The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 14


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Nov 10, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Average

    Zack and Cody both sign up for orchestra, and a Russian violinist comes to their school and Cody's current girlfriend is supposedly in love with her. Meanwhile. London looks for a job at the Tipton. Not a fan. London's plot was like Nugget Of History. And romance is not something I'm a big fan of.
  • Fantastic episode

    The plot was strong and similar to rumours, it shows how much a relationship/individual can be affected by one rumor. I found Cody stupid to believe the rumour, but this episode worked very well,. The comedy was there,but Ifound the constant "Oh Barbara", "Oh Cody" plain annoying at the very end. That being said, its a great episode with brilliant acting so give it a go.
  • Zack & Cody join the HS orchestra. Cody thinks another student is after his GF. They break up. Meanwhile London is unsucessfully trying to do the employees jobs. Cody gets back with Barbara during the concert. He succedes. Zack falls onto the Cymbals.

    I almost NEVER review. But I liked this episode so much I'm writing my first review in seven months! This is one of the finest TSL episodes ever written. The acting was outstanding, and for once the sub-plot didn't overwhelm the main story. Zack and Cody join the Cheevers High School orchestra for their fundraiser, which apparently is "The Nutcracker" (because that's what they play). Zack plays the Triangle and the Cymbals. A conceited Russian exchange student Sergi Mishkin is First Violin and is attracted to Codys GF Barbara Brownstein. The conductor's son Billy Madigan says "Sergi is putting a move on Barbara, pass it down" which finally gets to Cody as "Sergi loves Barbara and they're moving to Russia to raise llamas." Cody becomes insanely jealous. A running joke is the value of llama hair vs alpaca hair.Cody breaks up with Barbara and storms out of the rehersal as Zack plays the kettle drum to his steps. Hilarious.Back at the suite Cody plays (badly) "Ode to Joy" and yells "Puberty STINKS!" probably one of the funniest lines TSL ever has had. At the concert 2 weeks later Cody tries increasingly rediculous efforts to make up with "Ba-bar-a." When they finally re-unite a boy plays "Love Story" on an oboe and the audience cheers. Zack, who is napping in a storage room, falls thru the air vent onto the cymbals at precisly the right moment (wedging a drumstick in an uncomfortable spot) to end the concert. In the sub-plot London tries to do the employees jobs and winds up injuring most of them. She decides to do what a Tipton does best--nothing.
  • A Russian musician comes to school and Barbara falls in love of him. As Cody gets jelous, he cuts with her. But when he discovers she didn't love him, he tries to come back with her. London has to try all the jobs in the hotel.

    A great episode, specially when Zack practices for the orchestra (triangle, triange, gongs). My friend and I laughted for 5 minutes when he did that. It was obvious London wouldn't make any of the jobs alright, if she couldn't spell any word with more than three silabes, How could she have a job?
    Zack is a purely lazy. Who goes to another room for sleeping 30 min. while the orchestra is playing? And the ending became good: Cody gets Barbara, Zack felt from the ventilation tues and hit the gong when he had to. Another great episode for the series.
  • CodyxBarbra episode. Didn't like it much.

    Cody Martin is currently with Barbara, during music class, there is a famous Russian violinist Sergie, and he starts flirting with Barbara. One of the classmates starts a rumor that states that Barbara and Sergei are moving back to Russia and are going to sell llamas and Cody gets extremely jealous.

    It wasn't the best episode. It was more or less a relationshippy, Cody and Barbra episode who I don't really support to be together in the first place. The russian guy was new and exciting I guess. I sorta liked him sorta not. I didn't like this episode very much.
  • great episode

    Zack and Cody attend a music class. At the same day, a russian scholar sergei attends the class and begins flirting with barbara. rumor starts to spread around the class that sergei is getting serious with barbara. Cody becomes really jealous about this and it forces him to break up with barbara. This is a really hilarious episode, the rumor joke and the jealousy story plays out the wackiness of the show. I really had so much fun watching this episode. I just can't stop laughing. Cody really looks funny when he does something stupid while he gets jealous. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Barbera and Cody have bumps in there relationship.

    The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody is a show of great laughter and a touch of real life. It always makes me laugh. This episode has a romance feature between Cody and Barbera, a very intelligent girl and pretty too. L O L Z. The first time I watched this I was full of suspense. Like what was going to happen to Cody, will Barbera soon take Serge (I think that's how to spell it) hands and be his. Will Cody ever doing something? Zack in this episode is so funny ......... but on the other hand when is he not. This Is one of The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody's best episodes.
  • It's about Cody thinking A violinist is crushing on his girlfriend barbera

    6th review
    2nd Episode review

    Honestly, I really like this episode, It was good it was funny and it was well written too
    this is also my favorite episiode so far, and this is exactly why I watch "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" because every episode is funny.
    I really thought zack was more funny in this episode. the part when Zack says "you got me playing the triangle" crack made me laughed. I also like then ending(not talking about the credits ending)It was really happy when Cody and Barbera getting back to getting back together and when they kissed(the kiss looks fake though.). that's all i got to say, so my last four words are: this episode is awsome.
  • Cody gets jealous of a new guy he thinks is moving in on his girlfriend.

    All I can say is wow. But since I have to put some other stuff in here, wow. I think this is just about my favorite episode of all. Every single time it's on, I have to stop and drop whatever I'm doing and tune in. It's addicting! I also thought this episode was really funny. When Cody ran out of the room hoplessly and Zack was banging the drums - a true keeper. I really thought that after a few episodes earlier on that Season 3 was kinda Jumping the Shark, but now my mind is changed. Season three is the best yet!
  • This was good.

    I saw this episode a few times, and it was hilarious! Cody is jealous of someone in his class, trying to steal Barbara away from him because this guy can play instruments really well. It was funny when Esteban kept saying "hep" instead of "help", and people did not know what he meant by it. London's father also wanted his daughter to get into the hotel business, but she messed up everything she tried to do. It was so funny when she pulled Mr. Moseby out of his chair and she thought that Moseby yelled at people for fun. She then ordered the employees to do certain things, including ordering Mr. Moseby to "yell at them if they don't do it right."
  • Above Average.

    It's better than the rest of Season 3, that's for sure. I liked it when Zack came flying down and hit his head on the symbols... Clasic. Made me laugh. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Okay, I'm done. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Okay, now I'm seriously done. If it weren't for that, this episode wouldn't have been that good at all. It still had jokes in it, but they were little ones and made me laugh a little bit. Still, I'm giving it an 8.0. They faked the kiss, Cody and Babera. I don't know why. Haven't they kissed before?
  • The sub-plot saves the corny love.

    After Team Tipton, I thought that'd be the only good episode left for awhile. But this episode was not as good as that episode but it was still funny. In this episode, Zack and Cody are in the Orchestra and Barbra who is Cody's girlfriend, is in the band too. Rumor goes out Barbra is going out with someone though so Cody breaks up with her. But he regrets it majorly. While London tries to learn the hotel business.

    This episode was pretty good. Let's start with my favorite part. The sub-plot. It is just SO FUNNY. Just as good as Team Tipton. London messes up in such funny ways that it makes me give this episode such a generous score and I don't usually base the scores on the sub-plot. It's just so funny though. The main plot however is medicore at best. The love thing between Cody and Barbra is just so cheesy. It's something you don't want from this show. You expect excellent twin in hotel comedy in this show. Not dumb relationships that are just so cheesy. Although, Zack saves the main plot a little. He's pretty funny in this episode. I'd say don't make any Cody based episodes. They usually don't come out well. How about some Twin messing in hotel episodes like season one Disney? Though if the sub-plots are like this for the rest of the season, we might have a decent season at best. They have to fix the main plot as much as they can though.
  • wow like everyone give it the same classification weird

    Anyway yes the good old TSL is back! Zack and Cody now have orchestra class together in high school. A young famous Russian who plays the violin moves to Boston and joins their class and he starts to flirt with Barbra and Cody get the a case of jealousy. There is a ton of gossip and rumors flying around about the three like any normal school. Cody jumps to conclusions and breaks up with Barbra but wants her back because he really does like her. In the middle of a concert at the Tipton the famous Russian storms out and Cody gets back together with Barbra. TSL has been in a dry spell for awhile but I think that this episode got it out of the dry spell. I loved this episode so I give it a 10.
  • Cody thinks Barbara likes another guy and breaks up with her and then wants her back, Zack joins the band, London tries the tipton buissness.

    I love this episode. It has a great story line and they actually made both plots histerical!! This is my favorite episode so far. Even though the episode was one of the shorter ones, it was great. London tring to do the Tipton buisness was funny and Zack joining band was even funnier. The Cody/Barabra story line was great too. I just love this episode. I hope the rest of the episodes are like this funny. The other episodes are funny but not as funny as this one. I thought this episode wasn't going to be that funny but its the funniest episode I have ever seen of The Suite Life.
  • So funny I couldnt stop laughing.

    When a Russian violinist prodigy joins the orchestra Cody gets jealous because he starts flirt with Barbara. When Zack tells him a rumor that Barbara is going to go back with Sergei to Russia. He gets jealous and breaks up with her. When Cody realizes that Zack might not have even heard the rumor right he gets depressed and tries to get back with Barbara. Barbara says that she would of never ran away with Sergei and that she always like Cody. Cody and Barbara then kiss. Elsewhere London tries to learn the hotel business by doing the jobs of maid, doorman, baggage carrier, and hotel manager.
  • Cody's jealous of a famous teenage Russian violinist while London takes on the other employee's jobs at the Tipton.

    Very funny episode. Cody is jealous of a famous Russian violinist named Sergei, who he thinks is dating his girlfriend, Barbara Brownstein. In a fit of rage he dumps her only to learn it was all a rumor, they get back together. Meanwhile Zack is also apart of the orchestra and he has one job, ring the cymbals at the very end. He sneaks off and snoozes off. The funniest scene is at the end when Zack falls from the ceiling at the last second and hits both cymbals saving the show. London was hilarious when impersonating the workers too. Fantastic.
  • London was funnier than ever trying to learn the hotel business!!

    Orchestra was a fabulous episode. It's got to be one of the funniest yet. Especially when London was trying to learn the hotel business. I liked it best when she was trying to be the maid. I was on the floor laughing! Well anyways, Cody gets jealous when he sees Barbara flirting with the new teenage Russian violinist and he breaks up with her. It turns out that she didn't have a relationship with him and they get back together. The kiss at the end (which looked kinda fake) and London breaks a bone of most of the employees! Ha ha!!
  • This episode was awesome!I like it! The part where London became a maid was super funny!

    As for the episode in a acale of 1 to 10 I'd give it a 10. It was funny when London tried to learn the Tipton hotel business everybody who worked with her ended up injured one or another. And Cody was totally funny seeing him jealous & tryuing to win his girl back. I liked the part where Carrie found out why he hated Sergie and Cody ended up having an emotional roller coaster and saying "puberty stinks."
    I also Loved the part where Cody said : ( squeaky ) I have NOTHING !Loved that part it was hilarious! I'd like to see more emotional roller coasters and more voice squeaking happening to the twins in future episodes cause I got to tell you it's hilarious to watch.
  • Zack rocked playing the tympani!

    It's not often to find a tv character playing the tympani! Though Zack played for a short time, he was awesome! Hope he'll play tympani more in the future.

    As for the episode, it was funny when Cody tried to go to Barbara while the orchestra's playing in the recital. Bumping into musicians while trying to win his girl back. And Zack sneaking away and ended up locking himself in the supply room was the best closer ever. Not since the Band in Boston has Zack & Cody been involved playing music. Hope those twins do another music themed episode soon.
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