The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 22

Mr. Tipton Comes to Visit

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Sep 01, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • Awesome finale

    Zack and Cody find out that Mr. Tipton is coming as is going to reward an employee a bonus. Unfortunately, they find he's in a bad mood and is going to fire someone. So everyone remembers their good deeds from the past and hopes they won't get fired. I loved this one. There were scenes from Hotel Hangout, Grounded On The 23rd Floor, Cody Goes To Camp, It's A Mad Mad Hotel, Cookin' With Romeo And Juliet, Pilot Your Own Life, Commercial Breaks, Day Care, Heck's Kitchen, Moseby's Big Brother, Bowling, Kept Man, Have A Nice Trip, Lost In Translation, I Want My Mummy, Aptitude, and Who's The Boss. And guess who shows up again? Muriel. This finale was awesome. I'm going to miss this show.
  • A Clip show to finish the series!?!

    Even though the series finale was a clip show, I believed they did it rather well. The plot was okay and upon figuring out that Mr Tipton was in a bad mood, it was kind of sad and exhilarating at the same time to find out who'll get fired. The episode wasn't the best way to finish the series, as I'd rather have "Let us Entertain you" as the finale. That all being said, this episode goes back to all the great moments but at times they spent a little too long with the flashback scenes.

    -Still, watch it and have a laugh!
  • That was the finale??

    Wow. I totally missed something. I don't like clip-shows a lot unless the premise is interesting. It was for this one. Someone is going to be fired from the Tipton. But who? From clips we are reminded of all the good times they have all had. Cody and Zack come up with a plan: Muriel comes to the hotel and Mr. Tipton fires her. All is normal afterward.

    Now, I'm sorry, but come on. It was stated in the episode "Free Tippy" that Mr. Tipton makes anyone over the age of 65 retire. Muriel is definitely older then 65. It's like saying he forgot one of his own rules. So basically this meant the show had a "Happy ending". I don't like it, it is like saying the entire episode of "Free Tippy" never happened. Mr. Tipton is forgetting one of his most basic rules, and I think that was incredibly lazy way to end the show. I might be alone.
  • News of Mr. Tipton's visit excites the employees because of a possible bonus but when they learn that he's in a bad mood and will fire someone, they start to panic. In the end, Mr. Tipton fires Muriel, not knowing she retired 2 years ago. (Clip Show)

    What can I say? It's a clip show, and there really isn't much material to review. There are some entertaining points to the episode, like when Mr. Moseby walks into The Martins' suite with a caulking gun and threatens to seal up their door. The ending wasn't even that interesting, although it was nice to see Muriel (Estelle Harris) one last time before the show ended. But seriously, a little bump, the vase finally breaks, and Muriel whips out her catch phrase, "I'm not cleaning that up!" This is followed by Mr. Tipton firing her Donald Trump style, except for the fact that he couldn't be seen, which made me thought that there would be (or should be) some sort of continuation to the series where we actually see him! Everyone knows you're supposed to tie up loose ends in the last episode of a show, and that includes revealing certain identities that have remained hidden. If it hadn't been for the sequel series, The Suite Life on Deck, I'd probably have to give this episode a lower rating. An event that starts out as something that could be very pivotal turns out to be a huge disappointment. Overall, the episode was unentertaining, as it was a clip show, and if not for the follow-up series, this could go down as one of the worst endings to a series of all time.
  • The Suite Life clip show!

    This episode was just perfect, mainly since clip shows are my favorite types of TV episodes. Mr. Tipton is coming, and if he's in a good mood, he'll give $5,000 to an employee, so the staff remembers about the good deeds they've done, with clips from previous episodes. I like how Mr. Moseby's first accident with the twins was a clip from "Hotel Hangout" since it was the first episode premiered. When he's not in a good mood and wants to fire someone. The staff then remembers the good times they had, as well as the bad. At the end, Muriel, who finally comes back after two years, is fired for laying around, but it turns out Zack and Cody tricked Mr. Tipton into thinking she was still an employee even though she retired 2 years ago (which explains her disappearence!). This episode was just perfect, it was a clip show, Muriel returns. This one is by far my favorite.

  • This episode had me go back in stitches!

    This episode was such a good one! I actually love this, and I thought it summerizes Season 1 and 2 compleatly. They picked all the funniest scenes.

    When Mr. Tipton comes, everyone tries to go on a good mood. But, when he throws German chocolate cake on Arwin, here comes the firing! Carey is the one to be the victim, because of Zack and Cody. But, the boys then take a plan, in which involved Muriel, who hasen't been in an episode since "Pilot your own life". She was already fired, but, the twins sceame takes to firing Murel (without Tipton knowing)

    All of it was funny, and the most memoriable are the flashback episodes, which was just awesome. I just wish the finally will be the same as this.
  • The flashback episode of the series.

    A memorial to a funny series. The Tipton looks back at a great 3 years on the air. Mr. Tipton is coming and plans to fire someone. The cast look back on their time at the Tipton to decide who is best suited. Zack & Cody has a plan but no one listens. Many episodes are reviewed including their first day, the commercial, the piefight and London & Maddie's many physical fights. In the end Murial shows up and reveals she had retired a few years eariler. The unbreakable vase breaks, Muriel says her famous line and is fired. Great episode.
  • Mr. Tipton comes for a visit and plans to fire someone. This is a flashback episode

    This by far is on of the best episodes of TSL. It is a flashback episode, so you get to see all of the episodes of this show that you have watched since it premeired. You see everything from the first episode when Zack and Cody bring all the kids from school to the hotel, to the time when the food critic comes to the hotel and Cody has to take over the kitchen. This episode is put over the top mainly because of the appearance of Muriel. Who says her catphrase, "I'm not cleaning that up!" This is a very special episode.