The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 18

Romancing The Phone

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Apr 19, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • Mediocre

    Zack and Cody meet a little boy named Travis, whom they use to impress their dates, since he knows a lot about Japan and martial arts. But this turns into them using the boy. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to find the owner of a cell phone she found, and thinks it's someone she'll like. I hated both Zack and Cody here. If it weren't for Maddie's plot, this one would be as bad as Foiled Again.
  • Maddie's part was awesome, the other one URGH!

    I give this one a 6.5/10 only because of Maddie's part. Zack and Cody acted like too big of jerks in this episode, using that poor littlekid. Sure the kid was annoying, but Zack and Cody worked him like a dog to the point I hated them both inr ecent times.

    Maddie's part was hilarious, especially the various day-dreaming scenes. I loved how she actually wasn't disappointed that he was an old man, but the ending was hilarious and sad!
  • fair

    zack and cody try to have their new little friend travis impress their dates by cooking a gourmet meal and teaching cody about japanese stuff. maddie finds a phone and tries to find out who the owner is, thinking it is someone she has a crush on.

    it was alright, the sub plot brings it down a little for me, but the main plot was pretty good, and i definitely would not hate it if they ever brought Travis back, like in the suite life on deck. anyways, OK episode, it gets a C+/B- or so from me, pretty good
  • Zack and Cody enroll the help of Travis to empress their dates by cooking a meal. Maddie finds a phone.

    Pretty good episode. Jaden Smith, Will Smith's son guest stars. Playing Travis he helps the twins empress their dates. By cooking a meal for Zack and teaching Cody the Japanese tea ceremony. The funny part of the episode is Maddie aided by London and special guest star Drew Seeley playing David. Maddie finds a phone, which features music by Vivaldi and a Van Gogh Irises wallpaper. It turns out it's David's grandfathers. Maddie ends up dating David. The old people jokes are funny but with only a few more episodes til the series finale the spin-off is anticipated. Pretty funny episode.
  • I loved it!

    Finally there is a new episode as part of Night Of Premieres. And because we got a new episode, it was just nice to actually see something new from this show again. But it was a pretty great episode. Featuring the guest star as Jaden Smith, Travis was a well played character. I thought he helped make Zack and Cody's new adventure more funny. This episode kinda surprised me as this might be the best episode in season 3 and it was about Cody trying to show he wasn't a sexist pig. Although I can't word this the way I want to for some reason, the episode was great. I can't wait for the nest episode, whenever that is.
  • FINNALY! A new episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

    I think this episode was great and hilarius. Maddie finds a strangers phone that calls himself David and they have alot in common. Maddie has strange dreams how she meets him first she meets him that he is a Cellist the second dream he is saving a rain forest and they swing off of a vine and in the third dream he is a docter that is doing surgery and they are kiss in the middle of the surgery. Zack and Cody try to impress there dates and they have help from a kid named Travis. Cody wants to impress with his karate and Zack trys impressing Abby with the food that Travis made.
  • There were funny parts, but some dumb parts too.

    Cody and Zack use a little kid who has traveled the world, Travis, to teach things to them, so they can impress their girlfriends. Zack needs him to cook, while Cody needs him to teach karate and a Japanese tea ceremony. They promise to go bowling with him, but they don't keep it. Instead, Travis goes with Cody and Zack's girls. Maddie finds a lost phone. By looking into it, it seems that her and the owner of the phone are a perfect match. She starts fantasizing him. Things don't go as planned for her when the owner is an old man, but then, he introduces her to his grandson.

    This was a good episode! I didn't like Zack or Cody's plot. I liked Maddie's mostly. I do like Barbara as Cody's girlfriend though! This episode gets an 8.0 from me!
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