The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 1 Episode 18

Smart & Smarterer

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 10, 2005 on Disney Channel
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After getting D's in Math, English, and Social Studies on his report card, Zack decides that he needs a way to get good grades without having to study. The next day at school, Zack makes friends with a new classmate named Bob who has dyslexia. He then decides that he can pretend to have dyslexia so he can have more time on both tests and reading. Meanwhile, London beats Maddie at chess, and soon Maddie becomes obsessed at beating London at chess. Also, Mr. Mosbey loses his voice while Esteban must find him a cure.moreless

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  • Zack has dyslexia

    When Zack gets a bad grade, he fakes dyslexia. Meanwhile, Moseby has a cold. This is perfect. Suite Life has picked up again. And London is surprisingly better than Maddie at chess. However, as a good chess player, I couldn't tell how either one moved their pieces. But still Disney Channel, this is a miracle!
  • The "BEST" episode of Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and the best Disney episode!

    Plot 1- Zack gets bad grades and fakes that he has "dsylexia", a learning disability, so that he doesn't have to work hard to get good grades.

    Plot 2- Maddie and London play a game of chess and London beats her. Now Maddie won't leave her alone until she beats her.

    Plot 3- (ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS) Mr Moseby loses his voice and Estaban brings him different types of medicine and cures from his country.

    The best SLOZAC episode. Definitely to me! I just love it too much. All three parts make me crack up. Estaban and Moseby were hilarious! Zack's teacher was awesome, Carey was great, Cody's facial expression just made me laugh and Bob's first episode, HE SHINES!

    Loads of comedy!

    Fav scenes

    1) Estaban impersonating Moseby

    2) Teacher reveals Zack has dyslexia

    3) The scene where Zack and Cody take use of Moseby losing his voice at the very start of the episode

    4) The teacher saying the word guilty and unconfident again and again

    and pretty much the wholemoreless
  • This was one of the best episodes ever but sadly I can't call it a favorite because Disney Channel never shows this episode anymore.

    Seriously, I can't understand why anyone would get the wrong idea about this episode or think that there was something wrong with it. It was one of the funniest episodes ever. Zack pretends to have dyslexia so he can get easy tests and easy homework and school work and so he can stay out of trouble for his bad grades. London beats Maddie at chess and Maddie becomes obsessed with beating London at the game. And Moseby gets sick and loses his voice and Estabon tries all types of crazy cures to help Moseby get better. All three of these stories were hilarious and all three of them worked so well. It's really sad that Disney Channel doesn't air this episode anymore. If they did I could easily say that this is my all time favorite episode.moreless
  • Zack gets bad grades on his report card. Zack pretends to have dyslexia. Maddie teaches London how to play chess and she keeps winning and that makes Maddie really mad. Meanwhile Mr.Moesby looses his voice and Esteban tries to find a cure for him.moreless

    A kid named Bob comes to Zack and Codys class that has dyslexia. Zack finds out information on dyslexia from Bob. After that Zack pretends to dyslexia. Later in the episode Zack is doing his homework and he asks Cody what is the capital of North Dakota and he says Bismark and then he asks what is the capital of South Dakota and he says Piere and Zack thanks Cody for doing his homework. In this episode it is shown that Zack uses Codys smartness against him and it is shown that Zack and London are both shown smart in this episode. I am really mad because Disney Channel banned this episode because they realized that they were making fun of people that have dyslexia. I really want to see this episode but I might never see this episode ever again.moreless
  • It was just good...

    Smart and Smarterer is an episode in which isn't on a lot. The last time it has been on TV was like more than a year ago. I just saw it on youtube and I thought it was just good. No great or bad, just good. It was a little funny. The subplot with London and Maddie playing chess was my favorite plot. They were funny. Zack pretends to be dyslexic so he can be treated better. But at the end, they find out that he lied. He does get in trouble. This was also the first appearance of Bob in the series.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • A part of this episode is in the opening credits (of Season Two): when Maddie and London say "No, it's not" with a hand gesture (right after they play charades).

    • If you go to the interview in the bonus features of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Taking Over the Tipton DVD, you could see that this episode, along with Commercial Breaks and Boston Holiday, were originally going to be put on the DVD, but got replaced by Odd Couples, Kisses and Basketball, and French 101 instead.

    • We find out that Zack and Cody are in the same class.

    • Goof: At the end after London let Maddie win a game of chess, she walks towards the exit of the hotel. But when Maddie realizes that London let her win and she starts challenging London to other games, then London goes to the elevator.

    • When Zack is talking to Bob for the first time about dyslexia, one sheet of his paper is across the whole of his desk and then when the shot changes the sheet is gone.

    • When Carey gives the boys ice cream, their bowls change from paper, to glass, to paper again.

    • Right as London and Maddie end their very last game of chess, you can see the elevator open. But no one was there inside or outside the elevator to open it.

    • When Zack throws the paper airplane, it lands in the lady's wig. But you can clearly see it lands on the floor far from the lady.

    • If Bob got moved up to regular classes at the beginning of the episode, why is he in the special class with Zack at the end?

    • When Esteban takes off Mr. Moseby's shoes to put the "fuzzy slippers of health" on his feet, he throws both of his shoes on the couch next to him. But when he tells him to jump up and down on one foot, one of his shoes can clearly be seen on top of the table, then disappears when he gives him the "drink of health."

    • When Esteban sits Mr. Moseby down on the chair to put on the "muffler of health" and "gloves of health", his feet are not on the table. However, when Esteban is about to put the "fuzzy slippers of health" on him, his feet are already on the table.

    • This is the first episode to show the inside of the twins' school.

    • During the scene where Carey is putting whipcream on the twins' desserts, the bowls change from a small bowl with a green outline to a larger bowl with no outline, then back to the small bowl once again.

    • If you look really closely, the video game box Zack is holding gets flipped over between shots.

    • When Esteban threw the hat of revenge on the floor, it wasn't there when the camera turned.

    • Esteban says that the gloves of health are gloves, but they are really mittens.

    • This episode was originally going to be called 'Smart and Smarter', but the Simpsons already used that title once.

  • QUOTES (42)

    • Esteban: Mr. Moseby? Did you try my suggestion to cure your cold?
      Mr. Moseby: Esteban, I am not rubbing chicken fat on my chest!
      Esteban: Not chicken fat. A fat chicken.

    • Bob: I have what is called dyslexia.
      Zack: Is it contagious?

    • London: Now Mr. Pointy Head is staring right at your kingy thingy.
      Maddie: Oh no! That means checkmate!
      London: Is that good?
      Maddie: No, not for me! That means you beat me!
      London: So?
      Maddie: I refuse to lose to someone who calls the bishop Mr. Pointy Head!
      London: Which one is the bishop?
      Maddie: MR. POINTY HEAD!!!
      London: See it's catching on!

    • Zack: Nope...its a mystery completly un-solvable.
      (Moseby opens paper airplane)
      Moseby: Zack Martin.
      Zack: Unless you do that.

    • Zack: I'll just tell her it's from the both of always works on her birthday!

    • Carey: Zack, if Cody got a report card that means you have one too.
      Zack: You would think so wouldn't you. And I was just as surprised as you.
      Carey: ZACK.

    • Carey: Cody stop teasing you brother. Boy .. that felt weird.

    • London: Ooh charades.
      Maddie: I love charades.
      Mr. Moseby: (Points to eyes)
      Maddie, London, Esteban: I...
      Mr. Moseby: (Points to knees)
      Maddie, London, Esteban: Need...
      Mr. Moseby: (Holds up two fingers)
      Maddie, London, Esteban: To...
      Mr. Moseby: (Claps hands at the left and right)
      Maddie, London, Esteban: DANCE! (Starts dancing)
      Mr. Moseby: (Points thumbs back)
      Maddie, London, Esteban: OH! (Start dancing with pointing thumbs back)
      Mr. Moseby: (Stomps)
      Maddie, London, Esteban: OH! (Start moon walking)

    • Zack: Just do me a favor. Don't mention the report cards for like... ever.
      Cody: Okay.
      (Cody opens the door)
      Carey: Hey guys. What's new?
      Cody: Report cards! Oops, slipped out.
      Zack: (Mimics Cody)

    • Maddie: How about a quick game of checkers?
      London: No!
      Maddie: Chinese checkers?
      London: Mu shi shi yay. That means no in Chinese.
      Maddie: Well then how about a quick game of guess what color I'm thinking of?
      London: Blue!
      Maddie: Darn!

    • Esteban: (Running into the hotel) Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. (Sees Mr. Moseby) Oh, no.
      (Mr. Moseby rings bell, angrily)
      Esteban: Oh, dear. That is your angry bell face. Oh! Do you want me to yell at another staff member? Who is it? I shall be ruthless. (Reading Mr. Moseby's note, gasps) "You were late again... Esteban." Oh...

    • Esteban: (About Mr. Moseby) And he wants to write something down because he cannot speak. Which wouldn't have happened if he tried my Grandma Estebina's voice cure, but would he listen to me? Nooo... Now, this articulate man with his mastery of the English language is reduced to relying on me to convey his most intricate thoughts. (Reading Mr. Moseby's note) "Shut up, Esteban."

    • London: (Picking up a chess piece) Maddie, what are these do-hickeys? Are they expensive, and do I want to buy them?
      Maddie: No, these are chess pieces. It's a game that's been played for 5,000 years.
      London: Well, then, someone should have won already.

    • Zack: But before you read it, you should know that there's some good news and some bad news. The bad news is, is that I got D's in Math, English, and Social Studies.
      Carey: And what's the good news?
      Zack: I'm outta bad news.

    • Cody: I can't believe you're fooling everyone with this whole dyslexic scam. It won't work, you know.
      Zack: A) I don't know what you're talking about, and B) Oh, yes it will!
      Cody: How did you pull this off?
      Zack: I got some of the dyslexic info I needed from Bob, and did the rest of the research at the library.
      Cody: I thought you hit rock bottom when you got Chelsea Swartzman to give you her pudding by telling her it was made by elves, who were chained to giant vats!

    • Cody: Don't you feel bad?
      Zack: Actually, I do.
      Cody: Really?
      Zack: No!

    • Cody: Wow and I thought dyslexics had trouble reading.
      Carey: They do Cody.
      Cody: All I'm saying is that he flew through the flames of Argon pretty quickly there.

    • Cody: How do you look yourself in the mirror?
      Zack: You're right. I feel lousy.
      Cody: You do?
      Zack: No!

    • Mr. Moseby: (Coughing) Now, since you two have arrived at my hotel, you have been nothing but a... (Loses voice)
      Zack: A delight?
      Cody: A bundle of youthful energy, whose spirit has breathed life into this stodgy, old place?
      Zack: And to say thank you, you want to reward us with free sundaes?!
      Cody: Thanks, Mr. Moseby, you're the best!

    • Cody: Oooooh Zachary!!!
      Carey: I'm very disappointed in you.
      Cody: Oooooh disappointed!!!
      Zack: Oooooh shut up!!!

    • Cody: (Talking to Zack) And yet you haven't remembered my birthday ever, and we're twins.

    • Cody: Told you this would blow up in your face! Now you have to do the work all by your self. With no one to help you. Just you and you alone!
      Zack: Oh yeah? Well If you're so smart, than what's the capitol or North Dakota?
      Cody: That's easy, Bismark!
      Zack: But I thought Bismark was the capitol of South Dakota.
      Cody: No, that's Pierre.
      Zack: Well, what's the capitol of Wyoming?
      Cody: Cheyenne.
      Zack: Thanks, you just finished my homework!

    • Zack: Test! How can there be a test?! Didn't we just get our report cards? Isn't there some downtime before we have to start "learning" again? Why do they keep shoving knowledge down our throats?
      Cody: Um, it's school?

    • Cody: I want Mom to see my report card.
      Zack: How do you live with yourself?
      Cody: I don't. I live with you, and believe me, it's no picnic.

    • Zack: Check it out, Bob! An A! I can't wait for our next test! Zack, did you really say that? Yes, Zack, I did.
      Bob: Should I be afraid of you?

    • Maddie: Checkmate! Uh-heh! I win! All hail Maddie, Queen of Chess!

    • Maddie: Chess is an intellectual game. And you're.... not!

    • Mr. Forgess: I'll tell you what. Why don't you come by my office after school, and we'll see what's going on.
      Zack: Thanks Mr. Forgess! For the first time in my life I feel like there's hope!

    • Cody: Have you no shame?
      Zack: You're right. I feel terrible.
      Cody: Really?
      Zack: Nope.

    • Cody: Don't you have any homework?
      Zack: Sure. But Mr. Forgess says to only do as much as we can.
      Cody: You haven't even tried.
      Zack: Okay. (Picks up notebook then throws it on ground) I'm stumped!

    • (Mr. Moseby falls to the ground and faints)
      Esteban: I guess I should have given him the Pillow of Health first.

    • Mr. Forgess: It is quite natural to feel guilty. But, I mean, it's not good to feel too guilty, but a little guilty is normal. I mean, you shouldn't feel guily about not feeling guilty. Is the word guilty starting to sound weird to you?
      Carey and Zack: A little.

    • London: Maybe I'm a little more intellectualer than you thunk.

    • Mr. Forgess: Are you sure you're ready? I mean, it's not like I don't have confidence in you, but it's more important that you have confidence in you. Do you have confidence in you? Is the word confidence starting to sound a little weird to you?
      Bob: A little. Yah, and I think you should cut down on the caffeine.

    • Zack: I don't like to talk about it. It makes me feel bad about myself. You know, "unconfident."

    • London: How many times do we have to play this game?
      Maddie: Until I win!
      London: By then the dinosaurs will be extinct.

    • Zack: Mom, Cody's making me feel bad.
      Carey: Cody, stop picking on Zack. Boy, that sounded odd.

    • Mr. Moseby: Do I by any chance smell?
      Esteban: Oh, yes. Like a dead horse in August.

    • Zack: You guys got it easy. Right?
      Bob: Yah. The jumbo letters, the ridicule, the inability to sink a free throw.
      Mr. Forgess: Uh, dyslexia doesn't effect your basketball ability.
      Bob: Yah, I know, but I was on a role.

    • Zack: "Onesupozondorfblanasher?"
      Bob: And this guy got an A?
      Zack: This makes no sense.
      Mr. Forgess: Oh, I'm sorry. Here, I meant to give you this.
      Zack: "Once upon a time, when the father of our country was a little boy." Oh! This makes a lot more sense!

    • Esteban: The Hat of Revenge? How did that get in there?

    • Esteban: And now, the Muffler of Health. The gloves of health. Oh, you are going to love this one Mr. Moseby! The Fuzzy Slippers of Health! (Puts the clothing on Mr. Mosbey)

  • NOTES (12)

    • This episode was removed from the US on December 15, 2007, as that was the last date this episode aired. It got removed because of allegations of insensitivity towards individuals with dyslexia.

    • This is Bob's first apearance.

    • This is the only episode that says that Bob is Dyslexic. You don't hear this in any other episode.

    • Both Zack and London are shown as smart in this episode. London keeps beating Maddie at a game that requires smarts (according to Maddie) and Zack is shown as smart in the running gag in this episode where Cody asks if he feels bad which Zack replies with actually he does followed by Cody saying really and it ends with Zack saying no. Cody helps Zack with his homework by accident as he uses Cody's smartness against him.

    • We see here that Cody is a "good little chiseler", since he received an "A", but in the episode "Books and Birdhouses", he was terrible in the class and got a "C" for his work.

    • Zack and Cody's hair has grown slightly in this episode because it was the 25th episode to be produced.

    • A running gag in this episode is Zack telling Cody he feels terrible about the situation when asked about it, but then telling him "no" afterwards.

    • London learns about chess in this episode, and is apparently very good at it.

    • Esteban's grandmother's name is "Estebina."

    • There are, for once, two main sub-plots.

    • Mr. Moseby is sick in this episode and catches laryngitis. However, he regains his voice about halfway through the episode.

    • This episode made its debut as part of Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Marathon on Oct. 10, 2005.


    • Mr. Moseby (after he is cured) greets the guests Mrs. Cleaver and Mr. Cunningham - both of which are reference to old TV Land sitcom characters June Cleaver (Leave it to Beaver) and Howard Cunningham (Happy Days). He even mentions that Mr. Cunningham has a son named Richie just like on Happy Days.

    • Title: Smart and Smarterer could be an allusion of the episode name of The Simpson's Smart and Smarter.

    • Title: Smart & Smarterer The title is a spoof of the title from the movie Dumb and Dumberer.