The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 11

Of Clocks and Contracts

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Sep 15, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Not an immediate priority

    Zack tries to help his mother gain a better contract for her work by being her lawyer against Moseby. Meanwhile, London and Moseby's niece both insist that Cody help them on their science projects, but Cody cannot stand their dependency on him and bails out. It was not that great. It was another one where the twins have separate plots. The subplot stinks, but the one with Zack was much better. I don't like London anymore.

    Horrible episode and everything goes wrong. However, I must say there were a few good scenes with Zack but the episode apart from that went all wrong. London is now officially SLOZAC's worst character, and just hateable.

    The main-plot with Zack, Carey and Moseby was really good, but was let down with a bit too much exaggeration.

    The sub plot was absolutely horrible in my opinion. I just failed to like it at all.
  • It's pretty good, but not an episode I'd choose to watch.

    Even though I'm a fan of this show, this episode isn't really my favorite, and also, even though how London is supposed to be stupid for the comedy of the show, but you have to admit, it kind of gets anoying, but without it, some episodes (like this) would only have about half a storyline. This is kind of out of the blue, but how come this episode Zack is smarter than before? I know he explained that in the episode, but it kind of makes no sense. And that's really all I have to say about this episode. 99 words, this part is only to make it over 100.
  • Not one of the greater episodes.

    I, myself, haven't been a fan of Season 3. It kinda got childish. This episode, sin't childish, it's just not that funny. It has a great storyline and plot but no jokes. I'm sure alot of us agree on this one.

    So, it's probably the worst of Season 3 so far. Maybe even the worst out of Season 2 AND 3. Thats just my opinion, and it probably doesn't really matter to you.

    I wish, at the end, when Zack said, "It was nice workin for you Mr. Moesby" they wouldn't have thrown in Zack being stupid after that. I wish Zack said that, and thats it. Again, thats just me.

    8.5 out of 10.
  • I am not a big fan of seson three of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, however, this episode is an exeption. Season 3 is amde of immiturity, and non-funny scenes, but this episode proves that wrong. Not only is this my favorite season 3 episode, but...

    I am not a big fan of seson three of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, however, this episode is an exeption. Season 3 is amde of immiturity, and non-funny scenes, but this episode proves that wrong. Not only is this my favorite season 3 episode, but my favorite series episode. It is very well plotted. It has a lot to do with the hotel. Many complain that Maddie is not in this episode, but no one but the twins are needed in every episode. The twins do not have a scene together in this episode, however they are in the Lobby once together.
  • funny

    Carey signs a new deal with Mr. Moseby, but Zack intervenes with the deal and make Mr. Moseby to give them more freebies. Nia and London ask Cody for help with their science projects. Cody is so eager to help them after he gets bribed but when both of them get into his nerve, they both make him not want to help them. It's a great episode, each scene had some funny joke in it. Zack and Cody both have great storylines in this episode. It was really funny, the writers did well with the jokes, the actors really acted funny. I can't wait for the next one.
  • Story talks about two twins.

    The story talks about Zack & Cody and their misadventures. But this episode was a great episode, not the best episode but a great episode. Zack becomes Carey's agent, to help get Carey a better contract for the Tipton Hotel. Cody is trying to help both London and Nia. At the end, everyone came through. Just like in Summer of Discontent, the show does not still have Dylan & Cole (Zack & Cody) moments in the storyline. I love the parts, when everyone talks about Cody being a nerd. Well this is an episode worth watching, but just a great episode.
  • Zack helps negotiate Carey's contract, but all doesn't go as planned. London and Nia want Cody's help for their science project.

    For me London and Nia are getting some good chemistry on the show. Even though the episode wasn't that good they made up for it. You see London and Nia need some help on their project so they ask Cody, he ends up doing it himself but after a fight the girls finish it. In turn making a french fry maker. Meanwhile Zack negotiates his mom's contract, she ends up quitting, thanks to Zack. All is well in the end with a hilarious commercial skit by London & Nia. Overall the episode was entertaining, Ashley is missed but Nia makes up for it.
  • seriously....

    ive seen the full episode once and i was watching it for a second time and i could watch it all because it was so bad
    seriously this one was one of the worst episodes ever and most boring episodes too...
    or maybe just of season three but heres what happened in this episode
    carries contract expires and she decides to let zack be her manager and renew her contract and get her better things meanwhile cody has to help london and nia with there homework london pays him and nia gives him tickets to a concert
    i give it a 2.8 it was less than ok
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