy counter for Maddie, they say they cannot touch anything or handle any money. But they wouldn't be able to anyways because if you look closely, there is no cash register.

    • This is the first time we see Maddie cry.

    • All the girls tell the Amputator they love him, except for London.

    • When the Herringtons are inviting Maddie to dinner, Zack runs to tell Cody that they are sleeping at a friend's house, but they never go.

    • When Maddie shows everyone to her "new" suite, the amputator's shirt is untucked and tucked in several different shots.

    • When Maddie and Jason are in the hall and Zack goes to stand on Cody's back, we see the door behind them shut. Then, a few shots later, the door is open again.

    • When Cody is stalling the Amputator by getting an autograph, saying "...I feel like I've known him for a long, long, long, long...." Mr. Moseby says, "Oh, is there no end to this novel?" When he says it, he's right behind the Amputator. But when the Amputator and Cody get into the elevator, Mr. Moseby is nowhere to be found.

    • When Carey is telling them that they injured a professional wrestler, there is a desk behind her with people standing at it waiting for luggage. Then, when they zoom out there is no people and no desk.

    • After Zack and Cody turn the power off in the Amputator's Imperial Suite and he leaves, the twins enter and the lamp is on along with all the other lights. But they never turned the power back on because they went in right after the Amputator left.

    • When Zack is in the Imperial Suite he sets a quarter down on the floor as bait for The Amputator. But as The Amputator goes to pick it up and Zack sneaks out of the suite, a close up goes to The Amputator's hand picking up the quarter. But when you look at it close, it's actually a nickel.

    • Maddie's cell phone dummy returns.

    • The Amputator leaves his room angry and we see the door shut. Then the camera angle changes and Zack and Cody run in through an open door.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Carey: So, word on the street is Jason's pretty cute.
      Maddie: How did you know?
      Carey: (Looking at Zack & Cody) Cats told me.

    • Carey: (Singing while looking at Cody) Oh no, don't run away from me...mmhmm....
      (Cody is crawling away on the floor)

    • (Maddie is not sure if she likes Jason, then hears him tell his friend to recycle)
      Maddie: You recycle?
      Jason: Sure, bottles, cans, everything.
      Maddie: Since when?
      Jason: Since my father bought Oregon and started chopping down trees. You ever heard of Octicorp?
      Maddie: The center of all evil?
      Jason: That's Dad!
      Maddie: (Shrugging away) Ah, I protest against them.
      Jason: Me too!
      Maddie: (Excited) I got dragged off by a cop!
      Jason: I got grounded for two weeks!

    • London: Esteban told me he gave you my Paris original. Where is it?
      Zack: Paris?

    • London: But I'm not going alone... Maddie's coming with me. And face it, no-ones gonna have any real fun with her around.
      Mr. Moseby: You do have a point.

    • Maddie: I'm not rich. I work at the hotel as a candy counter girl.
      Mr. Harrington: I knew she wasn't rich. She's too nice.

    • Mr. Harrington: Fabulous view. You can see the park from here.
      Jason: Yes, that's what trees look like before you cut them down.

    • Cody: Maddie was upgraded into an imperial suite. Her old suite was the wrong shade of beige.

    • Maddie: So we get to meet Usher?
      London: Sweetie, Usher gets to meet us.

    • Mrs. Harrison: Why don't we all just go to the dinner that George pays for, then we can come back here and look at the trees Jason likes, and then we can get dessert delivered by that cute Latin waiter I enjoy!

    • The Amputator: There's two of them?
      Mr. Moseby: Except in my dreams, where I see them by the hundreds!

    • London: Give me my dress!
      Cody: (Coming out of elevator) You told her we gave her dress to Maddie!?
      Zack: (Giving Cody a look) No!
      Cody: G-Good! Because we didn't do that!

    • Cody: Now we have to get you an Imperial Suite.
      Maddie: Are you serious? Do you have any idea how much they cost?
      Cody: Aw she thought we were going to pay!
      Zack: That's sweet. No, we don't pay baby.

    • Cody: We'll help you with Jason.
      Zack: Why would I help my future wife hook up with some other dude?
      Cody: Because he's leaving tomorrow and she'll owe you big time.
      Zack: Okay!

    • London: I recycle too.
      Kyle: Really?
      London: I wore these pearls yesterday.

    • Maddie: Thanks guys.
      Zack: No problem, sweet thing!
      Maddie: Aw, call me in 10 years!

    • London: Gloss me.
      Zack: Sorry, we're watching the counter for Maddie. We're not allowed to accept money, make change or touch any of the merchandise.
      London: Is there anything you CAN do?
      Cody: I can shove 12 gummie worms up my nose. You wanna see?

    • Cody: (To the Amputator) Just make it out to Cody. "A young boy I have just met" met is m-e-t "but it feels like I have known you for a long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time."

    • Zack: (Referring to a dress) Check it out. It's a Paris Original from London!

    • Zack: Boy, if I were five years older, two feet taller.
      Cody: I'd be squashed!

    • London: Aha! Get out of my dress!

    • Mrs. Harrington: I think it's so nice that this wonderful young girl lets a struggling singer and her two twin boys live in her suite.
      Carey: Yes, it's so much nicer than the mini-van we used to live in.

    • Cody: Is there a hall of fame for this kind of stuff?
      Mr. Moseby: It's called prison.

    • Cody: (To the Amputator) So...what floor are you on? 5, 12, 14, 17, 20, basement?
      Amputator: Actually, its 25, but thanks for pushing all the buttons.

  • NOTES (14)


    • This episode could be a reference to the 1996 comedy, Dunston Checks In, in which Kyle Grant (Eric Lloyd) befriends an orangutan.

    • The magazine cover titled "London's Wild Night," with it's image of London dancing, is based on a magazine cover featuring Paris Hilton, who London is based on.