The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 4

Super Twins

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 13, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Zack and Cody wish for superhero powers when they see a shooting star. Their wish comes true and they learn that Mr. Moseby is their villain, who wants to turn all kids into miniature adults.

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  • I didn't like it

    Zack and Cody wish upon a star to become superheroes, and succeed, but find out that Moseby is their arch nemesis and his minions are Arwin and Esteban. And they capture Maddie. Lame. Now I know why people criticize Season 3.
  • Zack and Cody, the SUPERHEROES

    Why people hate this one so much, I personally thought it was another good one from the "downhill" Season 3. Zack and Cody. It was a great Season 3 episode. The story was interesting and as usual Phil Lewis was AWESOME as the super-villain.

    Funny episode- One of the few good ones from this season
  • stranded in dinosaur era

    am i the only one that thought when they ran back in time to the dinosaur era that they wouldn't have powers and would have been stranded there? and after zack rescued maddie the girls could have still tied her up and bury her in the ant hill

  • Bad

    OK, so this episode aired on "Wish Gone Amiss" weekend on Disney Channel, where this show, Hannah Montana, and Cory in the House all had a dream come true but stuff would go wrong. OK, Hannah Montana... wishes she were always Hannah Montana. Cory in the House... wishes he was President. The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody... wishes they were superheroes?! Sorry, it's too unrealistic. The other wishes actually made sense for their shows but this one was so out of the blue, which ruins it, and it simply was not funny with a lame plot. One of their worstsmoreless
  • Zack andy Cody make wishes to have sup powers, and get pulled into one of the most bizarre episodes in the series.

    This was one of three Disney crossover episodes where the stars of two of its top shows and one of its worst shows (we know which one) get wishes. Of them, Hannah possibly got the best one, but Cody and Zack had the funniest and most bizarre with every sort of stupid "super-hero" trait ridiculed. They get to be super-heroes, not realizing to be super-heroes they are required to have a villain, and Moseby's eccentric frustration with kids leads to him wanting to age all kids into mini-adults. Every superhero cliche is explored and exaggerated with Esteban and Arwin becoming inept minions, and Moseby getting even more frustrated. There is a nice touch where Cody has his mental powers increased to include telepathy and telekinesis and Zack has his physical ability increased to include speed but not superhuman strength (although he might have super-heling). Moseby gets various eye visions (red is heat, violet is tactile used for tickling, yellow is mind control, blue reverts kids to minor adults...). Shame Maddie didn't get to be a superhero; she'd been wonderful as a Supergirl-spoof having to save Cody and Zack from themselves and the idiotic plot, but she and Carey have to be victims. In all, it's not a great episode, but the cast seems to have fun.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Zack reads at a third-grade level.

    • Zack telling Cody to give Mr. Moseby a wedgie, he said tell Kenesis to give him a wedgie.

    • Zack reportedly carries Cody back in time to the Late Cretaceous when New York was a desert with a Tyrannosaurus Rex nearby. This is unlikely since at that time the land under New York was under water and tyrannosauruses roamed what is now the Pacific Northwest.

    • This episode was marked as a unofficial crossover. This is because three shows, Suite Life, Hannah Montana, and Cory in the House wished on the same shooting star.

    • It's pointed out that the employees at the Tipton hotel call Mr. Moseby The "Meanager" behind his back.

    • This is the second time Carey has said the Spider Man line; "With great power comes great responibilites'. The first time was in season two in Scary Movie.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Maddie: So let me get this straight: Moseby is a supervillain, and you're his evil minion, sent to kidnap me? That is the silliest thing I've ever heard!
      Esteban: Silence, captive!
      Maddie: On second thought, that is the silliest thing I've ever heard!

    • (Cody uses his powers down at the lobby with London)
      London: (thinking while walking) Left, right, blink, breath, uu, twightly light bowl, ( acts as if she couldn't breath) breath! skip, skip, skip, skip.

    • Zack: This looks like a job for- (spins really fast to change clothes) Quick Guy!
      Cody: And- (opens his shirt to show the symbol of his costume that says BM) Brain Man!
      Arwin: BM?
      Cody: Why didn't you say anything?
      Zack: I didn't notice. (turns away and starts giggling)

    • Cody: OK, now I'm ready.
      Zack: It's about time.
      Cody: (uses his telekinesis to throw the bell to Arwin)
      Arwin: Aw!
      Esteban: Coming sir!
      Arwin: Stupid telekinesis. (crying)

    • Esteban: So, what are you wanna do with the adulterfier?
      Mr. Moseby: It's going to magnify my green ray.
      Bob: (to Zack & Cody) Hey guys. What are you playing? Hide and seek?
      Zack & Cody: Szzz!
      Mr. Moseby: I'll show you.
      Cody: Bob, get down! (Mr. Moseby uses his green ray on Bob, he becomes an mini adult, wearing suit) Bob, are you Okay?
      Bob: My name's Robert.
      Esteban: Ah, the green ray make suit.
      Arwin: The nice suit tool!

    • Arwin: Haaa… hi, Mr. Moseby. What's up?
      Mr. Moseby: I need you to build me an evil ray gun to many fight my evil powers.
      Arwin: OK, but you need to fill out this work's request form first.
      Mr. Moseby: Forms? I don't fill out forms. I'm the meanager!
      Arwin: Oh, you found out about your nickname.
      Mr. Moseby: What nickname?
      Arwin: Never mind.
      Mr. Moseby: Just do what I say or I use my laser powers on you.
      Arwin: Oh, no. What did they do?
      Mr. Moseby: Well, blue is a freeze ray.
      Arwin: Oh, come on, there is no such thing as a freeze…(Mr. Moseby has used his blue ray on him)
      Arwin: Thank you!
      Mr. Moseby: And purple is, well, frankly, I don't know what purple does.
      Arwin: (being tickled by the purple ray) Ha ha ha, tickle. Stop, stop it! OK, so what are you gonna use the ray gun for?
      Mr. Moseby: To many fight my ability, to drop kids and turning them into mini adults.
      Arwin: Gasp, I won't do it! (Moseby using his orange ray on him) OK, I'll do it, but you still have to fill in the form. (points to the form)

    • Zack: Look, man I'm gonna go swipe some doughnuts from the kitchen real quick, I'll be back in a nano second.
      Cody: No, you can only use your power for good.
      Zack: Doughnuts are good! (tends to go but Cody uses his telekinesis to take off Zack's pants, so he falls down to the ground).
      Moseby: (passes by) Zack, pull on your pants. Cody, keep your pants on.

    • Maddie: Now Jasmine, you need to find a healthy way to get your anger out. So when you are upset, try hitting this pillow.
      Jasmine: (hit the pillow very hard so Maddie gets hurt)
      Maddie: …after I put it down (her cell phone is ringing) Hello?
      Zack: You will never believe what happened to me, I wish upon the star and got super sonic speed!
      Maddie: What are you gonna do with it? Deliver pizzas in under hour? Wait, hold on Zack (to Jasmine) where are you going?
      Jasmine: (picking up the pillow with her) I'm going to use this to get over my anger at Amy. Hey, Amy, hold this pillow in front of your face.
      Maddie: Jasmine wait, gotta go Zack!

    • Cody: This stinks!
      Zack: Yeah, when you are kids, you have no power.
      Zack: Look! A shooting star!
      Cody: Quick! Close you eyes and make a wish.
      Zack & Cody: I wish I had super powers!
      Zack & Cody: Good wish!
      Cody: Well, do you feel any different?
      Zack: No. Wait, I feel power! It's swelling inside me, it's building, it's growing, it's … (he passes gas) No, it's just gas.

    • Mr. Moseby: Let me get the limo for you. Ah … (he falls down because of bicycles are parking in font of the hotel) Zack, Cody!
      Bob: Didn't hear Bob, see ya!
      Mr. Moseby: (to the customers) Excuse me! (to Zack and Cody) I have told you repeatedly not to park you bikes in front of my hotel. Now, I'm come for skating them.
      Cody: What kind of you that drive you to that?
      Mr. Moseby: I'm bigger than you.
      Zack: Well, not might much.

    • Zack: (thinking about sock) I'll just take a pair from Cody. Cody: You will not! Zack: (speaking) I will not what? Cody: You said you were going to take my socks. Zack: Well, I didn't say it, I thought it. (thinking) Ah, It's like he read my mind. Cody: Because I did read your mind! Zack: Oh, what am I thinking now? Cody: You took $5 from my wallet? Zack:I was going to give it back! Cody: No you weren't! Zack: Wow, you CAN read minds. Cody: I guess my wish came true! I have super-powers! Zack: Well, I made the same wish, but I can't read your mind. Cody: You can barely read a book. Zack:Hey, maybe I have the power to fly! (goes on his bed and tries to fly) Up, up, and- (jumps off bed and tries to fly) down. (Carey comes into the room) Carey: Good morning. What- Cody: Blueberry. Carey: How did you know I was going to ask what kind of pancakes you wanted? Zack: Because he has super- (Cody covers his mouth) Cody: -sensitivy to his mommy! (Carey opens her mouth to speak) Yes, we'll make our beds. Lucky guess. Zack: Why didn't you tell her about your super powers? Cody: Because your not supposed to tell. It's one of the basic rules of being a super-hero. Zack: Well, do you know what I think should be a rule? That if one twin gets a super-power, the other should too. Cody: Yeah, just make your bed. And no, I'm not gonna make it for you. (Zack makes his bed super-fast) Zack: Wow, I have super speed! You know, chicks love super-heros. I'm gonna call Maddie! (picks up cell phone) Cody: No you won't! (takes telephone with telekinesis) Cool! I have telekinesis! Zack: Wow! You have the power to move telephones with your mind? Cody: Hey, you're still thinking about calling- (Zack takes phone) Maddie.

    • Arwin: Ooh, if I had a monkey, I'd name him Bill!

    • Zack: (Cody reading a girl's mind) Hey why are you staring at that chick? You got X-ray vision, didn't you? Cody: I'm reading her mind. Zack: What's she thinking? Cody: She's wondering why I'm staring at her.

    • Mr. Moseby: (laughs evilly) It's good to be the Meanager!
      Esteban: Oh, you found out about your nickname.
      Mr. Moseby: What nickname?!
      Esteban: Never mind.

    • Mr. Moseby: Since I know you don't read my memos, you may not be aware that I am now a super-villain. And I have decided to make you my evil minion.
      Esteban: (gasps) Never! (pauses) What is a minion?
      Mr. Moseby: It means, henceforth, you will do whatever I say.
      Esteban: Oh, I do that now.

    • (Talking in a Rhythm)
      Zack: I'm gonna take your machine!
      Mr. Moseby: No you're not!
      Zack: Who's gonna stop me!
      Arwin and Esteban: That would be us!

  • NOTES (7)

    • This episode premeired on Disney Channel Australia on April 25, 2008.

    • Zack claims that Moseby must have made a wish for powers too, but that is highly unlikely since Moseby in the past doesn't care for childish fantasies. It is far more likely his powers are a side result of Zack and Cody's wish for super-powers due to a cosmic balance to grant them a worthy nemesis.

    • Zack and Cody get powers connected to their personalities. While Cody's powers are mental (telepathy and telekinesis), Zack's physical strength increases, but only in his legs, not allowing him to have superhuman strength, but his leg strength should be able to kick things quite far. His mental acuity has obviously increased to be able to perceive his perceptions at high speed (although he claimed he still read at a third grade level) and he probably had superhuman hearing, since he heard a girl say he was cute when he should have been really far from Maddie's cabin.

    • Mr. Moseby has five laser powers when he supposedly wishes on the shooting star. He can create a blue beam as a freeze ray, a red beam as a heat ray, a purple beam as a tactile beam (used to tickle people), a yellow beam as a hypnotic ray (used to control and manipulate others to his wishes) and a green beam to age children into mini-adults or convert adults back to childhood.

    • London names her diamonds. Her favorite diamond is named Tina.

    • Holly's 4th appearance
      Leah's 3rd appearance
      Jasmine's 3rd appearance
      Amy's 3rd appearance

    • This episode aired as part of Disney Channel's Wish Gone Amiss Weekend.


    • Pinocchio

      When Zack tells Maddie "I've wished upon a star and got supersonic powers". This what Geppetto did to wish for a real boy on the 1940 animated movie Pinocchio.

    • Up, up, and... down

      Though this is an allusion to the Disney Channel movie Up, Up, and Away, it was used first in the old Superman Forties radio series to indicate to listeners when Superman was flying. Superman is a copyrighted character of DC Comics.

    • The plot where Zack spins around fast to make the world rotate backwards and turn back time is an allusion to the 1978 film, Superman, in which Superman flew around the Earth to make time go backwards in order to save Lois Lane.

    • Carey's line, "With super power comes super responsibility" is an allusion to the 2002 movie, Spider-Man, which had the line, "With great power comes great responsibility."