The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 12

Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 14, 2006 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode starts off as Cody practicing for the Spelling Bee, Carey is helping him practice. When Cody spells the word right, Carey tells him that she could have won first place if it wasn't for politics. Zack comes in and asks for money from Carey, but Carey doesn't give him any.

Mr. Moseby is getting everything ready for the Spelling Bee that is going to be in the Tipton. Out in the Lobby, Maddie tells London if she is going to wear that to the volunteer work, but London doesn't remember that, Maddie just takes her to the bus to go do the volunteer. In the game room, Zack is playing but loses in the game, he borrows money he just says that it is just one dollar, but at the end he borrowed 30 dollars. Zack has to figure out a way to pay off the debt.

In a hotel, Maddie and her friends are doing all the work. London is just painting her nails, someone calls on her phone and a talk to her; but Maddie takes the phone and tells her that she is busy working. But the teacher comes and catches Maddie on the phone and Maddie gets in trouble and tells her why she can't work like London. Later Maddie gets on the ladder to fix a chandelier, but London takes a newspaper from the bottom and makes the ladder fall and Maddie's overalls strap gets caught on the chandelier and the teacher comes and see her hanging by her overalls strap and it looks like she is playing around and makes her friends get paint on them, so Maddie and her friends have to work until lunch while London takes a break.

In the Spelling Bee, a girl spells a word wrong and makes Cody and Maynard the finalists. Maynard tells him that Zack can pay off the bet by making Cody lose. When Zack tells Cody this, he says no and then Zack goes to the Lobby and try to borrow money from Maddie, Mr. Mosbey and other people but they say no. When London gives him money Maddie and the rest grab the money that Zack owes them.

Later, in the Spelling Bee, Zack tells Cody that he can win and Cody spells Pneumatic right. In the Lobby, the family from the apartment has baked Maddie a cake for leaving the toys, London asks Maddie why they didn't bake cake for her, and Maddie tells her is because she didn't do nothing for her, and she says that she made publicity and Maddie says it was for her.

Right then Cody comes chanting that he won, Maynard comes and Cody goes get the first aid kit, but Maynard wasn't going to beat up Zack he was going to tell his mom. Zack laughs and says that he is not afraid of his mom and Carey says "You should be!" Zack gets in trouble as well as Maynard for telling Zack to tell Cody to lose.

In the apartment London bring toys for the family in a mask. She takes out the mask and gives the bag to the family. The mother asks what she can do to thank her and she says "Bake a cake and take it to the Tipton and ask for London" and she leaves but comes back and say "By the way she is not me" The episode ends on that.
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