The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 2 Episode 26

Scary Movie

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 13, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Zack convinces Cody, Jessica, and Janice to go see a scary movie, but when it's Zack who gets scared, Cody uses it to his advantage. Meanwhile, London likes a boy so she pretends to be poor for him to like her.

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  • Horror movies

    Zack and Cody go out with the British twins to see a movie. Zack picks a scary one, even though his mother tells him not to. He later puts Tipton furniture in front of the door in his sleep. At the same time, London must fake to a boy she likes that she's poor. I loved this one, too. This is the opposite of episode Maddie Checks In, where Maddie is trying to pass off as rich. A+.moreless
  • Oh yes! Scary Movie!

    Brilliant episode. This was definitely in my Top 5 episodes from Season 2. It was just hilarious. Seeing Zack's reaction to Carey walking in, all the way to him avoiding those booby traps were just hilarious. London's part cracked me up, and the scene where the guy gives Maddie the candy all stuck together justhad me laughing.

    Superb episode- Always a favorite of mine!
  • Perfect

    Zack and Cody disobey Carey and take their dates, Janice and Jessica, to see a horror film called Zombie Mom. Cody is unaffected by it, but Zack is scared. He begins sleepwalking and moving furniture around in the Tipton lobby. Will the truth that they saw the movie be revealed? London pretends to be poor so a guy will like her (he says he does not like rich people because they are pushy and mean). What will happen when the truth is out in the open?

    Great episode, really funny and great plots, it of course gets an A+ from memoreless
  • This was a pretty good episode. It wasn't a favorite of mine but it was pretty good.

    Zack and Cody go to the movies with Janice and Jessica and they go to see Zombie Mom. Zack gets freaked out by the movie and he starts to sleepwalk. He starts moving stuff around in the hotel lobby when he is sleepwalking because he is afraid that the zombies are going to get him so he is trying to barricade the door to keep the zombies out. There were alot of funny moments in this episode. Especially when Cody desided to take advantage of the situation and freak Zack out by yelling ZOMBIE!! Zack would yell WHERE!! and freak out. Cody was having a great time doing this. The episode was good and it was funny. It wasn't a favorite of mine but I did like it and it had some really funny moments.moreless
  • Zack and Cody see a movie called Zombie mom with Janice and Jessica.

    The scary movie makes zack so scared he is sleep walking to protect himself from zombie mom. The problem is Mr. Moesby is accusing him of redecorating the lobby. Not knowing he was sleepwalking Zack, pinky swears to his mother, who doesn't know he saw the movie, that it wasn't him or Cody. Once Zack finds out it was him he tries to keep it a secret from his mother. But after Carey wakes up in the middle of the night, knowing Cody is up to something, she goes down to the lobby and sees and hears Zack sleep walking while talking about stopping zombie mom.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (18)

    • Several times London said that she would never date anyone who is not rich, but she does otherwise in this episode.

    • A part of this episode is in the opening credits (of Season 3): when Cody is wrapped in bubblewrap and falls down the lobby stairs.

    • Tahj Mowry reunites with Zack and Cody creator Danny Kallis since their time on Mowry's famed sitcom, Smart Guy.

    • Doesn't Brandon know who London is? She's practically in every magazine.

    • Tahj Mowry (Brandon) and Ashley Tisdale have worked together when Ashley guest starred on Tahj's show Smart Guy and they have also worked together for Kim Possible.

    • The moment after Carey accidentally calls Zack and Cody her "little men" out loud, there is a poster of the 2003 drama film, Big Fish located on the right side of the twins (hence the tree branches). That film was Miley Cyrus's (Hannah Montana) first acting debut and the fact that she also guest starred on the episode, "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana".

    • You find out that Zack, Cody, and Carey are movie buddies in this episode.

    • London thinks a 20-karat necklace is cheap in this episode.

    • Zack ends up in Cody's bed without any obvious movement or sound to travel from his bed to Cody's.

    • At the start of the episode, Zack has a big graze on the side of his face but when the are in their suite (talking to their mom) the graze is gone.

    • As Maddie starts to put on her vest for work as London is talking to Brandon, she puts the vest on inside out. You can see that it's black when it shows the shot of her putting it on. She did that so London could take it off her easily and wear the green side of the vest to prove to Brandon that she works at the Tipton.

    • In this show, Maddie is talking to Brandon and says that the hotel is a four star, but in the episode "Going For the Gold", Mr. Moseby says that it's a five star hotel.

    • When Zack is sleepwalking in the lobby, Cody's bubblewrap changes position. You can see this if you look at is collar. It goes up, then down, then up, then down.

    • London trying to pass for poor to impress a guy is the opposite plot to what happened in "Maddie Checks In," when Maddie tried to pass for rich to impress Jason.

    • When Moseby comes into the Tipton in the morning and spills his coffee on his shirt, you can see it's a new stain but when he's talking to the night manager, the stain is dry and smaller, then when it switches scenes back to Moseby, the new stain is there again.

    • Maddie tries to put on a green Tipton vest over her regular uniform when she's about to start working, however, she's never worn it in previous episodes even when she is working. The only time she's seen wearing it is in the pilot episode, "Grounded on the 23rd Floor," when she wore a completely different uniform.

    • When they show the Tipton's outside, you can clearly see that it is just a set because the building next to it is not 3 dimensional.

    • Unlike previous episodes, the shot of the outside of the local mall now has the word "Cinema" in front of the building.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Zack: Moseby's not a morning person.
      Cody: Or afternoon.
      Carey: I remember one evening at 9:12 he was kind of nice.

    • Carey: Zack, wake up.
      Mr. Moseby: You can't wake him up. I have tried everything.
      Carey: Zack, I'm making chocolate chip pancakes.
      Zack: Cool, I'll have twelve. (He looks around) Hey, where am I? What am I doing in the lobby in my pajamas? (He looks at Cody wrapped up in bubble wrap) Although, as silly outfits go, I come in second.
      Carey: You were sleepwalking, trying to protect yourself from zombie moms.
      Zack: Well, that's strange, because we didn't go to see that scary movie, did we, Cody?
      Cody: It was Zack's idea!
      Zack: Thanks, man.

    • Maddie: Hi, Brandon.
      Brandon: Yo, Maddie.
      Maddie: You got the candy delivery?
      Brandon: Yeah, but the air conditioning in the truck is broken. Everything you sold has melted together. Here's your order, young lady.
      London:(to Maddie) He's hot, with a capital "h" (makes the "h" sound)
      Brandon: I can't believe my boss is a millionaire but he won't be the dam to fix this on truck. Man, rich people can be really obnoxious.
      Maddie: You're telling me.
      London: I think they're nobnoxious, too.
      Maddie: You? But you're filthy…
      London: (gasps) …Poor, starving, filthy poor.
      Brandon: Then I'm, may be I should take you out to dinner.
      London: Here's my number, call soon before they shut up the phone.
      Brandon: Oh, I will.

    • Cody: We can go, then give you a previous reason that why you miss.
      Carey: Oh, I get it. You wanna be grown up. Don't worry you will barely know I'm there. Busy street, hold mommy's hands.

    • Carey: Do you still want to go to the movie, movie buddies?
      Zack: Yeah, about that. You see, we've met Jessica and Janice in the park, and we thought we go with them.
      Carey: Great, we can all go, just five of us. It would be fun. (Waves to Jessica and Janice)

    • Brandon: I have a coupon for this great place I know. Look, we can split a burger. It's 10 minutes by subway.
      London: (Frustrated laughing) I'm not taking the subway, I'm not splitting a burger, and I'm not paying with a coupon--whatever that is! I wanna take my limo to Chez Robert and have the Duck a l'orange with truffles!
      Brandon: Yo, I don't think I have a coupon for that, though.
      London: I don't need a coupon. I'm gonna to use this little thing called MONEY!!
      Brandon: Where are you gonna get it?
      London: I don't get it, I got it. Get it?!? I'm rich, stinkin' rich! I have a stretch limo so long, it only goes straight. If I wanna turn a corner, I have to change limos!

    • (When he catches Zack moving the lobby furniture) Moseby: A-HA!!! I caught you red-handed! OK mister, let's have a little talk about this, shall we? Yes! You're the one who's putting all the furniture...(Zack continues) Where are you going? Whoa, whoa...Listen up. I want you to listen to me young man. i don't want you putting any more furniture...What are you doing? Where were you when I moved out of my parents' place?

    • Moseby: (While Zack is sleepwalking) Now Zack, stop it!
      Zack: (In a monotone) Yes, stop zombies.
      Moseby: No, stop re-decorating!

    • Maddie: For all I care you can drown in that Limo!
      London: Like the life guard would let that happen!

    • Cody: Although I thought the story line thin, and the blood drinking scene gratuitous, it scared the snot out of Janice and she held on to me the whole time.
      Zack: Yeah, great flick.

    • Carey: (Zack tries to put his arm around Janice) Uh, uh, uh. Oh, you got a butter blob. (Licks napkin at tries to wipe his face)
      Zack: (Moves) Ew!
      Cody: Look, Doggie came home!
      Janice and Jessica: Awww! (Put their heads on his shoulders as Zack can only look and place his hand on his face in frustration).

    • Zack: You see, it's just a movie. I know there are no such things as zombie moms! (Carey enters the dark room with green face cream and frizzed hair and the two scream at each other) Carey (Franticly): Why are you screaming? I just came in to say good night! Zack: Why is your face green? And do you have a craving for human flesh? Carey: It's a face mask. And do I have a what for what? Cody: Nothing! He said nothing. Carey: What's gotten you so freaked out? Did you two go to see that scary movie? Zack: No! Cody: Absolutely not! Zack: But...but Doggie Come Home had some very intense moments. Like when that pigeon dive-bombed Doggie (Shudders) Carey: It's only a movie. Now go to sleep! (Leaves the room and turns off the lights) Cody: That was close! Zack: (Suddenly in Cody's bed with him) I'll say! We pulled it off though. Cody: I hope. Now get out of my bed you goof! (Pushes Zack off)

    • Zack: (While sleepwalking) Must stop zombies.
      Carey: (To Cody) Did he just say zombie?
      Cody: No! He said (turns around) dombie, mombie, combie, fombie...I got nothing.
      Carey: Did you guys go and see Zombie Mom?
      Cody: No, what makes you say that?
      Zack: Must stop zombie mom.
      Cody: Again, I got nothing.

    • Carey: Okay, but I get to approve the movie.
      Zack: Deal.
      Cody: What about the spaghetti? That's piggybacked onto this right!

    • Carey: Okay, I get it. You want more responsibility. How about I let you cut your own spaghetti?
      Cody: Deal!

    • (the boys find the lobby bell in Zack's bed)
      Cody: Ooo! You DID do it!
      Zack: I did not. I was in my bed all night.
      Zack: I even remember having this weird dream; I was piling stuff against the walls to keep the zombies out -
      Zack: (flustered) Ooo! I DID do it!

    • Cody: (Hands Jessica a 20 dollar bill) Here you go girls. You go get the snacks while we get the tickets. Whatever you want, it's on us.
      Jessica: Thank you! (Walks away)
      Janice: American money is so odd.
      Jessica: Yes, really odd. (Looks closely at the bill) And their queen looks rather mannish.

    • Cody: (talking to Zack) Did your butt just ding?

    • Zack: (steps on something) Bubble wrap. (laughs and pops bubblewrap with is feet, but quickly changes back to monotone voice) Zombies.

    • Cody: Oh yeah, one more thing. Zombie!
      Zack: Ahh! (takes a pillow from the couch and hides under it)
      Cody: That just keeps getting better and better!

    • (Carey is sleeping in the living room and Mr. Moseby knocks on the door)
      Carey: (Dreaming) Come on in Mr. Clooney.
      Moseby: It's not Mr. Clooney, it's Mr. Moseby.
      Carey: Then go away!
      Moseby: (Enters with his pass key) I'm sorry to disturb you, but I need to see your twin hooligans.
      Carey: (Yelling) HOOLIGANS! IT'S FOR YOU!!
      Cody: Mr. Moseby. What a pleasant surprise?
      Moseby: (Points his finger at them) Youuuuu did it!
      Zack: No we didn't!
      Cody: We didn't do it!
      Zack: What didn't we do?
      Moseby: Oh, you two know what you two did do do!

    • Carey: (sees Cody wrapped in bubble-wrap) Cody, what happened?
      Cody: Uh... I was going to save you airfare and ship myself to Grandma's?
      Carey: Where's Zack, and what's the bell from the hotel lobby doing in your room?
      Cody: Sleeping. Shh!

    • Brandon: Why did you lie to me?
      London: Because I liked you, and you said you hated rich people.
      Brandon: Yeah, when they're pushy and mean. But, I mean, you're wonderful; so sweet and down to earth.
      London: Oh!
      Maddie: Okay, either London's a much better actress than I thought, or you're dumber than a wheel of cheese!
      Brandon: Dang, Maddie, you're poor and mean.

    • London: Oh! Good morning!
      Maddie: What are you doing up? It's not even noon yet.
      London: Well, I couldn't wait to tell you that I really like Brandon, and our date went great! He never suspected that I was rich. I even dove to the ground for a penny. Did you know they're round?
      Maddie: I've heard rumors.

    • Carey: Okay, now you might want to buy a candy bar, so here's another $20.
      Cody: Thanks, Mom.
      Zack: Bye. Drive safe.
      (they both turn around, but Carey is still there)
      Zack: (to Cody) Why is she still here?
      Carey: To remind you not to see anything inappropriate, like "Bullet Sandwich" or "Zombie Mom."
      Cody: Fine, but when you pick us up, no hugging and no calling us "my little men."
      Carey: Why don't you just rip my heart out?
      Zack: I think that's how "Zombie Mom" ends.

    • Mr. Moseby: What is going on? He asked nervously.
      Maddie: She has a date with Brandon, so she's trying to pass for poor. But wait till she finds out she has to take the subway.
      (Maddie & Mr. Moseby laugh)
      London: The what?
      Mr. Moseby: The subway. It's the train that runs underground.
      London: Oh, stop making up stuff to scare me!

    • Maddie: So you're going to pretend to be poor? I bet you'll never pull that off.
      London: Bet I can!
      Maddie: Ha, you're on!
      (they shake hands)
      London: It'll be easy. I'll just wear bad clothes, ugly shoes, and cheap makeup... like you!

    • London: I can't believe I got detention again!
      Maddie: I can't believe you landed your helicopter on the front steps of the school. The downdraft turned Sister Dominick into an actual flying nun!

    • Janice: Zack, that was a nasty fall.
      Jessica: Really nasty.
      Zack: Please, I did that on purpose. Anyone can land on their feet. (gives Norman his helmet and broken skateboard) Thanks, Norman.
      Jessica: You sure you aren't in any pain?
      Zack: I'm fine.
      Janice: Too bad. I was gonna kiss it and make it better.
      Zack: Oh! Ow! Searing pain!

  • NOTES (28)


    • The Cosby Show:

      When Zack and Cody booby trapped the hotel lobby to catch the monsters. This is like The Cosby Show when Rudy and Olivia saw a horror movie and they booby trapped the house to catch the monsters.

    • When Cody says that the review for the fictional movie, "Doggie Come Home" was given "two tails up," this is an allusion to movie critics Siskel & Ebert, who gained popularity with their "Two Thumbs Up" movie reviews.

    • When London is trying to figure out how to work the cash register, a bag of candy called 'Fruitles' can be seen on the shelves. This is most likely a reference to Skittles.

    • Carey: What's the bell from the hotel lobby doing in your room?
      Cody: Sleeping! Shh!

      The character Ed once said something very similar to this on the Cartoon Network show, Ed, Edd 'n Eddy. He leaves a sock in his sister's room, and when she asks what it's doing in there, he responds, "...Sleeping?"

      There is another one in the Nickelodeon comedy, Kenan and Kel in an episode called "Poem Sweet Poem", where Allison's father tells Kenan what is a stair doing in the bed and Kenan responds: "Shhh! The stair is sleeping".

    • Carey: With more freedom, comes more responsibility. This is an obvious reference to a line in Spider-Man, when Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) that with great power comes great responsibility. A direct quote of this line was also recently used (though paraphrased) in the DCOM Return to Halloweentown: Gwen: With all that power comes responsibility, Marnie. Marnie: You stole that from Spider-Man.

    • The fictional movie, "Doggie Come Home" is an allusion to both the classic 1943 film, Lassie Come Home, and the animated 1972 film, Snoopy Come Home.

    • Maddie's remark to London that the downdraft of London landing her helicopter on the school steps turned Sister Dominick into an actual "flying nun" is an allusion to the 1960's sitcom, The Flying Nun, which starred Sally Field as a nun who had the ability to fly.

    • Title: Scary Movie
      The title is a reference to the name of the movie series that spoofs several horror films.