The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 1

Odd Couples

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Feb 03, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Maddie helps London become smart to win over the affection of a scholar. Meanwhile, Cody moves into the coat closet and makes it his own room after he has enough of Zack's sloppiness.

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  • I feel another good season coming on

    Cody moves out of the twins' room due to Zack not keeping his side of their room tidy. Meanwhile, London tries to gain affection from a merit scholar, and Maddie helps her by pretending London is smart.

    It was awesome. The merit scholar was Troy from High School Musical. By the way, Zack and Cody have grown their hair longer than Season 1, and a new theme song for this season.moreless
  • PERFECT start to another great season!

    This episode is hands down, the best premiere to Season 2. Everything in this episode worked perfectly well. Zack's constant sloppiness to London's stupidity. Cody moving into the closet was just hilarious and it was great to see Bob, that guy from Math camp and some other dude in that episode!

    At first I thought having a guest on the show would be an issue, but it worked very well. Maddie was very funny as was everyone in this episode.

  • This episode is WOW!

    This episode is WOW! Cody is neat freak and Zack is total slob in this episode. Zack refused to clean up his side of their bedroom. I loves when boys fight over cleaning between mess bedroom. This episode made me laugh and love it lot! I watch this episodes many times! It never gets old! It is funny that Zack heard Cody fixing up in closet by weird noise, lol! You have to watch this episode, serious! This episode is one of my favorite episodes of TSL! Twins' friends want to hang in the small closet with Cody, but there is no room, they don't care, LOL!moreless
  • Odd Couples was a really funny episode. The whole idea of Cody moving out of his room and moving into the closet is so hilarious.

    Cody gets mad at Zack for constantly messing up their bedroom and for never doing his part to help clean the bedroom up so Cody desides to move out of their bedroom and he moves into the closet. He turns the closet into a little apartment. The scenes where he is having the party in the closet and all of those people are stuffed in that little closet are so funny. Especially when Carey opens the closet door and everyone falls out. It is so hilarious. The other story with Maddie helping London out on her date with a merit scholar and then Maddie kissing the guy after her and the guy get into a fight was good too but to me the funniest story was the Zack and Cody part of the episode. This is the story that makes me want to watch this episode over and over again.moreless
  • Now, just stop right there; you think I like this episode because of Zac Efron. Well... no. I'm not into Zac Efron.

    This episode was just a clever take of 2 odd couples. Donkey and stallian and Cosmo and Wanda. Aww, isn't young (and old, to say that) love sweet?

    So, London, being the Donkey as she is, falls in love with Trent, AKA pretty nerd. She wants a date and Maddie, going Sold Snake, gives a COMPUTER chip to London for recording. These were verry much the core, as it has political and love and humor, all in one storyline. That's one show I could watch.

    Next comes Zack and Cody. Cody becomes fedup with Zack's antics, to Cody gets to move to the fancy world of...


    And, hilarity ensues. It wasen't the best storyline, but it's nonsencialness made me laugh through and fro. I concided this one of the best episodes of The Suiet Life Series as a whole.moreless
Gus Hoffman

Gus Hoffman


Guest Star

Jayden Lund

Jayden Lund

Carpet Man

Guest Star

Zac Efron

Zac Efron


Guest Star

Charlie Stewart

Charlie Stewart


Recurring Role

Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle

Waiter #2

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (19)

    • When Zack rings the doorbell there is a mailbox, but when Cody lets Zack in the closet, the mailbox disappeared and also when everyone falls out of the closet the mailbox is gone.

    • When Zack is leaving the closet, he falls down outside and everyone else is able to stay, but when Carey opens the door, with more room, all of the people tumble out, even though after 4 or 5 people had gone out, the rest should have been able to remain in the closet, leaving the question of how did Cody suddenly fly out of the closet 3 seconds after everybody else?

    • Maddie and Trevor kiss twice in this episode.

    • We learn London likes science fiction.

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits: when Zack jumps off his bed for a slam dunk, however, in the actual episode it is in slow motion, and when London smiles right after Maddie says, "I was wrong. You are the boss of me".

    • When Cody and Zack are talking in their room, you can see that they have skis in the corner. However, the boys snowboard. So where are their snowboards?

    • This episode is one of the featured episodes on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Taking Over the Tipton DVD.

    • This episode has the same title as one of the episodes of Two of a Kind.

    • Zac Efron is the first guest star from the DCOM High School Musical to appear on the show since the movie premiered. He is the second to guest star (first was Monique Coleman in A Prom Story) and the third overall in the series (Ashley Tisdale of course is a regular).

    • Cody says the maximum occupancy of his closet is three coats and an umbrella. But in previous episodes, and in this one, there are many more things in the closet. Such as, way over 5 coats, and many pairs of shoes.

    • When everyone is in Cody's "room" one woman comes in and says "I'm here to make the bed", then another woman comes in and says "Maid"; then the woman that makes the bed starts cleaning also.

    • When Carey opens the closet door to get her coat, and Cody says "he's changing", you can clearly tell he's got his shirt open on purpose.

    • Zack and Cody claim they have no bikes, but if you look closely behind Cody when he's talking to Zack about the room, theres a brand new bike behind him.

    • This is the second appearance of Warren. The first time was in "Cody Goes to Camp", but in that episode Warren didn't live near Cody and Zack, so obviously Warren has moved to Boston.

    • You can see in this episode when London says, "So he came back from the dead"; Zac is listening to her and laughs when she says it.

    • If you look carefully behind Carey (Zack and Cody's Mom), you will notice a Pokeball on the shelf where the trophies are.

    • When the Carpet Man says the room is 6 1/2 feet by 6 3/4 feet, you see that there was a bed in the room with extra space so the room can't be 6 1/2 feet across.

    • When Carey comes in the boys' room and steps on dart, you can see a wall outside of their door, but when it shows their suite, you see no wall in front of their door.

    • When Zack goes to get his friends who are now in Cody's closet, he rings the doorbell. But when all the other hotel staff start coming one at a time, they knock on the door instead.

  • QUOTES (31)

    • Cody: Where were you? I asked you to get more dust rags half an hour ago!
      Zack: I couldn't find any!
      Cody: Where did you look?
      Zack: The refrigerator!

    • Cody: Is it safe to come in?
      (Cody is wearing a surgical mask over his mouth)
      Zack: Very funny.
      Carey: Your brother's finally seen the light, and the floor.

    • Cody: It's more than just a game. It's a test of your strength, your will, and your ruthlessness- (bell dings) Ooh, my mini weenies are done!

    • Zack: Who would rather be in a 6 foot by 6 foot closet...
      Carpet Person: Actually it is 6 1/2 by 6 3/4.
      Zack: Like it makes a difference. You people would rather spend your time in a tiny, airless room with a million people in it than hang out in my room?
      Everyone: YES!!

    • Trevor: London you're amazing. London: Well, modern art is my life. (sits on a sculpture) Trevor: You're sitting at a masterpiece. London: I knew these pants made me look good.

    • Trevor: I want to go into poli-sci.
      London: Oh, I love Science-fiction, stupid!
      Trevor: What?
      Maddie: (talking through earpiece) Not him, I was talking about you! If he likes poli-sci, it means he wants to go into politics.
      London: So, what do you want to do in politics?
      Trevor: Well, mayor, governor, senator, president, and then talk show host!
      London: Maybe I can be vice talk show host!

    • Zack: So we're roomies again?
      Cody: As long as you keep everything sanitary!
      Zack: Deal!
      (Zack and Cody spitshake. Carey looks disgusted)

    • Carey: (After seeing Zack clean up the room) I'm dreaming. No one pinch me.

    • (Zack flips quarter on bed)
      Zack: Perfect!
      Carey: I am so proud of you! Now give me back my quarter.

    • Bob: Ha! I'm about to overrun your country. Any last words?
      Cody: Mini-weenies! And an array of sauces!

    • (referring to the noise in the coat closet.)
      Carey: What's going on in there?
      Zack: A party.
      Carey: Who has a party in a closet?
      (she opens the closet door and everyone falls out onto the floor, she only grabs Cody)

    • Jeremy: I know I should conquer Australia, but I hear they have all these poisonous animals.
      Bob: For the last time, it is just a game! You will not at any time actually go to Australia.

    • Cody: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to my renovations.
      Carey: Remember Cody, we don't own this place.
      Cody: Don't worry, mom. I'm only doing a couple of things to make it a little more homey. (Cody goes back into the closet. Carey and Zack hear a jackhammer)
      Carey: (Hesitating) No, I don't wanna know.

    • (inside Cody's closet)
      Bob: Isn't this awesome?
      Jeremy: It's like a little house.
      Warren: It's elegant yet casual.
      Bob: It's sophisticated yet tasteful.
      Zack: I think it's stupid yet stupid.

    • Maddie: Why should I help you? You are not the boss of me.
      London: I'll pay you $100 bucks.
      Maddie: Oh, I was wrong. You are the boss of me.

    • Carey: Okay, guys. That's it. You've gotta clean up. Cody, get to work. Zack... get a bulldozer.

    • Maddie: (talking to London on ear piece) Ask him what he'll do to help the environment when he becomes president. London: So, how are you going to help the environment when you're president? Trevor: Actually, I believe there are too many restrictions on developing the wilderness already. Maddie: (talking to London on ear piece) What?!? How can you be such a jerk!!? London: How can you be such a jerk!!? Trevor: Excuse me? Maddie: (talking to London on ear piece) Tell that jerk it's people like him who are killing our planet! London: (talking to Maddie on ear piece) I'd rather not. Trevor: Rather not what? London: Tell you that it's people like you who are killing our planet! London: (talking to Maddie on ear piece) Ooh!! You are so fired!! Trevor: I don't work for you. Maddie Neither do I!! And you can tell that merit scholar that he can--Hello! (Trevor looks behind wall) London: Pay no attention to the woman behind the wall. Trevor: Okay, who are you and why are you insulting me? Maddie: I'm London's brain. I'm the one who's been talking to you all day and I can't listen to your drivle another second. ( Maddie slams ear piece on the floor) London: Oww! Trevor: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's this about? London: The truth is, Maddie's been coaching me through this computer chocolate chip. Trevor: Why would you need coaching? Wait, did she just say computer chocolate chip? Maddie: (nods) Enough said. London: Well, I'm not smart. I'm not a merit scholar. I'm not even sure what we've been talking about for the last 2 days. Trevor: So all that you were saying about art, music and literature, those weren't your opinions? London: Nope. Oh, except for what i said about the banana nut muffins. I really do like them. They're soft from the bananas, yet crunchy from the nuts. Maddie: It doesn't get any deeper than that. The good news is nut girl may vote for you, unlike me. Trevor: Oh yeah, well I don't need the vote from some tree-hugger. Maddie: If you have it your way, there won't be any trees left to hug. Trevor: Next you're going to blame the oil companies for global warming. Maddie: Yes, 'cause they're to blame. Trevor: Oh, cry me a river! Maddie: If I did, you'd pollute it. Trevor: You bleedy heart liberal! Maddie: You establishment puppet! Trevor: Do you wanna kiss me as much as I wanna kiss you!? Maddie: I'm surprised someone as smart as you would have to ask! (Maddie and Trevor kiss) London: Wow! Didn't see that coming. (Maddie and Trevor stop kissing) Maddie: I hate you! Trevor: I hate you more! (Maddie and Trevor continue to kiss) London: Boy, I wonder what they'd do if they liked each other.

    • Cody: (Talking to Warren, Bob, and Jeremy) Sorry about the mess guys. Someone doesn't care if he lives in a pigsty.
      Zack: That would be me. Oink! Oink!

    • Zack: That was easy. You must've missed me too, huh?
      Cody: No. The fire marshall shut me down. Apparently, the maximum occupancy of my closet was 3 coats and an umbrella.

    • Trevor: London you are so delightfully acerbic.
      London: Well I do acerbicise
      (They laugh together)
      Mr. Moseby: No London acerbic means--
      London: I know what it means, after all, I am a merit scholar.
      Mr. Moseby: (sarcastic) And I'm an Egyptian belly dancer named Melina.
      (A lady looks at him weird)
      Mr. Moseby: Oh I wear a veil it's quite tasteful. (sarcastic again)
      (He starts belly dancing in a funny way)

    • London: I can't think of anything worse than having my hotel filled with brainiac nerdy looking geeks.
      Maddie: You know London just because someone is smart doesn't make them a nerdy looking geek.
      (London points to nerdy looking geeks)
      Maddie: You're not helping the cause people!
      London: Ohh that nerd is cute.
      (London sees a good looking merit scholar)
      Maddie: Yeah he is.
      London: Called him!!
      Maddie: Oh please, like that guy would give you the time of day.
      London: Why would I ask him what time it is?
      Maddie: You got me. (sarcastic)
      (London walks over to Trevor and startles him)
      London: Hi!
      Trevor: Hi
      London: Are you here for the Merit Scholar thing? (enunciating "scholar")
      Trevor: Uhh yeah yeah I am. I'm Trevor, Phi Beta Kappa.
      London: I'm London, buylotsofstuffa.
      Trevor: Haha alright that's clever!You know my mom belongs to that club. Last month my dad couldn't pay the renta.
      (Maddie is listening behind and chuckles)
      London: By the way, perchance might you tell me the time of day?
      Trevor: Actually I believe it's time to escort a pretty lady to lunch.
      Maddie: (gasps in shock)
      (While walking to lunch with him, London turns around and sticks her tongue at Maddie)

    • Carey: (To Zack and Cody) Guys I'm leaving. You need anything?
      Zack: Yeah, a machine that erases all memory of my brother!
      Carey: That's nice hunny. See you later.
      (Carey opens the closet door)
      Cody: Mom! I'm changing! Can't a man have some privacy in his own closet?
      Carey: Sorry hunny, I forgot you were living in there. Can I have my coat? (Cody hands her a purple coat) No, I wanted the blue one.
      (Cody looks at Carey's shoes)
      Cody: Not with those shoes.

    • Carey: Ok guys it time to- Ow Ow Ow! Stepped on a dart! Stepped on a dart! Stepped on a dart!
      Cody: Disinfectant?
      Carey: Yes, please.

    • London: (reading sign; mispronouncing "scholar") Maddie, what's a merit "scholar"?
      Maddie: Well, it's someone who could read the sign.
      Mr. Moseby: And pronounce the word "scholar."
      (Maddie & Mr. Moseby laugh; London stares at Moseby)
      Mr. Moseby: But you were delightfully close.
      London: Oh, it's a bunch of smarty-pants!
      Maddie: Mm-hmm.
      London: Ugh! I can't think of anything worse than having my hotel filled with a bunch of brainiac, nerdy-looking geeks.
      Maddie: You know, London, just because someone's smart doesn't make them a nerdy-looking geek.
      (London points to two nerdy-looking geeks as they walk by)
      Maddie: You're not helping the cause, people!

    • Cody: (about the mess) Whoa! What the? How'd the? It was just...
      Zack: Found it!
      Cody: The game board?
      Zack: And the other half of my sandwich.
      Cody: If Mom sees this, she'll be ticked. And I am not, repeat not...
      Zack: Not.
      Cody: Cleaning this up again!
      Zack: Fine.
      Cody: I'm not!
      Zack: Okay.
      Cody: I mean it!
      Zack: I know.
      Cody: I've got to clean it up!

    • London: Moseby, which of the following phrases seems most smartical?
      Mr. Moseby: The one that doesn't use the word "smartical".
      (London starts ripping out most of her notes)
      Maddie: London, I have something that's going to make you seem smart.
      (London gasps)
      Mr. Moseby: Smartical.
      Maddie: Here, it's a chip.
      London: Ooh, I love chocolate! (tries eating it) This tastes terrible!
      Maddie: It's not a chocolate chip, it's a computer chip.
      London: Ew! (gives it back)
      Maddie: Actually, it's a tiny... very damp hearing device. Okay, you put it in your ear and I can talk to you without Trevor even knowing.
      Mr. Moseby: Or you can tell the boy the truth and see if he likes you for who you are.
      (Maddie & London stare at him)
      Mr. Moseby: Good luck with the chip.
      (Mr. Moseby walks away)
      Maddie: (To London) Now, All you have to do is repeat everything I say.
      London: All you have to do is repeat everything I say.
      Maddie: Don't start yet London!
      London: Don't start yet London!
      Maddie: Stop it!
      London: Stop it!
      Maddie: (sigh) This isn't worth $100 bucks!
      London: (sigh) This isn't worth $100 bucks!
      Maddie: (gasp) Maddie, I'm going to pay you $250 bucks!
      London: (gasp) Maddie, Not gonna happen.

    • Zack: Where are you planning on going?
      Cody: Someplace I can call my own. Someplace where there's a place for everything, and everything is in its place.
      Zack: A filing cabinet?
      Cody: No, the coat closet!
      (Closes the closet door)
      Carey: I miss him already.
      Cody: Ahhhhh! A spider!
      Zack: I don't.

    • Trevor: (To London) Well see you later. I don't wanna miss the lecture on Genealogy!
      (Trevor walks away)
      London: (To Maddie) (gasp) Ooh, I know all on Genealogy! It's where you rub the lamp and get three wishes!
      Maddie: I've met bread smarter than you!

    • London: Maddie, help me! I can't get through this lunch.
      Maddie: (sigh) Ok! The fork is the one with the pointy end.
      London: No! Look I can't understand a single thing he says! Give me my opinion on something.
      Maddie: Oh, just tell him your favorite composer is Bach'.
      London: Where's he been?
      Maddie: He's dead!
      London: So he came Bach' from the dead?
      Maddie: Can I see your hat?
      London: Oh sure!
      (London gives Maddie her hat)
      (Maddie hits London on the head with it)
      London: Oww!
      Maddie: His name is Bach'!

    • Jeremy: (To Warren about Zack and Cody fighting) I hate it when they fight!
      Cody: All i ask for are a couple of ground rules!
      Zack: Like what?
      Cody: Like I need to be able to see the ground!
      Zack: Ok! Here you go!
      (Zack throws his clothes on Cody's bed)
      Zack: There, problem solved!
      Cody: Problem not solved! Problem still here!
      Zack: Why you talk like that?
      Cody: Because I angry! Ugh! I mean I'm angry.
      (Carey walks in)
      Carey: What's all the shouting?
      Warren: Mr. and Mrs. Martin are having a spat!

    • Cody: I found your pudding. (Holds up brown pudding in container)
      Zack: I could've sworn it was vanilla when I lost it.

  • NOTES (25)

    • When London and Maddie see Trevor for the first time, when London says "Called him!", the captions read "Hold him!"

    • Here is a list of opening credits for this season and what episode they happen in: when Zack has his hands on his head and moving them back and forth - N/A when Zack and Cody do their handshake - Forever Plaid when Cody rubs his face in the chocolate cake - Free Tippy when Zack points his two fingers in the suite while sitting on the couch in the gold silk shirt - French 101 when Cody has red hair and is doing a hand movement telling Zack not to say that - Rumors when Zack and Cody click and point to Maddie and London at the same time - Pilot Your Own Life when Zack and Cody are pulling Tippy through the lobby - Free Tippy when Cody cracks an egg over Zack - Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet when Cody is hiding behind the table with the net - Day Care when Zack and Cody fall when they are copying Arwin - Forever Plaid when Maddie and London pop up from behind the bed when hiding from the maid - Rock Star In The House when London is pointing her finger like she is saying, "oh no you didn't" to the co-director - Commercial Breaks when London smiles right after Maddie says, "I was wrong. You are the boss of me" - Odd Couples where London grabs Maddie's legs saying "help me!" - Kisses & Basketball when London puts a smile on Maddie's face with her hands - Free Tippy when London messes up Maddie's hair - Rock Star In The House when Maddie is in her school uniform and says "yeah" - N/A when Cody and Mr. Moseby are getting a picture together, and Cody puts the flowers against Mr. Moseby - French 101 when Mr. Moseby is wearing sunglasses and a head covering hat, when he is trying to hide from everyone - Big Hair & Baseball when Mr. Moseby is running after Zack and Cody - Free Tippy when Mr. Moseby shows Maddie his watch he got himself for Secret Santa - Christmas at the Tipton when Carey is sunbathing in the suite - Christmas at the Tipton when Carey gets hit by a pie - Cookin' With Romeo and Juliet when Carey spits out her water - Pilot Your Own Life when Carey is singing right at the end of the proper commercial - Commercial Breaks when Maddie and London say "No, it's not" with a hand gesture (right after they play charades) - Smart & Smarterer when Zack jumps off his bed for a slam dunk - Odd Couples when Zack and Cody hug their mom - Free Tippy

    • The German episode title is "Cody zieht aus", meaning "Cody Moves Out".

    • Zac Efron is the second Summerland character to guest star on The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody. The first was Jesse McCartney who was in the "Rock Star In The House" episode.

    • This episode was taped on September 13, 2005.

    • This is the first appearance of both Jeremy and Waiter #2.

    • This episode aired in Brazil, on the Disney Channel on Wednesday July 19, 2006.

    • Maddie (Ashley Tisdale) likes Trevor in this episode, which is funny because her character on High School Musical likes Troy who is Zac Efron's character.

    • This episode aired in Canada, on Family Channel, on Wednesday July 12, 2006.

    • This is the third time we see Maddie kissing somebody. The first time was the episode "Maddie Checks In". The second time was "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel", and the third was "Odd Couples" (this episode).

    • We learn that Cody is afraid of spiders when he yells, "Ahh! a spider!!!!"

    • At one point there were 12 people in Cody's closet/room: Cody, Zack, Bob, Warren, Jeremy, Carpet guy, Bed maker, Cleaning maid, TV guy, Masseuse, and 2 Room service guys.

    • We find out that Maddie is a tree hugger.

    • Zac Efron's names on Disney Channel start with T's. In High School Musical he plays "Troy"; also when he guest stars on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, he is London's crush "Trevor".

    • On the twin's door, near the dartboard, there is a picture of Maddie and many other people.

    • This episode continues with the idea that Cody enjoys cooking, which was first established in Cookin' with Romeo and Juliet.

    • If you look in the background beside Cody's bed, you can see a picture of their father, Kurt Martin.

    • This is the first episode to have the production logo at the end of the credits: It's A Laugh productions.

    • What happens between Maddie and Trevor? No one finds out. They just kiss and then the show goes back to Zack and Cody's issue.

    • Maddie sports her Sharpay Evans hairstyle from High School Musical.

    • There is a running gag from Pilot Your Own Life. This is the second time Mr. Moseby has been sarcastically speaking to himself about something that has to do with being a lady, and somebody's overheard it. He even uses the words "very tasteful" again.

    • This is the first episode that Carey has bleach blonde hair.

    • The names in the opening credits are now glowing.

    • The premiere has new opening credits, which include mixed clips from both season 1 and season 2.

    • This episode is the season 2 premiere.


    • Cody offers Zack juice, saying, "It's b'napple!" In the TEENick show Zoey 101, one episode has the character Quinn attempting to cross-breed the banana and the apple to create the b'napple. Relatedly, Victoria Justice and Alexa Nikolas from Zoey 101 have both guest starred on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

    • Game Allusion
      The game that the boys play in this episode, "Total World Conquest" is stikingly similar to real world game "Risk".

    • Zack's side of the room looked like Raven's room in the episode, "Hook Up My Space".

    • Cody: That's it, no crème brûlée for you! It's funny that Cody would mention crème brûlée in an episode with Zac Efron in it, since in the DCOM High School Musical, one of Troy's (portrayed by Zac Efron) friends loves to bake and says he, "hopes the make the perfect crème brûlée". It also is a reference to the Seinfeld Soup Nazi quote, "No soup for you!"

    • The scene where everyone is crowded into Cody's closet is a take from the Marx Brothers' movie, A Night in the Opera.

    • In the beginning, when Zack goes up for a dunk, he seems to suspend in air. This is an allusion to Michael Jordan's famous Air Jordan move.

      Actually, the slow motion action of Zack dunking the basketball accompanied by a springing noise could also be an allusion to the popular 1970s TV series, The Six-Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, in which the bionic man and bionic woman's super strengths were shown in slow motion, accompanied by a springing noise.

    • When Trevor says "Oh cry me a river", he's referring to an old saying. The saying also refers to Justin Timberlake's song about Britney Spears, Cry Me a River.

    • London: Oh, pay no attention to the woman behind the wall.

      This is an allusion to a famous line from the film The Wizard of Oz. When they discover who the wizard really is, the man says, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

    • Odd Couples (Title): This episode is named after Neil Simon's play "The Odd Couple". In 2005, a revival played on Broadway, with Nathan Lane, and Matthew Broderick in the lead roles. The play and the subsequent TV series were about two male roommates who live together: one's sloppy and the other is a neat-freak, kind of like Zack and Cody in this episode.