The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Season 3 Episode 13

Team Tipton

Aired Friday 7:00 PM Oct 27, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Easily this season's best

    Zack and Cody have a science project where bugs release in the hotel. Maddie returns from Antartica and doesn't get along with Moseby's niece, and numerous other conflicts between the Tipton staff are going on, so Moseby hires someone to discpiline everyone, including himself. It felt like Zack and Cody's plot was actually the subplot. And there's a big confusion of Maddie's location this whole season. First she was at camp, and then at the twins' school, and then Antartica. But still my favorite episode. A+.
  • The best from Season 3

    One of my favorites actually. As the Tipton employees struggle to get along well with each other, Moseby books a professional to help them out. Meanwhile, Zack books a bug convention to make up to Mr Moseby, but the bugs eventually escape and the twins must track them down.

    The episode overall was awesome and it was great to see Ashley Tisdale return finally! Zack and Cody are still great and London is still as dumb and annoying as she has been all season.

    Apart from the odd bad thing, this episode is remarkable, considering Season 3 was its worst season!
  • Maddie comes back from saving the penguins in Antartica but she causes a stir with Nia. The whole Tipton workers get help from Mr. Beataux to try and solve their problems.

    I started to watch the episode and was glad to see Maddie back for a start, then Millicent just made it all better by screaming and fainting. However, me being Scottish and then the whole incident with Mr. Moesby not being able to understand the Scottish bagpipe band was a bit offensive. I got even more into the episode as it progressed, i loved the picking up Millicent with two finger bit and almost split my sides when they stepped into each other's shoes. The best immitation was when Carey pretended to be Patrick and I haven't laughed so much in ages! Overall this was by far the best episode of the Suite Life!
  • great episode

    Maddie returns to Boston after her far away trip to antartica. But her return is not so merry after she finds out that Nia wouldn't give her back her shift. But everyone else working at the tipton are not getting along well with each other. So to keep everything in control, Mr. Moseby hires a professional councilor who will help patch their relationships among the staff. This is a really hilarious episodes. The jokes were so funny, each scene had something funny in it. The writers really did a good job with this one. It was awesome, I can't wait for the next one.
  • Maddie is back! finally!!!!

    Maddie (Ashley Tisdale) is finally back!, this is a really good episode because we finally see all of the main characters together. All the scenes where funny, and that is why I love this series, because it is always making you laugh. Zack and Cody's story was really funny, and we see that Zack is still "in love" with Maddie, which is really cute. We can also see that London loves Maddie, even though they are really different. The whole "team tipton" thing was really funny, because we can see what they think of each other... but at the end we see that everyone loves each other. I would watch this episode a 1000000 times!...
  • Best episode this season.

    This episode has Maddie returning from Antarctica! How awesome is that? The main plot is that the Tipton employees are trying to learn ways to get along with each other. But it doesn't work out too well. Meanwhile, Zack and Cody have to collect all the bugs Zack idiotically released in the hotel.

    This episode was really funny! It's funny how the Tipton failed at every attempt to work together! It always ends up in such funny fights! Especially the ones that involve Maddie. Now that is some true comedy right there! The sub plot with Zack and Cody is pretty good. But kind of a failure like most season 3 episodes. I found it decently funny though.
  • I'm Lovin It!The team development parts were good,but I hate the bug parts.

    I love this episode!The bug scenes I didn't like at all.They were boring,but the team development scenes were awesome.Like when Millecent imitated Mia,it was so funny!She said ''I'm Mia.And I'm so tough I could crush you like a grape!''I was literlly lying on the floor laughing on the floor when I heard that.And it takes a lot of trys to make me laugh!I'm not the kind of person who laughs like a kindergartener-laughing at every single thing.Plus the way Estaben imiatated Mr.Moseby was pretty funny.And Arwin imiatated himself and thought it was Estaben-LOL!So funny.So funny I forgot to laugh.Disney Channel is usually cheap with this stuff-Cheap Comedy,Cheap actors,filler episodes-Greedy!But most of this show is an exception.This show+series is not cheap.Pretty funny and interesting,huh?
  • well in this epiode maddie comes back from the titpon but gets a supriise a girl named nia is working they too . and maddie get in to it so the have a staff meating where i coach for staff comes and they do trust exrices as for zack and cody they let spi

    spiders into the hotel. this episode was great becasue maddie was back after a long time this was 2nd best of seson 3 the whole cast from season 3 was there witch is vary rary the first part is so funny when maddie comes back zack gives her a hug a three and london is saying how sh miss frezzy hair maddie then maddie she sees maddie and goes frezzy hair maddies back and its so funny when nia and maddie get into it. anther funny part was the tipton toss where they throw the guy out the hotel zack and cody were not great in this one it was more about the staff the reason i choice seris classic becasue it was of season 3 !
  • so glad maddie came back!

    i thought this episode was great because Maddie finally came back from Antarctica. Zack gets all decked out with calogne and a fresh shirt for her .. and i think her feelings for Zack really show in this episode..(and Lip Synchin' in the Rain)..Despite the fact that she says Maddie has hideous hair , London still shows that she is happy shes back. Zack desides to help book a bug convention to make up for the bagpipe incident.. and he later accidentaly knocks over the cage releasing them into the hotel. the staff starts fighting.. and they attend a team building semenar (led by Sandy Buteax) the end they realize that the bugs in the room brought them together more than the semenar did.. overall.. great episode!
  • It was great!

    Team Tipton is an awesome episode. And finally, Maddie's back. Well actually in the next few episodes, she isn't in (Orchestra and A Tale of Two Houses). Well anyways, she returns and Zack gives her a long hug. She then meets Nia and Millicent but Nia and her don't get along very well. Then the rest of the employees aren't getting along, so then Mr. Moseby hires someone to help get things straight. Zack and Cody book a Bug Convention but then the bugs escape and are loose in the hotel. They find them were the employees are then they catch the bugs. It was so funny when each employee was imitating each other. A big laugh!
  • Maddie is finally back

    I was getting tired of Millicent and Nia working the candy counter even though i don't like Maddie that much its nice to see her back. A big bug convention checks into the tipton and the twins are spouse to "watch" the bugs and big surprise one of Zack knocks over the bugs. Meanwhile some of the tipton staff is fighting so they have to do a big teamwork thing to get them to work together better.
    this is another fine example of how the episodes have gone down hill at a certain episode somewhere is season three
    i give it a 5.4
  • Maddie's back!!!!

    Maddie returns and however things doesn't go too well as the staff didn't get along with each other.So they have an little conference I forgot with who.As they try to work on being nice to each other even to get along with each other.Meanwhile Zack and Cody are watching bugs Zack accidently knocks over the bug cases.Zack Cody,and that staff forgot his name must get the bugs back.Things doesn't go well for Team Tipton.After helping getting the beetles back into the box.They relized that they did something together as an team.

    This episode was funny.I loved the part where they were mocking each other.
  • YAY! Maddie came back!

    YES! Maddie is back after saving the penguins in Antartica. But she's having trouble getting along with rough Nia and nervous Millicent. Esteban is also having trouble getting along with Patrick and Patrick with Carey. Pretty much everyone is having trouble cooperating, so Mr. Moseby hires someone to help them out with their teamwork.

    Subplot: Zack and Cody book a bug convention in the hotel but all heck is let loose when their glass containers are knocked over, letting the bugs free.

    In my opinion, this was probably the best episode of the 3rd season because Maddie was back and (FINALLY!) had some scenes with Esteban! I took .5 off b/c of Zack's stupid attempts to win over Maddie...Tough luck, idiot. That's never gonna happen. Max and Zack forever! Esteban Maddie Forever!!!!!

    OK I'll stop ranting...
  • When Maddie is back from saving the penguins in Antartica, Zack accidently knocks over a box full of bugs while a Bug Convention stays at the Tipton. Meanwhile, the Tipton Staff learns how to trust each other.

    Ashley Tisdale is back as her Maddie charecter after shooting Hight School Musical 2. She's back and no one is really exited to see her other then an applaude in the beginning. This episode wasn't really special. After a Scotish group leaves the Tipton after Zack ruins their bag pipes, he wants to make it up by letting a Bug Convention to stay there but accidently knocks over a crate and unleashes a bunch of bugs that eat wood. I think they're just adding episodes to the big series finally. Hopefully, the there is other good episodes to back it up.
  • Mr. Moseby hires a Team moderator after he discovers his employees can't get along. Zack hires a bug convention, but all heck breaks lose when the bugs escape.

    Maddie is back. After a long absense Maddie has returned only to get into a fight with her replacememnt, Nia. Patrick & Esteban can't get along and everyone is fighting, Mr. Moseby hires a consultant to get everyone working again. Meanwhile Zack hires a bug convention after being the cause of losing another convention. But the bugs escape. All in all the Team work together to catch all of the bugs. This episode was hilarious, the whole cast appears. It's definitely the best episode of the season so far. Anyone notice now tan Maddie is? Funny how she's been in Antarctica.
  • Maddie finally comes back from Antartica (saving the penguins). All the staff members of the Tipton disagree, so they have a person come in. Meanwhile, Zack and Cody spill bugs into the hotel, causing a distaster

    This episode was great! I loved how Maddie came back and how everyone was fighting. The guy with the buttocks (sp?) - was soo funny!! This episode was one of the best of season 3. But also, Zack and Cody's plot was good, but to me in this episode, more of a side-plot. The staff were more centured in this episode, and I liked that. I had been waiting a long time for an episode where all of the staff interact in a really really funny way. It is an overall great episode - defiently worth watching!!! I would recommend it to any Suite Life Fan!!
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