The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 15


Aired Friday 7:00 PM Aug 14, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Rumors

    London starts a rumor about Maddie and Maddie starts one about London. Cody is trying to look like Zack, but it backfires, so Zack must fill in for him for a government interview because Cody's hair, instead of turning from blonde to brown, went from blonde to red.

    Both were funny plots. I hated London however. I felt like she deserved to be hated by Boston. And why couldn't Cody just explain the problem about his hair to the agent?
  • "Even though gossip is an irresistable temptation, in every case gossip hurts"

    This episode perfectly illustrates how far gossip can travel and what it can do to one's social life. London spreads a rumor that Maddie and Lance were kissing and are back together. Soon Maddie is hated by everyone, and she in return accidentally spreads one about London to an interviewer to find London's life destroyed. Cody finds a new look to keep him and Zack from never getting mixed up but things don't go that well.

    Superb episode with great comedy and perfectly illustrates what gossip can do. Also, Zack's interview with the 'Weekend Washington program" guy becomes disastrous when he has to fill in for Cody. I love this episode.

  • This episode was really funny. It shows how one little rumor can go totally out of control. London starts a rumor about Maddie and Lance getting back together and the whole thing goes totally out of control.

    When London sees Maddie giving Lance mouth to mouth she thinks that they got back together so she starts to spread the rumor that they are back together. This rumor gets bigger and bigger as it goes from person to person and in the end it ends up with Maddie and Lance getting married, moving to Vegas on a vinyard and Maddie becoming a blackjack dealer. So funny. The whole thing backfires on London when a rumor starts about her that she is an animal murderer and her furs that she wears are made from real animals. Another story in the episode is about Cody wanting to be different from Zack so he tries to dye his hair. It turns bright red. Ther whole episode is very funny. I also liked the interview that Zack did with the guy from the week in Washington program. He had to fill in for Cody because of Codys hair and the whole thing was so hilarious. This was a very good episode.
  • funny

    London spread rumors about Maddie to a bunch of hotel staff. But the rumors ended up being spread around the entire hotel ruining Maddie's chances of going out a date with a guy. One day, London's about to get interviewed by an animal magazine. Maddie gets to speak to girl at the candy counter who turns out to be a magazine reporter. The following day London's life is ruined by a rumor Maddie said to the reporter. This episode revolves around a rumor ruining people's lives. It's so hilarious, I really enjoyed this episode, I was cracking up all the way to the end.
  • Gossip hurts doesn't it?

    Well basically the episode starts out as Maddie learning CPR from Lance the lifeguard. London see's this and thinks that thier making out so she starts spreading it until everyone until the hotel knows. Even Chuck (Maddie's boyfriend) breaks up with her because of it. Then Maddie accidently gossips about London to a news reporter and everyone in the world knows. In the end they both learn that gossiping is wrong, and everything works out. This episode was really, really funny and I enjoyed it a lot. The word conversations between Maddie and Lodon were really funny. That's my review.
  • Not the Best

    Rumors is not a very good episode. This episode wasn't very funny (that`s a first!). It is on so much that I am sick of it. Both plots were pretty lame, especially Zack and Cody`s. I didn't like London much in this episode, either (that's another first!). Basically, London spreads a rumor about Maddie and Lance that they are pledged. London tells Esteban who tells Muriel who tells Cody who tells Zack who tells Chuck. Chuck and Maddie break up. Maddie now spreads a rumor about London. Cody wants to go to a program in Washington, but has to pass an interview. He wants Zack to do it because his hair is now red. Cody gets into the program because of his refreshing personality and humor. Overall, this episode was not very good in my opinion.
  • meh.....!

    Wasn't too thrilled with this had some funny moments, though! I thought it was pretty funny when Cody came through the lobby as a wannabe gansta...and it was hysterical when his pants fell down! But generally, it was a little silly about the rumors, and it too melodramatic how they got London in the media "saving" a chinchilla...very low-intellegence on that one. Which is why I dubbed this one a "filler" episode.
  • Funny

    This episode is good because it is funny and it teaches people how hurtful spreading rumors is. Because of rumors, Maddie's life becomes really bad and people think London kills animals. Cody tries to not be mistaken for Zack so at first he tries to look "gangster" but his pants keep falling down revealing his green boxers. This is the second time in the show where Cody is seen in his boxers. Then he tries to paint his hair a honey mist auburn but it turns out bright red. When the guy for the week in Washington program gets to the hotel, Zack poses for Cody and almost messes up the interview. This was an overall very good episode.
  • Oh my gosh! This episode was soo funny.When cody dyed his hair and it turned bright bright red...that was funny~

    This episode was super duper funny,on a scale of 1-10 its a 10....for season 1 it was a great episode...I love the part where cody dyes his hair blonde and it turns bright bright red...that was totally priceless in the history of codys best mistakes...although it did teach a good moral,hair dye can be mistakenly marked...and rumors hurt your friends and the ones you love most...All in all it was a very perfect episode...i love it alot! In this first season zack and cody are season 2 there soo much cuter! it was a great episode...i loved it alot!
  • funny, mischevious, wow!!

    this is another great episode, it is funny when cody is trying to act all gangsta but then that didnt work out so he died his hair but it went wrong. it was also funny when rumours just kept going around all over the place. firstly about maddie getting back together with lance and getting married in a pool, then london hurting poor little pets and becoming the most hated person in boston. but then everything gets switched around. i recommend this episode to people who enjoy gossiping and spreading rumours about people because you can learn a lesson, i know i did!!
  • London starts a rumor about Maddie and Lance peeling the grape, and Cody has Zack fill in for him during a interview.

    This is one of the funniest The Suite Life of Zack and Cody episodes ever written. The rumor, "Maddie and Lance are getting married, moving to a vineyard in Vegas and becoming blackjack dealers", is the most odd and funny rumor the writer's could of came up with. This is the first episode where both the girl's, and the twin's plot's are both funny.
    Cody dies his hair red, and has Zack fill in for him during the interview. That scene is priceless. The entire scene is quoted in the quotes area. This is definitely the best episode this season.
  • good example about rumours!.....

    good example about rumours!and how u shouldn\'t spread them and stuff and there not always true because they can be twisted around by accident in bizzare ways just look at this episode!it was crazy how it got twisted!pretty good episode,my favourite part would be when at the end maddie helped london show everyone that she does love animals after being mad at her and accidentally spreading a rumour about her about having a fox coat.who knew london liked animals?besides her dog anyhow!thing to be improved on this episode probably would be the originality it wasn\'t very original, it was for tsl but as far as other shows go with the whole cpr/kiss thing..i think u get what i mean.good episode though, 8/10!hope this review helps!
  • Well it was a great episode I loved it and it was fun seeing this!!!

    Well it was a great episode I loved it and it was fun seeing this!!! And by the way London fix your neurons we should learn to take care of our brain and not to spread things or hearsays that we are not even sure about it well great great great Cody I mean the Sprouses give us more of that oomph!!!
  • Cool episode! Teaches you a good lesson!

    Rumors is a great episode with a powerful message! Basically, London starts a rumor about Maddie after seeing her lock lips with Lance. The rumor spreads through the hotel and Maddie eventually finds out and the rumor damages Maddie's reputation. Maddie without knowing, starts a rumor about London and it damages her reputation far worse than what happened to Maddie. London doesn't know who started the rumor about her but she will do whatever it takes to find out who did it. Meanwhile, Cody wants to be "different" from Zack and accidently dyes his hair red. He has an upcoming interview at the Tipton with a guy that is interviewing him about a supreme court club. With Cody not looking like himself, it's up to Zack to take his place in the interview. The episode had a great moral from Mr. Moseby at the end and it gets a 9.6 out of 100!!!

  • There are better episodes than this.

    Overall, I didn't like this episode. It was pretty boring to me, and I don't think I would watch it again and again. Nothing really stood out at me, or made me laugh like other episodes do. The only thng that I saw as funny was when Zack said "Well honey, you missed auburn big time."
  • Cody dyes his hair red while Maddie and London makes each other's reputations suffer.

    Rumors in my opinion was a very superb episode of The Suite Life that I have seen.

    I liked the way London and Maddie's characters were potrayed on this episode. I think in their plot, the story wasm flawless and quite silly. At least London got back her reputation but in quite a ridiculous manner.

    Zack and Cody's plot was also brilliant even though I don't really like their plots much but this episode is different. I liked the way Zack handled Cody's lines and the ending for their plotn was brilliant. At least Zack didn't argue with Cody so I guess Zack seems more accepting.

    Overall, a brilliant episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody that you should see.
  • This was a really good episode!

    Rumors was a very good episode. Cody gets mad when people keep mistaking him for Zack, so he decides to do something to make himself look different. 'The gangsta look didn't work out, so he decided to try something even more radical!" that is what Cody said right before he realized that the honey mist auburn hair dye was actually bright red!
    Cody doesnt want to do his interview to get into the week in washington program, so he makes Zack do it for him. Cody thought the interview was a disaster, but it ended up that they took him in for his great sence of humor, and refreshing personality!

    London spreads a rumor around the whole hotel that she and Lance were back together. The rumor got twisted so many times, that it turned into "Maddie and Lance were seen kissing, and I hear they're moving to las vegas to gamble"
    While Maddie is mad at London, she tells a reporter that she know's that london was mean to animals, because has a fox coat in her closet.
    Too bad london didn't know that the word "faux" was pronounced "foe"
  • loved it!

    another amaing episode to add to the great series! a wonderful enstallment and a mustsee episode! funny episode idea and good how in the end zack helped cody with something he wanted to do! love how london is in this episode and then how maddie turns and does the same thing
  • cody trys to die his hair different than zack.but it turned out to be red.

    this episode was fantastic.i wanna see it was saw maddie doing cpr and london thought they were back together.she starts a rumor.then she told estabon who cant keep secrets who told muriel,muriel told cody and cody told zack.later maddie told a woman that london has a fox coat in her closet.then it spreaded around.reporters think london(the animal lover)hates animals.she has a dog!the FOX coat was spelled FAUX.
  • Great episode! A Must see!

    This was a very funny episode. London catches Maddie doing CPR on Lance, who she thought was kissing him. So London tells Estaban that she saw Maddie kissing Lance, and then the rumor spreads through tout the hotel. Once Maddie finds out, that London spread the rumor, so she tells a reporter (Maddie didn't know it was a reporter), that she has a fox coat. The reporter puts in the paper that London is cruel to animals. Cody wants people to stop thinking that he is Zack, so he tries to create a new image. Cody's hair turns red, when he tries to create his new image. Soon, the guy comes to the hotel to interview Cody, to see if he can take the trip to Washington DC. Cody notices, that his hair is red, so Zack has to take the interview for Cody; which turns out bad. To make things right about the rumor on London, Maddie comes up with an idea to make her an animal lover. With Cody’s help, he says that something is wrong with his pet, so London does CPR on the animal, to make her look good for the papers. Turns out that interview Zack did for Cody worked out, and Cody is able to take the trip to Washington DC.
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