The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 23

Pilot Your Own Life

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 06, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Cody is inspired by a guest speaker and tries to do the same with his friends - with hilarious results. Meanwhile, London and Maddie compete savagely in the fashion shootout of the year to get on the cover of Teen Trends.

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Bru Muller

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Troy Robbins

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (48)

    • During the fight scene, London does an elbow drop on Maddie which you can hear a poof sound. That's the sound of her landing on a airbag mat, to prevent injury.

    • Maddie says that it is partly cloudy outside, but between scenes when it shows outside, the sky is grey.

    • In the episode "Books & Birdhouses" Zack said he had never received an 'A' before, but he received an 'A' in this episode for his community service.

    • When Maddie and London pull Mr Moseby down with them in the fight, you never see any of his clothing get thrown in the air even though he lost some.

    • You can tell that when Maddie and London are behind the couch that they aren't really ripping off clothing but they are just throwing clothing in the air to make the effect.

    • When Maddie starts doing Kung Fu, she puts her hands sideways, but in the next shot, her hands are up without any movement.

    • When Maddie starts doing Kung Fu and makes a noise with her mouth, it is obvious that it is a voice over.

    • When Maddie stood up, she puts her hand on the chair, but in the next shot, her hand is by her side.

    • Zack is taking photos on Maddie's new camera phone, but you usually have to wait for the camera to save the photo, but Zack doesn't.

    • When a phone is searching for signal, it usually makes a sound but London didn't realise that there was no signal, but she should have because she does in another episode.

    • Zack says to Esteban/London that Esteban is wearing a nice dress, but he really is wearing a skirt.

    • London is creating a skirt for the competition, but she never wears the skirt.

    • This is the first episode we see London sewing.

    • London is talking about having a blue collar chic, so she says she is making one, but she isn't making a blue collar chic she is making a skirt.

    • When Maddie is talking to Zack in the suite, Maddie put on a shirt for the competition over her blouse but never wears that shirt in the competition.

    • Maddie has the exact same hair style as she did in the last shot even though it is a different day.

    • London said to Maddie that she will work like a dog for the rest of her life, then Maddie says that she is already there, but Maddie can quit her job whenever she wants to which means she won't work like a dog for the rest of her life.

    • When London is talking to Maddie, Maddie's hair moves slightly between shots.

    • When London is talking to Maddie, London's fringe moves between shots.

    • After Maddie hid her drawing she was holding it with her hands and her arms were covering it but in the next shot her hands were folded without any movement.

    • When Maddie was talking to Cody in the suite, she does not have any bobby pins in her hair, but when she is back in the lobby, there are bobby pins in her hair.

    • When London said she can't think, Maddie was about to say a mean comment but London stopped her, but London doesn't know that she is really dumb so she wouldn't have been able to know if Maddie was going to make a mean comment.

    • When Maddie is drawing and London starts calling her, she quickly hides her drawing of her fashion design and then when it shows a close up of London, at the corner of the screen you can see Maddie hide the drawing again, but it had already been hidden.

    • Maddie is left-handed, because she is drawing her design with her left hand.

    • When Cody is talking to his mom in their suite, Maddie comes up and her hair is different to what it was before even though it is still the same day and she didn't go home.

    • Cody says in this episode that Carey hasn't got many years left to live, but in "That So Suite Life of Hannah Montana" he said that Carey has half her life to go.

    • When Zack wakes up, there are pillows underneath him, but there were no pillows there before.

    • We learn that Esteban isn't very smart because when Cody told him to pilot his own life, Esteban thinks he will become a pilot.

    • We learn the Esteban's pet chicken loves mini quiches, but in reality, chickens aren't meant to eat quiches.

    • When Zack falls asleep and dumps his head on the plates, there are less plates there than in the first scene with the lecture.

    • When you notice Zack gets really full (before he falls asleep), he has a plate in his hand but in the next shot, the plate is gone.

    • During the changing of two different scenes, it shows the outside of the Tipton, a van goes past. This is the only episode you see a van drive past.

    • When Maddie poses when she gets the photos, she doesn't move between any flashes, but you usually do when you pose for photos.

    • The shirt that Maddie wears as part of her uniform is more faded than in any other episode.

    • At the start of the episode, Maddie can't say "Teens Trend, Trendy Teen of the Year"; but later on, somehow she can say it with no problem.

    • When the host of Teen Trends Magazine asks Maddie why the magazine isn't in the front, she grabs one off the counter but the magazines aren't displayed on the counter in other episodes.

    • The poster of Carey in the background that says "Below the TIP" is the same poster used in "Grounded on the 23rd Floor".

    • Maddie says London gives her the "only I can afford these clothes" look three times a day, but in other episodes, London has never given her that look.

    • When the camera shows all the plates of mini quiches Zack ate, there are still some on the plates but, when you try to eat a lot of food, you would usually eat the whole plate first before going to the next.

    • In the episode "Poor Little Rich Girl", Zack said that he doesn't like cheese, but there is cheese in quiche.

    • Parts of this episode are in the opening credits (of Season 2) when Carey spits out her water and when Zack and Cody click and point to Maddie and London at the same time.

    • When Zack is taking pictures of London's design, whenever he takes a picture, he thrusts the phone forward (most likely to clearly point out to the audience that he is in fact taking pictures) However, it would be illogical to take pictures like this as the picture would turn out blurry.

    • If Maddie added the tie to her uniform and it really is not part of it then why did Ilsa let her wear it in "Hotel Inspector" when she wouldn't let Esteban wear a little pin?

    • Slight Mistake, In the episode "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel," Zack and Cody broke a very old painting, but in this episode, you can see the same exact painting outside of their suite.

    • Zack says he's just eaten 5 pounds of mini-quiches, but when they show the plates on the chairs next to him, almost all of them still have quiches on them.

    • During Maddie and London's fight in the lobby, London tears off Maddie's cuffs and taunts her with them. Then right after, Maddie gets up and attempts to do a Kung-Fu move and London's arms are in a different position and she's no longer holding Maddie's cuffs.

    • When London hits Maddie with the pillow, she throws it and it lands near a chair. You see it in the next scene, but if you look quickly when they fall on the couch, the pillow is gone.

    • After the lecture was done, Zack falls asleep in the chair and tips over, the next shot his feet are up on the seats.

  • QUOTES (41)

    • Cody: Maddie, don't let fear in your cockpit!
      Carrie: Don't let what in your where?

    • Carey: I actually cooked - for three hours!
      Zack: Not for me I'm stuffed.
      Cody: Mom, do you ever find yourself feeling discouraged, unfulfilled, unappreciated?
      Carey: Not if you eat my caasserole!
      Cody: Not gonna happen...

    • Mosbey: (to Cody) You maybe the first motivational speaker ever to have his allowance taken away.

    • London:I'm sorry for stealing your blue collar cheap look.
      Maddie:You mean chic.

    • London: Daddy always says, competition's a good thing. It's a chance to crush people.

    • Cody: I know. We should feed the hungry.
      Zack: Good idea. Let's start with me.

    • Zack: I can't do this to you. I just can't. I can't tell a lie.
      Carey: Since when? You lie to me all the time.
      Zack: But I can't lie to Maddie! (whispers) I LOVE her!
      Maddie: Aw, Zack, why would you lie to me?
      Zack: Because if you win this contest you'll become famous, and you'll move to New York, Paris, and Milan, and I'll never see you again!
      Maddie: Oh Zack, I'm not going anywhere! And if I was I'd take you with me.
      Zack: Really? (Hugs Maddie; she smiles and nods, and returns the hug)
      Carey: Really?
      (Maddie mouths 'No' to Carey over Zack's head.)

    • London: Hey! That's Maddie's new camera phone!
      Zack: There's a camera in here?! Cool!
      London: You're spying on me!
      Esteban: I feel so violated!

    • Zack: Hey Maddie! Looking good! ... Except for those crummy clothes!
      Maddie: This is my first step in "Piloting My Own Life!"
      Zack: Oh no! He's gotten to you too! He's like a virus!

    • Cody: Mom do you feel unappreciated?
      Carey: Not if you eat my casserole!
      Cody: Not gonna happen!

    • Claire: What do you call that look?
      Maddie: My uniform....with a personal touch of Maddie. Well, it's actually my dad's tie, so a personal touch of Irving.
      Claire: Catchy! But a little long! I'd call it "Blue Collar Chic"!
      Maddie: That was my second choice!

    • Maddie: Fashion tip, nobody wears heels like these anymore!
      (Snaps London's heels and London pushes Maddie)
      London: And nobody wore cufflinks since the French Revolution! (Rips Maddie's Cufflinks)

    • Cody: Remember, London... If you can conceive, you can believe, and then you'll...
      London: I hate that expression!

    • Maddie: (out of breath) I can't believe I stayed up three nights to finish this outfit, I hope Teen Trends likes it.
      Zack: I'm sure you'll do fine.
      Maddie: (mockingly and cranky) I'm sure you'll do fine. What do you know?!
      Zack: See? This is why sleep is a good thing.

    • Cody: You can't let fear in your cockpit!
      Carey: She can't let her what in her where?!

    • (cart of food passes by)
      Cody: We should feed the hungry!
      Zack: Good Idea. Let's start with me.
      (goes after cart of food)

    • Zack: (about Troy Robbins) This guy just talks and talks and...
      Cody: It's a lecture.

    • Claire: Say Teen Trend's trendy teen of the year.
      Maddie: Teen Tren- tre- Can I just smile?

    • London: Well, that was your mistake!
      Maddie: Well, your mistake was taking on Madeline Margaret Genevieve Miranda Catherine Fitzpatrick!
      London: Fine! Stay in! I'll...beat all of you!

    • Maddie: You're going down!
      London: You're going downer!

    • London: Oh, its you. If you're here to tear up the rest of my clothes, good luck. It'll take you six weeks. And that's just my tennis outfits.

    • Zack: (to Maddie) I can't tell a lie.
      Carey: Since when? You lie to me all the time
      Zack: I can't lie to Maddie. (whispering) I love her!

    • Maddie:(about London) How mad do you think she'll be?
      Carey: Do you remember that hairdresser that gave her that really bad perm and all they found was his comb?
      Maddie:(gasps)That's right! And his hair-dryer was still running.

    • London: Well, you were wrong, with a capital R.

    • London: So, who's do you like better?
      Claire: Not sure.
      Maddie: She meant me.
      London: Oh no she didn't!
      Maddie: Oh yes she di-id!
      Mr. Moseby: Oh, It doesn't mater-er!

    • Carey: Hey, guys. What'cha been doing?
      Cody: Inspiring people to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.
      Carey: It's never just "playing ball" with you.

    • Cody: I can achieve.
      Zack: I still might heave.

    • Troy Robbins: Young man, I have never scene anyone grasp my course so quickly!
      Cody: Gee, thanks, I'm a quick grasper!

    • Cody: At least I know I'll get a better community service grade than Zack.
      Zack: I wouldn't be so sure about that. Mr. Moseby let me take all the buffet left overs to the Mission. The mayor was there and he's giving me an award for helping out the homeless.
      Cody: You?! An award? You can't even spell award.
      Zack: Don't have to. It'll be on the plaque. Who's getting an A in community service now, huh?
      Cody: I hate that kid.

    • Mr. Moseby: Ah, Esteban, there you are. I'm going to need you to work late tonight.
      Esteban: Oh, no, I can't, Mr. Moseby. I am piloting my own life by taking night school class 3 times a week. I'm going to loose my accent.
      Mr. Moseby: Loose?
      Esteban: I better make that 4 times a week.

    • Maddie: Where is Zack? I sent him to spy on London over an hour ago.
      Carey: You're using my son as a spy?
      Maddie: Oh, like you're using him for anything better!

    • Maddie: That London! She has no scruples, no principles, no morals!
      Zack: Want me to go spy on her?
      Maddie: Yes! And take lots of pictures. Here's my camera phone.
      Zack: What if she catches me?
      Maddie: I'll miss you.

    • Muriel: Housekeeping! Gotta clean.
      Zack: Since when?
      Muriel: All right, you busted me. Truth is, London paid me ten bucks to spy on blondie here.
      Maddie: (gasps) That is so low!
      Muriel: For $100, I won't tell her I told you.
      Maddie: But I only have three dollars on me.
      Muriel: Close enough. This goes in my poker fund. Ante up, boys. I'm coming to clean you out. (leaves)
      Zack: That'll be the first time she cleaned anything.

    • London: I'll crush you so bad, you won't have a penny to your name. And you'll have to work like a dog for the rest of your life!
      Maddie: Ha! I'm already there!

    • Maddie: Okay, fine, if you want me to give up this great opportunity so you can get what you want, as always, then I'll drop out.
      London: Oh, that's so sweet. Drop out.
      Maddie: (gasps) I will not drop out! How dare you ask me to drop out?!

    • Cody: My point is, people spend their lives too afraid to reach for the mountaintop.
      Carey: Amen.
      Cody: They let life slip by day after dreary day.
      Carey: Losers.
      Cody: People like you.

    • Claire: Oh, candy counter girl, why is "Teen Trend" not displayed in the front?
      Maddie: Because most teenagers can't afford to stay at a four-star hotel. They also can't afford to buy the clothes in your magazine.
      Claire: Well, it is very hard to make cheap look nice. Although, you seem to be doing a rather good job of it. What do you call that look?
      Maddie: My uniform.

    • Maddie: (about London's snobby look) She gives me that look three times a day.
      Mr. Moseby: I get that look from her dog.

    • (as London gets her pictures taken)
      Claire: That's it, darling! Love that. All right, now, give us a snobby look.
      London: Well, I have about 20 different ones. Which one would you like?
      Claire: One that says, "Only I can afford these clothes."
      London: Ooh, number 7. One of my favorites.

    • Cody: Okay, what are you gonna do for your school community service?
      Zack: I thought I'd see a movie, then go tell poor people about it.
      Cody: Zack, this is a chance for us to really help people. I'm thinking about working with kids.
      Zack: I hate kids.
      Cody: You better take this seriously or you're gonna fail while I get an A.
      Zack: You're one of the kids I hate.

    • Cody: Mom, please tell me everything went okay with your demo CD.
      Carey: Oh, yeah. The guy at the record company said I'd have a future as a cabaret singer. He suggested I check out The Tipton. Apparently, I just spent $500 to find out I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be!

  • NOTES (28)


    • Mr. Moseby: Ladies, the fight is over, got to your neutral elevators.

      Referees say go to your neutral corners in boxing when the fight gets really deep and dangerous.

    • Troy Robbins The motivational speaker 'Troy Robbins' is based on real-life motivator Anthony Robbins, even the theme music is the same as his tapes.

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