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The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 14, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

London spreads a rumor she started about Maddie, and Maddie accidentally spreads one about London. Cody wants to look different, because people kept on thinking he was Zack. Cody has Zack fill in for him on an interview, because of a certain problem.

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  • Rumors

    London starts a rumor about Maddie and Maddie starts one about London. Cody is trying to look like Zack, but it backfires, so Zack must fill in for him for a government interview because Cody's hair, instead of turning from blonde to brown, went from blonde to red.

    Both were funny plots. I hated London however. I felt like she deserved to be hated by Boston. And why couldn't Cody just explain the problem about his hair to the agent?moreless
  • "Even though gossip is an irresistable temptation, in every case gossip hurts"

    This episode perfectly illustrates how far gossip can travel and what it can do to one's social life. London spreads a rumor that Maddie and Lance were kissing and are back together. Soon Maddie is hated by everyone, and she in return accidentally spreads one about London to an interviewer to find London's life destroyed. Cody finds a new look to keep him and Zack from never getting mixed up but things don't go that well.

    Superb episode with great comedy and perfectly illustrates what gossip can do. Also, Zack's interview with the 'Weekend Washington program" guy becomes disastrous when he has to fill in for Cody. I love this episode.

  • This episode was really funny. It shows how one little rumor can go totally out of control. London starts a rumor about Maddie and Lance getting back together and the whole thing goes totally out of control.moreless

    When London sees Maddie giving Lance mouth to mouth she thinks that they got back together so she starts to spread the rumor that they are back together. This rumor gets bigger and bigger as it goes from person to person and in the end it ends up with Maddie and Lance getting married, moving to Vegas on a vinyard and Maddie becoming a blackjack dealer. So funny. The whole thing backfires on London when a rumor starts about her that she is an animal murderer and her furs that she wears are made from real animals. Another story in the episode is about Cody wanting to be different from Zack so he tries to dye his hair. It turns bright red. Ther whole episode is very funny. I also liked the interview that Zack did with the guy from the week in Washington program. He had to fill in for Cody because of Codys hair and the whole thing was so hilarious. This was a very good episode.moreless
  • funny

    London spread rumors about Maddie to a bunch of hotel staff. But the rumors ended up being spread around the entire hotel ruining Maddie's chances of going out a date with a guy. One day, London's about to get interviewed by an animal magazine. Maddie gets to speak to girl at the candy counter who turns out to be a magazine reporter. The following day London's life is ruined by a rumor Maddie said to the reporter. This episode revolves around a rumor ruining people's lives. It's so hilarious, I really enjoyed this episode, I was cracking up all the way to the end.moreless
  • Gossip hurts doesn't it?

    Well basically the episode starts out as Maddie learning CPR from Lance the lifeguard. London see's this and thinks that thier making out so she starts spreading it until everyone until the hotel knows. Even Chuck (Maddie's boyfriend) breaks up with her because of it. Then Maddie accidently gossips about London to a news reporter and everyone in the world knows. In the end they both learn that gossiping is wrong, and everything works out. This episode was really, really funny and I enjoyed it a lot. The word conversations between Maddie and Lodon were really funny. That's my review.moreless
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Kipleigh Brown

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

  • QUOTES (33)

    • (in the Lobby)
      Zack: Ooh, I feel a candy craving coming on.
      Cody: Don't you mean a 'Maddie craving'?
      Zack: Either way, I'm powerless.

    • Carey: I wonder who leaked the gossip about London.
      Zack: I bet it was that creepy waiter, Chuck. I never liked him.
      Cody: You liked him until Maddie liked him.

    • Lance: Maddie, I heard we're betrothed.
      Maddie: OK, we're … this ridiculous thing from it started.

    • Chuck: Hey Maddie.
      Maddie: Hey Chuck. So we're gonna out for the movie tonight.
      Chuck: Not after what I just heard.
      Maddie: What did you hear?
      Zack: How can you marry Lance?
      Chuck: What he just said.
      Maddie: I won't marry Lance. Why would you say that?
      Zack: Because you're kissing him.
      Chuck: They were peeling the grape.
      Maddie: I was not. There was no peeling.

    • Cody: There you are, brace yourself. Maddie and Lance were seeing kissing and I heard they're getting married and moving to Las Vegas to gamble.
      Zack: She wouldn't, she implied that she'd wait for me.

    • London: Esteban, did you hear?
      Esteban: Yes, you're gonna work for animal. You told me to tell everybody.
      London: And have you?
      Esteban: Si!
      London: Good.

    • Maddie: Wow, we're better start, I have date with Chuck.
      Lance: Chuck, the waiter? I've seen him down to the pool, he got to get back show.
      Maddie: Yeah, that's why I like him. So, where's the train dummy.
      Lance: You're looking at him.
      Maddie: I mean the dummy so we practice on.
      Lance: You're looking at him. OK, now the first thing you do is checking him on breathing.
      Maddie: OK, nothing.
      Lance: That's because I'm holding my breathe.

    • Lance: It impresses that you wanna learn CPR. It's great to know you can save a human life.
      Maddie: And charge 5 dollars one hour baby sister.
      Lance: You have a dark side. I like it.

    • London: Chuck? I want him deported!
      Mr. Moseby: You can't have him deported, he's from New Jersey.

    • Maddie: I wanna know why you started that rumor about me and Lance.
      London: What rumor?
      Maddie: That Lance and I are getting married, moving to Las Vegas, and becoming blackjack dealers?!
      London: Congratulations! You're gonna be a blackjack dealer! (Gives her air kisses)
      Maddie: London, I'm not gonna be a blackjack dealer! And I'm not getting married.
      London: Oh good, you're much too young.
      Maddie: (Moaning) London, London. Why did you tell everyone Lance and I were back together?
      London: Because I saw you kissing in the lounge!
      Maddie: He was teaching me CPR!
      London: Is that the same as peeling the grape?
      Maddie: It's mouth to mouth!
      London: So it is the same!

    • Mr. Johnson: Cody, how did you first become interested in government?
      Zack: (With a fake confident smile) Well, I'm a strong proponent of the First Amendment.
      (Cody flashes him a 'okay/great job' sign from behind Mr. Johnson)
      Mr. Johnson: Great. What do you like about it?
      (This wipes Zack's smile off in a hurry. He thinks for a second)
      Zack: Well...what's not to like? I mean...it's the first. It's number one! It's number one!
      (Cody slides one hand down his face in a 'Oh-man-I'm-toast-in-this-interview' gesture)
      Mr. Johnson: I see... (Writes something on notepad) And what President would you say you admire the most?
      Zack: Oh, that's easy. President Carter.
      Mr. Johnson: Why?
      Zack: (Caught totally unprepared for this question) ...Why? Well...uh... (Cody makes hammering gestures) He...uh...hammers! Uh...Nails things! Nails things. He uh...he...uh...um... (Cody gestures a house with his hands) ...builds um...builds houses! Builds houses for... He builds houses for... (Cody drapes a piece of cloth over his head) Nuns! He builds houses for nuns. (Mr. Johnson gives him a long, weird stare; Zack squints at Cody, trying to guess what the heck he's gesturing) Builds houses for...old people? (Cody gestures shivering) Cold people! Builds houses for cold people. (Cody gestures like a beggar) Uh...poor people! (Cody gestures a 'cha-ching/yes!' gesture; Zack smiles triumphantly, as he finally finishes the long game of charades) Builds houses for poor people!
      (Mr. Johnson gives him another longer, weirded-out look)
      Zack: Yes. And I believe everyone should have a place to live, where you can watch TV, to see commercials for stuff to buy. (Cody makes a cut throat/"that's enough info!" gesture from behind Mr. Johnson. Zack looks annoyed by this) What?! (Cody ducks behind the couch, right when Mr. Johnson turns around)
      Mr. Johnson: Is there someone back there? (Cody stands up again)
      Zack: No, just that plant. I love plants. I'm very pro-plant.
      Mr. Johnson: It says here that you want to be a member of the Supreme Court. What's the first thing you would do if appointed?
      Zack: I'm thinkin' Casual Fridays. (Leans back in the armchair and puts both feet up) Ditch those black robes and wear CAPES! With a big "S" on the chest for "Supreme Court". (Cody has a 'Oh-boy-I'm-doomed' look on his face)
      Mr. Johnson: Okay... (gets up) Well, I think that's all I need to know. We'll be in touch. Thank you, Cody.
      Zack: No, thank you, Mr. Johnson. And by the way, if ya pick me, there might be a free Tipton bathrobe in it for ya! (Nudges him) 'Nuff said.
      (Cody stares at them, with his jaw dropping lower and lower)
      (Mr. Johnson gives Zack one last "There's-Something-Seriously-Wrong-With-You" look before exiting.)

    • (Zack takes a cookie from a tray)
      Esteban: Zack, put that back!
      Zack: I'm Cody
      Cody : No he's not! I'm Cody, and I'm sick of everyone confusing me with him! I'm CODY! C-O-D-Y CO-DY!
      Esteban: Oh, Cody, do you have that dollar you owe me?
      Cody :......I'm Zack. Z-A-C-K ZACK!

    • Cody: So you were the one playing in the arcade for free!
      Zack: Well, no duh! It wasn't you. Man.. smart people are dumb!

    • Mr. Johnson: Nice hair, son. What are you rebelling against?
      Cody: False labeling on hair products!

    • Maddie: And I'm sorry about the things I said about you in the staff lounge
      London: (Gasp) We have a staff lounge but no dungeon?

    • Maddie: How would you feel if people were spreading rumors about you?
      London: Hey, every time I'm in the paper, my social life just gets better and better.
      Maddie: Yeah? Well, my social life is going down the tubes because Chuck heard your lie and dumped me!
      London: Oh, honey. I heard a rumor he was gonna dump you anyway.
      (Maddie gasps)

    • Esteban: Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum...
      Muriel: What did you say?
      Esteban: Nothing. I said nothing about Maddie and Lance pledging their love for each other in the lounge.
      Muriel: No!
      Esteban: Si! They were, as we say in my country, "peeling the grape."
      Muriel: (Gasps) No!
      Esteban: Si! Please don't say anything.
      Muriel: About what?
      Esteban: Oh, you're good!

    • Mr. Moseby: I just heard something that I cannot believe. Someone told me that you and Maddie are betrothed.
      Lance: We are? Cool! What's that?
      Mr. Moseby: It means you're getting married.
      Lance: Really? My girlfriend's gonna be ticked. Guess I better go rent a tux.

    • London: I know a secret that's even more delicious that you can't repeat.
      Esteban: Oh, please, Miss London. I cannot keep a secret, like Mr. Moseby telling me that he's getting you a purse for your birthday.
      London: (Gasps) He is?
      Esteban: Oops.
      London: The black one?
      Esteban: Yes! Rats...

    • Cody: Zack, the guy from the week in Washington trip is here! I'm supposed to be me but I don't look like me, I'm supposed to look like you so since you look like me you have to be me!
      Zack: I can't help you!
      Cody: Why not?
      Zack: Because I have no idea what you just said.

    • Muriel: Hey Zack, did you here?
      Cody: I'm not Zack, I'm Cody. You know the one with the cool gangsta look?
      Muriel: I thought you where a pirate.
      (Cody looked confused.)
      Muriel: Lance and Maddie are pledged to each other.
      Cody: Pledged? You mean like, engaged?
      Muriel: Sealed it with a kiss.
      Cody: NAAH!
      Muriel: Si! Oh, and there was something about grapes. I think they're moving to a vineyard. But If you ask me, the whole thing is a gamble. But remember, keep this to yourself.
      Cody: Don't worry, I won't tell a soul, except Zack.

    • Cody: Check this out! The gangsta look didn't work out. So I've gone for some thing even more radical! (Carey and Zack look at Cody shocked.) Now people won't mistake me for Zack.
      Zack: They might mistake you for Muriel. (Laughing)
      (Cody checks out his new hair in the mirror)
      Cody: (Screams) The box said it was supposed to be a honey mist auburn!
      Zack: Well honey, you missed auburn big time!

    • Mr. Moseby: Here's Cody...
      (Cody cuts off Mr. Moseby.)
      Cody: 's brother Zack.
      Mr. Moseby: But, you are...
      (Cody cuts off Mr. Moseby again.)
      Cody: So proud of my brother. You are lucky to have him in your program.
      Zack: That's right. I'm Cody, the smart one.
      Cody: And I'm Zack, the dumb one. Dopey dopey dope.
      Zack: Don't push it.

    • Zack & Cody: Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay!

    • London: Nuh-huh!
      Maddie: Uh-uh!
      London: Oh, don't you uh-uh my nuh-huh!

    • Zack: Way to go little red riding nerd!

    • Mr. Moseby: We don't have a dungeon, but the person who started this rumor will be fired.
      London: From a cannon?

    • Maddie: There's been a recall on these magazines. Apparently they burst into flames spontaneously.

    • Cody: At least when I go away, it won't be in handcuffs.

    • Carey: Yo, Yo, Yo! What up, my peeps?
      Cody: What's all this nonsense? (Cody waiving arms in air)
      Carey: Well, I'm just going with your new look. Fa Shizzle.

    • Zack: Ooh, where do I not sign up!

    • Zack: We didn't do it!
      Cody: What didn't we do?

    • London: (Coughs) Hairball.
      Reporters: Ew.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Rumors: This episode name is also what Fleetwood Mac's 1977 album was named. It was the best selling album in 1977.

    • This is an allusion to the show H2O Just Add Water.In the episode "Red Herring" when Emma Gilbert (Claire Holt) wants to change her look just like Cody, they both end up dyeing their hair red and they both see it and end up hating it.

    • Rumors

      Lindsay Lohan has a song with the same name.

    • Zack: Way to go, Little Red Riding Nerd.

      This is a reference to the popular fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, it later was turned into a movie, Hoodwinked.

    • Week In Washington Program
      The Week In Washington program is possibly based on the CYLC conferences. The main ones are the NYLC (National Young Leader's Conference), JrNYLC (Junior National Young Leader's Conference), GYLC (Global Young Leader's Conference), and People to People. All these conferences cost quite a bit of money, and they involve a registration/acceptance process. The NYLC and JrNYLC are both stationed in Washington, D.C., and involve going behind the scenes of Washington, D.C. and learning about leadership. Both last for five to six days (not counting travel).

    • The First Amendment
      The First Amendment was mentioned. For some who may not know, the First Amendment is part of the U.S. Constitution. It reads as follows: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    • Jimmy Carter
      Cody mentions former President Jimmy Carter. Carter was the 39th President of the United States. In 2002, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work. He is currently involved with the Habitat for Humanity.