The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 10

Not So Sweet 16

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Mar 24, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Easily season 2's best

    Maddie has a suite 16 party on Saturday, but London plans hers on the same day. Maddie doesn't have much, but London brings elephants. In the end, neither party turns out right, so they merge parties. This sees more character development between London and Maddie. A+.
  • Great episodes with moments which made "Prom Night" special!

    This episode was great as we were newly introduced to both Maddie's brother, Liam and her grandmother. I particularly liked this episode due to the fact that Zack shows his loyalty to Maddie ,whereas everyone else just attended London's party. Even though he took Cody's gift, you can't help but think that he was trying his best to impress Maddie.

    It was also great to see Mr Tipton's security team and to see how much trouble London had during her party.

  • This episode was really funny. I wouldn't count it as one of my favorites but it was really funny.

    Maddie and London have their sweet 16 parties on the same day and London has a huge party and poor Maddie is stuck with a sad little party that no one wants to go to because they all want to be at Londons party. In the end everyone ends up at Maddies party anyway. There were alot of funny things about this episode. I really liked the part where Cody is trying to help Zack shop for the perfect birthday gift for Maddie. There were alot of funny things about that part. In all there were alot of funny things about the episode and like I said, it wasn't one of my favorites but it was a very good episode and had alot of funny moments in it.
  • it was awesome.. one of my favs

    i absolutely loved this episode. since im a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE zack and maddie fan it has become on of my favs. this episode gives an example of how much he loves maddie. no one else comes to her sweet 16 party except him, and he tried to get her to cheer up the whole time. the hug and danceing at the end was great. london and maddie both have their parties on the same day, and eventhough londons bday was 6 months ago she wont move it, which causes a fight between maddie and london. in the end london gets locked out of her own party and everyone ends up going to maddies party which was at the goose lodge because her parents used her party money for her little (annoying) brothers braces.
  • really funny

    Maddie is so excited about her upcoming Sweet 16 and invites everyone at the Tipton to come to her party. But London decides to have her Sweet 16 at the same day as Maddie's. It's a really funny episode. Maddie and London try to compete with one another by inviting most of their friends to their respective parties. Only Zack comes to Maddie's party without much convincing, London's Sweet 16 works out too well for her to manage. Most of the people who come to her party aren't even her friends, they just want the free bees that they get for attending the party. It's a hilarious episode.
  • Excellent Episode! Very Funny!

    Not So Sweet 16 is an excellent episode. It was really funny. This episode is about Maddie throwing a Sweet 16 party next Saturday and then London says that she is having a Sweet 16 party that same day. Maddie is angry and Zack and Cody want to go to London's because of her goody bags (big screen tv and other stuff). Cody stays at London's while Zack goes to Maddie's. Maddie is having a boring party because none of her friends are there. Later on, London shows up at Maddie's because she got locked out of her own party. A few minutes later, Carey, Cody, Corrie, Mary, Mr. Moseby, and others go to Maddie's party. Now everyone is having a good time. Overall, this episode rocks!
  • Both maddy and london are turning sixteen so they are both having a sweet sixteen on the same night it turns into a competion to see who has the better party and who shows up!

    This was a funny episode i wouldnt mind being at maddys birthday party because it didnt seem so bad londons party seemed like a huge mess i would have hated to be her running from one wing of the hotel to the other to being kicked out of your own birthday party that must have been so humilating! But maddys party was not as hectic as londons so thats why i wouldnt mind being at her party it was also funny when zack gave maddy her present orginally from cody or is it zack's present to maddy and cody tried to give it to her?
  • For me I have learned a valuable lesson (check the next details for further info.)

    For me I have learned a valuable lesson (check the next details for further info.) I have learned that it is really important that you don't think much about yourself because it would really hurt others. London wanted people to celebrate her party for no exact and concrete reason actually and she got booked out of her party it is really a huge valuable lesson learned for me and I guess for all the viewers out there.
  • I like this ep!!

    I really like this episode because it has more maddie and london in it!!No offense but Cole and Dylan sprouse are linda bad actors!Mainly the only thing i like about The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody is when Maddie,London,Mr.Moseby,and Carrey come in! I dont know why but that is probably the only part i like about the show!!!!Anyway,this episode is awesome because it has Monique Coleman,and Vanessa Anne Hudgens.That is what is cool!Also because this ep is colorful and has lots of stuff in it!!
  • this episode is special in everyway!

    i find this episode very special because maddie is turning 16! yay her!! (claps) anyways. this episode is based around maddie and london more then zack and cody. i thought it was very sad when nobody turned up to her birthday because they were all at londons birthday. but then at the end everyone turns up and has a great time. i am watching this episode right now as i am saying this. i though that it was very cute at the end when maddie wants to dance with zack. i recommend this episode to everyone including family and friends.
  • In this episode both Maddie and London are throwing Sweet 16s, ON THE SAME DAY! The boys are torn between going to which party, Mr. Mosbey has to keep London's parents away from each other, and Maddie's party has been moved to a very un-classy restaurant.

    I absolutely loved this episode. It was very well written! The episode made me laugh so hard, and make me feel bad for Maddie all in 22 minutes. The writers did a great job! The ending is a happy one, just like you would expect from Disney, but there is still a little bit of a twist. Everything about this episode was written so like, perfectly! It is a little bit stereotypical, but isn\'t the whole series? Still, I loved the way it ended. I think that this episode is one of the best ones ever written. I could watch it all the time, it will never get boring!
  • Maddie is turning 16, she's going to have a big party, there's only one thing standing in her way, London's party. Zack tries to find the perfect gift for Maddie.

    This was my favorite episode of New Episode week. Maddie is turning 16. But London is having a party the same day. Vanessa and Monique guest star for the 2nd time as Corrie and Mary, they go to London's party, Corrie go's because she has a weird obsession with London & Mary goes for the free stuff. Zack can't find a present for Maddie, and one of the funniest scenes is Cody wrestling with a manniquin. London get's mistaken for a London impersonator, and get's locked out. The party start's at Maddie's and Zack find's his gift for Maddie.

  • best tsl episode ever!

    this episode is by far the best of all!it's so funny!also sweet when zack showed up at maddies party instead of going to londons like everyone else because it was more entertaining,i also found it really funny when the boys went shopping for maddies birthday presant.i saw this episode once and am waiting for it to repeat,once again it's the best episode ever!you'll be laughing non-stop,if you havn't seen this episode you should check your local listings to see when it's on,it rocks!even if you don't like tsl you'll probably like this episode!it also had alot in it like alot of scene changes which was entertaining.hope this review helps!
  • A pretty good episode...

    I really enjoyed this episode. The plot was good, there was some HILARIOUS dialogue and incidents (such as when London was being carried around on the throne and her big hat hit the chandelier and she fell over), but I did have some problems with it. For one, they had a very mature dialogue piece that very well COULD cause some parents to not let their kids watch the show. For two, and this is just a small problem I had, I think Maddie was feeling WAY too sorry for herself and she was being rather selfish and rude to the people who actually DID come to her party (i. e. Zack and her grandma, until her grandma set her straight), But other than those two things, this is an excellent episode. I recommend it!
  • this review will be good to any one who has a crush on the sprouse twins!read it

    so,if you have been following the series from the begining you will be wondering why have i been watching it for soooo olng simple the sprouse twins are hott and adictive if you fell the same please tell me as the seires is ok but the sprouse twins (zack and cody) are fabulous
  • I really liked this episode.

    I really liked this episode. I felt a little bad for Maddie though. I thought it was really funny when Zack and Cody went to go shopping for Maddie's Sweet 16 birthday gift. I thught that it was really funny when the mannequin fell on Cody and he yelled, Nakey Lady! I just wish they would play this episode more often. I'm just trying to get this stinkin' review to one hundred words, so this is gonna be really long. This episode kind of reminds me of what happende to my older cousin when she turned sixteen. But it wasn't exactly like that. I recommend this episode to anyone who enjoys comedy!!
  • best episode ever!!!!!!!!!

    This is 1 of my favorie episodes because its really funny and maddie is my favorite character and this episode is maostly based on her. The Suite Life is my favorite show because ashley tisdale is my favorite actress and i always thought that dylan and cole were the cutest things. they still are. I really feel bad for maddie in thi eptisode because her brother needs bracese and she can\'t have her party at the parmento garden so she has to have it at the goose lodge and her brother, liam, makes fun of her for it. Also in the middle part of the episode I felt really bad when all the senior citizens come in for the bingo night and maddie\'s party is ruined. But at the end every one shows up and maddie\'s life and party is saved!
  • Cute....

    There's alot to like about this episode! The ending was really special, when London and Maddie end up celebrating together. And it was touching that Zack showed up to Maddie's party-even though no one else came! (Of course, he came because he likes her, but it was really sweet!) It also had alot of laughs (as usual). London get her headdress caught in a chandelier when those guys were carrying her, and she fell backward on the floor! Great stuff!!
  • the episode is about when maddie has to have her's sweet 16 at the old people home. london has her party in the hotel with alot of people. maddie is made about her party and hates it. later on in londen and maddie have there party together. everyone is ha

    i really like this show becouse it show how two friends can fight and still be best friends. this is one of my brother's favorite episode for him to. i really like this episode for season 2. they should make more episodes like this one. people who hates this episode does not have a life. this is mabey one of the best episode of suite life of zack and cody when they first started. this is one of my favorite episode of the year. i would put it on my board number 2. i really like this episode. thank you.
  • Really Awesome Eppi!

    I think that this eppisode of \"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody\" was especially good. I felt really bad for Maddie, because she barely ever gets what she wants, and still had a bad party. On the other hand I felt like London got what she deserved, for she always get what she wants.
  • This i smy farite

    this my favorite episode. I love it when Codys getting the clothes and keeps sying Aaaah! Naked Ladys! AAAh More naked ladies! It was so funny i kept repeating it (i bough it on i tunes if u must no) and it was so funny and that London thing.... hahahaha
  • this episode wuz so funny!HAHAHAHA!lol!

    i really liked this episode!this is my 2nd episode,next 2 odd couples!i really think the store saleswomen wuz mean!but still i think this episode wuz 1 of the greatest 1!i luv it!it wuz really funny when london fell of the thing she wuz sitting on!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!lol!i started cracking up!well,i really luved this episode!
  • Best episode in season 2!

    This episode is so touching. Zack finally got a hug from Maddie! Zack earned that hug, because he looked every where for the perfect present for Maddie. Even if he stole Cody's gift, he only did it so Maddie could love him. That is the nices thing he ever done for Maddie. Also he was the only one who came to her party. Things turned out great at the end and Zack also got another dance from Maddie. She did it on her own fre will!
    This episode roxs out loud! Things turned out great for Maddie at the end.

    Go Not So Sweet 16!
  • This is the best episode yet!!!

    this episode was the best yet!!! It was a lttle sad, but funny. Maddie and London have their party on the same day and most people come to London's party for the stuff. At the end everyone ends up going to maddie's party because London gets thrown ot of her own party and it is also boring. This episdoe was soooo good!!!!!
  • This show is very cool and I love this show, and this episode!

    Maddie is my favorite character on this show, and Ashley Tisdale is like, the coolest person in the world! She is also so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sweet and so so so nice. I wish i could meet her.
  • London and Maddie both have their parties planned on the same day.

    I liked this episode. It was a little silly really to tell you the truth. I didn't like how you didn't see neither Londons mom or dad, or Maddie mom or dad. Although, at least you get to see Maddies mom and dads hands, but thats it. But why would London plan her birthday party, if her birthday was three months ago?! And why did she have to have her party on Maddies party. Couldn't she wait, i mean she waited three months already, she could have waited a few extra days!
  • london && maddie have party same day. no one comes to maddie\'s. london\'s locked out of her party. everyone goes to maddie\'s pary. the end

    i love this episode!!! (well, actually i love all of them!!!) it\\\'s kind of annoying how you can\\\'t see mr. tiptons face, though... i hate when tv shows do that... overall it surprised me that zack came to maddie\\\'s party instead of london\\\'s even though there were flat-screens in every gift bag... but he DOES love maddie a lot... very good episode...
  • Hmm this was great episode!hope they can keep it up.

    This episode was about when Maddie was going to turn 16 and no one came to her party which seemed a total disaster.Of course london was throwing her own party but it wan't what she expected.Her father arrvies follwed by a team of body guards who seem to not be able to move well at all. :|
    Mr.Moseby has to create a schedule for london to folllow and she has to go running around the hotel like a maniac lol.In Maddies party is a total dissaster but only Zack appears to her party and she is quite discouraged that no one came to her party.there is old people everywhere and they seem to look very dead.London is not having the time of her life neither and she gets locked outside like every imposer london there is.So she decides to go to Maddies party.In Maddies party Zack told her to open his gift so she would feel all better.Of course in there was note that said it was from Cody and it seemed really funny ther.Maddie realizes that her best gift was that he went to her party.Alomost at the end of the show everyone appears to go to maddies party.London was having a wonderful time as well with her dad.Even Zack was happy because he was damcing with Maddies ;).So this was a very good eisode in my opinion because it was real funny and somehow showed us a lesson.Gifts aren't everything but for London it's a hard concept.Another thing i like is that Maddie got happy and was dancing with ZAck. :-D
    I know everyone must have enjoyed this episode so if you haven't watched it watch out for reruns! On Disney Channel.
  • *tear* this episode was the best yet! it was a little sad, a little funny, and a little sweet!

    I loved this episode! This makes it even mor eobvious that if they make a suite life movie, Zack and maddie are gonna hook up! and I love this epsiode especially,since i'm a girl, the scene where Zack and cody are in the womens clothing store!lol And it was too cute! Especially at Maddies birthday party with Zack and it was so funny because of Corrie! She is hilarious!

  • Is it just me, or was there a mature joke in this episode?

    Zack: Estiban, I need to talk to you man to man
    Estiban: Oh no! Please don’t tell me it’s about the birdeys and the beesys!
    Zack: Don’t worry, I already had that talk with my dad
    *later in the same scene*
    Zack: Well what was I doing when Maddie said that?
    Cody: You were staring at her, thinking about that talk we had with dad.

    …… Ya hear that? It’s the sound of many parents no longer allowing their kids to watch this show because of that joke. I suppose that joke would just pass over the heads of the real young, but you know what some parents are like. Anyways, London has the NERVE to throw a sweet 16 party for herself on the day of Maddie’s sweet 16 when London's REAL 16th birthday was half a year ago! She could have easily thrown it a day earlier or later, but of course stupid pathetic jerk London has to not only throw her party on the same day, but bribe people away from Maddie’s party with plasma screen televisions and other expensive things. Because of this I couldn’t care less that London had a terrible party and that she got locked out, actually I was rather happy with that. I was a bit annoyed with the stupidity of the bouncer and that London could have easily called Moseby to identify her, or her father to fire the stupid bouncer. Surely she had a cell phone on her, if not she could get contact them otherwise. Then again, London is really stupid. They try to make her look nice by going to Maddie’s party in the end but come on. She only went because she got locked out of her own party! She would have continued on with her own if she could get in. Again this episode greatens my already huge dislike for London and I felt no compassion for London when she had a bad time. Meanwhile, Maddie barely has a party at all because her stupid brother “needs” braces and her horrible, inconsiderate mother pays for it, but with Maddie’s part money so instead of a nice party like she planned, she has to have it at a low grade restaurant. To make things worse, a group of seniors come in and take over because Maddie’s party is on that restaurants seniors bingo night. Zack is the only one to show up, at least until London is locked out of her party. I must say as I have said before, London is really dragging the show down with her “ I gotta have everything exactly my way exactly when I want it and I don’t care who the heck I hurt on the way to do it” attitude. She’s not funny, she’s just annoying. I don’t understand how Maddie can consider each other friends because London is no friend. Ashley Tisdale definitely proves to be a good actress by making me feel bad for her as plenty of actresses wouldn’t be good enough to do so. Another thing that annoyed me was that Mr. Tipton FINALLY showed up after all this time, and they have to play that STUPID “let ‘em hear the voice but never see the face” thing. Despite how the review sounds. I was quite entertained by this episode and enjoyed it a bit.
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