The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 33

Miniature Golf

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 02, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Zack and Cody go on a double date to a miniature golf course. Zack tries to impress his date, Ella, but things backfire on him. Cody and his date, Barbara Brownstein, have an intellectual attraction. London joins a bookclub with her rich friends much to Maddie's amazement. Carey tries to become a more healthy-living person.moreless

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  • Amusing

    Zack and Cody take their dates to the mini golf course, but Zack is embarrassed that his date is better than him. So he gets Moseby to help him out. Meanwhile, London's book club never reads the book. It was another average one. London's book club was the only part I really liked.
  • Funny episode :)

    Three plot episode, although Carey's one wasn't much of a plot. Anyways, this episode was absolutely fantastic. It had plenty of comedy. I found it amusing how a girl could beat Zack at any sport, regardless of whether its mini golf, but it was great. London's plot (the sub-plot) was funny.

    The end of the episode is funny! Not a MUST see, but definitely worth a watch!
  • mini golf

    zack and cody take their dates to play mini golf, and zack is humiliated because he was beaten by a girl. so he takes lessons from mr. moseby to be better at mini golf, will the lessons work? and will he be a sore loser if they do?

    london and friends start a book club, but they don't read and discuss books, they gossip about people.

    a good episode, the main plot was great but the book club sub plot was boring i thought, and so my overall grade for this episode is in the "C" range, kind of average methinksmoreless
  • This was an o.k. episode. It wasn't the best but I wouldn't say that it was the worst either.

    This episode was average. It had its funny moments but it wasn't really great. Zack and Cody bring their dates to play miniature golf and Zack gets upset when his date beats him. He is determined to prove that her win was a fluke and in the end Moseby teaches Zack how to play miniature golf and Zack beats his date at it the second time around. But he's such a bad winner that she ends up walking out on him. The episode was o.k. I've seen better but I've also seen worse so all I can say is that this was an o.k. and average episode. Good but not great.moreless
  • It was alright. it seemed like a pretty good episode.

    Zack and Cody go on a double date. Cody goes with Barbara and Zack goes with a girl named Ella. They go minature golfing and Zack finds Ella much better than him.

    This is a problem for Zack because it was apparently humiliating to be beaten by a girl. Zack calls Ella and asks her to go minature golfing with him, Cody, and Barbara again.

    Before his date Zack tries to practice his putt-putt skills. Mr. Moesby catches him practicing and offers to teach Zack. Mr. Moesby gives Zack lessons until Zack has amazing minature golf skills.

    The next night on their double date, Zack begans to beat everyone and becomes a sore loser in the process. Ella, Cody, and Barbara become annoyed with Zack and Ella storms off.Ella, Cody, and Barbara come back to the hotel and Zack apoligizes for his behavior.

    Meanwhile, London begans a book club with her rich friends. None of them pay attention to the book which is "Pride and Prejuiduce". Maddie has to prod them to reading the book until they actually do. While discussing the book, London and her friends get into a big food fight.

    The episode was pretty average. I'm not gonna say it was a bad episode but it wasn't a great installment. We see an average episode with nothing special. It was alright.moreless
Alexa Nikolas

Alexa Nikolas


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Brittany Curran

Brittany Curran


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Alicia Favela

Alicia Favela


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Sophie Oda

Sophie Oda

Barbara Brownstein

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • A part of this episode is in the opening credits (of Season 3): when Mr. Moseby pokes his head around the wall and says "call me coach".

    • When London has a book club meeting, all the members admit having not read the book, but when they say "let's start now", they all turn to the middle of the book.

    • GOOF: Before Chelsea gets hit by London and Tiffany with a pie, she already has a little cream in her hair and on her dress. Some of the pie could have splattered on Chelsea when London hit Tiffany with it.

    • GOOF: You can see the person's hand who rolled the ball into the hole on Ella's turn.

    • Both Alexa (Tiffany) and Brittany (Chelsea) have worked with Drake Bell on TeeNick-- Alexa on Zoey 101 in "Spring Fling", and Brittany on Drake and Josh in "Who's Got Game?" and "The Storm".

    • Brittany Curran (Chelsea) is the third Drake and Josh guest star to appear in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. The second was Holly (Sammi Hanratty), in "Have a Nice Trip". The first was Alyson Stoner, who appeared in more than one episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    • Ella's Uncle Vinny from New York has a colorful vocabulary, as she has learned bad language from him.

    • Zack's girlfriend curses in this episode, but is covered by a loud honk.

    • Maddie: Wanna be part of "Lend Maddie a million dollars club"?
      London: Sorry, I don't get my allowance till next week.

      London said her allowance was a million dollars, but in "The Ghost of Suite 613", she said she got a thousand dollar allowance.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Cody: I just hope you don't act like a jerk again around Ella.
      Zack: No, no, I'm going to be a perfect gentleman. And we're going back to Putt Putt Party and I'm gonna politely pummel her to a pulp.

    • Chelsea: What did she just say?
      London: I dunno, but i think she just insulted us.

    • (Ella, Barbara and Cody walk in)
      Zack: Oh, hey guys. I'm glad you're here. I wanna apologize.
      Cody: Apology's not accepted!
      Zack: Yeah, couldn't care less... (Zack pushes Cody and Barbara aside)

    • Zack: If I take up golf, I would be out the hotel more.
      Moseby: (With surprised face) Call me coach.

    • London: Girls, let's turn to real issues...what do you think of my hair?
      Maddie: I'm horrified!
      Mr. Moseby: I think her hair looks nice. It's shiny.
      Maddie: Did any of you even read the book?
      Tiffany: Well, my butler was reading it to me, but my cell phone rang. It was Bradley Wiggins!
      Chelsea: Oooh, he's cute!
      Tiffany: I know! And he said he's thinking of dumping Allison... for me!

    • London: (Gets a papercut) Reading is dangerous!

    • Tiffany: Who cares? That would be like my brother dating Chelsea.
      Chelsea: Oh, just because my family's yacht is smaller than yours, you think you're better than me?
      Tiffany: Well... yeah!
      Chelsea: And, by the way, I did date your brother. He's an idiot.
      Maddie: Yikes.
      London: Girls, girls, please. It's okay for rich people to hang out with other people who have less money than they do. I mean, I hang out with you guys.
      Maddie: Double yikes!
      Tiffany: (To London) Well, at least my daddy's not an inn keeper!
      London: (Gasps) How dare you! (spills her drink on Tiffany's dress) Oops.
      Tiffany: Did you just purposely throw tea on my new dress?!
      London: Honey, what does it matter? It's probably a knockoff anyway.
      Maddie: Uh, ladies, shouldn't we get back to the book?
      (Tiffany puts a pie on London's head)
      Tiffany: Oops.
      London: I'll have you know, I'm too much of a lady to engage in your low-class behavior. Oh, who am I kidding? (Hits Tiffany in the back of the head with another pie)
      Chelsea: Girls, girls. It doesn't matter what you have in the bank. All that matters is what you have on your face. (Hits Tiffany in the face with a pie)
      Tiffany: That better be low-fat!
      Chelsea: Well, let's ask London. (Hits London in the face with a pie)
      (both London & Tiffany hit Chelsea in the face with another pie)
      London & Tiffany: Oops.
      Maddie: All right, I'll just be going, then!

    • Ella: By the way, I let you win.
      Zack: Did not... did you?
      Ella: Maybe I did... maybe I didn't.
      Zack: Oh, so that's how you want it? Fine. Best two out of three.
      Ella: You're on.
      Zack: Oh, and if you win, it's best five out of nine.

    • Cloris: (Screams) Next!
      Barbara: (Scared) I don't want to be next! (Hides behind Cody)

    • Mr. Moseby: I, myself, am a fan of the game of golf. Been playing it since I was no taller than a 7-iron.
      Zack: Do you know anything about miniature golf?
      Mr. Moseby: (Scoffs) Ha! Do I? I was a junior putt-putt champion. Those other competitors would quake with fear when they'd see me coming with Big Buellar.
      Zack: Is Big Buellar the name of your club?
      Mr. Moseby: Nope, my mother. Buellar Moseby. That woman is 250 pounds of fire and brimstone... and 20 pounds of coffee cake.
      Zack: So you'll help me?
      Mr. Moseby: Too busy. (Starts leaving)
      Zack: Well, you know, if I take up golf, I'll be out of the hotel more.
      Mr. Moseby: (Comes back) Call me Coach!

    • Zack: Look, I don't mind being beaten by a girl if it's girl stuff.
      Carey: Zack, I cannot believe you are being that shallow.
      Cody: Face it, Mom, he's as shallow as a kiddy pool.
      Zack: At least I'm not afraid to swim in one!

    • Mr. Moseby: Thought your shift was over, Madeline?
      Maddie: It is. But I thought I'd stay and, uh, do a little inventory.
      Mr. Moseby: Couldn't resist listening in on London's book club, could you?
      Maddie: I can't help it! It's just too bizarre!
      Chelsea: (To the other girls in the book club) Okay, everyone, let's get the discussion started.
      London: It's about time. (Opens book) Can we talk about Paris? (Closes book) Did you guys see that hideous pink dress she wore to the Gala last night? It looked like she threw up a flamingo!
      Maddie: (To Mr. Moseby) They're not even discussing the book!
      Mr. Moseby: And you're surprised because?

    • Carey: I'm gonna go for a jog. Hopefully that drive-through donut shop will serve me even though I am on foot.

    • Zack: I got beat by a girl. It's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me. Cody: More embarrassing than that time in gym when you were climbing the rope and your shorts fell off? Zack: That was you

    • Zack: Can you pass me a hard boiled egg? Cody: (Talking through a spoon) Cody Martin lines up the putt. It's a difficult lie. Zack: Can I just have my egg? Cody: There is a slight breeze out of the northwest. The crowd is hushed. Zack: The crowd is hungry!

    • Cody: If she sinks this, it would be her ninth hole in one! (Zack looks at him with a mean face) Bu-but who's counting?
      Barbara: They are!

    • London: (To Maddie) We'll prove to you that we can read this book. Right, girls?
      Girls in Book Club: Yes!
      London In fact, we're gonna start right now. (Starts reading book) Who's hungry?
      Girls in Book Club: Me! (Closes books)

    • Maddie: London, did you actually read Pride and Prejudice?
      London: Yes.
      Maddie: What's the main character's name?
      London: Pride?

    • London: OK guys. Enough about fashion and cars. Lets get serious. What do you think- of my hair?

    • Barbara: Cody, this looks really complicated. Cody: Not really. All you have to do is look at it as if it were an isosceles triangle. The giraffe on the line intersecting it diagonally. Barbara: And if you calculate the angle trajectory, you should be able to find the coordinates of the optimal target zone. Cody: I should have bought my protractor. Barbara: Oh, I have one! (Reaches to her back pocket and takes it out.) Cody: The Angle Jam 2000? Barbara: I got it for Chanukah.

    • Zack: Your hair looks really pretty under the glow of the tiki torches.
      Ella: Thanks. Wait until you see it blowing under the windmill.
      Cloris: You should see my hair under the windmill.
      Zack: (To Ella privately) Yeah, how do you think it got that way?
      Cloris: I heard that!

    • Barbara: You know, we really should be studying.
      Cody: Don't worry. Before I left, I slipped in flashcards.
      Barbara: Oh, Cody. You're so resourceful!

    • Cody: Ohhh, I get it. (Sniffs) But you might want to take a shower first.
      Zack: (Smells himself) Maybe its from all those one-armed push-ups.

    • Zack: (Talking on the phone) Hi, Ella! It's Zack, from biology... Yeah, the one who hit you with spitball..! Well I was aiming at my brother.

    • Cody: As flattering as that is, I can't. I have a study date with Barbra Brownstien.
      Zack: Well that's great! You can study on your date!

    • Cody: Why do I even need to go with you at all?
      Zack: Because I really want to impress Ella and no matter what we end up doing, you just make me look better.

    • Carey: TEN! (reaches to grab the donut)
      Zack: (Takes donut before Carey)
      Carey: Honey, that was my reward!
      Zack: Wasn't being a mother reward enough?

    • Carey: How many was that?
      Cody: Three.
      Carey: Ughh.
      Cody: You can do it! You just need a little inspiration! (Picks up donut and waves it over Carey's head) Four, five...
      Zack: (On phone with Ella) Oh, uh that? Thats just my brother counting off how many one-armed push-ups I'm doing.
      Cody: She is NOT going to fall for that!
      Zack: So it's a date, then!
      Cody: And I know nothing.

    • Maddie: Pride and Prejudice is a great book! Wow, I'm impressed. What inspired you to join book club? London: Well, Tiffany started it and everyone who's anyone is in it. Maddie: I'm not. London: Exactly.

    • Zack: Would you relax? You can go with whoever you want.
      Cody: Why do I need to go with you at all?
      Zack: Because...I really wanna impress Ella and no matter what we end up doing, you just make me look better.

    • Zack: Cody, I have a date with Ella this Saturday and I need you to go with us.
      Cody: Oh no! I know what you're doing and I'm not going out with her creepy sister...
      Zack: But you-
      Cody: ...or brother...
      Zack: C'mon you-
      Cody: ...or dog

  • NOTES (16)


    • Cody: More embarrassing than the time you climbed the rope in gym class and your shorts fell down?
      Zack: That was you.

      In "Battle of the Bands" Cody wrote the song "School's Out". One of the lyrics read "I went to gym class and my pants fell down". Because he wrote the song and used personal experiences in the lyrics, this part in "Miniature Golf" could be alluding to "Battle of the Bands".

    • The idea that a book club full of girls gossiping could be an allusion to Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.