The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 3

Sink or Swim

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 08, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Not good

    Zack must now find a job since he passed summer school, and finds one with Arwin, but spends to much time at the shopping mart while buying things to work with. Meanwhile, London can't swim, and the girls at Maddie's camp are getting money from selling rumors about London. Far from anywhere close to good. It's a weak episode to me. Except for a few laughs about the girls at Maddie's camp.
  • Not bad, but slowly Season 3 was going downhill

    Not bad at all, but not great at all. An inbetweener. Anyways, both plots could've had so much more. They both had great ideas but didn't elaborate enough. London not knowing how to swim was weird, considering she has a limo with a swimming pool. It also started the very brief relationship between her and Lance, which I found to be completely odd. Zack was a doofus in this episode, constantly ignoring Arwin. At times I wonder, if he didn't like the job, maybe he should've actually told Arwin instead of ignoring all his duties.

  • wow well my favorite show did bad worst episode of season 3 Zack tries to get a job London cant swim two minutes of Maddie bad bad bad bad my favorite show went bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!1

    well the wirtes did a bad job with this one the story plot was not funny Zack lazy and goes to a makert Cody does not wont give Zack and job London learns to swim from the lifeguard and they start to date wow the disney should not have aried this one! sutie life is my favorite show but this was just bad no action nothin in the end oh and at Maddie's camp the girls sell stuff about London to the tablodis that was the funniest part in the end Zack gets a job at the minemart with cody London and Lance go out bad!
  • not a very good episode...

    Everyone finds out that London can't swim and she is embarrassed by it. She hires Lance to teach her how to swim, but then they fall for each other. Meanwhile, the twins are working/looking for jobs. I didn't really like this episode. The whole story with London not knowing how to swim was boring and stupid, in my opinion. The little love story between them was really cheesy also. The twins story was boring also. They look so young and yet they get jobs. I don't think they're legally old enough to work. Also, the minimart they work at is tiny. I have never seen anything that small. Overall, not a very good episode.
  • Really good episode!

    Sink or Swin is such a great episode!! Not the best, but it was still very good! London says she can't swim and she tells Maddie, and the other girls at camp tell the press and a lot of people know that she can't swim. So, Lance gives her swimming lessons in her suite and they kiss. They become boyfriend and girlfriend. Zack looks for a summer job and Arwin says he needs a helper and then that's Zack's job, but then Zack gets a new job at the market where Cody works. Overall, a really good episode and it was very funny!
  • hilarious

    Maddie continues her summer job at the camp looking after unfortunate kids. One morning, London reads the papers and the tabloids report that she doesn't know how to swim. Arwin offers Zack a job at the hotel as a plumber. At summer camp, Maddie notices that the unfortunately kids are getting luxurious items from out of the blue, she couldn't figure out how it's been happening. This episode is so funny, the jokes are so funny, it really cracked me up. the writers came up with another funny episode. The actors were really great, they get to be funny in every scene.
  • Arwin was great in this episode.

    He was HILARIOUS. So London can't swim and Lance tries to help. They almost kiss an London really starts to like him. Then Maddie is the camp leader of these delinquint kids and they overhear her talking to London. Then the girls tell the Inquierer for money to buy things. The goth girl was annoying. She was the "Cracker" from Hannah Montana. The way the make her look and how good she is at being mean just annoys me. LOL. Then when Arwin thought he was being mean to Zack and went ot Anger Management classic. I also like when he showed some anger and told Zack to stay away from him. Then Zack did something. I oved how he chewed the mother's gum too instead of using it to clog the hole. Very Good Episode.
  • The Suite life of zack and cody

    this is probably my favorite episode of the third season. it was funny and different. i liked that london got herself a boyfriend. i don't think she has had one since season one. and for a change i actually kind of liked zack and cody's story line. and the crazy girls that maddie has to stay with at camp heaven on earth actually did something that made sence with their trouble making because they sold stories that they heard from maddie about london to the tabloids and they got lots of money and bought food a coutch and a tv. i loved arwins little "out burst" the best though, and usually i don't like him very much.
  • London need to know how to swim. Zack have to find a job.

    Wow Lance will teach to London how to swim. That’s sound like weird. Finally, London having a crush on him during he teach her how to swim. Whoa, they kiss already at pool! They are couple right now. Finally, Zack find a job with Arwin. Later Zack quit his job because it is too hard for him. Wow Zack and Cody are same work at Market. I'm glad they are together and same job.
  • Wow London is dating with fisherboy!!!

    Zack have to find a job. But Zack work with Arwin. I know Arwin's job really hard work than Cody's job. London needs to know how to swim. Lance will teach to London how to swim. In pool London have start feeling for Lance and *drool* on Lance. Finally, they kiss each other! I think London and Lance together are cute than Maddie and Lance. Know why because London and Lance are stupid too and same first begging with L name, and same color with hair. At end Zack quit the job. Finally, man said do you want job here? Zack said sure! Finally, Zack and Cody are same job at shop.
  • Whoa, I never expected London and Lance to hook up together until now.

    I'm pretty sure this will be the best episode of the season, 'cause you'll need a REALLY good episode to beat this. I loved this episode, how Zack, now is looking for a summer job. Then how Zack and Cody end up with the same job at the Paul Revere Supermarket. The savings are coming! The savings are coming! Woo!!! The whole London and Lance storyline was cute, and I was happy when the got together even when I had never suspected them to get together before this episode. The whole episode was great, and funny, especially the part when Zack makes a big deal out of a paper cut and forgets all about changing the water filter, and London and Lance come to the lobby and they've got mud everywhere. This was awesome, some of the director's best work. Bravo!
  • London learns how to swim. Zack gets a summer job as Arwin's assissitant.

    This episode was more interesting than the last few. London gets swimming lessons from Lance. But loses interest for romance instead. Maddie is still at camp. Zack has to get a summer job like Cody has. The store where Cody works is hiring but Cody keeps quiet. So Arwin hires him. The most touching line in the episode was Arwin's "You know what, just don't talk to me anymore". Very serious line there after Arwin pays for Zack's mistake. Zack makes up for it after London's unintentional wastebath by cleaning the pool himself. He decides to take the store job.