The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 7

Sleepover Suite

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 28, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Good episode

    Zack and Cody rent out London's suite to a girl who is having a slumber party at the Tipton. But things go awry when London returns from her trip to Scotland early. It was not a "Season 1" quality episode, but respectable.
  • Much better than the last one

    Not great, but much better. It still didn't end up being anywhere in my favorites for this season and will definitely not be stuck in my head like 'Smart and Smarter" and "Nurse Zack"

    Anyways, this episode had its moments. It was enjoyable and one of those 'relief" episodes of the season.
  • one of the best of season 3.

    this episode is good when you watch more than once as at first i thought that this epsideo was poor but watch it agin and laugh.zack and cody threw cody's friend a party in london's room and thought that she had gone to england.the part that is funny is when zack got 1 slap each from 2 girls.zack also kiss the girl , the hot one and the fat one.when he kiss the fat one i say yuck because it was gross. it was kinda funny about the ratroaches thingy that they use to trick london so that they could use for a birthday party.
  • Not too bad...

    Well I normally dislike this series, I mostly nly like Season 1, but this episode was pretty decent, it reminds me of the Season 1 days, which is kind of sad, anyways the crazy antics that these guys get in to, I really think Ashley Tisdale would be perfect for this episode but unfortunately she does not appear, cause of HSM2! Anyways the plot was really good, Keeping London out of her hotel, while a bunch of cabaret singers stalk Carrie, I like the puns & lines in the episode from that group. And of course they get caught in the end like always. Really predictable.
  • This was about 2 kids trying 2 impress 2 girls so they rent out a suite that they cant go into and everything gets messed up when the owner comes early.

    I thought this was a cute episode of the suite life of zack and cody becuase it is showing that the boys are starting to get into girls and start doing things that they are not sopposed to be doing to try to get that girl by going into a suite while the owner is away and i liked how they tricked both the owner and the girls when the owner came home early from a trip she went on.Well every time i watch the suite life of zack and cody i always get a few giggles out of meit is a funny show.
  • This episode is so hilarious. Everyone should enjoy this one!

    This episode was sooooo funny. I even downloaded it off of Itunes so I can watch it any time I want. It was so funny when Nia sent the girls to play hide and seek and the scavenger hunt. And when Zack kissed both of those girls, it was so funny. The rat roaches were also funny. London believes anything. It was really entertaining to watch Cody, Zack, and Nia run wild and drive themselves crazy and making stuff up on the spot to hide the fact about the sleepover that was happening in London's suite. The four singing people were a little annoying, but they were pretty good.
  • Great ep, Cody/Stacie storyline okay.

    Personally, I don't see what Cody saw in Stacie. To me, she wasn't pretty one bit, but it was great to see Cody actually flirting and or trying to impress a girl for once, which is usually Zack's theory. But I also expected Cody to be hanging out more with Stacie, but nooooo! He just made sure they had the suite taken care of and stuff when London was gone, and when London was back. I wish the Stacie person was actually Sheena from Baggage. Sheena was waayyy hotter than Stacie, but I guess Cody liked Stacie for herself and personality, not looks, 'cause again: how did he fall for her!?! Good grief. Still a great episode though. :)
  • it's so funny

    Cody's classmate Stacy is looking for a room at the Tipton hotel for her birthday party. Unfortunately, all the rooms have been rented out. When Zack learns about this he convinces Cody that they should rent out the room of London to Stacy and her friends so they could make money out of it. They invite the assistance of Mr. Moseby's misguided niece Nia to help them hatch out their plan. It really works out for awhile until London comes home early to pick up something she forgot. This episode is so hilarious. I really get a laugh when things start to get really funny.
  • This episode is so awesome and funny but once again Maddie isnt in it....that ruins the whole episode!

    Maddie isnt on it lately b/c of High School musical and that just made me mad! that just ruined the who show! but Zack and Cody are so awesome! I mean just to get a girl! i would totally date cody! poor cody! he never got his girl! london is so funny! it would be if dylan would have a crush on london in the show! but anyways i hope cody and stacy get together some day in a episode! but i love the twins and zack is just awesome! he is funny and did that whole thing to get money! haha
  • Really good episode

    I really liked this episode. Its one of my favorite Season 3 epiosdes so far. It was very funny. I liked when Zack kissed those two girls and they slapped him. That was funny. The singing men were kinda annoying especially when they didnt leave Carey alone. I didnt really care that Maddie was it in it. In this episode, while London is in Scotland, Zack and Cody rent out her suite so Stacie, a girl Cody likes, can have her sleepover birthday party. Then London comes home early and Zack, Cody, Nia try to distract London. In the subplot, four singing men come and wont leave Carey alone.
  • Another one of my favorites...

    Once again a classic Suite Life tale when Zack and Cody try to impress girls and something goes wrong, but that story line never gets old (to me at least)! I think it is so funny to see how the boys and Nia work out all of the problems that they create. I even thought some of the parts with Carey were funny. . . which usually never happens. My favorite part is when all of the entire cast is in London's suite and Nia, Zack, and Cody keep making up all these random lies to cover up the real story. I hope there are more funny episodes to come later in the season!
  • This episode is definitely one of the best.

    Sleepover Suite is one of the best episodes made so far. Season 3 is the best season so far because of this episode and many others. While London is away at Scotland, a girl from Zack and Cody's school named Stacie wants to have a slumber party at the Tipton for her birthday, but all of the rooms are unavailable, except for London's suite. Zack and Cody tel Stacie that she can have her slumber party in London's suite and Nia helps Zack and Cody. When London gets back, she says she loves slumber parties and they continue the party. Carey grounds the twins, and Moseby talks to Nia. I liked everything about this episode, but the singing men were annoying.
  • Cody will do anything for Stacy, like let her stay in London's suite!

    Once Cody finds out his crush Stacy has nowhere to host her slumber party, he tells her that Nia is in charge of the activities comity and that he can hook it up in London's suite. When they go to give the girls pizzas they run into London. So they tell her she has rat roaches up in her suite. Gullible London believes the whole thing and gets offered to sleep in Zack and Cody's suite. She cannot sleep so she goes in her suite to get her feather pillow. When she goes up one of the girls see her. Zack tells London she's here for the rat roaches. When the girl tries to say she was for the slumber party Zack kisses her. He says she may never come back but when another come out he kisses her as well. They both smack him. Then Mr. Moesby and Carey come in and Stacy tells London that Evona is her dog. Eventually, Zack and Cody tell them the truth and London says she loves slumber parties. So she hangs out with the girls but Zack and Cody get into trouble again.
  • To empress a girl named Stacie, and get a lot of money Zack, & Cody rent out London's Suite for Stacie's birthday party, with Mia (or Nia, whatever you call her) in charge. Everything goes crazy, until' Zack & Cody find out that London is back. Oh no, no!

    I loved this episode. One of the great episodes in TSLOZAC
    Season 3. It's really funny. The summarry tells a lot, from what happens: To empress a girl named Stacie, and get a lot of money Zack, & Cody rent out London's Suite for Stacie's birthday party, with Mia (or Nia, whatever you call her) in charge. Everything goes crazy, until' Zack & Cody find out that London is back. Oh no, no! It has been a great episode. I watched it with the DCGames. It was great. I just loved this episode. Don't you. And I'd want to watch this again sometime.
  • Zack and Cody rent out London's Suite while she is out of town so that Stacie, a cute girl from school can have a sleepover birthday party at the hotel.

    While London is away in Scotland, Zack, Cody, and Nia offer Stacey, a girl from school, to stay in London's suite for a Slumber Party. Cody has a Crush on Stacey. Zack and Cody are in for the money to fix a Statue of London, which they broke. Nia is in it for just they money, which she usually does. London comes back early from Scotland, so Zack, Cody, and Nia have to stop London from finding out a bunch of girls are having a Slumber Party in her Suite. Meanwhile, Carey is annoyed by a Quartet group at the Tipton for a Barber Shop Quartet Convention. This is one of the best episodes of the Suite Life. It was Hilarious. I hope future episodes are just like this one.
  • In a somewhat unfunny season 3 so far, this episode stands out as the best of the season.

    Season 3 for "The Suite Life" has been fun, but there's no episodes that really stand out to me. Season 1 was by far my favorite (with awesome episodes such as "Grounded on the 23rd Floor", "A Prom Story", and "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel"). Season 2 was still entertaining (with episodes such as "Miniature Golf", "Bowling", and "The Suite Life Goes Hollywood"), but it wasn't quite as good as the first season.

    Now, season 3 has began, and the episodes have been a little... unfunny. I still love the show, but it has been missing something that they had in season 1. However, the good news is that this episodes was much better than the others of Season 3. It was cleverly plotted, unlike the other ones. I laughed out loud a lot, and it was very enjoyable.

    Let's just hope that Season 3 contiunes with episodes like these! I can't wait for Maddie (Ashley Tisdale) to come back, because she is a huge part of the success of "The Suite Life".
  • Good episode, except for those annoying singing guys.

    Zack and Cody hold a slumber party for a girl that Cody likes, and they end up pulling it off. London even joins the party at the end of the episode. They were doing a good job of keeping London away from her suite, but some of the things they were saying was stupid. I mean rat roaches????? Overall, it was a great episode, I mean, Zack got to kiss two girls, and Cody did get a kiss from Stacey at the beginning, so they both had great times. The one thing I didn't like about this episode was those guys following Carey around the whole time. Man, they were annoying. I understand that all yall wanted to date her, I mean, who wouldn't want to date her with that new hairstyle she has going on?
  • The twins let some girls hold their slumber party in London'd suite. Meanwhile Carey is annoyed by a barbarshop quartet.

    While London is away the children will London's suite. Zack and Cody promise a girl she can hold her slumber birthday party in London's suite while she is away. In other words it's for money. Everything is going well until London returns early. So they have to keep her away from the girls, the girls away from her and Mr. Moseby away from everyone. They fail miserably and everyone is grounded. Also did anyone notice Stacies mom was a horrible actress. This is my new favorite episode. It was hilarious. I hope to see many more like this. Excellent.