The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 17

Rock Star in the House

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Sep 18, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Jesse McCartney checks into the Tipton Hotel and Maddie, London, and Zack break into Jesse's room. Zack collects discarded items belonging to Jesse, so he could sell them. Cody enters a science fair, and receives help from Arwin.

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  • Shoddy

    Jesse McCartney checks into the Tipton and Zack, Maddie, and London sneak into his suite and are stuck there. Meanwhile, Arwin does Cody's science project for him. This episode couldn't get worse. They should have brought Paul McCartney (Carey mentions him) and not Jesse McCartney. That would have made it a lot better. This is definitely the worst episode of Season 1.
  • Rockstar checks in, Cody cheats in science competition

    Jesse McCartney stars in this episode and the character is pretty cool. Maddie and London are at their best right now! Unbelievable, when they were dancing to Jesse's singing and when they're sleeping right next to him. Zack also had a few moments, but Arwin was just magnificent here when he helped Cody with the project.

    My favorite scene is when Arwin says he's 13, then confesses "Okay....13 1/2!"

    Go watch it and prepare to laugh!moreless
  • really funny

    Teenage girls are invading the Tiptons when a very famous celebrity Jesse McCartney checks into the hotel. Zack collects items used by Jesse and sells them on the streets. Cody is preoccupied with a science project, he gets help from Arwin when he gets some difficulty finishing his gadget. This is a really funny episode, there are so much jokes in this episode, each scene has something funny in it. The celebrity craze is played into the plot and it works so well with the jokes. Cody is not seen with his twin brother in the episode, that's something new. This is a good episode.moreless
  • not a very good episode...

    Jesse McCartney checks into the hotel and all of the girls go gaga. They are all star struck at the good -looking boy and eventually break into his hotel room so that they could steal something to sell. I did not like the story in this episode. I think they just made up a story so that Jesse McCartney could come on the show and all of the girls would watch this episode becuase they love Jesse. Overall, I did not really like anything in this episode. I guess there were a few good funny moments, but that is about it.moreless
  • This was a pretty good episode. But since I'm not a fan of Jesse McCartney it wasn't that interesting for me.

    If I was a Jesse McCartney fan I might have given the episode a 10. Maddie and London find out that Jesse McCartney is staying at the hotel and they do everything that they can think of to try to meet him. Zack is stealing Jesses stuff and selling it. And Cody is entered in a science fair. He makes a laser but then Arwin gets his hands on it and makes it better. The only problem is, Cody wasn't supposed to get any help from an adult. This was cheating and in the end Cody breaks down and admits that he cheated. There were some funny moments in this episode but like I said, If I was a fan of Jesse McCartney I might have liked it alot more.moreless
Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney


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Harrison Knight


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Darlene Label


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Brian Stepanek


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Sophie Oda

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    • London: I have to get in there to meet my future husband!
      Maddie: Okay, but we're not going to do anything stupid right?
      London: No!
      Maddie: Okay!
      Maddie: (Inside Jesse's studio dressed a waiter) I feel so stupid!

    • Jesse: Throw them out of here fallows.
      Zack: Hey wait a minute! I was only in here trying to return your lucky bracelet!
      Jesse: Return?! Don't you mean steal?!
      Zack: No, you see, I stole it when you where in the bathroom and Moseby went to get you towels...

    • Jesse: Throw them out of here fallows.
      Zack: Hey wait a minute! I was only in here trying to return your lucky bracelet!
      Jesse: Return?! Don't you mean steal?!
      Jesse: No, you see, I stole it when you where in the bathroom and Moseby went to get you towels...

    • Jessie: Uhhh,man you're really good at this.
      Zack: It's alright, we all have to get old sometime.
      (Jessie glares at him)

    • Maddie: (Dressed up as a male waiter) He's just a regular guy like you and me.

    • Zack: So are girls always following you like this?
      Jesse: Yeah, it gets kind of weird.
      Zack: Really?
      Jesse: No. Fame's pretty cool, it just comes at a price.
      Zack: Speaking of prices, are you finished with that pillow case? (Jesse gives him a look) Sorry, you were saying?
      Jesse: I just feel like I don't get to do the regular stuff. Shoot hoops, play video games.
      Zack: If you like video games, come back to my place and I'll crush you like the pretty boy that you are!
      Jesse: You're on. And that's Mr. Pretty Boy to you.

    • Carey: How do you feel?
      Cody: Better than Arwin!
      Arwin: (Crying) I'm fine! (Sniff) It was a nice volcano!

    • Cody: I'll like to thank the judges for awarding me this prize! And I will like to thank my friend for letting me use his office! (Looks at Carey) And my mom! For loving me and supporting me and not judging me judgmental and...I don't deserve this prize! (Sigh) I cheated! I had an adults help!.......Well Arwins help!

    • Zack: So are girls always after you?
      Jesse: Yea! It gets kinda weird!
      Zack: Really?
      Jesse: No. (Laughs)

    • London: Get off my fiancé!
      Maddie: I'm stuck!
      London: A likely story!
      Maddie: Really! While I'm here take a picture of us!
      London: No!
      Maddie: Zack take a picture of us!
      Zack: I'm kinda busy here!

    • Zack: Focus people! We put the bracelet back; grab a couple of shirts and leave!

    • Maddie: So your plan is to tell him that you found he lucky bracelet in room by his bed side drawer?
      London: (Claps) Good plan!
      Maddie: (Claps) Bad plan! If Moseby finds out we will get in trouble! And Zack could end up in jail!
      Zack: Funny! That's what Cody always says!

    • Cody: Are you sure this will work?
      Arwin: Sure it will! I... You built it! Didn't I? You! We!

    • Maddie: That's Jesse's lucky bracelet!
      London: How do you know so much about my fiancé!
      Maddie: I'm a journalist! I do my research!

    • Maddie: What are you doing?
      London: Don't you think it would make a cute story for the press that me and Jesse first met while he was flossing?
      Maddie: I think it would make a cute story for the police!

    • Cody: This stupid thing will never work! I wish I could fix it just so I can use it to destroy it!
      Arwin: I like the way your brain works!

    • Mr. Moseby: I'm sorry for the unruling fans! I've order a S.W.A.T. team for tonight!

    • Maddie: (Starts jumping up and down) Oh its him! Its him! Its him! How do I look?
      London: Penniless! And your hair is messed up! (She messes up Maddie's hair)

    • Jesse: You'd be surprise what some of these fans would do!
      (Zack, Maddie and London come out of the bed)

    • (Arwin falls down and trips when Carey walks in)
      Arwin: Wow!
      Cody: Smooth!

    • Cody: Like a stupid volcano will win me a Nobel Prize!
      Carey: Mine did win honorable mentions in the Miss Madame competition!
      Cody: Those were simpler times!

    • Arwin: Alright! Alright! I won't say anything else! My lips are seal! Do you want me to seal them? Because I can!

    • London: Oh! He reached his hand up to me! I think he wants to propose!
      Maddie: He wants the glass of water! He thinks you're a waiter!
      London: Why would he think that? (She looks at what she is wearing) Oh!

    • Jesse: Thanks man!
      London: (Gasp) He called me man! We are so meant to be!

    • London: We have to get in there to see my future husband!
      Maddie: Okay but we're not going to do anything stupid right?
      London: Right!
      Maddie: Okay! (They go in there dressed like waiters) I feel so stupid!

    • Arwin: Well if you need my help I'll be right here! After all I am a professional inventor!

    • Maddie: I can't believe all these girls are screaming for Jesse McCartney! So lame!
      London: And delusional! They all think that they have a shot with Jesse, when clearly he and I are meant to be!

    • Mr. Moseby: Please remove these two! And check behind the couches for more!

    • Jesse: I never did get to do things you guys do all the time.
      Zack: Hey, you can come play games with and beat you like the pretty boy you are.
      Jesse: Alright. And it's Mr. Prettyboy to you.

    • Arwin: Nice volcano, Barbara. (Coughs) Dormant!

    • (Lying in bed with Jesse McCartney)
      London: I think this is going to be our Christmas Hanukah card! (Takes a picture of herself and Jesse)

    • (Inside Jesse McCartney's suite)
      Zack: There is big money in obsession.
      London: (Talking to Zack) You should be ashamed of yourself!
      Maddie: Yah! I mean, sneaking into somebody's room, invading their privacy, going through their personal belonings. (Starts digging through a drawer and pulls out a pair of boxers) Oh! He's a boxer guy!

    • Mr. Moseby: (Outside of suite) I told you we have vigilant security. No one is getting in this room, not even a mouse.
      Zack: Rats! It's Mr. Moseby!
      (Zack, Maddie, and London start screaming silently)

    • London: That's it. If he doesn't let me see Jesse, I...
      Mr. Moseby: I have got "run away, scream at the top of my lungs, or hold my breath until I turn blue." Which will it be?

    • Arwin: (Talking to Carey) You are a science geek?

    • Arwen: (Talking to Cody) Well, I would have, but, you know, one lousy explosion and they ban you for life! (Starts laughing) That gym needed a pool anyway. I am sure you will do better with your project.

    • Jesse McCartney: Do you know where the manager's office is?
      London: Over there. (Jesse walks off)
      Maddie: Wasn't that Jesse McCartney?
      (London faints)

    • (Bag sneezes)
      Carey: I think that bag has a cold.
      Mr. Moseby: (Unzips bag to reveal girl) Out! And take your matching duffel-friend with you!

    • Cody: Well, my best isn't going to win me a Nobel Prize, pay for your nursing home, or get Zack out of jail.
      Carey: Zack's in jail?
      Cody and Arwin: Not yet.

    • Maddie: (Banging on door) Jesse, just tell me your favorite color for my article! I'm gonna say blue, okay?
      London: I don't care what your favorite color is, I just want to marry you! It's not brown, is it?

    • Jesse McCartney: Man, you are really good at this.
      Zack: Don't feel bad, dude, we all have to get old sometime.

    • Cody: Which means I have to use this dangerous welding torch!..... Designed for adults!....
      Arwin: Maybe I, an adult, should help you. A child.
      Cody: I think that would be acceptable!

    • Arwin: (Talking about winning the science fair) I'm gonna win that prize.
      Cody: You mean I'm gonna win that prize.
      Arwin: Yeah, cause I deserve it.

    • Cody: I've gotta win this science award. Then I can get into M.I.T. and invent a nanobot that eats oil spills and be able to retire comfortably while taking care of my aging mother and paying my brother's bail money.
      Arwin: Zack's in jail?
      Cody: Not yet.
      Arwin: Oh.

    • London: (Singing) Hush little rock star stay where you are, London's gonna buy you a shiny car.

    • Zack: Aww, the maid picked up jesse's dirty towels. Now I have to start from scratch. (Sprays stuff on towels) Now they were used by Jesse McCartney!
      London: I'll give you 50 bucks for it!
      Maddie: But you just saw Zack dirty those up his self!
      London: Fine, 30!

    • Maddie: Zack, what are you doing here!?
      London: Are you in love with Jesse too?
      Zack: No.....I am selling Jesse's stuff on the street. One girl gave me 30 bucks for a napkin he spit his gum into. There is great money in obsession.

    • Cody: What are all these girls here for?
      Mr. Moseby: We happen to have a very famous rock star checking in this afternoon.
      Carey: It's so silly how insane women get when it comes to musicians.
      Zack: Who is it?
      Moseby: That McCartney fellow.
      Carey: Paul McCartney?! I LOVE PAUL McCARTNEY!
      : Who's he?
      Mr. Moseby: Not Paul McCartney. Jesse McCartney.
      Carey: Who's he?

    • Jesse McCartney: You hang out with those girls? What are they like two years older then you?
      Zack: Three.
      Jesse McCartney: Impressive dude!

    • Maddie: If Moseby finds out we'll all be in trouble, and Zack could go to jail!
      Zack: Funny, that's what Cody always says.

    • Mr. Moseby: Oh is everything alright in here? No screaming girls?
      Jesse McCartney: No but you do have a couple of screaming waiters.

    • London: (To Jesse McCartney) You don't know me, but we're getting married!
      Jesse: (Screams) SECURITY!!!!

  • NOTES (18)


    • When they show shots of the crazed girls outside the hotel, one of them is holding a sign that says, I Want to be Jesse's Girl. This is an allusion to a popular Rick Springfield song from the 1980's titled Jesse's Girl.

    • Title: Jesse McCartney The episode has Jesse McCartney as a guest star. For some of those who didn't know, Jesse is an actor and a pop singer. He was once a member of a pop group called "Dream Street". He was better known for his acting, by being a star on such shows as All My Children and Summerland. In 2005, he did voice work for the Square-Enix hit game Kingdom Hearts II, as the voice of "Roxas," the newest member of the villainous Organization XIII.

    • Paul McCartney
      The episode mentions Paul McCartney. For some of those who don't know, he was a member in a very popular rock group called "The Beatles". Not only that; he was a successful composer, and he was also an actor.