The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 4

Super Twins

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Jul 13, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • I didn't like it

    Zack and Cody wish upon a star to become superheroes, and succeed, but find out that Moseby is their arch nemesis and his minions are Arwin and Esteban. And they capture Maddie. Lame. Now I know why people criticize Season 3.
  • Zack and Cody, the SUPERHEROES

    Why people hate this one so much, I personally thought it was another good one from the "downhill" Season 3. Zack and Cody. It was a great Season 3 episode. The story was interesting and as usual Phil Lewis was AWESOME as the super-villain.

    Funny episode- One of the few good ones from this season
  • stranded in dinosaur era


    am i the only one that thought when they ran back in time to the dinosaur era that they wouldn't have powers and would have been stranded there? and after zack rescued maddie the girls could have still tied her up and bury her in the ant hill

  • Bad

    OK, so this episode aired on "Wish Gone Amiss" weekend on Disney Channel, where this show, Hannah Montana, and Cory in the House all had a dream come true but stuff would go wrong. OK, Hannah Montana... wishes she were always Hannah Montana. Cory in the House... wishes he was President. The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody... wishes they were superheroes?! Sorry, it's too unrealistic. The other wishes actually made sense for their shows but this one was so out of the blue, which ruins it, and it simply was not funny with a lame plot. One of their worsts
  • Zack andy Cody make wishes to have sup powers, and get pulled into one of the most bizarre episodes in the series.

    This was one of three Disney crossover episodes where the stars of two of its top shows and one of its worst shows (we know which one) get wishes. Of them, Hannah possibly got the best one, but Cody and Zack had the funniest and most bizarre with every sort of stupid "super-hero" trait ridiculed. They get to be super-heroes, not realizing to be super-heroes they are required to have a villain, and Moseby's eccentric frustration with kids leads to him wanting to age all kids into mini-adults. Every superhero cliche is explored and exaggerated with Esteban and Arwin becoming inept minions, and Moseby getting even more frustrated. There is a nice touch where Cody has his mental powers increased to include telepathy and telekinesis and Zack has his physical ability increased to include speed but not superhuman strength (although he might have super-heling). Moseby gets various eye visions (red is heat, violet is tactile used for tickling, yellow is mind control, blue reverts kids to minor adults...). Shame Maddie didn't get to be a superhero; she'd been wonderful as a Supergirl-spoof having to save Cody and Zack from themselves and the idiotic plot, but she and Carey have to be victims. In all, it's not a great episode, but the cast seems to have fun.
  • Zack and Cody wish on a shooting star and their wish comes true but it goes amiss.

    This episode was probably the best and only really good episode was like episodes of lots of Disney shows: nice the first time watching, but boring the rest of the times. It was pretty funny and cool the first time, but when I watched it again I thought the same way I did about any other episodes. It was actually pretty corny and the storyline was unrealistic. Disney's so called "action" was ruined with lots of lame jokes. This episode also had terrible acting, as usual. However, this episode sitll had a little but of excitment the second and third times watching it, but eventually it will seem just as stupid as the rest of the episodes
  • Not my favorite episode.

    at one point in the episode when cody rips off his over covering and shows his costume. everyone starts laughing at his abreviations, "BM", what is that supposed to mean anyway. Zack starts laughing. Trying to make it like something funny when he sounds like a retard "Bafa Bha ha ha, I didnt notice," very weird. Comedy....not like it used to be.k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k so i hope you understand........ . . . . . .
  • Super Twins?

    Um, yyyeeeaaahhh... I didn't really enjoy this episode much. I mean, if they're gonna do an episode like this can they at least have more realistic special effects? I mean, when Zack runs super-speed was really fake, and the shooting star was really fake, too. I've seen an actual shooting star. It goes way faster than it goes in this episode. The sky was fake, too. Come on, Disney Channel, can't you raise the budget a little bit? Or alot? Look at Drake and Josh...they have realistic stuff. The ending so called "battle" was kinda funny, not that adventerous. I mean, I laughed when London called her diamond, "Tina" but I've seen this episode so many times because they show it too many times. 7/10 for me. They could have made it better.
  • Really cheesy

    In the episode, Super Twins, Zack and Cody wish for super powers when they see a shooting star. Their wish came true and Mr. Moseby turns into a villain. Super Twins was a really cheesy episode. The special effects were cheesy too, but all of Disney Channel's special effects are cheesy. It doesn't really make sense either. Were they dreaming or what? And come, on what 14 year-old boys is going to wish for super powers. the plot was kinda dumb and unrealistic too. This is defintely one of my least favorite episodes of season 3. I usually change the channel when it's on.
  • a cool episode

    Ack and Cody wish upon a shooting star for super powers after Mr. Moseby takes their bikes. The next morning Zack and Cody recieve super powers Zack gets super speed and Cody recieves telepathy and telekinisis. Also Moseby gets powers he uses for evil. His powers are freeze ray, a heat ray, a tactile beam (used to tickle people), a hypnotic ray and a power to age children into mini-adults. When Arwin deveolpes a ray that will inhance Moseby's powers so that he can change all children to adults. Zack and Cody must intervine and save not only all the kids but Maddie and their mom from Moseby's evil minions.
  • was a great episode

    the episode super twins of the suite life of zack and cody was one of personal favorite eoisodes it was so good. the boys wish upon a shooting star and they both wish they get super powers. the next morning. when zack and cody wake up cody relizes that he can read minds. then he finds out like a minute later he has telecanesis. zack is mad because he wished for super powers also. sooner than later zack finds out that he has super speed. then the boys soon find out that mr. mosbey is a villan and is trying to turn all kids into mini adults. can the boys stop mr.mosbey. this is a great episode all suite life fans should watch this episode
  • Zack and Cody wish they had super powers just for fun. But soon learn they have responsibilty.

    Part of Wish Gone amiss Weekend this was the best of the three episodes. Zack and Cody wish for superpowers. Zack can run at super speeds while Cody can read minds. But Mr. Moseby is plotting his revenge against children by turning them into miniature adults. It's up to the twins to save Carey and Maddie from the henchmen....Esteban and Arwin. And stop Moseby from taking London's diamond.....Cheryl and complete his mission. Luckily they do and just like in the phone booth episode they all forget it ever happened. But it's still enjoyable. Bob was hilarious as an old man.
  • The show was very cute and very funny.

    Between Disney's entire trio of wish upon a star shows tonight, I have to admit this one was my favorite. Zack and Cody are becoming great actors and they can still do it will their adorable charm. I loved their super-powers because each one wore their power so well and so proud. It blew me away when I realized Moesby not only had super powers, but he was a super-villain. Now that was befitting for the MAN. This show was fun,laughable and enjoyable, in which that is exactly what I have learned to expect from this series. I look forward too many more episodes of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody".
  • This episode was kind of unrealistic.

    I'm serious. I have to admit the episode was funny, so what? The plot was kind of unrealistic. They had all these goofy things happening, and out of the four episodes so far in the third season, this was my least favorite. I thought the super-powers were pretty cool. How Cody could read minds, that would be cool. Then Zack had super-sonic speed, that would be also fun to have. But anyway, the plot was poor, the episode itself, again, was kind of funny, so, no worse than a 8.5, really, just the plot was the only thing. Then also Mr. Moseby being the super-villian, that was funny, and how he had powers to make anybody agree with him or do what he wants to do. That was funny.