The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 3

Sink or Swim

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 08, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

The tabloids report London doesn't know how to swim, so she takes swimming lessons. Zack has been offered to work at the hotel as a plumber or to work at a local market.

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  • Not good

    Zack must now find a job since he passed summer school, and finds one with Arwin, but spends to much time at the shopping mart while buying things to work with. Meanwhile, London can't swim, and the girls at Maddie's camp are getting money from selling rumors about London. Far from anywhere close to good. It's a weak episode to me. Except for a few laughs about the girls at Maddie's camp.moreless
  • Not bad, but slowly Season 3 was going downhill

    Not bad at all, but not great at all. An inbetweener. Anyways, both plots could've had so much more. They both had great ideas but didn't elaborate enough. London not knowing how to swim was weird, considering she has a limo with a swimming pool. It also started the very brief relationship between her and Lance, which I found to be completely odd. Zack was a doofus in this episode, constantly ignoring Arwin. At times I wonder, if he didn't like the job, maybe he should've actually told Arwin instead of ignoring all his duties.

  • wow well my favorite show did bad worst episode of season 3 Zack tries to get a job London cant swim two minutes of Maddie bad bad bad bad my favorite show went bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!1moreless

    well the wirtes did a bad job with this one the story plot was not funny Zack lazy and goes to a makert Cody does not wont give Zack and job London learns to swim from the lifeguard and they start to date wow the disney should not have aried this one! sutie life is my favorite show but this was just bad no action nothin in the end oh and at Maddie's camp the girls sell stuff about London to the tablodis that was the funniest part in the end Zack gets a job at the minemart with cody London and Lance go out bad!moreless
  • not a very good episode...

    Everyone finds out that London can't swim and she is embarrassed by it. She hires Lance to teach her how to swim, but then they fall for each other. Meanwhile, the twins are working/looking for jobs. I didn't really like this episode. The whole story with London not knowing how to swim was boring and stupid, in my opinion. The little love story between them was really cheesy also. The twins story was boring also. They look so young and yet they get jobs. I don't think they're legally old enough to work. Also, the minimart they work at is tiny. I have never seen anything that small. Overall, not a very good episode.moreless
  • Really good episode!

    Sink or Swin is such a great episode!! Not the best, but it was still very good! London says she can't swim and she tells Maddie, and the other girls at camp tell the press and a lot of people know that she can't swim. So, Lance gives her swimming lessons in her suite and they kiss. They become boyfriend and girlfriend. Zack looks for a summer job and Arwin says he needs a helper and then that's Zack's job, but then Zack gets a new job at the market where Cody works. Overall, a really good episode and it was very funny!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • You can tell that Dylan Sprouse, who plays Zack Martin, has a cold in this episode by the way he talks.

    • When London tells Maddie that she can not swim, Maddie replies with something along the lines of "But you have a Simply London swimsuit line!". London's boutique in an earlier episode was called Simply London. She was then reminded of all the times that she gave up on things, and that helps her to decide that she will keep Simply London open. We learn in this episode that London never gave up on her clothing line.

    • Goof: London said that Arwin will receive a bill from her dirty ducky however, when we saw her walk to the pool, she didn't have her ducky with her.

    • In this episode London cannot swim, however in the episode "Scary Movie" when London pretends to be poor to impress Brandon, at the end London and Brandon go to swim in London's limo as there is a pool in it. Obviously London could swim then, but apparently she can't swim now.

    • Goof: When London and Lance dove into the pool full of goop, before they went in, they should have seen the goop.

    • Arwin: ...flower, here have some wrenches.
      Carey: ...I'll go put them in some water.

      Goof: Arwin said he gave wrenches to Carey however, there was a hammer in there. Any handyman should know what are the differences between tools.

    • Goof: London in this episode says that she didn't think that learning the alphabet, but in "Day Care" she said that Mr. Moseby took fourteen years to teach her her A, B, D's.

    • Arwin's mother is bald because he says he waxes it before she puts her wig on.

    • Arwin supposedly needs Zack's help because he broke his left hand. But, when Zack shows up for work the next day, his hand is fine again.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Carey: Honey, if you want some money, just try getting a job.
      Zack: Mr. Moseby, can I have a job?
      Mr. Moseby: No.
      Zack: Well, I tried.
      Carey: Yes, you must be exhausted.

    • London: Ducky's afraid.
      Lance: Don't be a chicken, ducky.
      London: (Touches the water by her toe, gasps) There, I swim in, great lesson, thanks, bye!
      Lance: Don't worry, okay, you'll be fine.
      London: No, no, no, I'm drowning, I'm drowning! Hey, you've told I'm fine.
      Lance: London, London, just stand up.
      London: Oh, Lance, you saved my life.
      Lance: It's what I do. Now, trust me, I'll take care of you. You don't need ducky any more, right?
      London: I guess not. But will you make quack quack sounds when I squeeze your head?
      Lance: I'll try. (London squeezes his head) Ow.
      London: Close enough.

    • Wayne: Hey, Cody, I just fired a jobber. Do you know who's looking for a job?
      Zack: (trying to take the Bleach but he drops down many things) Stupid Blear!(mispronouncing "Bleach" again)
      Cody: Nope. No one comes to mind.

    • Cody: Are you supposed to be at work now?
      Zack: Well I need a break so I came here to buy more "blech" (mispronouncing "bleach").
      Cody: It pronounces bleach, I.O. one.
      Zack: Hey, hey, slow down, I'm not ready go back to Arwin yet. I'm in a hang out, eat a little snack, may be see a bit on TV.

    • Zack: Sir, the sooner we get started the sooner I get paid.
      Arwin: Well, you could have picked the better first day.
      Zack: Wow, is it a holiday?
      Arwin: No, today's a day we get to unlock the central garbage in this hotel.

    • Carey: Honey, you have cocktail weenies, lamb kabobs.
      Zack: Please, working mental have their mother packed lunch for them.
      Arwin: Yes, snack and noodles. Thank you, mother.
      Zack: Hey Arwin, reporting for duty.
      Arwin: Hey, Z… (Gets Zack out of his way) Hey, Carey! If I'd known you're coming, I would have got you flower. Here, have some branches.
      Carey: Well, I got to put them in some water.

    • (Maddie runs into the room and shuts the door)
      Maddie: And that's why we don't play soccer with the beehive!
      (Maddie's cell phone rings)
      Maddie: Hello?
      London: When you coming back?
      Maddie: London if you really miss me, then why don't you just come back up (emphasizes) and bring us some dishes of food.

    • Carey: Now you've done at summer school, why don't you try at a job like Cody has?
      Zack: Mr. Moseby, can I have a job?
      Mr. Moseby: No.
      Zack: Well, I tried.
      Carey: Yes, you must be exhausted.
      Arwin: Hey, Zack. You need a job. I need a left hand man.
      Zack: Did you mean right hand man?
      Arwin: Not this week (showing his injured left hand).

    • Jasmine: Holly I have to admit that selling that story about London to the tabloids was genius.
      Holly: No genius was using the money to order this duck a l'orange.
      Leah: I'm a vegetarian.
      Amy: Here, eat the l'orange.
      Maddie: (entering to find the girls eating) Well they hit a new low at the mess hall. Leech cobbler. Hey! where'd you get all this good food?
      Amy: Leah's parents mailed it.
      Maddie: Uh-huh. You know Leah it's amazing your parents would do this for you after you testified against them.
      Leah: They're full of love.

    • Jasmine: We need to sell another story to the Global Inquirer.
      Amy: I was abducted by aliens.
      Leah: Yeah too bad they gave you back.

    • Zack: I also told Mr. Moseby the sludge was my fault. And don't worry about the damages. Every cent is coming out of's paycheck.
      Arwin: Well thanks buddy. It takes a big man to give up his mother's money to help a friend.

    • (After telling Maddie the girls told the tabloids London's secrets)
      Holly: Now you choose to tell the truth?!
      Amy: Yeah...and it feels pretty good!

    • Wayne: If you want a job, you got one here.
      Zack: Really? I accept.
      Wayne: Great! We finally filled that position that's been opened all week.
      (Zack turns around and glares at Cody)
      Zack: All week?
      (Cody chuckles nervously and starts to back away from Zack, and Zack slowly starts to follow him)
      Cody: Didn't I mention that?
      Wayne: I can't believe you didn't know your twin was looking for a job.
      Zack: Yeah, I can't believe it either.
      (Cody takes off running down an aisle, and Zack goes after him)

    • Zack: Hey there, buddy, are you getting taller?
      Cody: Well, actually--
      Zack: Can I borrow some money?

    • Wayne: Cody, why are you out of uniform?
      Zack: I'm not Cody.
      Wayne: (gasps) Are you some sort of alien replicant? (sees Cody) Aah! How many of you are there?!
      Cody: Relax, Wayne. We're twins.
      Wayne: Both of you?!
      Zack: And I thought my boss was a goofball.

    • Zack: Nice hat, you look like a dork.
      Cody: Nice smell, you reek like a fish.
      Zack: Still? I took three showers before I came here.
      Cody: Wow, that's more than you take in a month.

    • Mr. Moseby: Lance, can you teach London how to swim?
      Lance: Sure, but I'm going to need some water.
      London: Oh, here. (gives Lance a bottle of water)
      Lance: I'm going to need a little more.

    • London: I can't swim.
      Maddie: Really? You never told you couldn't swim.
      London: Well, it never came up. Every time I've been in the water, there was a yacht under me.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Kim Possible (another Disney Channel show) also has an episode called Sink or Swim.

    • The Global Enquirer is an amalgamation of two tabloid magazines: The Globe and the National Enquirer.

    • Maddie: Is that crème brûlée? This could be a reference to the Disney movie Ashley Tisdale did, High School Musical. In the movie, one of the characters Zeke, loved to bake and said he one day hoped to make the perfect crème brûlée.