The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 31

Risk It All

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jan 27, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The twins compete on a game show in which Cody does the mental challenges, while Zack has to do the physical challenges. Maddie mistakenly sends Mr. Moseby an angry e-mail which she tries to retrieve.

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  • Subplot could have been better

    Zack and Cody go on "Risk It All" to earn fancy prizes, such as a plasma TV and a trip to Hawaii, but Cody gets greedy and blows it. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to retrieve a mean email she wrote which London accidentally sent to Moseby. It was okay, and the host was irritating. And I didn't like Cody either.
  • Two interesting plots- I hated Cody however!

    Zack's smart now and Cody was dumb. I hated him so much here. The sub plot wasn't bad. It had some moments of humor in it especially when their were "rats" under the table of Mr Moseby.

    The main plot was great and it did make me laugh but I found Cody irritable in this episode.
  • good

    zack and cody appear on a game show where they try to win as many prizes as they can. maddie sends mr. moseby an angry email by mistake and tries to delete it without him knowing.

    it was OK, the game show host was super annoying and that hurts my grade on the episode a lot. it had some funny parts, most were in the maddie plot, but the main plot, the host was just too annoying for me to actually enjoy it, and so because of all this, the overall grade for the episode is a low "C", methinksmoreless
  • This was not a favorite episode of mine. I didn't think that this one was very funny.

    Zack and Cody are on the T.V. game show Risk It All. They make it all the way to the end and they almost win the whole thing and alot of cool prizes but Cody gets greedy and goes too far and they end up losing everything. Zack wanted to stop but Cody wouldn't listen so it was his fault that they lost everything. But seriously, this episode was boring. I really can't say much about this episode because I didn't really like it very much and I don't think that I laughed even once during this episode. It was o.k. but it was not a favorite of mine.moreless
  • ok episode...

    I liked Zack and Cody's story in this episode and I hated Maddie's story. Zack and Cody go on a game show and Cody does all of the mental challenges while Zack does the physical ones. In the end, they loose everything they earned because they got too greedy. I thought it was pretty funny watching the Suite Life make fun of game shows and their contestents. Maddie wrote a mean letter to Moseby and tries to get it back. That's just stupid. It was a boring, unoriginal, stupid story line and it was not funny at all. Overall, ok episode.moreless
Howard Nemetz

Howard Nemetz


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Dan Levy (I)

Dan Levy (I)

Jerry Barns

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Meghan Ashley

Meghan Ashley

Prize Girl 1

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Zack: You Know, I'm about to have my growth spurt.

      This is the first time he said that, the second time being in "Of Clocks And Contracts".

    • When Cody had to do the physical challenge (the one where he had to hit the balloon into the hole) the wall behind the whole was black, but when the balloon went in the background was white.

    • At the start of the episode when Zack and Cody are sitting on the couch watching Risk it All, the two contestants are asked a question but are never shown the prize they are playing for, which differs from when Zack and Cody actually play the game.

    • This is the fourth time Cody is seen in his boxers. In the first time, (The Fairest of Them All) Zack takes off the dress Cody was wearing to pass as a girl and locked him in a closet. In the second time, (Rumors) Cody's pants fall down because they were too big. In the third time, (Twins at the Tipton) Cody is preparing to go on a date, and can't decide what pants to wear, so he is only wearing a shirt. In this episode, Zack pulls Cody's pants down to catch the game show host's attention.

    • When Jerry is picking Zack and Cody to play, you can see Max in the front row in the aisle seat.

    • If you look closely, when Zack places the 'G' block down for the final physical challenge, you can see his head pop around the side of the block and he is smiling, and then after he is tired again when he was never meant to be happy at any point.

    • When Carey cries at the end, she cries like Lucy (Lucille Ball), from "I Love Lucy" show.

    • When Zack falls, he falls in front of the dog house. When Cody is trying to pick him up, he is in the middle of the maze.

    • If you look closely, you can see that Carey has some piercings in her ear.

    • The host of "Risk it All" is named Jerry
      He calls everyone a freak.

    • This is the first time Carey did the twins' secret handshake.

    • The awards on Mr. Moseby's office wall included Employee of the Month awards for him as a bellhop, doorman, waiter, chef, along with a few others.

  • QUOTES (113)

    • Cody: Don't cry little lady. You're gettin' tears on my blue suede shoes.

    • (Zack fails the last Physical Challenge)
      Jerry: Oooh sorry, you spelled "og". Ice try. (laughs) Yeah.

    • Jerry: Ok, guys. The first category is geog-ora-phy. Here's the first question: What country has only a red circle on its fl-ag?
      Cody: Japan!
      (Jerry looks at card)
      Jerry: Correct!

    • Cody: I'm the smart one...
      Jerry: And the annoying one!

    • Maddie: (On the computer) All I need to do is delete my e-mail. Oh, and I need a password!
      Esteban: Maybe it's "Esteban is the most handsome employee in the hotel".
      Maddie: Why would it be that?
      Esteban: (Smugly smiling) Because it is true.

    • Zack: He's gotta pick us! I know he's gonna pick us! Who else would dress as twin Elvises?
      Carey: (Pointing over) Those two over there.

    • Carey: (Starts Crying again then goes to lean back on her chair and bumps her head) Ow!

    • Zack: Race you done to the front desk.
      Cody: Sure (Both start running)

    • Zack: (Talking like Jerry) That's right Cody-C-to, you freak.

    • Zack: We're never gonna get any sleep!
      Cody: Hey, didn't we win a free room in this hotel?

    • Zack: Forget it she's gonna be crying all night!

    • Cody: (Talking like Elvis) Don't cry little lady, your getting tears on my blue suede shoes.

    • Carey: Honey, no your not, it's just a game show. So you didn't win that trip to Hawaii, where I have always dreamed to go, lying on the beach, the sun in my face, listening to the sound of the waves, (Starts crying) Oh I wanted that trip so bad.

    • Cody: (Talks like Elvis) I ain't nothing but a loser.

    • Zack: I can't believe we lost all of that great stuff because you decided to get greedy.
      Cody: I know, I know, guys I'm sorry.

    • London: I'm rich (starts waving)
      Moseby: (Starts waving back with a weird look on his face)

    • Moseby: By the way, it's afro, jury curl then fey.

    • Maddie: Understood!
      Esteban: It will never happen again.

    • Moseby: If you ever sneak into my office again your jobs will have reached past their expiration date.

    • Moseby: In the future, if either one of you feel that I have done something that is unfair, please just come and talk to me.

    • Maddie: I'm really sorry!
      Esteban: Me too.

    • Maddie: Mr Moseby, I was never meant to send that email, I was just venting my feelings and then I was going to delete it.
      Moseby: So you never meant to send it.
      Maddie: Of course not! That would be disrespectful.
      Moseby: Well, that does make it a little better.

    • London: They snuck into your office, I was look-out!

    • Maddie: Wait, how did you know about that email? We deleted it.
      Moseby: Well not before I read it on my cell-phone. And what did you mean you deleted it?

    • Moseby: You know, a bit of a meany-bobeany-slowveany
      Esteban: The slowveany part was hers not mine!

    • Moseby: And Esteban, you don't feel that I've been a bit hard on you?
      Esteban: Absolutely Not!

    • Moseby: Or a waste of your valuable time?
      Maddie: Absolutely Not!

    • Moseby: Oh, so you didn't feel that my request was unreasonable?
      Maddie: Absolutely Not!

    • Maddie: You will notice that the expiration dates are in order, just like you asked.
      Moseby: Oh, so you didn't feel that my request was unreasonable.

    • Moseby: On look out for what?
      Maddie: Customers.

    • London: Don't look now but here comes Moseby.
      Maddie: London, we're not on a look out anymore.

    • (After Cody's pants fell down)
      Jerry: (laughs at Cody) Oh, nice pants. Like your pants, why don't you come on down.
      (Zack runs away, and Cody is tripped by his pants.)
      Cody: Ouch.

    • Jerry: Don't be too sad, we have a fabulous prize, tell them what they get Tom.
      Tom: (Over speaker) It's a two night hotel package at the luxurious..
      Zack and Cody: Yeah…
      Tom: Boston Tipton.
      Zack and Cody: NO!!

    • Jerry: You risked it all and you lost it all.

    • Cody: Hurry Hurry.
      Carey: You got it!! Zack faints
      Cody: You can sleep in Hawaii.

    • Jerry: Okay, all you gotta do to get the trip from Hawaii is to spell the word, dog.
      Zack: d-o-g, dog, ALOHA!!
      Jerry: ANOha!.

    • Cody: I got it, t-y-r-a-n-n-o-s-a-u-r-u-s, (really excited) TYRANNOSAURUS!!
      Jerry: That's right.

    • Jerry: The next category is spelling.
      Cody: See, I'm great a spelling.
      Jerry: Well you better be because your word is tyrannosaurus.

    • Jerry: So guys, what are you going to do, go home or…
      Audience: Risk it all.
      Zack: I hate to say this Jerry but…
      Cody: (Cuts off Zack)Risk it All.

    • Jerry: How are you feeling, are you feeling what-a-knoky- lucky?? Ha ha ha ha ha. Or do you want to keep your stuff and go home.
      Zack: Well, we have won a lot of stuff, and I am to tired to do another physical challenge. Maybe we should stop.
      Cody: What are you talking about, we're doing great.
      Zack: Hey, your not the one who had to wrestle a squealing pig into a gurgle.
      Cody: (Really Excited) Yeah but what about all this great stuff we won, oh, I LOVE STUFF!!

    • Jerry: Tom, tell us what the next prize is.
      Tom: Well, it's a trip to Hawaii
      Carey: Oh, oh, oh, I always wanted to go to Hawaii. (Starts crying)

    • Jerry: This is what you have won so far; a DVD player, a plasma TV, two mountain bikes, eight TVs, season tickets to the Red Sox games, and a pair of matching jet skies.

    • Jerry: Okay, that pigs a freak.

    • Jerry: Nice job Zack, you got the pig dressed with one second to spare, you freak.
      Zack: Yeah, putting her into the hat was no problem, it was the pantyhose really.
      Jerry: I know.

    • (Trying to correctly organize Moseby's picture frames)
      Maddie: No, it's still wrong. I'm telling you, it was Afro, Fade, Jheri curl.
      Esteban: Where do the dreadlocks go?
      Maddie: (Using a bad Jamaican accent) Right there, mon! (Laughs)

    • Maddie: Let's go before he realized we were here.
      Esteban: Right!

    • Maddie: Yay, we're saved. (does a handshake with Esteban)

    • Maddie: Okay, retrieving email, and now deleting email.
      Esteban: I am delighting and your deleting.

    • Maddie: Oh look he logged in!

    • (Maddie and Esteban are hiding under the desk)
      Esteban: (Makes a rat noise, and taps the desk to pretend it's crawling there.)
      Maddie: (Runs hand up and down Moseby's leg like a rat)
      Moseby: Oh rats. Filthy vermin. (Runs out screaming into the lobby)

    • Moseby: Very Idea, no rats at The Tipton.

    • Moseby: You know what, I did not appreciate being sent on that wild goose chase.
      London: It was rats. Not gooses.

    • London: You're here, you answered my prayers.

    • Moseby: London, what are you doing in my office?
      London: Praying.

    • Moseby: Irene, cancel that call from the exterminator.

    • Maddie: (When London goes to hide under desk) No vacancy!!

    • London: Why am I standing out here again?
      Maddie: Because you're being a lookout for Mr. Moseby.
      London: Well, why would I look for him if he's standing right here?

    • Maddie: No, it's still wrong, I'm telling you, it was afro, fake, juri curl.

    • Zack: (gets hit, falls off, gets back up)
      Carey: Get up, come on, come on, come on. Here we go.
      Zack: Hey look, Orlando Bloom
      Girl: Where?
      Zack: (Zack hits the girl and gets the flag) Yeah, yourself!!

    • Jerry: The object is to get past her and grab that flag. Go-eth.

    • Jerry: Your jousting her.
      Zack: (whispers) Look man, I can't fight a girl
      Girl: (hits Zack) Yeah!
      Jerry: Well this girls a freak.

    • Jerry: Okay, one of the books Mark Twain wrote was A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. A time of brave knights, stone castles and drafty bathrooms. (Laughing as his own bad joke)

    • Jerry: Okay, Tom Sawyer was written by Mark Twain.
      Cody: Oh, did you know his real name is Samuel Clemens
      Jerry: What is his real name? Oh. Would you let me do my job!

    • Jerry: Are you gonna keep your loot or are you gonna…
      Audience: Risk it All!!
      Cody: We'll risk it all.
      Zack: Yeah, risk it all baby.

    • Jerry: Here comes the pitch.
      Zack: Come on, flip the bat, flip it around, (Cody flips the bat around) There you go.
      Cody: (the balloon pops and it goes through the hole) YEAH!!!

    • Tom: (Talks from speaker) If the boys win the next round, they get two all-terrain vehicles...
      Zack and Cody: Ooooh!! Are you kidding me?!! (Jump up and down excitedly)
      Carey: Those better come with helmets.
      Tom: ...And two helmets.
      Carey: All right then.

    • Jerry: Your next category is literature.
      Cody: Ooh, my favorite.
      Jerry: Who cares? (Laughs)

    • Jerry: You have 60 seconds to hit a home run through this hole. Here's your ball... (Points to a balloon)
      Cody: Oh, that looks easy.
      Jerry: ...And here's your bat. (displays a metal handle with a large ring on top)
      Cody: Oh, that looks difficult.

    • Carey: (Screaming out from the crowd) You can do it honey.
      Audience: (Cheering) Yeah!
      Carey: (Talking to the person next to her.) He can't do it.

    • Jerry: All right, since your brother answered the question, you're up to bat.
      Cody: Uh, really, my brother is much better at sports. I have astigmatism.
      Jerry: Then this would be almost impossible! (Laughs)

    • (After Zack correctly answers the second question)
      Zack: That's what I'm talking about!
      Cody: What are you doing?
      Zack: Well I answered the question. See, you're not the only smart one.
      Cody: Yeah, but now I'm the one that has to do the physical challenge.
      Zack: Oh, maybe you are the only smart one.

    • Jerry: In baseball, who holds the record of the longest consecutive game hitting streak.
      Zack: Joe DiMaggio.
      Jerry: Correct.

    • Jerry: Do you guys want to call it quits and keep what you have or go for the TV and…
      Audience: Risk it All.
      Zack and Cody: We'll risk it all.

    • Jerry: Tom, tell us what the next prize is. Tom: (Over Speaker) Well Jerry, it's a Wide Screen Plasma TV.

    • Zack: (runs into wrestler and falls on the ground. Gets up looks at the plate of sushi and grabs a roll and throws it up and tricks the wrestler.) Here you go big boy. (Sneaks under wrestler's legs.)

    • Jerry: You've got sixty seconds to past under that archway and deliver this plate of Sushi to our lovely Japanese maiden.
      Zack: Easy.
      Jerry: But first you have to get past our hungry sumo wrestler. (wrestler enters.) Ready?
      Zack: Not Really.
      Jerry: Too bad!

    • Jerry: Now it's time for the physical challenge, step this way Zack.
      Zack: (looking at the lady) Heelllloooo. You know, I'm about to hit my growth's-spurt.

    • Cody: Now remember, I'll handle all the questions and you do the physical stuff.
      Jerry: Our first category is country's around the world. What is the flag with the red spot on it.
      Cody: Japan.
      Jerry: (Looks at the answer on the card) Correct!

    • Jerry: Okay, lets get started, the first category is Ge-og-oraphy.

    • Jerry: Wow, wow, I would invite you all to dinner afterwards but you all look like freaks. Okay, welcome Zack and Cody Martin.

    • Maddie: (talking about the password) Okay, maybe he wrote it down here somewhere.
      Esteban: Check the desk drawer.
      Maddie: Oh it's stuck.
      Esteban: Here, I'll get it. falls onto the employee of the week wall and knocks down all the frames.
      London: (pointing) Ooo, you guys are in trouble.

    • Maddie: Okay, London, go keep look-out.
      London: For what?
      Maddie: For Mr Moseby.
      London: He just left!
      Maddie: And we wanna know when he comes back, GO!!

    • Maddie: Don't just sit there, there's a (thinking) wet rat on fire running from the basement to the roof!

    • Maddie: Mr. Moseby, it's an emergency!
      Moseby: What is it?
      London: (Yelling) FLOOD!!
      Esteban: (Yelling) FIRE!!
      Maddie: (Yelling) RATS!!

    • Maddie: Mr Moseby!!
      Moseby: Can't you see that I am on an important phone call. Good bye. (whispers quietly) I love you too mommy.

    • Moseby: (On the phone) NO, I don't want to meet the woman who waxes your lip.

    • Moseby: Oh, Oh for the love of Pete.

    • London: Oooohh, you guys are in trouble. (saying it in a dramatic way)
      Maddie: Hey, we have got to delete that e-mail before Moseby reads it.

    • Esteban: Maddie will get fired and have to live poor and alone.
      London: She's already poor.

    • Maddie: Mr Moseby wasn't suppose to see that letter.
      London: Well, who writes a letter that's not supposed to be sended. And you call me dumb.

    • Maddie: YOU WHAT!!?
      London: Well, I had to check my website and the letter was in the way so, I pressed the little sendy button.

    • Maddie: Take a look before I delete it. Wait, where's my email?
      London: Oh, the one to Moseby, I sent it.

    • Esteban: Did you call him a meany, bo-beany
      Maddie: Meany, Bo-beany, slow-veany!

    • Esteban: (Talking to Maddie because he thinks she will get fired) Can I have your locker?

    • Maddie: I wrote a letter to Mr Moseby telling him telling him what an inconsiderate jerk he is being, and you know, I feel a whole lot better.
      Esteban: I will miss you Maddie.

    • Cody: (Walking to the stage) Ahhh! (falls down because his pants are around his ankles.)

    • Zack: I meant something not lame. Hey Jerry, we're willing to Risk it all!
      Cody: Yeah!
      Zack: (Pulls down Cody's pants)
      Jerry: Ha Ha, wow, like your pants, why don't you come on down!
      Zack: Ohh Ohh! (acting excited)

    • Zack: We need to get his attention.
      Cody: Well, I can do bird calls. Hey Jerry, ever heard a grass lamb yellow finch? (Makes bird noise)
      Jerry:(trying to sound like a bird) bye-bye, bye- bye, ha hah ha ha, YEAH!

    • Jerry: Great crowd kids, ha ha ha ha ha, you all look like freaks.

    • Cody: Now remember, the further you go, the harder the game gets. So if one of us wants to quit, we quit and we don't risk it all. Deal?
      Zack: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
      Cody: "Real yeah, yeah, yeah" or "stop talking to me, I'll do whatever I want yeah, yeah, yeah"?
      Zack: Yeah, yeah, yeah!
      Carey: If you guys are going to work together as a team, you gotta listen to each other.
      Zack & Cody: (Waving their hands down) Yeah, yeah, yeah!

    • Carey: You guys look great.
      Zack and Cody: (talks like Elvis) Thank-you (does an Elvis move) thank-you very much.

    • Maddie: (Talking about Moseby) He is such a pain.
      Esteban: He is a meany bo-beany.

    • Moseby: (Talking to Esteban) You need to be doing whatever your not doing now.

    • Maddie and Esteban: (walking together) Moseby: Where might you be going? (without turning around) Maddie: Home. Esteban: Going through the revolving doors, it is so much fun.

    • Zack: Man, if we were on that game show we could win the grand prize in no time. I mean you got every question right. Cody: Yeah, I did. Zack: And, physical challenges, well, I can handle those with my friends (points to one muscles) Thunder, (points to other muscle) and I haven't named this one yet.

    • (On the Television)
      Jerry: Okay, sodium fluoride is what kind of household item?
      Cody: So easy, salt.
      Johnny: Umm, toothpaste?
      Cody: Toothpaste?
      Jerry: Oh, sorry, no it's salt.

    • (On the Television)
      Jerry: Okay, Kevin, Johnny, do you want to keep to keep the prizes you've already won or..
      Zack, Cody and Audience: RISK IT ALL!!
      Johnny: Risk it all Jerry!!
      Kevin: Yeah Risk it All.

    • Jerry: All right, your next category is sports.
      Zack: Great, I know sports.
      Cody: Yeah, but remember I'm the smart one.
      Jerry: And the annoying one. (laughs)

    • London: Whatcha doing? Maddie: I'm composing an irrate letter to Mr. Moseby in an effort to expunge my inner angst and achieve emotional catharsis! London: Whatcha doing? Maddie: Typing.

    • Maddie: We really shouldn't have to take this!
      Esteban: I agree! After all, there are some things that are beneath our dignity!
      Mr. Moseby: Esteban! Scrape the gum off Mrs. Hamilton's shoe.
      Esteban: Coming, sir!

    • Mr. Moseby: You're not going anywhere, young lady. Look at your stock. The oldest candy should be in front. These expiration dates are completely willy-nilly.
      Maddie: And you think it's silly to be willy-nilly. (laughs along with Esteban)
      (Mr. Moseby glares at them)
      Esteban: (stops laughing) I didn't think it was funny either, sir.

    • Cody: Mom, they pick contestants right out of the studio audience. Can we go? Huh?
      Zack: Yeah, can we, huh?
      Carey: Oh guys, I don't know. It would be a whole day, and I'm pretty busy what with...
      Zack: Well the grand prize is a trip to Hawaii.
      Carey: How about tomorrow?
      Both: All right! (They do their traditional handshake, then Carey follows with a bad imitation as they look at her strangely)
      Carey: I'll go make dinner now.

    • Carey: What are you guys watching?
      Zack: It's this game show called "Risk It All." It's where you win stuff, then...
      Carey: You risk it all?
      Zack: You've seen it?
      Carey: Just took a shot.

  • NOTES (9)

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Maddie: Okay, it was Afro, Fade, then Jerry Curl.

      These are all hair style names of African-Americans.

    • The game "Risk it All" in the episode might be a parody of the real life game Deal or No Deal or Let's Make a Deal.

    • The premise in the fictional game show, "Risk It All" of contestants getting selected from the studio audience by wearing the most ridiculous costume is an allusion to a concept originally used in the classic TV game show, Let's Make a Deal.

    • Cody: Don't cry little lady, your getting tears on my blue suede shoes.

      "Blue Suede Shoes" is the title of one of Elvis's songs.

    • Cody: I ain't nothing but a loser.

      This could be an allusion of Elvis's song "Hound Dog" in which he sings the line "You ain't nothing but a hound dog".

    • This is the second sitcom to use "Risk It All" for a fictional game show title. The first happened on Perfect Strangers.

    • The host of the shows name is Jerry and the voice who does the prize is Tom which may be an allusion to the show called "Tom and Jerry".

    • When London asks Maddie "Whatcha doin'?" And she replies with something London doesn't understand. Then London asks again, "Whatcha doin'?" This is an allusion to when she asked Arwin in "Nurse Zack".

    • The music they play on Risk It All sounds similar to the music on ABC's (a company to Disney) hit game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

    • The way the prizes work is kind of like "Figure it Out" you get many prizes as the game goes on. The final prize is a trip to a great vacation spot.

    • The other all idea of risk it all is a little like "Double Dare" when you have a mental question and a physical challenge.

    • The line where the game show announcer says "Like your pants, come on down!" is an allusion to the announcer on the Price is Right.

    • The part with Maddie and Mr. Moseby is like in "That's So Raven" where Raven has to get the letter back from her Mom's teacher.