The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 13

Poor Little Rich Girl

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 22, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

London's father goes broke due to an investment in a diamond mine. London now has to move in with Maddie. Zack and Cody wonder if their parents ever got them mixed up when they were babies.

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  • Poor little rich London

    London goes poor and Zack and Cody wonder that their parents switched them up. That didn't happen. Funny, especially when London screams at the top of her voice and cries "I wanna be rich!" Grade: A+.
  • London and Maddie's friendship grows here!

    I personally loved all episodes from Season 1, but this episode always remains in my head along with Grounded on the 23rd Floor and Smart and Smarter. Both plots to the story were very interesting and while this episode's central focus is on London, it only has Zack and Cody believing that they may not be each other so they start acting like each other.

    This episode has plenty of comedy, some great moments. Estaban makes two brief appearances to the episode and his final line "Will I still be Estaban?" cracked me up. This episode also has plenty of sad moments and we learn quite a lot of London's past.

    Great episode...Very touchingamoreless
  • Great

    After Mr. Tipton goes broke, London moves in with Maddie, and their friendship grows. While watching home movies of the early days when they were born, Zack and Cody fear that Carey and Kurt may have switched them, so Zack is Cody and Cody is Zack. Did this happen (hint: No).

    It was alright but I find it kind of boring. Though I liked Maddie and London's friendship growing, I don't know, something was missing in this episode, for me at least. It didn't seem funny like the others. Though the plot was kind of interesting at times... grade- Bmoreless
  • This episode wasn't one of the funniest ones but it was pretty good anyway. London finds out that she isn't rich anymore and Zack and Cody think that they were switched at birth and they start to act like each other.moreless

    After Zack and Cody see a video where their mom gets them mixed up when they were babies they start to wonder if they are who they think they are. Meanwhile London finds out that her father has gone broke and she is no longer rich so she has to move in with Maddie. To me the funniest part of the episode was Cody acting like Zack and Zack acting like Cody. I liked the London and Maddie story but it really wasn't very funny. It was interesting to see how London acted when she found out that she wasn't rich anymore and how she had to deal with living with Maddie but otherwise, I was more interested in the Zack and Cody part of this episode. It was really funny seeing London try to babysit Zack and Cody and how she almost burnt the hotel down making grilled cheese. In the end London gets her money and her suite back and Zack and Cody find out that they really are who they think that they are.moreless
  • i love this episode

    I think we really get to see a new nice side of London in this episode and I love it, if only it would stick.

    The Zack and Cody storyline about not knowing who they were was quite funny aswell, but the highlight of this episode was seeing London and Maddie interacting.

    We learn that London hasnt had the perfect childhood. I like seeing Maddie and London bond and become friends, because we usually see them get along, but bicker along the way.

    I love how London doesnt forget Maddie at the end, but i think its a disapointment that in future episodes she continues on with her rich girl act.moreless
Matt Weinhold

Matt Weinhold


Guest Star

Mary Kate McGeehan

Mary Kate McGeehan

Maddies Mother

Guest Star

Ernie Lively

Ernie Lively

Maddies Father

Guest Star

Estelle Harris

Estelle Harris


Recurring Role

Robert Torti

Robert Torti

Kurt Martin

Recurring Role

Adrian R'Mante

Adrian R'Mante


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (21)

    • Zack and Cody have a grandfather named Jim.

    • We learn in this episode that London often lived with her grandmother when her parents went out to dinner.

    • The title is an allusion to 'Richie Rich, the Poor Little Rich Boy' comic book, that was made into a movie starring Macaulay Culkin.

    • London learns how to act without money, but later she kind of loses that during the other episodes of the show, as she acts rich again.

    • We learn in this episode that London is a size 2.

    • We learn part of London's past in this episode, and the fact that she's missed out on a lot of stuff when she was younger.

    • We find out that Zack hates cheese, and Cody loves it. We also found out that they both like ham.

    • London has never been to a sleepover.

    • In this episode we find out that Maddie lives with her father, mother and grandmother, and that her sister just got married.

    • In this episode, Zack and Cody act as each other, because they were supposedly mistaken as babies, but the only thing that would possibly change would be their names and not their personalities.

    • After London finds out that there is no maid in Maddie's house, she starts screaming, then when the shot changes to behind you see her mouth close, but she is still screaming and she is also holding a blanket. Then when it goes back to the normal shot, her mouth is open again and the blanket is gone.

    • When London is talking to Maddie in the last scene, her strap falls down. But in the next shot, it is back up again.

    • Where is London's dog Ivana during this episode? Although Zack and Cody mention the dog early in the episode, Ivana is nowhere to be seen when London moves out of the Tipton and in with Maddie. Did the bank repossess Ivana and sell her too along with London's other things?

    • In the video of Zack and Cody's first year, why didn't their father just put down the camera and get the phone?

    • If London is poor and can't afford any of her clothes and she didn't pack, how is she able to wear different kind of clothes during the episode? And besides, all of her clothes are rich looking clothes.

    • When the tape of the twins when they were little is playing, if you look at the wall paper you can see that it is the same wallpaper that they have in their suite now. They obviously just switched the set around to shoot the video.

    • When London gets pulled up into the wall of Maddie's room by the bed and Maddie is trying to save her, when Maddie grabs onto the bed and falls, you can see her head sticking out from the end of the bed, but when they switch the shot to London and then back to the bed, Maddie is all the way under the bed.

    • According to Maddie, Fenway Park is across the street. Knowing any stadium, it is a pretty magestical throw to toss peanuts all the way to Maddie's room. The peanuts would have to travel from the highest stadium seats, over the stadium wall, across the street and into Maddie's window.

    • When London gets the hot chocolate, the marshmallow is stuck there, it doesn't float around at all, and when Esteban takes it out of the mug, it doesn't have any hot chocolate on it.

    • Maddie and London were talking and in the hallway there was a scooter; then when they show the hall again, the scooter is gone.

    • When Maddie tells London that the beds need to be stripped, she mistakes what she said and starts taking off her clothes, ao Maddie corrects her. The next scene, both Maddie and London's beds were stripped, and her buttons were normal even though she never buttoned them again.

  • QUOTES (47)

    • Maddie: Hey Sal, send up some peanuts! (A peanut bag went through the window) Thanks Sal!

    • London: Now I'm tired and your room really breaks me down. I'll take a nap (lie down on her bed and the bed pull up). Ah, help!
      Maddie: I got you, I got you. (pull the bed down and stick under the bed).

    • London: Maddie, I am having the worst day of my life and you play hide and seek? (pull the bed up)
      Maddie: Found me.

    • Maddie: I guess so. A few days I'm not gonna hurt. London, you're welcome to stay with me.
      London: Thank you so much, Maddie. I'm going up stair to get my things. Wait a second, I don't have any thing. (crying again)

    • (Mr. Moesby reminds Maddie that her sister moved out)
      Maddie: Oh, that sister.
      Mr. Moseby: Hmm.
      Zack: Come on Maddie, London has nowhere else to go. And it would be the right thing to do.
      Carey: How sweet, Zack. Maybe you are Cody.

    • Carey: (holding up one of London's coats) Isn't it adorable?
      London: (in a sad voice) Oh.
      Carey: Which is why I bought it back for you. (gives coat to London)
      London: Thank you. I can use it as a pillow when I sleep in the gutter tonight! (start crying)
      Carey: Honey, you're welcome to stay with us. I already have to sleep on the sofa bed, but we can make room.
      London: Thank you so much Carey. Any better offers?
      Mr. Moseby: Maddie, would it be possible for London to stay with you for a while?
      Maddie: No, not possible. Love to, can't. Coming! (run away)
      Mr. Moseby: No one called you. Besides, I remember since your sister moved out, don't you have an extra bed?
      Maddie: No sisters have moved out.

    • Carey: (On the tape) I gotta go mom, Somebody cries, I think that's my husband. OK, I love you, bye bye. (put the receiver down)
      Kurt: (On the tape) Come on guys, smile with the camera. Here's Zack, and here's Cody. I think?
      Carey: (On the tape) That's not honey.
      Kurt: (On the tape) When you said Zack on the left. Did you mean your left or mine?
      Carey: (On the tape) My left.
      Kurt: (On the tape) Oh.
      Carey: (On the tape) Fortunately, their mother can tell them apart. They have the completely their personalities.
      Carey: (On the tape, when putting Zack on his cradle) Owl, owl, See now, that's obviously Zack.
      Carey: (On the tape, when putting Cody on this cradle) And this, that's obviously Cody. I think?

    • Carey: (On the tape) You guys look so cute, if only you sleep. (the phone starts ringing)
      Kurt: (On the tape) General diapers.
      Carey: (On the tape) Honey, Could you take the boys.
      Kurt: (On the tape) Yeah, wait a minute, hold on, let I put camera down here.

    • Mr. Moseby: Is there any place you can stay instant your father solve it out?
      London: Of course. I'll stay at a friend's.
      (on the phone) Hello, Anabel? The most tragic thing just happened to me! You heard? Well, can I stay with you? Really?... An asteroid? (gasps) And I was feeling sorry for myself.

    • London: How could things get any worst?
      Mr. Moseby: In the worst, yes. I hate to tell you this but the bank consider you to move out of the hotel so they can rent your suite to someone who can pay for it.

    • London: (screaming when going down the elevator to the lobby) AAAAAAAAAHHH! Moseby, tell me it not true!
      Moseby: Oooh, I wish I could. Unfortunately, your father borrowed too much money from the bank, investing all of it in a diamond mine. Well, no diamonds.
      London: Any silver?
      Moseby: (shake his head no)
      London: Pearl?
      Moseby: (shake his head no)
      London: Works of art?
      Moseby: (shake his head no) No, just a lot of dirt. Argo, 'dirt poor'.

    • Esteban: Good morning, Miss Tipton. I thought you slept well.
      London: Esteban, what you call this?
      Esteban: I call this chocolate. What you call this?
      London: I call this' unacceptable. There is a special smell on this and you know I don't like that special one.
      Esteban: My apology. Miss Tipton. I will cut it for you. I think the doctor would admire my determined.

    • Zack: Mom thinks!
      Carey: What do I think?
      Zack: You think you get away and mix us up.
      Carey: I've never mixed you up.
      Cody: Really? Shall we replay the evidence?
      Carey: Oh. Okay, for one second. You guys don't know how tired I was, I haven't slept in weeks. You're both bald with no teeth and drooling, I mean it's amazing I didn't mix you up with grandpa Jim.

    • Maddie: Same Old London.
      Mr. Moseby: Maybe, but on the upside (Dancing) you got your room back to yourself! You got your room back to yourself!

    • Carey: Oh hi, London. Okay, nobody's had any dinner, doctor's number's on the fridge, first care kit's in the cabinet and in a super emergency, I'll be singing downstairs.
      London: ...Were you talking to me?

    • London: Look at me, I'm a mess! Can you pull down the bathroom for me?

    • Carey: How sweet, Zack! Maybe you are Cody...

    • London: I was at this fabulous charity work for orphans... Or was it dolphins? Which one's Flipper?

    • Zack: Hey, Cody. Don't forget to do my book report for tomorrow.
      Cody: Why do you always assume that I'm gonna do your work for you?
      Zack: 'Cause I'm you older brother! So get to work, junior!

    • Cody: Why don't you make cereal?
      London: OK, I can handle that. Wait, which come's first, the milk or the cereal?
      Zack: It doesn't matter, as long as you remember the bowl.

    • London: (After hearing that she is rich again) Goodbye peanut butter, hello lobster dipped in butter!

    • Zack: London, you might want to take a look at the front page!
      London: Not now, London's reading about London.
      Cody: And you might want this back (hands her the five dollar bill she gave him)
      London: Why?
      Muriel: (Shows her front page) 'Cause you're broke!
      London: (Starts screaming) AAAAAHHHHH!

    • London: (Comes in room screaming) There's some kind of shriveled animal in the bathtub!
      Maddie: London, that's my granny. I didn't realize she was still taking her bath.

    • Cody: How are you doin' Sweet Thang?
      Maddie: Cody I'm sorry, but isn't it Zack who usually tries to flirt with me.
      Zack: if you're gonna be me you better be better.

    • Maddie: I'm sorry London. I wish there was something I could do to help.
      London: Can you give me $50,000,000?
      Maddie: I'll go check my piggy bank.

    • London: Your grilled cheeses are ready!
      Cody: Next time you might wanna put it on bread!
      Zack: And you might wanna take off the plastic!

    • Zack: We want grilled cheese please.
      London: I can handle that. I do that in the kitchen right?

    • London: Just because I don't have any money, the bank stops being nice to me?
      Mr. Moseby: Shocking, isn't it?

    • London: Muriel, are you sure those are 600 thread count sheets?
      Muriel: Let me check. (Starts counting) One, two, three...
      London: How much will it cost to get you out of here?
      Muriel: Ten.

    • Mr. Moesby: I distinctly remember you dancing around the lobby singing, 'my sister got a groom, I got my own room! WHAT!

    • Zack: Um, London. You might want to take a look at the front page.
      London: Not now. London's reading about London.

    • (After Zack and Cody are arguing about who is who)
      Carey: I knew I should have erased that tape.
      Cody: Anything else you haven't been completely honest with us about? Mommy? If that's your real name?
      Carey: Well, I am your mother. Do I have to show you the beginning of the tape again?
      Zack and Cody: No!

    • London: Thanks for the hot chocolate, Mrs. Fitzpatrick!
      Mrs. Fitzpatrick: You're welcome, sweetheart!

    • London: Well, what's the maid going to do?
      Maddie: We don't have a maid.
      London: Aah!

    • London: Oh that was nice of her. How much should I tip her?
      Maddie: You don't tip family.

    • London: I don't wanna be a trooper. (Crying) I wanna be rich!

    • Mr. Moesby: For now, your father has to stay incognito.
      London: Where's "cognito?"
      Mr. Moseby: In hiding.
      London: Where's "hiding?"

    • London: Oh teddy, I had the worst nightmare, I dreamt that Daddy lost all of his money and ended up staying with-Sees Maddie staring at her. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
      Maddie: Good Morning to you too.
      London: This blanket wasn't here when I went to sleep!
      Maddie: My grandma probably put it there while you were sleeping. You must have looked cold to her.
      London: Oh. That was nice! How much do I tip her?

    • Zack: I can't believe that I might be Cody!
      Cody: Well, what's wrong with being Cody?
      Zack: For starters, look how you're dressed.
      Cody: Well then, if I am Zack then I am the oldest. You better start showing me some respect, junior.
      Zack: By ten minutes, big deal.

    • Zack: Now I can go back to chillin' and just getting by in school. I mean doing my best.

    • Zack: He's been acting like me all day. He came on to all the girls at school, wised off to the teachers, and now he wants to copy off my homework.
      Carey: That's terrible.
      Zack: I know. It means that I have to do my own homework.

    • (Zack and Cody are watching a baby tape of themselves.)
      Carey: (Carey on the phone talking to her mother, on the tape) Hello? Oh, hi mom. Yeah, they love their new outfits. Well, Cody spit up on his...
      Zack: Tch ... What a loser!
      Carey: (Carey on the phone talking to her mother, on the tape) And Zack pooped in his.
      Cody: Ha. Who's the loser now?

    • (Zack and Cody are watching a baby tape of themselves.)
      Zack: She's giving birth!
      Doctor(On the tape) Push, Push.
      Cody: Fast forward, fast forward, fast forward!
      Carey(On the tape): It's over!
      Doctor(On the tape): No, wait, there's another baby.
      Carey(On the tape): Aah!
      Cody: Fast forward, fast when we were 6!

    • Maddie's father: Where's the remote?
      Maddie's mother: The same place as your career, in the toilet.

    • Mr. Moseby: The Tipton is back on top.
      London: On top of what?

    • Cody: So, if I'm Zack and I don't like cheese, does that mean you're the one who likes ham?
      Zack: No, we both like ham.
      Cody: Then who likes Liverwurst?
      Zack: No one.
      Cody: Then why do they make it?

    • London: Yo! Caviar.

  • NOTES (11)


    • The title "Poor Little Rich Girl" might be an allusion to the film Titanic (1997), when Rose Dewitt Bukater confesses to Jack Dawson after the latter saves her life.

      She says; "I know what you might be thinking... poor little rich girl."

    • When London is reading the paper and says she went to a charity event for either orphans or dolphins and then asks "Which one is Flipper?", this is an allusion to the 1963 theatrical film, Flipper, and the follow-up 1964-1968 TV series of the same name about a boy's relationship with a dolphin named "Flipper".

    • The scene were London says:

      "Wait, I don't have any stuff" and starts bawling called from Family Matters. The scene where Steve screwed up big time he says: "Wait I don't have any stuff" and still bawls.

    • London's predicament with her father's bad investment in a diamond mine is similar to Sarah Crew's from the novel A Little Princess.

    • Title: Shirley Temple in Poor Little Rich Girl
      The title "Poor Little Rich Girl" is an allusion to a Shirley Temple movie with the same title and a similar plot-line.