The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 12

Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 14, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Not a good subplot

    Zack borrows money from a boy who is participating in the spelling bee. So the boy tells Zack to get Cody to lose to pay him back. In the end, Cody wins and the boy is paid back by their mom. Meanwhile, London doesn't do the charity work she's supposed to do, and Maddie and her friends do it. As I said, I could have done without the subplot. They should have made a different plot for Maddie and London.
  • Very funny to me!

    Zack's plot- Really funny. I liked it the whole time, especially once the spelling bee started and Carey began going crazy everytime Cody got a word right. I also liked Zack pretending to write his last will. It was hilarious and Cody's line that follows it made my day!

    Maddie's plot- It was pretty funny at times, especially when Sister Dominick comes in and says to Maddie, 'Madeline, stop playing!"

    Great episode!
  • subplot was boring

    zack borrows money from a kid named maynard kay. he does not know how to pay him back, until he learns maynard is in the spelling bee, the same bee cody is in. so he tries to make zack get cody to lose. will zack do this task? maddie and london and their classmates help a poor family. will, maddie and her friends do...

    the main plot was alright, somewhat funny and had a good plot, but i found the sub plot boring the whole way through, which hurts the episode. So, because of this the episode gets a "C-"
  • I really didn't like this episode very much. It had some funny moments but to me this episode was kind of boring.

    Cody is in a spelling bee. Zack borrows money from a big kid. He can't pay him back so the big kid makes a deal with Zack. Zack won't have to pay him back if Cody throws the spelling bee so the big kid can win it. So Zack tries to get Cody to throw the spelling bee so the big kid won't beat Zack up. Cody refuses and in the end Cody wins the spelling bee and the big kid does not beat Zack up. All he was going to do to Zack was tell his mom on him. It was an o.k. episode but it was kind of boring and not one of my favorites.
  • Uh-oh...sounds like some trouble!

    Cody enters a spelling bee that is being held at the Tipton. Zack borrows money from a guest named Maynard, but he can't seem to pay him back. If Zack couldn't pay off his debt he felt that Maynard would beat him up. Zack soon finds out that Maynard is in the same spelling bee that Cody is in. After the first round in the spelling bee, Maynard tells Zack that he can pay off his debt by making Cody lose to him in the spelling bee on purpose. Zack tries to convince Cody that the way to get rid of all the stress is to lose. When Cody pushes Zack, Zack finally tells Cody the truth and why he was telling him to lose. Cody says no, and Zack goes around the hotel trying to borrow money from other people so he can pay Maynard back. During the final round of the spelling bee, Cody is about to win. All he had to do was spell one more word correctly. He looks at Zack in the audience and starts to fumble a little bit. Zack notices that Cody is being a good brother, and he decides to do the same thing. He stands up and tells Cody not to worry about him. Cody wins the spelling bee, and Zack prepares for the beating from Maynard. However, the only thing Maynard did was tell Carrie about what Zack did. This was a really good episode. It was pretty funny all the way through!
  • Amazing!!!

    Neither a Borrower Nor a Speller Bee is a really great episode. It was very funny. I enjoyed the Maddie/London plot better, though. Vanessa Anne Hudgens guest stars in this episode as Corrie. This is her 3rd appearance in this show. Zack borrows money from a guest named Maynard to play video games in the game room, but starts to fear him when he can't pay him back. Cody enters a spelling bee. London and Maddie help a homeless family. The reason I like the subplot better was because it was funnier and it was more enjoyable. The main plot were still good, though.
  • This is a really fun episode of 'Suite Life'.

    This was a really fun and enjoyable episode. I can't say that the show is brilliant, but for a family show it is highly entertaining and can be very funny at times. My favorite character is easily Maddie. She is so adorable, funny and sweet and that shines through in her story for this episode. The main story is Zack entering the spelling bee though. This story brings a few laughs, but is rather boring. Cody borrowing the money from the 'bully' is a lot funnier. Overall, this is a pretty good episode that serves its purpose of entertaining the whole family.
  • Great episode! Would have been a 10 if Monique and Vanessa werent there! (SPOILER ALERT)

    I loved this episode! I thought it was great! Zack borrowed money from this guy he thinks is a bully, and the 'bully' tells him that he better make Cody loose the spelling bee or else! So Zack tries to convince Cody into loosing on purpose but Cody says he wont! Well the day of the speeling bee finals comes up and as Cody starts to spell the word(for his brother) he starts to spell it wrong! Well Zack stands up and tells his brother to spell it right and not to cheat! Cody ends up winning and Zack finds out that the only thing the bully was going to do was tell Mrs. Martin that Zack owed him money! Madie, London, and some other girls go to fix an apartment and London ends up getting greedy and wont do the work until cameras are there! She ends up learning that she did the work for herself and not for the family!This side of the story was not my favorite and I thought those other two girls were annoying! But still all in all a great episode!
  • Zack borrows money from a bully and can't pay it back. Cody is in a spelling bee. The bully tries to make Zack to get Cody to throw the bee.Cody is going to, to save Zack from getting beat up but Zack realizes how important the bee is to Cody & stops him.

    Zack experiences something--being bullied-- that every kid has had happen in their life and can relate to. Zack is usually so confident and never worries about anything [unlike Cody]. But in this episode & Scary Movie we see him get scared.Of course, this is Disney so he doesn't get beat up.It also shows how much the brothers really care about each other: Cody is going to throw the competition [even though it means a lot to him] to save Zack from getting beat up. Zack stops him because he is willing to get beat up rather than ruin something important to Cody.I think that there are 2 important messages here 1) Brothers look out for each other 2) You have to stand up to bullies.

    I think the Maddie/London subplot was just filler.
  • great but note that great!!

    this is a good episode but it's definatly not one of my favourites, in this episode cody enters a spelling bee and then when zack and cody are at the game room, zack runs out of quarters to use so he borrows them from this huge guy who is also in the spelling bee and had to pay him back "or else" so the bully told zack to make is brother fail and he wouldn't have to pay him back but "or else" only meant tell his mother so he didn't get beat up like he though he would. and london and maddie do charity work in this episode.
  • This episode looks, to me, like a 9.

    This episode was funny! I thought it was funny when Maynard keeps telling Zack that he better pay him back, or else. The funny part is Zack thinks that Maynard's gonna beat him up the whole time. When he was just gonna tell Carey. I thought it was a little sad whem Cody wins and Zack get's happy for him, but then Maynard looks at him with anger and Zack sits back down, upset. I felt bad for Zack in this episode, until I found out that Maynard was gonna tell on him. I also think it's funny when Zack says, "I'm not scared of my mom!" and then Carey comes by and says, "You should be."
  • It is not what I have expected I mean if you would think that this is a very special episode just because Taylor and Vanessa are there... I am sorry but you are stupid they just appeared once!!!!!!!

    It is not what I have expected I mean if you would think that this is a very special episode just because Taylor and Vanessa are there... I am sorry but you are stupid they just appeared once!!!!!!! Vanessa only had one line wow she's like one of the dominant stars in Disney and people would give her one line? It is disappointing!!!!!!
  • Zack borrows money from Maynard but can't pat it back. Cody enters a spelling bee. Maddie, Corrie and Mary help out a poor family, and London, well watches.

    This is a funny episode. As the name says, you don't borrow money if you can't pay it back. Unfortunately, Zack didn't get the memo. He borrows $40, and either has to get Cody to lose the bee, or pay it back. If he doesn't, it's Or Else. Which in Maynards terms is telling his mom. She finds out and Cody wins the bee. Maddie, the HSM girls and London fix a room. London does it for publicity and the others do it because they care. Maddie get's a cake and London get's squat. This was an ok, funny episode.
  • In this episode Cody enters a spelling bee and Zack borrows money from a guy and can\'t pay him back.

    This episode is hilarious just like evry othe episode in the suite life of Zack and Cody u should watch it because Dylan and Cole did awesome in this episode they r both great actors and they r very hot especially Dylan this episode is worth watching more than twice it\'s great and funny Zack gets scared that a bully is gonna beat him up but he is just threatening him by saying or else and the \" or else \" means he is gonna tell Zack\'s mom , in this episode we also learn that London throw out bills that r wrinkly it\'s such a great episode I love it!
  • Lacked potential and comedic elements, one could find at a Spelling Bee.

    The episode in its entirety was joyfull, however it lacked the certain "buzz" most Suite Life episodes deliver. The Spelling Bee storyline was mediocre, and lacked potential character development. We did learn that Cody likes to spell, and that Zack does have morals. But the episode lacked in comedic elements that would covered up by possible slapstick humor. I love Suite Life, and its classic storyline- but this episode was not one of my favorites.
  • In this episode, Zack borrows money from a kid and can\'t pay him back, so the kid [Maynard] tells Zack he can pay him back by telling Cody to lose on purpose.

    T h i s e p i s o d e w a s o u t s t a n d i n g . B e c a u s e o f Z a c k \' s s t u p i d i t y , e v e r y t h i n g c a m e t u m b l i n g a f t e r , t h e r e f o r e m a k in g i t a s f u n n y as can be. London and Maddie go and help a homeless family.
  • anyone know how to spell "pnuematic"? You better, if you saw this one!

    This one is one of my favorite episodes! You get alot of laughs when Carey tells Moseby she'll control herself during the Spelling Bee, and then turns around, sees Cody and screams "CODY!!!!!"
    It also has a good moral about doing charity work for OTHERS, not yourself, even though London doesn't quite get it when she "anonymously" gives toys to a needy family in the tag of the episode (and then makes it clear who she is). Make sure to see this one!
  • the episode is about zack getting 30 bucks from a boy. he cant get the money back so he tells cody to mess up the spelling bee for the boy to win. plus cody wins the spelling be. zack was grounded for getting 30 bucks and not to giving back

    this is not the best episode from zack and cody but it was good. the acting was good. they could have done alittle bit better with the spelling bee. the little story of how london just did the painting just for fame was good. im not saying the episode sucked but it was not like the other episode. the other episodes had action but this one didn't have alot of action. im not giving this show 8 or lower because this show was better then other episodes. this was a good show once agian. i dont know what to write.
  • Zacks gets into trouble when he borrows money and unable to pay it back, Cody enteres a spelling contest and Maddie and London do some charity work

    This episode was pritty good and yet again you learn a little more about the charaters and they also learn something. Zack borrows money from the staff and is unable to borrow or pay back, he also borrows from one of the spelling been contestants and he demands paymeant. Zack learns a lesson from this, while Cody enters the spelling bee contest we see more of how talented Cody is, also that he stands up against Zack and not fall to Zacks plea which he did alot in Season 1. Theres again the scean that shows that Both will do anything to help each other. London learns a lesson in Chartiy work and appreciation when she helps the couple in the wrong way
  • Very funny episode.

    Cody is in Boston's Spelling Bee which is being held at the Tipton. Zack doesn't care and just wants money so he can play more video games. Since his mom won't lend him money he turns to a guest, Maynard, who lends him the money, but only if Zack pays him back plus 20%. Zack thinks he's only going to use one dollar, but ends up using 30 dollars and still has to pay back Maynard. Zack finds out that Maynard is in the Spelling Bee. Maynard and Cody end up being the finalists. Maynard offers Zack another proposal, Zack has to get Cody to throw the Spelling Bee. Zack of course tries to, but is unsuccessful. That is untill Cody freezes up on a word that Zack knows he knows, so he tells him to get the word right. Meanwhile, Maddie and London's school are going to do some charity work at some less fortunate houses. London ends up learning a very valuable lesson.
  • This episode was alright. I personally preferred the Maddie/London plot.

    This episode was alright. It certainly wasn't the best. Basically, Cody enters a spelling bee and he is hoping to win so Zack will stop calling him a loser. Meanwhile, Zack borrows money for the game room from a huge, tough looking kid named Maynard. Zack says he will only take a dollar but he ends up taking thirty dollars after losing the same game over and over. Maynard says, "Pay me back, or else...." and Zack is afraid of the "or else" so he asks a bunch of people to lend him money. However, he happens to owe those people money so they don't give him any money. Eventually, London lends Zack his money but all the people that Zack owes money to take the money. Maynard later says that if he makes Cody lose the spelling bee, Zack will pay off his debt. Zack tries to get Cody to lose but eventually he realizes how important this spelling bee is to Cody and he tells Cody to win and Cody does win! Maynard eventually says that the "or else" was telling Zack's mom. Zack laughs about this but gets in huge trouble with Carey and Maynard gets in trouble with his parents for telling Zack to make Cody lose. Meanwhile, Maddie, London, Corrie and Mary Margaret are doing charity by fixing up a house. London isn't doing anything, as usual, but she still gets all the credit from Sister Dominick. London then sees a famous person in the paper doing charity and she thinks that if she does charity, she can get in the paper. Maddie tries to explain that this is for helping others and not herself but the next day, London arrives with a team of photographers taking her picture supposedly "doing" charity for others. She winds up in the paper and brags about it but the family whose house that Maddie, London, Corrie and Mary Margaret were fixing, come to The Tipton to give Maddie gifts because Maddie left them with toys. London learns how important charity really is and how everything is not about her. So, London learned a good lesson! Overall, this episode was definitely not the best but it was an alright episode for any Suite Life Fan to watch! I personally enjoyed the Maddie/London plot better considering it was funnier. But maybe you will like the Zack/Cody plot better! All you have to do is watch the episode!

  • amazing episode! cody is in the spelling bee and maynard, the extremly huge kid zack borrows money from is in it too..spoilers may be in here

    after zack cant pay maynard back, maynard tells him if cody looses the spelling bee to him then zack can forget about the money...if cody doesnt loose the spelling bee and zack doesnt give back the money its "or else" but in the end zack says its ok cody wins and the big "or else" is that maynard wouldve told carey. zack and maynard both get in trouble