The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 8

Moseby's Big Brother

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 22, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Mr. Moseby gets worried when his older brother Spencer arrives at the Tipton for a visit. Zack and Cody buy a bike, but they have to share it. Maddie and Esteban mess with London's horoscope.

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  • An Aesop moral taught

    Moseby's brother is visiting the Tipton and needs a job because he's broke. Meanwhile, Zack and Cody must share a bike. It's funny. The older brothers give their younger siblings trouble. This is a similar problem to Fairest Of Them All when they need bikes. The fight was perfect. It is seen that Zack is the older twin. Fun fact.
  • Moseby vs Spencer & Cody vs Zack! AWESOME EPISODE

    Great episode. Really funny. Moseby was hilarious and his older brother also cracked me up! Zack and Cody were hilarious in this episode, especially when Zack gives Cody the bike and it falls apart! HAHA!

    It proves how annoying siblings can be and how difficult it is to share.
  • One of my favorite "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" episodes

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and it makes me laugh so hard that it hurts my stomach. This episode never gets for me to be honest and always makes me laugh. Whoever knew that Mr. Moseby's big brother is actually a midget? I know I didn't. That was a hilarious surprise. The feud between Mr. Moseby and his big brother (who is a midget) was absolutely hilarious and it makes me laugh very hard. The Zack and Cody plot in this episode is also funny. Although, Zack irritates me just a tad bit when he wasn't being fair sharing the bicycle with Cody but I can let that slide since this episode makes me laugh very hard. Mr. Moseby and his old brother attacking each other was other hilarious. The background with Mr. Moseby and his older brother fighting with each other while Cody is talking to Zack about how brothers do nice things for each other and being fair also always cracks me up. I guess the Mr. Moseby and his older brother plot is the one that cracks me up the most and I love it. Everything in this episode makes me laugh from start to finish especially Mr. Moseby and his midget older brother attacking and fighting with each other. Overall, one of my favorite episodes of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" that always makes me laugh very hard and never gets old for me. 10/10moreless
  • This was another episode that wasn't really a favorite of mine. In fact I could call it one of my least favorites.

    Mosebys big brother comes to visit Moseby and ends up working for Moseby at the Tipton. Zack and Cody deside to put their money together to get a bike. Zack hogs the bike, Mosebys big brother takes advantage of Moseby and treats him badly, and Moseby and his brother get into a fight. Zack and Cody also get into a fight but they make up in the end. And really, I didn't like this episode very much. I think this has to be one of the most boring episodes of the series. It's o.k. with some funny moments but it is one of my least favorites.moreless

    In The Red Corner is Spencer and in the Blue Corner is Mr.Moseby let the fight begin.

    This episodes starts off with Zack and Cody wanting a bike but Carey won't get one for them so Zack and Cody use their money together to Buy a bike but they have to share it. Meanwhile. Mr.Moseby's Brother is coming to visit him and Mr.Moseby Hates him becuase he's a millonaire then when his brother spencer arrives he decides to stay a few nights but Mr.Moseby finds out he's broke and is forced to give him a job at the tipton. Meanwhile. Zack and Cody are not sharing the bike and it's time for cody to make a stand and get his way for once. Meanwhile. Spencer is not doing his job and he ends up having a big Fight with Mr.Moseby in the Lobby.Meanwhile. Cody explains to Zack that he is sick of offering stuff to him and zack should do something for him for once then they end out sharing it and Spencer is Rich again and leaves.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • A part of this episode is in the opening credits (of Season Three): when Cody is putting on his bike helmet.

    • Cody told a guy who works at the Tipton that their bike has pegs, but when Zack brings the bike in even before the bike falls apart you can clearly see no pegs.

    • When Zack brings the bike back to the lobby and it breaks in Cody's hands, you see a break wire connected to the handlebars, then when they show a closeup on Cody's face you can see that there is no wire connected to it.

    • When London says that she almost misses her floor because she couldn't hear the "ding", this comment makes absolutely no sense as no elevator I've seen works as London suggests (she seems to suggest you have to push a button to make it stop when the elevator reaches your floor) Everyone knows you push the button for the floor you want and it automatically stops there. Even if there WERE weird elevators that work like London suggested, it was shown in another episode that the Tipton's elevators work just like any other.

    • In this episode, it's said that Zack and Cody don't have any bikes. However, in a bunch of other episodes, you can clearly see bikes in the background in their room.

    • In the scene where Carey is talking to Moseby and Cody about siblings, she called Moseby because the microphone stand was broken, but she should have called Arwin the handyman.

    • When Zack tells Cody he won at the quiet game, Cody's sleeves are down, but when Cody walks to their bedroom door, his sleeves are up again.

    • Goof: During the scene where Carey is talking to Cody (& later Mr. Moseby), the turquoise pendant / necklace she is wearing disappears under her shirt collar twice & reappears twice without her ever touching it.

    • Goof: When Spencer & Mr. Moseby start fighting in the lobby, you can see that the bottom of Spencer's shoes are brand new & the middle part of the sole is tan, but when the fight moves in front of the hotel doors, the bottom of Spencer's shoes are worn down & the middle soles are now a dark brown.

    • Goof: Spencer says that the "N" on The Tipton sign is burnt out, but from what we've seen of outer building there aren't any lighted signs.

    • Goof: In the scene where Zack hands Cody the broken bike, you can see a strand of Zack's hair sticking though one of the holes in the helmet, but in the scene after the commercial break , (When Cody is yelling at Zack) Zack's hair is no longer sticking out.

    • We learn that Cody has done almost everything for Zack for the past years.

    • Goof: London said in "Rumors", that all of her furs are fake; but the green scarf she wore is made from rabbit's fur.

    • We learn that Spencer was more popular in school than Mr. Moseby.

    • In the episode, "Fairest of Them All", Zack and Cody say that they have tricycles; and in this episode, they have tiny bikes with training wheels.

    • This is the second time in the series that London doesn't know her last name. The first time was in "Commercial Breaks".

  • QUOTES (42)

    • Estaban: I admire you Maddie. You're always doing school work.
      Maddie: Actually, I'm messing with London's horoscope.

      Estaban: What are you making it say?

    • Zack: (To Cody) Lets hug it out you overly sensitive lug!

    • (Cody is done fixing the bike)
      Zack: Hey so we did a good job!

    • Esteban: It would be nice that both Mr. Moseby get to have a little time together!
      Maddie: You also think that hat makes you look cool!
      Esteban: So you see it too?

    • Maddie: Well if he's broke then why don't you give him a job here at the hotel?
      Mr. Moseby: How about Candy Counter girl?
      Maddie: How about we never had this conversation?

    • Zack: Would you look at that? It's after 2:00! It's time to ride our bike!
      Cody: Don't! .. Touch! .. The! .. Bike!
      Zack: So it speaks!
      Cody: Yeah, and it angry!

    • Cody: And he then he took the bike!
      Carey: Well did you talk to him?
      Cody: No I gave him the "silent treatment"
      Carey: And how that work out for you!

    • Zack: I was at the park! There was a beautiful girl, we sat and talk, and we rode and talk and we ate ice cream and talked! Wow girls can talk!

    • Carey: Having a younger sibling can be tough. I remember torturing my younger sister.
      Mr. Moseby: I didn't know you had a sister.
      Carey: Yeah, she doesn't talk to me anymore.

    • Cody: Oh this is not about the bike!
      Zack: Okay! (Starts to leave then Cody grabs him)
      Cody: It's about doing your homework, eating your broccoli when mom isn't looking!
      Zack: You offered it to me!
      Cody: Yeah, because that's what brothers do for each other! But it's never reciprocal!
      Zack: Huh?
      Cody: Reciprocal means, you doing something for me!
      Zack: I did! You offered me money and I took it!

    • Maddie: I can't believe we are going to a ball and riding the limo!
      Esteban: Where I come from a limo is a llama pulling a cartridge! Its called the llamo!

    • Zack: Man this bike is the best!
      Cody: You're late! You were suppose to be back hours ago!

    • Esteban: I admire you Maddie! You are always doing school work!
      Maddie: No, I'm emailing London a false horoscope!

    • Mr. Moseby: He cast a big shadow!
      (Mr. Moseby's brother comes in)
      Maddie: Boy, I can't see his shadow!

    • Esteban: Mr. Moseby you see more tense than usual!
      Maddie: I didn't think it was possible!

    • London: I had to plug my ears in the elevator. I almost missed my floor because I couldn't hear the little 'Ding!'

    • Maddie: (To London about her horoscope) How did you catch on? London: Oh, it was easy! I used logic, cunning, and I heard you and Esteban laughing about it. Esteban: So, you think we can still ride in the limo? (London sprays Maddie and Esteban with foam from the fire hose)

    • Zack: Whoa! Hot babe!
      Cody: Hey thanks for pointing her out! (Grabs the bike helmet off Zack's head, takes the bike and rides off) Hey babe! Wanna ride on my handle bars?
      Zack: He's so in over his head.

    • Mr. Moseby: (To Cody) Why are we so afraid of our brothers?
      Cody: Well speaking for myself, Zack once gave me a noogie so hard that I lost five IQ points!

    • Zack: (To Cody) Oh I get it, the silent treatment! Well two can play at that game!
      (There is a short silence)
      Zack: Ok only one can. You win.

    • Spencer: (to Maddie) Nice to meet you. I don't know what you do, but I'm sure my brother underpays you.
      Maddie: That's for sure. (laughs)
      (Mr. Moseby glares at her)
      Maddie: You said the customer is always right.
      Mr. Moseby: Yes, and so is the manager. Now, get back to your candy counter before I make you fix the "N."

    • Mr. Moseby: People called me dork hair for years, including Mom!
      Spencer: Don't be mad just because Mom liked me best.
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, she did not! You know the reason why she treated you better.
      Spencer: Don't go there!
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, yeah!
      Spencer: Don't go there!
      Mr. Moseby: Yeah, because you were lactose intolerant!
      Spencer: Ooh, you went there!
      Mr. Moseby: Who's afraid of cheese? Who's afraid of cheese?

    • Mr. Moseby: I have had enough. I am going to march right upstairs and stand up to Spencer!
      Cody: And I am going to give Zack a piece of my mind!
      Mr. Moseby & Cody: (at the same time) You first!

    • Cody: Mom, I've got brother problems here.
      Mr. Moseby: Please do not talk to me about brothers. Spencer is giving me such a migraine.
      Cody: Zack is selfish!
      Mr. Moseby: Spencer's a bully!
      Cody: He doesn't listen!
      Mr. Moseby: He has no consideration for me!
      Cody: And he stinks personality-wise, and frankly, his body odor!

    • Cody: Hey, fixing time is a lot different than riding time. So, technically, it's my time!
      Zack: Technically, tough!

    • Maddie: What's wrong with Spencer? He looks a little low.
      (Esteban & Mr. Moseby look at her)
      Maddie: I mean, down. Sad!

    • Cody: (about the broken bike; to Zack) You broke it, you fix it! Because I'm not fixing this! This is your responsibility, and you're going to fix it! Who am I kidding, you're not going to fix it!

    • Spencer: All right, if you must know, I've recently suffered a small setback.
      Mr. Moseby: How small?
      Spencer: I'm broke!
      Mr. Moseby: (sarcastically) Oh, no.
      Spencer: And I'm gonna need to stay longer.
      Mr. Moseby: (sadly) Oh, no!

    • Spencer: Marion, you're not trying to get rid of me, are you?
      Mr. Moseby: No.
      Spencer: 'Cause I thought we were really reconnecting. In fact, I'd like to stay a few extra days.
      Mr. Moseby: No!
      (Spencer stares at him)
      Mr. Moseby: Kidding!

    • Mr. Moseby: Esteban, it's almost checkout time. Hurry up to Spencer's room and get his bags.
      Esteban: He is leaving so soon? It's only been one day.
      Mr. Moseby: One day is like 7 years in Spencer time.

    • Esteban: Wait a minute. Should we be taking advantage of poor Miss London like this?
      Maddie: Please. When she had trouble potty training her dog, she made you dress up like a hydrant.
      Esteban: Oh, let's really stick it to her good!

    • Spencer: Esteban, could you take my bags to my room, please?
      Esteban: He knows my name!
      Mr. Moseby: You have a name tag.

    • London: Well, let's read yours, Maddie. (reads horoscope) "You are a mess. Your life is going nowhere. It's a good day to stay home. Too bad you can't afford to." Boy, did they nail you! (laughs)

    • Zack: I can't believe Mom is making us buy our own bikes. What's she good for?
      Cody: Food, shelter, clothing, love.
      Zack: Well, you can't ride love to the mall.

    • Carey: Can I help you?
      Cody: Could we go ride our bikes?
      Carey: Sure.
      Zack: Great. One small problem: don't have any.
      Carey: Of course you do. I just bought you new ones.
      Cody: 8 years ago.
      Carey: It hasn't been that long
      (Zack and Cody bring out their bikes with training wheels)
      Carey: Wow, its been 8 years.

    • Cody: (To Zack) And from now on, I want you to think of us as equals, except in school where I am clearly better.

    • Mr. Moseby: Welcome Spencer to the Tipton!
      Spencer: Actually the light on the "n" blew out so now it's called the "Tipto".
      Mr. Moseby: Oh.
      London: I thought my last name was pronounced Tipton.

    • Cody: I don't want to end up like Mr. Moseby and his brother.
      (Mr. Moseby and Spencer keep fighting)
      Zack: If we do can I be Spencer. He's rich, gets all the babes, and right now he's winning.

    • Carey: I remember when I was a kid, I shared a boyfriend with Nicky Maltinodo. Man that was hard.
      Cody: And she got the guy?
      Carey: No I did. And then he ate all my animal crackers.
      Cody: Oh you were in Kindergarten!
      Carey: No. High School.

    • Cody: (To Zack) Finally! You're back with the bike!
      (Cody grabs the bike and it breaks into a bunch of pieces)
      Zack: Oh yeah, I kinda broke it. It's not that bad. And look at it this way; you love jigsaw puzzles!
      (Cody glares at Zack)

    • London: My horoscope says, family nightmare and stay away from fried cheese. Maddie: Horoscopes are stupid. Estaban: Yes, but that fried cheese thing is making sense.

    • Carey: From what I made last month, and what you guys spent, amount of money we have for bikes is... -$12
      Zack: I'll take my -6 in cash
      (Carey and Cody stare at him)

  • NOTES (22)