The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 2

Summer of Our Discontent

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jun 30, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Zack becomes Cody

    Zack goes to summer school and finds he is the smartest kid there. But because of this, he is bullied by this. Meanwhile, Cody looks for a job at the local shopping mart but will only get it if he can land the owner a date with London. It was good. This may be the first time where Zack and Cody are in separate plots.
  • Absolutely awesome!

    Season 3 didn't disappoint yet. It had great moments in this episode and I loved seeing Zack being portrayed as a "smart" guy in this episode and Cody being more of a "dumb" kid. It was great to see Zack and Cody have different plots in this episode. Absolutely fantastic episode, especially all the times Zack got tied up and the "interview/date" with London was magic!

    Another awesome episode!
  • It was not the best episode of the series. Zack goes to summer school and finds out he is the smartest kid in class. Meanwhile, Cody tries to arrange a "date" and "interview" between Wayne and London.

    This episode has two main plots, instead of episodes having a dominant plot and a sub plot. Zach begins summer school, and may I say most of the kids in that class are pretty much dumb as a post. In fact, they're so dumb they make Zack the smartest kid in school. Wow! isn't that wonderful? not for Zach who gets wedged not two but three times.Ouch! and whats up with that Brick guy? isn't he supposed to be in high school, four years in summer school, you are a retard.Actually that class is full of below average under achievers, in actuality it's different. Cody tries to arrange a date/interview for Wayne and London. This is because Wayne promises Cody if and only if he goes out with London, but London thinks it's an interview and is unaware that it is actually a date.One thing to express Wayne, weird,he couldn't get a girlfriend if he tried. When London finds out it's really a date she freaks out and leaves Wayne very angry. Turns out Cody gets the job anyway. Therefore, this is a filler episode because of the limited time in the hotel. The only thing that comes close is the beginning when Cody and Mr.Moseby are talking,and we meet the new candy counter girl,Millicent. Still a good episode but not even close to great.
  • its was okay Zack becomes a nerd lol cody looks for a job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

    well cody a job and he can get one at a local minemart if he can get London on a date with him zack to summer and is the smaritest one this was an episode the writes did a good job 1 ! ! ! funny funny funny it was well ploted the Zack part was funny Cody was okay London goes out to Maddies camp to get her but when the crash London plane there all stuck in the end Cody gets the job Zack stop's getting picked on and my Maddie London subplot is wrong lol!
  • Zack becomes a nerd

    Cody searches for a summer job, and finds a "help wanted" sign at the local mini-mart. When the owner realizes Cody is friends with London, he will hire Cody if he will set him up on a date with her. In oredr to get London to agree he tells her that a magazine whats an interview with her. Since Cody got the owner a date with London he hires Cody as an employee at the mini-mart. Meanwhile Zack has to go to summer school in order to pass an english class while there Zack discovers he is the smartest student in his summer-school class and all the other kids make fun of him. When the other kids finally want to pass Zack tutors them and they all do well. Then the teacher makes the work harder and Zack gets picked on again.
  • writtin well

    in this episode zack has to go to summer school because he did not pass language arts
    zack is the "nerd" in summer school he doesn't want to have to do the 8th grade over again so he realizes he has to do summer school and do it the best he can
    in this episode zack gets a couple major wedgies because hes the nerd the wedgies are kind of funny even though zack is doing good
    mean while cody goes on a job hunt to get he sets up wayne with london london thinks he is a reporter but he is actually not he is a yucky vice manager at boston's paul riavier market and london freaks out and wayne freaks out also but somehow cody works his way to get a job at his store
  • Really funny

    Cody searches a job at a local mini mart. The manager of the mini mart wouldn't give him a job, but when he realizes that Cody is close to London, he asks Cody to set up a date with him in exchange for a job. Zack attends summer school, it turns out that his the smartest among the poor performing kids. Zack gets teased as a nerd and his classmates give him a really hard time. It's a really funny episode. Cody's story looked so funny, Zack's time in summer school just looks equally funny. This episode really made me laugh, I can't wait for the next one.
  • I thought it was excellent!

    I always thought Cody would be the one to get wedgies instead of Zack. But I loved it! I loved the series as it is and I think season three is much better than the other 2 seasons. I always knew there would be at least one wedgie in the series but I always thought it would be Cody. Finally, it shows Cody get a job while Zack is stuck in boring summer school. I loved the change that Zack is finally the one who gets bullied because you would never think of it. Thank you for that episode! Bye!
  • this episode was great.

    the episode was was really funny when zack got a wedge 3 times for being a nerd and a geek.the manger of the supermarket is really funny.he acted really well.cerey was really funny when she got detetion with zack and she want suppose to.londo is really dumd she really felt for the interview when cody was actully laying the the manger felt for it too.the teacher was really funny as well as the students.the girl looked kind of ugly.the girl in the classroom.this episode is great.i love moseby did great as it.this episode was great.i would like to see this episode again.
  • Zack is horrified to be attending summer school, but is strangely excited to discover that he is the smartest student in his class. Meanwhile, Cody lies to London in order to persuade her to go out with the manager of a store that he wants a job at.

    This episode continues the dilemma of Zack not graduating from the eighth grade and having to go to high school. This episode also did not have Ashley Tisdale in it. Overall, this episode was pleasing and virtuous. The moral of the episode is reflected by a poem by Robert Frost, which is indeed an important life lesson. Zack discovering it is very insightful and heroic, which made this episode great. However, the other plot where Cody attempts to get London to go on a date with Wayne is not nearly as good. The only adequate part about that storyline was the dinner, which was downright hilarious. In conclusion, this episode was wise and humorous.
  • Zack find out summer school isn't all fun and games. London goes out on a date with a manager without her consent.

    This episode is good, but not the best in the series though. Zack has to go to summer school, but is pressured into goofing off or face being bullied. He eventually stands up for himself and studies in which his fellow students soon follow. Cody want's a job but his boss won't hire him until he gets a date with London Tipton. Cody scemes a plan in which Wayne thinks he's on a date while London thinks she's on a magazine interview. The waste hits the fan, but Cody still gets the job. A good filler episode. But nothing more.
  • This episode was great......

    I can’t believe that Zack is smarter in summer school. That does not make any sense! When Zack go to school then why he always gets bad grade? And he went to summer school then become smarter. I was laugh so hard everyone is dumb and acting like weirdo. Wow I can’t believe that Zack getting a wedige for 3rd time! I thought he was never getting a wedige or be nerd. I know Cody is nerd. I think this episode kinda weirdo because Zack and Cody have no scenes together.
  • Cody looks for a summer job while Zack is stuck in summer school.

    This was the first episode I've seen of the third season, and when I saw Carey's new hair-do, I almost screamed. Not that it was ugly, its just her hair has always been spiky for more than two years, and when she changes it, it is kinda weird for the first few days or weeks. But anyway, about the episode, it was awesome. Cody searches for a summer job, and I thought it would of been cool if Cody actually got a job at the Tipton Hotel. It would be so awesome. About Zack getting a wedige, I thought it was weird how he got one first. I always imagined Cody would get a wedgie first, but no, it was actually Zack!
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