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  • Ah, the days when Disney had original shows that actually were, you know, FUNNY!

    I remember being around in 2006-07 and hearing, "Suite Life Of Zack and Cody all new 8/7 central". When watching Disney Channel was fun and original. Now all the shows are geared towards 12 year old preteen girls who like to infatuate themselves with the actors.

    Awesome show. Funny and original. The acting was good. The storyline was original and funny. It was when Disney was good.

    I hope Disney resurrects the good shows like Zack and Cody, Phil of The Future, that's so Raven, and others. Wizards of Waverly place was pretty funny until about 2009, when all of the really bad Disney shows came out.
  • I won't forget it.

    I sorta grew up on the series. It was well produced, not cheesy, not corny, just funny and memorable.
  • All Time Best Disney Show

    This ius an All Time Show in the world of disney Even though they went To Suite Life On Deck in 2008

    (Sucked) They made one of my fav shows! I remember watching disney and it saying " An all New Suite Life Of Zack And Cody at 8/7 Centeral On Disney Channel"!
  • Awesome show!

    I loved this show and all season of it. Esteban was hilarious and Zack and Cody were cool and funny. London was hilarious and Mr. Moseby was hilarious, as well. This show was one of the best to air on Disney Channel, EVER!
  • Loved The Show

    I loved the show. It would always make me laugh my heart out. I like the Suite Life on Deck, but to me this show was a little bit funnier in my opinion. I wished they would've had a season 4 and then start The Suite Life on Deck.
  • One of Disney Channel's best series

    I love this show. All the characters are funny, crazy(in a good way) plots, and humorous jokes. Season 1 was a great start. All the episodes were really great. Season 2 was the best season; all the episodes were funny and witty, also most of my favorite episodes are from that season. Season 3 kind of went downhill because the episodes weren't that funny or great. Some episodes were good, but not good as the episodes from season 1 and 2. Also Maddie was barely in season 3. Overall, Suite Life of Zack & Cody is a great show.
  • New Show

    Who agrees that they should make a show called "The Suite Life on the Town?"
  • The Best Disney Show Ever Produced!

    Firstly, I'm writing this review as a 15 year old boy, who watches plenty of action and horror films, yet I absolutely love this show. Suite Life of Zack and Cody is based around twins named Zack and Cody who always cause havoc in the hotel they live in and always having to go back to fix it up. Like all other shows, Zack and Cody are nothing like each other. Zack's dumb and Cody's smart. They have different views on everything and as such often cause trouble.

    To me, the funniest characters in this show are easily Mr. Moseby (Phil Lewis), Estaban (Adrian R'Mante) and Arwin (Brian). Everytime these three characters get a shot on the screen, they crack me up as well as hundreds of others!

    Cole and Dylan do an exceptionally job at playing the twins, whilst Phil Lewis does an unbelievable job at playing the grumpy, stressed out hotel manager. Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song, the female stars, act their roles of candy counter girl and dumb heiress exceptionally well, though London's character became extremely worse by Season 3.

    Now to the show, SLOZAC was unbelievable in all of Season 1. There isn't one moment I hated in that season! It was like the classic old seasons of the Simpsons! Season 2 lost just a touch of quality towards the very end, mainly because Dylan and Cole aged a bit, however was extremely funny! Season 3 had some great episodes but didn't feel all that great in some places and London's character was particularly annoying in this season.

    That being said, Suite Life of Zack and Cody began in 2005 and until 2008 did an extremely good job and that being said is my favorite Disney Show by far!
  • One of the best sitcoms of all time.

    The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody still makes me laugh my head off, even up till today. It's clever, hilarious, and mischievous. Just comes to show that the older Disney Channel was way better that what it is today.
  • The Suite Life of Zack and Cody...

    I love this show. I think it is entertaining and funny. It has brillant and talented actors and actresses. I dont care what people say about this show. They automatically think just because its on disney channel thats its stupid and only for little kids. Well they are wrong. I always watch this show, usually with my mom and brother and they like it too. This show is about two twin boys named Zack and Cody(Dylan and Cole Sprouse)and their single mother Carey Martin(Kim Rhodes)who move into the Tipton Hotel. Carey works as a singer in the hotel. There is Mr. Moseby(Phil Lewis)who basically runs the hotel. There is London(Brenda Song)whos daddy owns the hotel. And there is Maddie(Ashley Tisdale)who works at the Tipton candy counter. I guess thats it. Zack and Cody is a must see and watch it before you judge and review it.
  • Hilarious show and it's a little better than "The Suite Life On Deck" in my opinion


    I think that "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" is a hilarious show and it's better than the "The Suite Life On Deck" in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I like "The Suite Life On Deck" but it's not quite as good as this original series which takes place at the Tipton Hotel. Most of the episodes in this show make me laugh so hard. Some of the episodes (at times) can get me angry but they're mostly the Season 1 episodes because that's where Zack and Cody get grounded a lot. I don't which seasons I like better, Season 2 or Season 3. I do like Season 1 but some of the episodes in that episode just drive me nuts watching Zack and Cody causing trouble this and that and get grounded. Yeah, they do the same in Season 2 but they don't get grounded that much. As for Season 3, they don't really cause a lot of trouble like they did in the earlier episodes. London Tipton (Brenda Song) makes me laugh so hard and I think she is funnier in this show than in the "The Suite Life On Deck". It seems that London is more stupid but funny and less cruel in this episode and she seems to be more cruel and less funny in "The Suite Life On Deck". Maddie (Ashley Tisdale) is a great character and is very funny. Mr. Moseby also cracks me up. I would have to say that Esteban and Arwin are my favorite characters in this show. They're only recurring characters in this show sadly but they do make me laugh so hard whenever they appear in the episodes. They never fail to make me laugh. Overall, even though some of the episode get me angry (mostly Season 1 and rarely Season 2), this show makes me laugh very hard and it's a little better than "The Suite Life On Deck" in my opinion. 10/10

  • A perfect show

    The Suite Life of Zack and Cody stars identical twin brothers Dylan and Cole Sprouse, as Zack and Cody, whose lives change when their mother Carey (Kim Rhodes), ends up landing a job at one of Boston's finest hotels, the Tipton Hotel. As part of Carey's contractual deal, the twins and her get to live in an upper floor suite of the hotel. Ashley Michelle Tisdale stars as Maddie Fitzpatrick, who plays the role of the hotel candy counter girl and part-time babysitter, that tends to having to put an end to Zack and Cody's antics. Brenda Song stars as the rich and spoiled hotel heiress, London Tipton; while Phill Lewis plays the role of Mr. Moseby, the Tipton Hotel Manager.''''While Zack and Cody's mother works, they have all the amenities that come with the hotel, like room service, the game room, the swimming pool, and the candy counter. Maddie steps up as being the babysitter for the twin boys who tries to foil their pranks, along with the job of being the Tipton's candy counter girl. Zack and Cody try to turn the hotel into the play ground, as they end up making friends and foes with guest, staff, and residents; which includes the spoiled hotel heiress, London Tipton.This show was perfect, In my opinion, I think it was better than the Suite Life on Deck. I think all the main characters are funny and I can't decide which one is the funniest. I hasn't seen all the episode yet, so I'll edit my review once I see all the episodes. My nit-pick is the boys kept getting in trouble whenever they do crazy stuffs. I thought the theme song music was good. Overall, this show was perfect and better than on Deck. 10/10
  • This introduced me to Disney Channel.

    Ok this show introduced me to disney Channel. When I was 7 my brother was watching this show so I watched it with him and I loved it and it got me introduced to Disney Channel. I think this show is hilarious and way better than Suite Life on Deck. I actually think that Season 3 is the worst Season that when the characters started to get old. And Its not that funny. Now I can't say which is better 1 or 2 but Sometimes I like 2 better. 1 is hilarious but sometimes 2is more funny. Now Zack and Cody are really funny characters. London cracks me up but sometimes she could be too mean. Maddie is a good characters and she makes me laugh as well. Moesby Cracks me up so much and he's my favorite main character. Now i really didn't like at the beginning I started to like him when I got this show and the jokes. Carrey is pretty funny as well. Now my favorite characters are Arwin, Murrel, Bob, and Moesby. Don't listen to the negitive reviews this show is hilarious and you'll love it!!! Overall a hilarious show on Disney Channel 10/10.
  • i love this show

    i really love this show its been my favorite since it started on Disney.
    the characters have a good sense of humor and this show is very original.
    Dylan and Cole Sprouse are probably the most funny actors on Disney (but that's not hard) i give this show a 10/10.
    but recently i noticed that suite life on deck has been getting boring, they have been using the same jokes over and its quite boring but still Dylan and Cole seem to impress me but I'm not a big fan of suite life on deck they should have stuck with the hotel. but this is one of my all time favorite shows. :)
  • funky

    Zack and Cody Martin cause havoc in the Tipton Hotel while the manager, Mr.Mosbey tried to stop them from ruining it. The show centers upon Zack and Cody Martin, twin brothers who live in the Tipton Hotel where their mother, Carey, sings and performs in the hotel lounge. Also residing at the hotel is the hotel owner's daughter, London Tipton, who is impolite and ditzy. Maddie, whose real name is Madeline Fitzpatrick, is the hotel's down-to-earth candy-counter girl. Mr. Moseby, the strict, dutiful, and serious manager is often a foil to Zack and Cody's schemes. The show is often set at the Tipton Hotel, but various other settings like Zack and Cody's school, Cheevers High School, and Maddie and London's private school, Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow Catholic School are used.
  • I think that this show was very funny. Cody was my favorite character on the show. He was hilarious. It was always easy for me to tell Zack and Cody apart both with looks and personality.

    The show was very funny but I think the best season of all was season 1. And the best episode of all was Fairest Of Them All where Cody dressed up like a girl and entered a beauty contest. All of the main characters were very good and Arwin and Estaban were my favorite guest characters. I loved everything about this show. In my opinion it was the best Disney show ever. I really didn't like the episodes where Maddie was gone in season 3. Those episodes were not very good at all. Maddie and London were very funny together and the show wasn't the same without Maddie in it.
  • Zack and Cody wish for super-powers and become the worst stereotypes of costumed crimefighters.

    Okay, this has to be the GOOFIEST episode ever. Largely, the series has been consistently good, but this episode has one ridiculous premise after another. I mean, they never explain why Moseby has powers nor do the twins just simply smash the laser he has Arwin create, but it overuses every superhero sterotype ever. Oh, and someone needs to come in and explain just what a "superhero" is. You don't "become" one, you become a costumed adventurer and "called" one. At least, it looks like the cast had fun, but had they used my script, Maddie would havbe at least appeared as Super-Blonde and helped defeat Moseby. One last complaint, that has to be the cheapest prehistoric sequence I have ever seen used in the closing gag.
  • Twins+a singer+an uptight hotel manager+a hilarious handyman+a candy counter girl+a dumb heiress+many more=PURE AWESOMENESS!

    Question: What do you get when you mix twins, an uptight hotel manager, a hilarious handyman, a candy counter girl, a dum hotel heiress, and many more? Answer: one heck of a Disney Channel show! "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" is one of Disney's best series! I watch it all the time, practically laughing my head off each episode! Like most of my favorite shows, I didn't like it at first, but then one day when I was sitting around my house with absolutely nothing to watch, I notice "The Suite Life" on and decide to watch it. To my amazement, it was one of the best show I had ever seen! It's another series I recommend to anyone who enjoys comedy!
  • The Best episode ever!

    This is the best episode of the whole series! A ghost named Irene is haunting the room where she died. And when Zack pranks everyone in the hotel, they conspire to get Zack back. This episode was perfect every step of the way! Everyone's acting was on key, the jokes were hilarious and the special effects were fantastic! Especially when they made it look like everyone was phasing through the walls! I would say that disney probably went all out for this and it was completely worth it! Especially at the end, with that tag-on about the ghost to show that it really was haunted! I recommend this to all TV-fans, even those who don't watch Zack and Cody!
  • This Episode Is Awesome!

    I Think This Episode Is Great! It's SO Funny And Its Definetly One Of My Favorite Episodes! Even Though They Changed The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody To The Suite Life ON Deck, I Will Still Love Zack And Cody! I Mean After All, Who Wouldn't Keep Loving Zack And Cody! I Know I Sure WOuldn't! Keep It Comin You Guys! I Love YOu All Sooo Much, well Mainly Cuz You All Are SOOO Funny, Especially Zack! I Love You Guys so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so Much! :)
  • A show which never gets out of jokes. I love it!

    Zack and Cody are two twins who live in a hotel with their mother. Zack has a big crush on Maddie, the candy seller. Cody is very smart and tidy. London is Tipton hotel's owner's daughter, she's rich and stupid. The main enemy in the show is Mr. Mosbey, who hates Zack and Cody. I like the show because it's funny and original, I mean, How many shows about brothers in a hotel have you watched?
    The only thing I dislike are the episodes where Maddie isn't on. Nia is just disturbing. This "suite" show is more suitable for everybody because it hasn't got childish jokes.
  • It's a great show. Very Funny

    This show is about Two children called Zack and Cody and a mother called Carey. Their mom and dad have split up so we only see dad in a couple of episodes. The family live in Tipton hotel, Boston and get into trouble all the time. The first episode is the episode where they moved into a new school. Cody is the smart one, and Zack's the dumb one. In season three we see The Cheetah girls and chris brown. Also, In the episode tiptonline, London makes her own webshow. This show ends this september but they are making a new show called The Suite Life on Deck, Were they are on a ship. So check out that show.
  • An awesome show about two twins living in Boston's swankiest hotel.

    This show is about Zack and Cody Martin, who move into The Tipton, a swanky hotel in Boston, when their mother recieves a job as a singer. At the hotel, Zack and Cody get into many crazy schemes and get poor employee Maddie Fitzpatrick, spoiled heiress London Tipton, cluzty engineer Arwin Hawkhauser, and Mexican bellhop Esteban Ramirez involved. But this continuly irritates the manager, Mr. Moseby. I say that this show is just awesome and I loved it when I saw "Footloser" (the first episode I saw). I'm glad other people enjoy this show and I even have a friend who is obsessed with this show. You gotta love it, nothing else left to say.

  • Zach and Cody are twin brothers and when their mother gets a job at the luxurious tipton hotel as a singer they mix up trouble and cause mayhem all throughout the hotel.

    This Show is quite decent indeed to bad this is its last season. This is the only show I watch on disney channel. It could be a lot funnier though. Watching this show just can make people happy and I am proud that one of those happy people is me. I would recomend you watch this show but its the last season so I recomend you watch the spin off which should be good too. I know that I will be watching the last two eppisodes. My favorite episode is definatly Rock Star in the House. It was a great show I will miss it.
  • This show is probably the best on Disney Channel, besides Hannah Montana.

    This show is so kewl! It's about these twins named Zack and Cody Martin who live in the Tipton hotel with their mother and wreck havoc, in a good way, around the hotel. Starring along with Zack and Cody are London Tipton, the Paris Hilton-esque air-headed heiress of the Tipton, Maddie Fitzpatrick, London's very poor best friend who works at the candy counter, Carrie, Zack and Cody's fairly young but very caring mother, and Mr. Moseby, the hotel's highly strict owner. They all go on sorts of adventures such as having a well-known foreign prince hang out with them and competing on a game show called "Risk it All". I like this show 50% because it reminds of Drake and Josh, two brothers going amok around their places and 50% because it can also teach lessons, which is pretty good for a show. I wish it weren't going to get canceled this year. It's *far* better than that new crap show Wizards of Waverly Place. If you haven't watched this show before, I'd recommend you watch it...
  • Everything you need in a show!

    The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is about two twin boys named Zack and Cody that live in the Tipton Hotel with there mother. She is a singer there. In the tipton, Zack and Cody make a lot of trouble, but make a lot of friends.

    Maddie, the teenage girl who works at the candy counter, is a smart girl, but is poor and can't afford to much. London Tipton, is the daughter of Mr. Tipton, the owner of the Tipton Hotels. So she's rick and can get anything she wants.

    Mr. Moseby is the manager of the Boston Tipton. He has to stop the twins from causing bad things to happen. On the way, Zack and Cody do a lot of bad stuff, but usually get catched in the end.

    Overall, this is a really great show and i loved it from the first moment i seen the show.
  • This show is about two twins who cause hoavac in the Tipton hotel and nearly drive the manager crazy!

    I absolutley love the Suite Life Of Zack and Cody it is on of the most funny shows that has ever been made it's also like my 2nd favorite show right behind American Idol. Once the show does I will still watch the reruns and also the spinoff show because I know that it will be just as good maybe even better who knows? I suggest that everyone watch this show at least once no matter what age you are you can really relate to at least one of the characters and this show is also so funny it rocks! I think that everyone will enjoy this show i know i do!!!!! :)
  • The suite life is one of my favorite shows of all time.

    The suite life of Zack and cody is about two twin brothers that always get in trouble. There is London who is rich and lives in the tipton and she is not smart at all. Maddie is an employ that works at the tipton as the candy girl. Mr. mosbey is the manager of the tipton.Cary Zack and codys mom sings at the tipton and lives there with her kids. Arwin is an employ that works at the tipton and lives with his mom. Estabon is the guy who carries the people logage to there room. The suite life of Zack and Cody is one of the best Disney Channles best show of all time.
  • One of the best shows on disney...

    First off, The acting is really good. My favorite actors on the show are Brenda song and Ashley tisdale. every Actor on the show did a great job performing! they all have talent. The show deals with two twins who live in a suite because their mom is a singer there. Trying to deal with school, girls, and getting out of trouble. every episode makes you really laugh. I heard it's gonna be canceled though, is that true? I hope not. I really don't want a spin-off it's already awesome! I don't want "Arwin!" I want TSL! but this show lasted long and brought laughs to children!
  • AWSOME!!

    funny,awesome,classic, best show ever.this show is great for probably ages 6-14.i always watch it if i have time [and American Idol}.i love the twins and Ashley and well everyone.I'm sad that its going to end but theres a spin-off.but the point is that everyone should watch sisters and i watch friends watch a lot of people watch it.whenever they play sports Zack would actually play and Cody would be a bench warmer or play if someone gets hurt.and some of my favorite stars guest would defenitly be a comedy.well thats my review and i hope you liked it.
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